How to Kill Your Husband {and Other Handy Household Hints} by Kathy Lette Online

How to Kill Your Husband {and Other Handy Household Hints}
Title : How to Kill Your Husband {and Other Handy Household Hints}
Author :
Rating :
ISBN : 9780743468763
Language : English
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 326

All wives sporadically want to kill their husbands - 'where there's a will, I intend to be in it' wives half joke with each other. But when Jazz Jardine is arrested for her husband's murder, the joke falls flat. Life should begin at 40. Not life imprisonment for killing your hubby.

How to Kill Your Husband {and Other Handy Household Hints} Reviews

  • Celia

    I think I've outgrown Kathy Lette - her over-the-top exaggerated style of comedy just no longer hits the mark for me. I disliked most of the characters in this book - I found it incomprehensible that the three women were friends, or that they remained married to their husbands. The murder case was all rather silly. I mean, I finished it, it wasn't dreadful, but I felt it was trying far too hard to be funny and didn't succeed, in the most part.

  • Julietta

    I expected this book to be a light and easy read but it turned into one of the few books I just could not finish. The characters annoyed me too much and the author was trying too much to be funny and failed miserably at it!

  • Lygeri

    If there were half stars, this book would take half! . only for some funny quotes like "when there is a will, I want to be in!" It was as if the author tried to write a book where she could put every single funny phrase she knew! And that is all about it! Boring, boring, boring

  • Sybele

    I read this book because it was a present from my very good friend and as she recommended it I was really looking forward to reading it because I consider her as a very intelligent woman. Wow! When I was a teenage girl this was called a romantic short novel and never had more than 40 pages. We used to take those to the beach for light reading. Nothing more in that. No literal value. So this reminded me so much of those short novels, just this one wasted more paper. I couldn't refrain myself from [...]

  • Fiona Story

    The back cover says the book is "sexy, funny and wise". I would rewrite that to say "crass, trying-to-be-funny-but-not-succeeding and trite". Terrible. I only finished it out of a long-held habit of not being able to abandon a book even when I don't like it. Avoid.

  • Lady Delacour

    Sent back after the first line.

  • Ashlee

    I really wanted to like the book, it has some of the best witty one liners I have ever heard. But I just was disappointed with how the story panned out. ***THIS REVIEW MAY CONTAIN MINOR SPOILERS***The narrartor Cassie is a delightfully funny woman, but the frustrating thing about her is that she has absolutely no back bone until the end of the book. So she would reply back to a comment with a brillant joke, but then corrects herself saying what she actually said. With her constant lack of backbo [...]

  • Nina Draganova

    03.09.2016Колкото повече остарявам, толкова по-хард хумор харесвам.Уви, разделих се с повечето си илюзии.Та , Кати Лети е като наръчник за хард хумор.Ако можех да се изразявам толкова добре, колкото нея, щях да кажа , че ме е преписала и е прочела повечето ми мисли.Всеки път , докато [...]

  • Katy

    Review pasted from reading group on FB, as I wrote it to save anyone else from reading it! I just moved house and in packing and unpacking all my books, I found all the ones hiding at the back I hadn't read in ages. So thought I'd pick this one up and realised why I'd never reread it. Think I bought it from a remaindered stock place, and the only reason I kept on til the end was so I could slate it on here rather than having it kick around half read on my good reads list! A series of cliches, pu [...]

  • Anniina

    Most likely the worst book I've ever read. Don't know why I even went through this annoying and inane load of rubbish.

  • Louise Ludbrook

    I found this silly and annoying. I struggled through it all.

  • Sarah

    Got to about the third chapter and couldn't go on because it was too stupid. Unrealitsitc, over-the-top characters and situations and ENDLESS lame wisecracks, puns and 'witty' asides. Insufferable.

  • Julia

    What is this book really but a rant about husbands, marriage, horrible bosses and back-stabbing best friends? Other than being way too exaggerated, completely unbelievable and incredibly melodramatic, it's also a horrible story. We all know that in real life Cassie, Jazz and Hannah would never be friends and their husbands wouldn't all turn out to be so heartless, or so conveniently discovered in the same year. Everything fell into place too perfectly and with way more drama than anyone really e [...]

  • Sara

    I have to say I didn't actually finish this book, I thought I was someone that could read anything but this book proved me wrong. This was one of our book club choices and one of the members called it "A vapid, vat of vomit!" lol.I just thought it was "a shower of s**t! I thought it was crude, not at all amusing and I only read two chapters! If you like that sort of thing you'll love this as members of the book club, who managed to read it, say it is riddled with it.Do not waste your money on th [...]

  • Shruti Rao

    Just WHAT in hell did I read? I don't get it. When my friend bought the book and was reading it out loud, it sounded so funny. But when I finally picked it up, it came across like one big, fat marathon of those douchey, hair-slicked-back, beefed up "dudes" on that show that teaches other normal men how to "score chicks" by using the worst puns and pick up lines possible.She's funny off and on, yeah? I give her that, but I can't respect a book that painfully looks like a story was hastily slapped [...]

  • Dawn

    Chose this one on a whim and likely would not have finished it except I was stricken with strep throat and had nothing else to do. The book is basically the saga of 3 women who have few morals and do little to nothing to save their marriages from breaking into a million pieces. When one of the three manages to reconcile with her husband in the end, it was too little too late for me. This is a book that would likely be enjoyed by a woman scorned by her husband, but it's not one that I would recom [...]

  • Tara Anderton

    hmmm I dont want to diss this book - butit just didnt hold my attention. It took me so long to read and normally I can finish a book in two days. By the last page I wa like for F's sake just end! I feel bad for my reaction but its the truth! There where some funny one liners but I felt like the author was trying to hard! I didnt really have a clear piture of who Hannah was at all I couldnt picture her in my head Anyway that is all!

  • Gotherella BioVenom

    I always saw this book sitting in my school library, never thought to pick it up and read it until I saw a drama student perform a monologue based off it.I picked it up, read it and fell in love with it straight away.Such a good read, very tongue in cheek.Kathy Lette is a fantastic author and this book is gush-worthy xD

  • Gayle

    Oh dear I kind of enjoyed this - it was total trash filled with weak puns and weak people, but easy and readable. I actually found this book on the side of the road - I imagine that someone threw it out their car window.

  • Bronwyn Hegarty

    a fast paced and knife-edge funny book. especially good as an audio book narrated by the exceptional Australian actor Caroline Lee.I thoroughly enjoyed the biting female rhetoric It is dangerous to be married!

  • Tracy

    Dumped this at the end of chapter 4. Couldn't be bothered as I found the style of writing very annoying. Over the top commentary with smart arse one liners and never a proper sentence in sight. It was tedious to read and not enjoyable. Usually enjoy Kathy Lette so this was disappointing.

  • Rachel

    Awful! I got to p.68 and just couldn't read anymore. It was full of tedious gags and corny jokes. In the end I just wanted more of the story and less of the terrible humour!

  • Brooke

    Very funny in places but not a cracking read. As someone who doesn't generally read fiction I found it dragged on and I struggled to finish it.

  • Anna

    i like the idea of the story but if you want to become upset at your husband and wish for more this is the book. How many divorces have been spurned on by reading this book?

  • Kylie

    One of the funniest books I have ever read. Just brilliant

  • Fiona Castelli

    Pissed myselfe laughing at that one soo much fun (only for married couples).She is great.

  • RalitsaKoleva

    This was the most shallow book I ever read Total waste of time Damn even Twishit is better

  • Daphne

    I really didn't enjoy this book. I thought it would be funny chick lit, but it turned out to be depressing and bitter.

  • Francesca

    I enjoyed it. I liked the events in the lives of these three friends and the end, no matter what. Easy to read, funny, a little bit vulgar but, to me, very enjoyable.

  • MaRia

    Would come in handy if you want to make a dictionary of yiddish insults.Vulgar :(((