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A Christmas Promise (Cape Light #5)
Title : A Christmas Promise (Cape Light #5)
Author :
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ISBN : 9780425198254
Language : English
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 304

The holiday season is upon the townspeople of Cape Light, and the village has a special guest. James McDougal, a minister who runs a mission in Central America, has decided to make a trip to Cape Light to work with Reverend Ben and spend some time with its warm-hearted residents. It's during the season's first snowstorm, when James's car collides with another car, that thThe holiday season is upon the townspeople of Cape Light, and the village has a special guest. James McDougal, a minister who runs a mission in Central America, has decided to make a trip to Cape Light to work with Reverend Ben and spend some time with its warm-hearted residents. It's during the season's first snowstorm, when James's car collides with another car, that the first hint of trouble befalls this close-knit community. No one is hurt, but out-of-towner Leigh Baxter is forced to stay until her car is fixed. Trying to escape a troubled past, Leigh figures Cape Light will make a decent hiding place for a few d


A Christmas Promise (Cape Light #5) Reviews

  • Anne(Booklady) Molinarolo

    I love Thomas Kinkade's Cape Light Series! As usual, I chuckled and shed a few tears in this 5th installment. Yes, it is saccharine, predictable, but it warmed my heart. And I needed to be wrapped in warmth this weekend. Visiting Reverend James Cameron accidentally hits a car during an early snow storm. The woman's car needs repairs and so does she. Leigh Baxter has a secret and she is running. Oh, I forgot - she's pregnant. She hopes that Cape Light is a place where she is safe. Yes, there are [...]

  • Donna

    The town of Cape Light has a visiting minister, James Cameron, from a mission in Central America. He came to Cape Light to work with the Rev. Ben Lewis. Rev. Cameron is having some medical issues to take care of before he is able to return to his mission.Rev. James, on his way back to the place where he is staying, has a minor car accident with a young lady. This is the first snowstorm of the season and the roads are very unpredictable. He slides into a car driven by Leigh Baxter and out-of-town [...]

  • Sue

    I love this series! This is always a warm, fuzzy read for me - like visiting old friends. I read these books in between reading other books to sort of "cleanse the palate". Sometimes you just need a break from the intensity of other good reads. I will keep reading until I have read them all.

  • Nadine Keels

    Maybe Alice had some good news for herThat would be a miracle. But it was funny; living in this town, miracles didn’t seem as impossible as they once did.James has a life far away that he’s anxious to get back to. Leigh has a recent past she’s desperate to get away from. And Sam and Jessica are hoping for a future they’ve begun to fear they may never have. But this Christmas in the small town of Cape Light, they’re all in for gifts that will come in unexpected packages in A Christmas P [...]

  • Rebekah Morris

    I didn't read the first books in this series. I jumped right in with this one and discovered it could stand alone. Perhaps someday I'll go and read the first four books.This story tells about two different sets of characters, so it's almost like two books/stories in one. (bonus!) Each one was different, unique and I found myself wishing I could go live in Cape Light and meet them. It was well written, and ended with a satisfied feeling that things turned out the way you wanted them to, but left [...]

  • Joy Gerbode

    Because of simultaneous story lines I had trouble figuring out who we were talking about for the first part of the book but there were many thoughts, especially in the last quarter of the book, that were very helpful to me as I struggle through this first holiday season without my precious daddy! Very helpful theology shared in this book.

  • Arnetta

    I love his books as much as I love his paintings. Evokes the same kind of homey, cozy feelings. This book has lots of turmoil in multiple family relationships but SPOILER ALERT - things work out of course. Lovely characters, variety of issues addressed by the characters so a nice range. Highly recommended.

  • Michele Bell

    What a lovely book. I enjoyed it so much that I did not want to put it down. I recently moved to a beautiful and historic town. I did not do any research on this town and was VERY disappointed in the people. I would have loved to have moved to a town like Cape Light!

  • April

    3.5 Sweet story with delightful characters in a charming setting. Though largely predictable, the heart-warning journey and redemptive ending were no less enjoyable.

  • Sharon Sambuca

    A very enjoying book! Even though you know what the ending will be, it's still nice to enjoy the journey.

  • Eva Hagopian

    Total Hallmark channel book!

  • Angie Fehl

    Yes, this is #5 in the Cape Light series, but it is the first of the Christmas stories. It's also the first of the Cape Light books that I've read. While there are some little things here and there that seem to reference earlier books, I had no trouble enjoying this one as a standalone story, and assume the rest of the books in the series will read the same way. This one's a pretty simple Christmas romance. Two out-of-towners are heading to Cape Light (in separate cars) for different reasons, lo [...]

  • Nolan

    Open this book and meet two rather remarkable people right on the first page. The Reverend James Cameron is visiting Cape Light for a variety of reasons. The town’s minister, Reverend Ben, is a close friend, and Cameron wants to thank the members of the local congregation for their contributions to his mission work in South America. Additionally, he’s suffering some severe health problems that will keep him from returning to his missionary labors for the foreseeable future.Leigh Baxter is yo [...]

  • Joyce

    It's the first snowy evening in November in the small town of Cape Light and as the sun goes down the Reverend James Cameron heads for his lodging at Vera Plante's house. As he drives cautiously he attempts to clear the fog from the windshield first with his hand and then while adjusting the defroster he rear-ends Leigh Baxter's car pushing it down an embankment. When he assures himself Leigh is not injured but her car is badly damaged he convinces her to wait with him in his car because his hea [...]

  • Sovotchka

    I couldn't decide between three and four stars. In the end, what I wanted out of this book was a cozy Christmas read, and that's exactly what I got, so I decided to overlook the shortcomings a bit :).The story is quite predictable for the most part (which isn't a bad thing when it comes to me and romances, otherwise I'd be sure to root for the wrong pairing). I haven't read any of the other books in the series (and I probably won't), and so I had no previous knowledge about any of the other coup [...]

  • Lisa

    I've never read a Thomas Kinkade novel before and I probably wouldn't have picked this to read except that it was in a weekender bag from my local library. Although the story was rather predictable, I actually enjoyed it. The characters were likable and made me want all of them to have happy endings.

  • Mary Sewell

    I enjoyed this one very much. It held my interest all the way. It was one of those, like the Mitford series that keeps you coming back for more. In fact, it ended with at least one unanswered question about two of the characters that prompted me to grab the next one in the series, The Christmas Angel, and glance through it to see what happened!

  • Linda

    The series has become pretty predictable but this is a cozy, feel good read. Enough new characters are introduced with each book to keep it interesting and old characters still show up as an important part of each one. Really enjoyed "Christmas Promise" and will continue reading the rest of the series. This is number 5.

  • Susan

    In the quaint little New England coastal town of Cape Light, there's a lot going on--the mayor's wedding to be planned, a new mission for Reverend Cameron, and hope for expectant parents Jessica and Sam. This year's Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations will be more than memorable.

  • Bonnie McHenry

    Definitely not my favorite from this series. The plot of the story seems very far fetched, whereas, the preceding stories seem so relatable. Still love the characters and the feeling I get when I read about the friendly, spiritual, comfy town of Cape Light.

  • Omi

    I enjoyed this a lot more than I thought I would! Not your typical Christmas-y story where the entire book is focused on Christmas, but it has just the perfect touch of it all the same. A good winter story that is great for anytime, not just Christmas.

  • Dottie

    I love Christmas time, so this book was an awesome read. Christmas time is the time of year to take in all we have and be greatful. It seems to make you reach out to others more, although it should be that way all year round. This book swept me away, I loved reading every page!!!!

  • Mandy

    This book was okay. I liked the story line at first, and came to like the characters a little more. I was expecting a little more suspense, but all in all, it was a good book that I would recommend.

  • Carla

    i thought it was a very good book. however, it did need some better editing. i found myself making corrections as i read. (hmmm, maybe i could contact the publisher and see if they would let me have a job?).

  • Dana

    This was a nice feel good story that leaves you smiling. It has decent pacing. The main characters are likeable. The biggest downfall for me with this story is that it felt like the ending was rushed and some of the things the characters were dealing with were glossed over.

  • Andrea Wright

    how fun was that! I had not read any Cape Light books in years and had forgotten how much I enjoyed the town. This is #5 and I have only read #1 & #2 before so now I must go back and read the others plus all the ones after this.

  • Tami Drew-Huiras

    Another good feel good one with a Christmas theme!!

  • Kristie


  • Kimberly

    Great inspriational Christmas story!

  • Gail Jorgensen

    very enjoyable while curled up in my chair with -15 wind chill outside.I could almost smell the Christmas tree in Vera's living room.