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Z. Raptor (The Hunting, #2)
Title : Z. Raptor (The Hunting, #2)
Author :
Rating :
ISBN : 9780399252549
Language : English
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 240

Thirteen-year-old Adam Adlar used to have a normal life. Then his father created the most advanced video-game technology ever-one that uses a person's thoughts to control game characters, so that the characters are actually part of you. And scientists stole this technology to create hyper-evolved dinosaurs with a human's ability to learn . . . and a beast's ability to killThirteen-year-old Adam Adlar used to have a normal life. Then his father created the most advanced video-game technology ever-one that uses a person's thoughts to control game characters, so that the characters are actually part of you. And scientists stole this technology to create hyper-evolved dinosaurs with a human's ability to learn . . . and a beast's ability to kill. Now packs of raptors populate a deserted island where the only law is survival. For the death-row inmates who were forced to live there as part of an experiment, survival was not an option. Now it's up to Adam and his dad to make sure the brutality


Z. Raptor (The Hunting, #2) Reviews

  • Eden

    The cover:It completely fits. With the first book, Z. Rex; with the description of the raptors; with the viciousness and gore aplenty in the book. I bow down to the artist, Cliff Nielsen, and the designer, Christian Fuenfhausen. *worships*The book:The opening chase scene in Manhattan sets up the atmosphere to expect: one of continuous tension, one that may tire readers out. There's also quite a lot of fighting, wounding and blood going around. Our protagonists get so battered and bruised that it [...]

  • Conner

    This book gets the heart racing because of the action! Do you like genetic engineering or raptors? Then this is the book for you. An organization named Geneflow has been taking the descendants of certain dinosaurs and changing the evolution path of those creatures ancestors. It just so happens that the dinosaur that they chose was the raptor. These new raptors are bigger, faster, and stronger than anything on this Earth.

  • bookcasewalls

    Sometimes you want to read subtle and complex adult books. Sometimes you want to read about hyper-evolved dinosaurs created by evil scientists. When it's the latter, this is a good bet.

  • Sean M

    After reading Z.Rex I was left a little underwhelmed. The premise was extremely interesting. Regenerating dinosaur fossils and turning them into superior killing machines via a VR tech was super cool. I wrote in my Z.Rex review that I was a fan of the Z.Rex and that was it. The human characters weren't doing it for me. Does the sequel fix those issues? Or does the main character (the Z.Raptor) still control center stage? After defeating GeneFlow the first time, Adam and his father tried to enjoy [...]

  • Rahul Narasimhan

    This book was only ok because it was just like the first book just with a raptor instead of a T.Rex. I felt like the book was to similar and I knew what was going to happen. The book a first time around was good because I had no idea that he was going to get sucked into a realistic video game and have to escape dinosaurs. I like a book so I had high hopes with this one, but it was just the same. I wouldn't recommend this book if you have read the first one, but if you haven't read it and when st [...]

  • Linnea

    I haven't read the first book in the serie but it didn't seem to mather so much. Anyways, the book was really good and it was hard to stop reading. In the end there was a big plot twist, that I think made the book even better. It's a good book for both girls and boys and I think that everyone should read it!

  • Anna Marten

    Much more than a teen-focused Jurassic Park knockoff. If you thought genetic hybrid dinosaurs were terrifying, meet the Z.Raptor. Not only is it unusually intelligent it talks.

  • Leonardo Barbaro

    all tho this book has a disappointing ending, the book is well written.

  • Jacob Kastor

    10/10: Today I read from page 22-42 today. In the pages that I read a boy named Adam was with his dad in a room. They were being interrogated by a few people. They were talking about a company called Geneflow. Geneflow has been bringing dinosaurs back to life. The dinosaurs are more advanced than the ordinary dinosaur. The company has been making the Z. Raptor. After the day was over the agents came to Adam and his dad's apartment. They started asking more questions. Quote - "Geneflow blew up th [...]

  • Becky

    I read book 1 back in February and enjoyed it, I then got given book 3 for my Birthday (Thank you!!!) so I had to get a copy of book 2 to read before I could read it, as I have to read books in order.I started this book this morning and finished it in approximately 2 and a bit hours, I couldn't put it down (I even took it out with me and read it whilst standing in the queue at the supermarket!).It's been about 3 months since the events in Z.Rex, Adam is just getting used to live back in the real [...]

  • Samantha

    Sequel to Z. Rex, but reads fine as a stand alone. This is Jurassic Park for the new age and perfect for middle and high school students looking for a bit of sci-fi and lots of action. The story picks up with 13-year-old Adam Alder and his scientist father staying in a hotel in New York not very long after the Z. Rex debacle nearly killed them both. Adam is still scared and shaking from their last adventure when he discovers that he is being stalked through the streets of New York. Have the bad [...]

  • David

    Story:While trying to enjoy Christmas with his dad in New York Adam Adlar finds himself abducted by the FBI. He and his dad learn that the company Geneflow has people trapped on an island off of Hawaii where there are super-evolved raptors. On their way to rescue the people one of the ships is attacked and sunk, and Adam finds himself stranded on Raptor Island. With a group of survivors Adam learns there's not one, but two super-evolved raptor species on the island that are battling each other f [...]

  • Wendy

    In the sequel to Z.Rex the non-stop action continues as Adam and his father are kidnapped and separated by events that leave the thirteen year old stranded on an island that's inhabited with intelligent dinosaurs with an attitude, and a killing instinct. Aided by Loner, a renegade raptor Adam and the other survivors on the island have to find a way to stop the dinosaurs' abnormal evolution, as well as destroy the organization that created them.I enjoyed this action-packed thriller that brings to [...]

  • James

    As the story opens, it has been several months since thirteen-year-old Adam Adlar and his father escaped from Geneflow with the assistance of Zed, the intelligent T. Rex. Now trying to get back to a normal life, Adam is visiting his father in New York. However, Geneflow is still in business. When a video surfaces showing an island with a colony of intelligent raptors that could only have been created by Geneflow, Adam and his father, along with an FBI agent and his friends, must stop this newest [...]

  • Craig

    This was a somewhat confused young persons' story that I listened to concerning evil scientists and castaways and genetically engineered dinosaurs and virtual reality gaming andd It was certainly fast-paced and interesting in spots but didn't hold together terribly well. The reading was quite well done but struck me as miscast; the voice was very British and quite mature and would have been perfect for a Sherlock Holmes or Doctor Who presentation, whereas I felt this story would have been better [...]

  • Imran

    This book was O.K, after reading Z. raptor, I had to read the sequel. The book can be read as a standalone, though there a a few Z. Rex references in the book, in the beginning-middle, it takes some time to actually understand what's going on. Close the end there is a HUGE plot twist. It's great, but I seemed to like Z. Rex better.In this book Adam, is still in trouble with Genotype, he gets wrecked on an island, with a bunch on man-eating raptors.

  • Tada

    I recommend this book to people who like survival. The idea of genetically made creatures hunting people puts a great start into reading the book. This book is great because of the variety of topics ranging from action and death to love and romance. This book also teaches us life lessons that can effect our every day lives.

  • Allyseria

    I would have rated it a 5 but the ending was a bit confusing to me - even when I went back to read it, I didn't quite understand what happened. Overall, it was a good read, especially since I didn't expect to like it after reading the reviews. I would recommend it to people who like dinosaurs (especially hyper-evolved ones).

  • Dayna Smith

    The second installment in The Hunting series. Adam thought it was all over. He thought he and his father were safe. Now he has been kidnapped again and finds himself on a small Pacific island loaded with Z raptors created by Geneflow. He must stop Geneflow and find a way to save himself and the other captives on the island. Boys will love this tale of courage and violence.

  • Cindy

    *Warning for conservative readers: pretty bloody for a junior fiction, a few swear words, some descriptions may be distrubing*A smart book that surprises you in the end. Kind of bloody, seems like a book for teens that already play violent video games. (13 and up)

  • Angela

    Very Jurasic Park! The narration is excellent. Lots of action and danger. I didn't have the emotional connection to this one and felt it was not as engaging for me as the first book. That being said, I will definitely be reading the next book.

  • Karsyn

    I wasn't going to read this one, as I thought the first one was pretty dull, but I needed to read a book with an animal on it, and it was short, so I went ahead and read it. I actually liked it more than the first one. Interesting premise and story, good characters. Nice twist too.

  • Daniel Homer

    This book is brilliant i think stephen cole is one of the best authors i know. All i could think about is what is going to happen next. When i read this book it took me away from everything else i just loved it.

  • Zach

    This is way better than Z. Rex and way more violent. I loved the ending and the plot but I thought that it was a little too violent and disturbing at the ending. It is one of my favorite books though.

  • Emyrose8

    Probably more like a 3.5 rating. I don't know, for some reason this book was a lot creepier than the first one. It was really good up until the last few chapters (when the creepiness started to sneak in). I still liked it.

  • Kim

    Book 2This book was better than the first one. And the twist at the end will totally freak you out. Would give it six stars if I could.

  • Jen

    Again, a bit too violent and graphic in parts for us, but otherwise we quite enjoyed the story! Anxious to read # 3 when it comes out!

  • Betsy Murray

    It's for my book review job. But as YA/adventure/gaming/high-tech/dinosaur books go, it is actually pretty good.

  • Cocoa

    I loved this book so much and wow what a twist. The characters are well thought out and the plot awesome. I loved Z Rex can't wait for Z-Apocalypse.

  • Michelle

    Totally copies Jurassic Park 2 but still very compelling read