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They Also Serve (Jump Universe, #3)
Title : They Also Serve (Jump Universe, #3)
Author :
Rating :
ISBN : 9780441007950
Language : English
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 357

Best Ebook, They Also Serve By Mike Moscoe Mike Shepherd This is very good and becomes the main topic to read, the readers are very takjup and always take inspiration from the contents of the book They Also Serve, essay by Mike Moscoe Mike Shepherd. Is now on our website and you can download it by register what are you waiting for? Please read and make a refission for you. Adversaries in an interstellar war are now working together to keep the peace. But can they protect themselves from an enemy they can't even see?


They Also Serve (Jump Universe, #3) Reviews

  • Joe

    Ray Longknife, young. Just good stuff.An Alien planet. With an Alien super-computer.Doesn't get better than this.

  • Freyja

    Not much in the way of space battles, but plenty of on-planet action. There's a touch of spirituality and ancient alien constructs with which to interact. There's even weather warfare. The story is decently paced so it's not boring.

  • Michael

    This is the 3rd book in the Jump Universe series by Mike Moscoe/Mike Shepherd. In this one Colonel Ray Longknife along with Marine Captain Mary Rodrigo are leaning Wardhaven for another planet when an act of sabotage causes them to make a bad jump thru a jump point. They end up hundreds of light years from their destination with no idea how to get home. They discover a habitable planet with human survivors of a ship lost 300 years before. They make contact with the survivors and land with and id [...]

  • Andreas

    The third and final book in the Society of Humanity series sees Ray Longknife leading a exploratory expedition, and getting lost. The expedition finds the descendants of a ship’s crew thought lost three hundred years ago. But all is not as it seems. The planet is literally alive with remnants of an ancient civilization. And it’s not happy.Unlike the somewhat flawed predecessor volumes, this is a very respectable story. The “planet as supercomputer” elements are interesting, as well as th [...]

  • Robert 'Rev. Bob'

    This book is notable as an exception to the general rule that military SF authors seem to worship libertarian ideals. Instead, in this book our heroes encounter a planet that was settled three hundred years ago and has developed in complete isolation. The settlement was founded on strong libertarian principles, and when things start going wrong, the fragility of that foundation becomes clear. Indeed, they already have an urban/rural divide when Ray Longknife lands, as well as a capitalist family [...]

  • Stephen Graham

    This felt a bit phoned-in. The plotline is concurrent with the previous volume, the Price of Peace, following the other set of major characters from the first volume. Once again, the Sheffield/Second Chance gets lost in a wormhole jump and discovers a lost colony. The discovery could have major implications for the series' universe and the follow-on Kris Longknife novels, but it gets neutralized by the end of the novel. Some minor character deaths felt pro forma and ill-motivated within the nove [...]

  • Jeffrey Grant

    Another strong outing, with some actual twists and unique elements to it. This book definitely defines a lot of the universe that the author's Kris Longknife series exists in, and clears up a lot of the references made in the second Longknife book. The more metaphysical battles that take place in this book are somewhat unclear, but the more conventional combat descriptions are spot on. Still confused as to how, after writing this, and the previous book, the first two Kris Longknife books ended u [...]

  • Jackie

    They Also Serve was a great book, but I have read better books from this author. Ray Longknife is now a planet with these computer images who is trying to take over the minds of the people. The people were survivors of a previous space ship that was lost. Longknife can't walk unassist because of bullet to his back. The women who shot him, Mary, goes along with the ride to help. The planet has heal Longknife, but has left him with a tumor in his head. What happens next and how they got off the pl [...]

  • Glen

    I found this reasonably entertaining. The story is stand-alone, so you don't have to have read other books in this universe to enjoy it.Unfortunately, it has so many typos (about one every few pages) that they continually interrupt the story line. Most are either inappropriate homophones (e.g "break" instead of "brake"), or OCR errors (e.g "m" instead of "r" "n"). Better proof reading is needed.

  • Mary

    Jump Universe #3What happened to the Santa Maria - first ship that disappeared exploring new worlds 300 years previous? When Ray Longknife's ship is sabotaged and makes a very bad jump, he finds Santa Maria, a sentient computer, and a weapon that can make mountains disappear.Enjoyable. I really like the who Longknife Universe. Very entertaining. Make sure to read book 1 in this series before this one (Book 2 follows a parallel story line which occurs at the same time as They Also Serve).

  • Mike

    It wasn't that great of a book. Too much of it just didn't make sense or seemed completely irrelevant. Parts of it were interesting and there was a thread of a unified plot through the book but there were so many tangents that I became too distracted to get into it.Read a more detailed review on my blog.

  • Sarah Adamson

    The third book in the Jump Universe where we finally see some of Kris Longknife's ancestors meeting.Another enjoyable sci-fi military book with strong female role models and great sense of adventure and exploration with the human element.Still prefer his later Kris Longknife books but then I'm a big Kris fan!

  • Jeffrey Jelmeland

    A fitting finish to the trilogy, and a far more enjoyable read than the prior two books in the series. This one really showed character development, maturing the characters into what I grew to know and love in the Kris Longknife series.

  • Andrew

    Messed up the order and read this one before the second, it was good i personally like the second book more something about ray kind of makes me hate him in a very strong way.

  • Stony Biby

    Cyberwarfare?It's interesting how the events in this book all happened, and it shows why arrogance and sitting on your duff can have consequences.

  • Jann

    I found it entertaining and good. I am ordering the next one from .

  • Marty

    Did I read this in a previous life? Not as much fun as i expected.

  • Nicole

    What would you do if a supercomputer went schizophrenic, and then went into denial? Read and find out.