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Title : Buried
Author :
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ISBN : 9780525477242
Language : English
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 208

Claudine has long buried her own needs and dreams to care for her alcoholic mother. But after Mom suddenly disappears, a much darker truth that lies buried under years of angry denial and enabling behavior is waiting to be uncovered. When Claudine eventually hits rock bottom, she must literally dig to find the secret that waits in a shallow grave behind the family’s traileClaudine has long buried her own needs and dreams to care for her alcoholic mother. But after Mom suddenly disappears, a much darker truth that lies buried under years of angry denial and enabling behavior is waiting to be uncovered. When Claudine eventually hits rock bottom, she must literally dig to find the secret that waits in a shallow grave behind the family’s trailer. Buried is a suspenseful and mind-twisting psychological thriller that will keep readers turning the pages and help them grasp the drama and destruction of codependency.

Buried Reviews

  • Kerri

    Wow. Slow lead in to a powerful shocking ending. I began to recognize the subtle clues the author was leaving, but I bet our students wouldn't. OCD is prevalent in the story, but not what is focused on the most. I like the way the author made a point about several issues that might affect teens without beating me over the head with it. I think teenagers will appreciate the same thing. Nice quote that is worth a good discussion when the book is over, "I think about second chances and how everyone [...]

  • Michelle Lane

    What happens when all semblance of a normal life quickly slips away? MacCready tests the question in this story of a young girl who suddenly finds herself in a situation that spirals out of control. A fascinating look at how tragedy can affect us all in different ways. Well done!

  • Monica

    I used to have this as a kid and reread it a lot. Back then I thought it was really weird and I didn't know anything about OCD or PTSD. Now, reflecting back, it is a rather intense and harrowing story about a girl who struggles to cope under the mountain of responsibility put onto her. I would be interested in reading it again just to see if any of my opinion changes.

  • Michelle Lombardi

    Claude is a teenage girl who is forced to deal with situations that require her to be mature well beyond her years. Her mother is an alcoholic who has recently fallen off the wagon again. As Claude struggles to deal with her mother's relapse and subsequent disappearance, she slips into the grips of obsessive compulsive disorder and loses control of her own life.Buried brings up many controversial issues that teens face. It provides an honest portrait of alcoholics and the havoc they wreak on the [...]

  • Barbara Gordon

    The art design for this is quite effective. The cover shows an array of post-it notes in different colours, with tasks written on them, some ordinary (call Liz, get more soda) others more unsettling (vacuum everything, eat breakfast, give rug stains another try) and a small gap where the title and a girl's eye are visible. Each chapter heading has a list of tasks, at first on torn notebook pages, then on post-its, more and more tasks each time.I'm a bit of a sucker for kids-coping stories, wheth [...]

  • Morgan

    For her whole life, Claudine has had to clean up the messes caused by her mother’s alcoholism. Things had finally gotten better, but when her mom relapses and disappears again, Claudine vows to put their lives back in order through careful planning and routine. But to-do lists can’t stop Claudine’s life from spinning out of control as she slowly unearths the deeply buried secrets of her past. 15+. *I gave this book one star because 1)it gave me the heebie jeebies (super creepy factor of 10 [...]

  • Ilsa Bick

    Okay, so having looked at one Edgar nominee, I went back and re-read this Edgar winner. I remember the first time I read this story about a high school senior’s pretty creepy disintegration after her alcoholic mother disappears, and I feel the same way now as I did then: like, shoot, why didn’t I think of that? (Okay, I used stronger language.) I had the ugly green envies for a week. This is a fabulously well-done psychological mystery that manages to be both highly believable and genuinely [...]

  • Emily

    A stunningly real juvenile/young adult novel about a teenager struggling with her mom's alcoholism and disappearance. Her own devolving mental health and obsessive behaviors are completely realistic and expressive. The only unrealistic part of the book was the ending, which I won't spoil for you, but it seems that things would really not end up that way in the real world. Maybe the author really wanted to end on a hopeful note?Anyway, this is recommended for youngsters struggling with an alcohol [...]

  • B

    Edgar Y award from a few years ago. Told from the view of a teenager whose alcholic mother has disappeared and left the trailer they live in in the usual drunken mess. It becomes compelling as we start to see that Claudine, although seemingly functioning on her own okay, is not quite righther incessant cleaning, the need to use post it notes to organize her life, her lack of attention at school and the letters to her mother she writes but does not send, (revealing what her young life has been li [...]

  • Karla

    Claudine is used to her mother taking off on alcoholic binges, but this one, after a six month period of sobriety, hits her especially hard. She uses a variety of obsessive-compulsive behaviors to control her out-of-control life, cleaning, showering, counting, organizing duties with hundreds of post-it notes. She lies to friends and teachers, telling them her mother is in rehab. And she begins writing letters to her absent mother. But how long can she bury her feelings and keep up the lie? A fas [...]

  • Elizabeth

    7-year-old Claudine must come to grips with her alcoholic mother's latest abandonment. This book is really awful; I don't know why I even finished it, except that sometimes you just want to see how something will *end*. The main character has OCD, but she also somehow forgets to do things like shower or do her homework. Which doesn't seem right to me. Also, the plot twist at the end of the book was really too much. Skip it.

  • Tosha

    When reading buried i could not help but smile because by the second page i knew it was going to be awesome. You can read this book over and over and you will still be in shock of how a teenage girl can hide such a secret. It will make you cry and ponder for a long time, in a good way:)I recommend this book to everyone

  • McCaid Paul

    This book was not what I thought it would be. Instead of a fast-paced, suspenseful thriller, I got a quietly unsettling, dark, mature, and character-driven story. This novel's 198 pages were full of tough issues and dark truths. For being such a short book, it definitely packed a punch! I think what made this book so enjoyable was its heavy dose of foreshadowing and red herrings. A lot of things are meant to throw you off track and trick you. If you can manage to realize what is the truth and wh [...]

  • Kate

    This book came to me by way of a box of books about to be tossed from a friend's basement, and now that I've read it, it will find its way to a Little Free Library for someone else to read.The story here is simple enough: Claudine is the child of an alcoholic mother, and is currently trying to make sense of her everyday life in the sudden and unexplained absence of her mother. The author is excellent at capturing the minutiae of a teenager's everyday life: the homework, the classes, the interact [...]

  • Ari Karnezis

    I picked this book up, looking for another psychological thriller. I'm glad I barely paid anything for it. I will do my best not to spoil anything, but what made me give this book only three stars (more like two-and-a-half stars) was the incredibly vague ending. I will not give it away, but I will ask, "What happened?" As I thought about it more and more, I started piecing the little things together and eventually came up with the best possible ending, but still, I'm uncertain. I never like havi [...]

  • Emily

    (Best Books YA, mystery)It took me awhile to get into this book. I was not really invested in the outcome until about 75 pages from the end. I guessed part of the ending in the first third of the book, which made the climax slightly disappointing. Claude’s mom is an alcoholic and has disappeared. Claude claims she fell off the wagon, but the reader knows something else is going on. Throughout the story, Claude begins to lose control and signs of her distress manifest in her OCD that has begun [...]

  • Manda

    Claudine is a 17 year old young woman who is left with the aftermath of her mother (a single parent) falling off the wagon, again. Claudine is not only left with having to clean up after the apparent party her mother had the night before, but it becomes obvious that her mother has taken off with no clues of when or if she will return. Claudine is hopeful that her mother has finally checked herself into rehab and is set on drying out for good this time. Through the book we follow Claudine in her [...]

  • Danielle

    What I disliked about this book was the “not knowing” of why Claudine’s mother had disappeared. She simply always left her daughter after getting drunk, but this time was different. Since her mother is an alcoholic, Claude has seen her mother at her worst. Also, I didn’t like how the reader doesn’t know much about Claude and her mother’s past history. This makes the story difficult to follow in the beginning but as you read the pieces come together. What I loved about this book was [...]

  • Meme6006

    This book was so well written, It definatly takes some twists and turns that one would not expect and makes you think multipul situations happend. Once you find out what the REAL story is you will be amazed. This read definatly keeps you on the edge of your seat. I can also relate to this book because I too was the daughter of an alcoholic mother and went through similar situations Claude did. Awesome suspence and the author did a great job differenciated between when it was the present time, an [...]

  • Hope York

    Pretty quick, disturbing read. By page 14 I had the "shocking twist" mostly figured out just not sure of the how. Unfortunately it's not that clear when you get to that point in the book. I felt sorry for Claudine, mostly because so many people failed her. I have a hard time believing the school counselor, of all people, would sit back and watch her spiral downwards without even so much as making a phone call to social services. For me, there were too many undeveloped characters and questions le [...]

  • Maggie

    When high-school senior Claudine's mother disappears, as she frequently does on binges or with a new boyfriend, Claudine is at first relieved to have the house to herself, and she tells everyone that her mother is in rehab. She worries about her mother, too. Claudine is both immensely competent and obsessive-compulsive, scrubbing her hands to the point of damage and engaging in counting rituals. Although she attends a support group and has a caring best friend, teachers, and school counselors to [...]

  • Jamie

    After reading this book, I had no closure. The ending isn't clear at all and it really needs to be. Did Claude's mom die from an accident that she did by herself? Is that is the only reason why Claude isn't in jail? Or did Claude accidentally kill her mother and just got away with it? Why isn't Claude in a mental institution? None of my questions were answered and yours will not be either. Leading up to the end nothing really interesting happened. However, I do think it was clever about her bury [...]

  • Katie

    Huh. I knew something was up with Claudine, the narrator, but I thought it was just some serious OCD and an absent alcoholic mother (no big deal, right? joke.). Turns out, there was more.The plotting was questionable. The end rushed up like a giant wave, and as it crashed over my head, I realized there were some annoying unanswered questions, and a specific, important scene, that I didn't quite get. It was an unsatisfying read, and difficult to discuss without spoilers.I recommend passing on thi [...]

  • Amy

    I heard about this book when I covered a school visit by the author for the local paper, and decided to read it when I saw how enthusiastic the high school book club kids were about it. It's a first novel, and is well constructed to keep the reader guessing (although, unfortunately for me, after sitting in on the book club meeting, I already knew how it was going to end). It's a good mix of adolescent angst novel, mystery, and psychological thriller. The book received the 2006 Edgar Award for Y. [...]

  • Sarah

    I was reading this book looking for the story of a teen with an alcoholic parent and to see how she coped with her anxieties. So for me, the twist at the end really ruined what was a great realistic fiction story for the first 3/4ths. I can't figure out who is the audience for this book. Since it is pitched as a realistic fiction, readers like me who are looking for that will be unpleasantly surprised by the ending and mystery fans will never pick it up and slough through the realistic portion t [...]

  • Karissa

    Read it years and years ago but this book still comes to mind occasionally. It was a shocking ending that I couldn't see coming. I was young when I read it so I didn't pick up on the OCD factor right away but I do remember a bit about her washing her hands that just never quite shook my mind.Also with the mother disappearing and the author making it seem like it was just her "falling off the wagon" I believe is the term used. When that wasn't quite the case. Great read though. Haunting, but grea [...]

  • Alicia Evans

    Claude's mother has a history of alcoholism and running off, so when she wakes up to find her mother missing and a huge mess to clean us Claude isn't too worried. She starts to slowly realize that something isn't right when her mother's friends don't seem to know were she is and Claude is having trouble remembering things. Claude tries to organize her life to sort everything in to a clearer order but this only causes more issues and more holes in her memory. A very intriguing read, the character [...]

  • Coral Rose

    Um, it was okay.I think that it was an interesting foray into the mind of an alcoholic's daughter, but I thought that she was hard to relate to, and hard to believe. I didn't get attached to anyone, which was perhaps the whole pointI'm sure that this is a fine contribution to the world of hard-knock YA fiction, but I don't understand why more books aren't wholesome at the same time as they address tough issues that not possible anymore?

  • Christina

    This book starts out strong, with a likeable main character. As the book progressed I found myself liking the character less, because she made me tense, but wanting things to work out for her. Sometimes I'm a little dense when it comes to obvious endings, and I didn't get this one until it was almost on top of me. Not the most skillfully crafted novel but a quick read, and certainly one that YAs will devour. I may never use a post-it note again.

  • Andrea Gratton

    Wow. Similar to "Don't You Dare Read This Mrs. Dumphrey" in many ways, this novel is heavy and each page drips with pain. It starts off a bit slow, but once I started to get an inkling as to where Claudine's mother really was, I could not put the book down; I had to find out if I was right. Although I imagine this book might not be for everyone, I would highly recommend this to people who appreciate darker literature.