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The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig
Title : The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig
Author :
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ISBN : 9780689815287
Language : English
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 32

When it comes time for the three little wolves to go out into the world and build themselves a house, their mother warns them to beware the big bad pig. But the little wolves' increasingly sturdy dwellings are no match for the persistent porker, who has more up his sleeve than huffing and puffing. It takes a chance encounter with a flamingo pushing a wheelbarrow full of flWhen it comes time for the three little wolves to go out into the world and build themselves a house, their mother warns them to beware the big bad pig. But the little wolves' increasingly sturdy dwellings are no match for the persistent porker, who has more up his sleeve than huffing and puffing. It takes a chance encounter with a flamingo pushing a wheelbarrow full of flowers to provide a surprising and satisfying solution to the little wolves' housing crisis. Eugene Trivizas's hilarious text and Helen Oxenbury's enchanting watercolors have made this delightfully skewed version of the traditional tale a contemporary classic.

The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig Reviews

  • Lisa

    Beware of the Big Bad Pig, little wolves! Once upon a time, I worked as a school librarian. Those were the days of fairy tales.Whenever I tried to teach young readers in the library that all stories have different facets and perspectives, as well as interpretations, I would grab this wonderful fractured fairy tale and read it aloud to a group of kids, previously familiar with the original story of the three little pigs and the big bad wolf. They invariably expected to be asked to shout with me:" [...]

  • Charlotte Gray

    This book is truly hilarious. I was reading it to a class of children and couldn’t stop myself from laughing out loud! It is a twist on a classic tale, as the name suggests, about three little wolves that leave their mother to build a house. The first house built of bricks gets knocked down by the BIG BAD PIG who uses a sledge hammer. The second house built of concrete, gets knocked down by a pneumatic drill. The third house, built of the strongest materials imaginable, gets blown up by dynami [...]

  • Kathy Roderer

    What a wonderfully enchanting spin-off of the Three Little Pigs tale! Unlike most fairy tales, the wolves in this story are cuddly and lovable with soft fur and fluffy tails. On three occasions, they try to build a house, each time of sturdier materials, only to have it blown down by the “big bad pig.” Their determination and perseverance is admirable, and the reader is likely to be cheering them on. The illustrations add to the charm. At last, a flamingo gives them flowers. The final house [...]

  • Aisha Khan

    On first glance one can be mistaken for assuming this is just yet another version of the classic the three little pigs, yet this book in my view is a hidden gem. By revising the orignal story Eugene Trivizas has provided children with a brilliant, funny and paradoxical book that I believe will appeal to not only younger readers but adults alike.The book opens with the three little wolves being cautioned by their mother to be wary of the 'big bad pig' and as a result the wolves decide to build a [...]

  • Claire Conlon

    I really enjoyed reading The Three Little Wolves and The Big Bad Pig and I think it is perfect for children in key stage one. It was a great twist on the original story of the Three Little Pigs and The Big Bad wolf. The story had really interesting vocabulary and it was a great way for children to learn words such as pneumatic drill! It was really interesting how the wolves did everything in their power to stay safe by creating big strong houses however this failed at keeping the big bad pig out [...]

  • Rachel Masters

    This is a clever take on the ‘Three Little Pigs’ book however there is a twist. The three wolves set off to build a house and firstly build a house made of bricks which is different to the original house built by the pigs. However the big bad pig knocks this house down. Whichever building materials the wolves use the big bad pig manages to knock it down so eventually they try a new material - flowers. This book uses repetition which is an effective feature for young children and each page co [...]

  • Ronyell

    “The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig” is a story written by Eugene Trivizas along with illustrations by Helen Oxenbury about how three wolves try to outsmart a big bad pig. This story is surely a classic that will be read over and again. Eugene Trivizas’ writing is creative and brilliant as he sets the story during the modern age where machinery works to each character’s advantage. Also, I love the way that Eugene Trivizas reverses the roles of the characters such as instead of t [...]

  • Emma Walker

    The Three Little Wolves and The Big Bad Pig is a story based on the tradition story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’. In this story the roles are reversed and it is the little wolves who are attempting to escape the wrath of the Big Bad Pig. The pig manages to knock down each of the three wolves’ homes using a range of devices including hammers and a detonator. The wolves end up making a house out of flowers and although it would seem that this is a silly idea, the pig is transformed by the swee [...]

  • Dean Barber

    'The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig' by Eugene Trivizas is a fantastic book that puts a clever twist on the classic 'Three Little Pigs' tale.After their mother decides it is time for them to move out, the three little Wolves set out to build a new home for themselves, ever fearful of the big bad Pig. Their use of materials is never a match for the Pig who will go to extreme lengths (pneumatic drills and such) to tear their house down. That is until, the Pigs discover that the use of a r [...]

  • Alli Kaye

    This story was a retelling of The Three Little Pigs. In this version, there are 3 little wolves and a big bad pig. I really enjoyed reading this version. While the story was pretty similar, it had some major differences. For example,I thought the change in the pig at the end of the story was very unique and I liked how he became the "Good" Bad Pig. I also enjoyed that the wolves did everything that they could think of to stay safe, and in the end, the house that was the most fragile turned out t [...]

  • Amy

    My niece and nephew both liked this book. My niece is older and is familiar with The Three Little Pigs, so she really enjoyed how this book turned that tale on its head. She laughed at several of the twists and turns, and she was eagerly anticipating how the Three Little Wolves would outsmart the Big Bad Pig. I think the story really lost steam for her, though, with the building of the final house, and the pig's conversion to gentleness. I do think she appreciated the story a great deal, but I i [...]

  • Kavitha Suhumar

    The three little wolves and the big bad wolf is a classic twist of the three little pigs. I read this to a Yr 2 class and they loved the book so much, they wated it read to them everyday!In this story there are three good wolves and a bad pig, the story was quite the same, which a big change at the end where the pig changed. In the three little pigs children look at material, and eventually the hardest and strongest material (bricks) kept the children out. In this book we see that the softest ma [...]

  • Anna Rothenhoefer

    The Three LIttle Wolves and the Big Bad Pig is one of my favorite spin-off fairy tales so far. I really enjoyed all the different animals as characters in the book. It is different from the original because in the end, the wolves tricked the pig instead of outsmarting him by building a big and strong house, they built a beautiful one that lured him to change. I think that children will especially like this story because of animals characters in the book like the flamingo, rhinoceros, and kangaro [...]

  • Anelis

    "Ρούνι, Ρούνι, Ρούνι, το ύπουλο κακό γουρούνι"Έχοντας διαβάσει αυτό το βιβλίο, αυτή η φράση δεν έλεγε να μου ξεκολλήσει και επαναλάμβανε τον εαυτό της στο -τότε- τετράωρο ταξίδι Αθήνα-Σπάρτη, προς πλήρη δυστυχία της υπόλοιπης οικογένειας, που βρισκόταν σφηνωμένη μαζί μου στο [...]

  • Ozan Yunus

    The Three Little Wolves and The Big Bad Pig by Eugene Trivizas is a great modern twist to the original childhood classic The Three Little Pigs and The Big Bad wolf. It is very funny with its modern take of blowing the house down, with the use of pneumatic drills and dynamite. Throughout the story it portrays very important morals and ends with a very important message that i believe is vital in any childs development. The illustrations are excellent, ful of colour and very funny. It can be read [...]

  • Christopher

    Apologies in advance for the following rant. I'm not a fan of this book, so I'll be one of the (surprisingly) very few contra reviewers. Being a dad, I'm always wary of what books teach my kids--especially if it's opposite of my values. This book was enthusiastically recommended to me by a book shop employee who was quite a fan of the artistry of children's books. And I can say that yes, the art in this book is mostly very well done. But that's about all I can say about this book's qualities.The [...]

  • Niamh

    Inspired by the traditional 'three little pigs' tale, this is a brilliant story to share with KS1 children. Like the original three little pigs, the three little wolves build houses to protect themselves from the 'big bad pig' but instead of building three, the wolves build four and with different building materials. At the end of the story, an important moral is depicted in the twist as the pig changes his ways through experiencing the sweet flowers and reflecting on his bad behaviour towards t [...]

  • Sarah Coles

    An interesting and different take on the traditional children's tale. I enjoyed reading this story and especially liked the way in which it included some modern and challenging vocabulary for children to soak up! The ending of the story is very sweet and adds a subtle moral in about finding friendship where you might not expect it. Whilst I rate this story quite well, I would not recommend it before Reception age simply owing to its length.

  • Janice Bolick

    So cute.

  • Tracy

    I think this is a good book! I reccommend this book to anybody who has read the three littel pigs

  • Taija

    Yet another excellent read from my childhood!!!!!

  • Jasmine

    What a delightful twist/coda on the three little pigs story! Sometimes further reinforcement isn’t the only way forward.

  • Ashley Klausmeyer

    This is a funny book that is a sort of spin off from the traditional three little pigs and the big bad wolf. I think the kids would really enjoy this book because it is silly, and it is predictable so they can follow along easily. The illustrations in this book are beautifully detailed and really draw you in. This book will teach kids to be persistent. If you want something it is okay to fail, you just have to try again until you get it.

  • Harriet Hunt

    The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig is a modern adaptation of the classic Three Little Pigs story. This version tells the story of three little wolves who encounter an evil pig who is intent on destroying their homes. However, as much as the pig tries, his puff is not strong enough to blow down the wolves houses. The houses are made of brick, concrete, steel and flowers; so the pig adopts methods such as a bomb and a pneumatic drill to complete his mission. This story is very entertainin [...]

  • A.khanom

    The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig by Eugene Trivizas.This book is a role reversal of the well-known ‘Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf’ set in modern times. The Three Little Wolves mother decides that the time had come for her wolves to build a house of their own but warns them about the Big Bad Pig. Each time the Wolves set out to build their house they meet a different animal such as the kangaroo, rhinoceros, beaver and flamingo that provide the building materials. Although [...]

  • Tamara

    Summary: A hilarious retelling of the traditional story. It's time for the three little wolves to go out on their own, so off they go to build themselves a sturdy brick house. They hadn't reckoned on a big bad pig with a sledgehammer! Oxenbury's enchanting watercolor illustrations, full of delightful details, will entertain all ages.Written by Eugene Trivizas Published in 1997 by Aladdin Recommendations/Awards: Grand Canyon Reader Award for Picture Book, Pennsylvania Young Readers' Choice Awards [...]

  • Caitlin

    I have read multiple versions of The Three Little Pigs, but this book gave a whole new look at the fairytale. Instead of having the wolf go after the pigs this book actually has the pig go after the wolves. The story begins with three little wolves who lives their mom. One day the mom tells them its time for them to go out into the world and build their own house but warns them about this big bad pig. They first make the house out of brick but the big bad pig comes and not only does he huff and [...]

  • Laura (Book Scrounger)

    I've probably totally messed up the traditional story of "The Three Little Pigs" for my kids by reading them this book, but they'll survive (though it's probably more fun to read this if you've already heard the original story).This is a role-reversed but also slightly wry and over-the-top version of the story, but instead of straw and sticks, we start out with bricks and eventually move on to concrete with a video entrance phone, and instead of huffing and puffing, this big crazy pig has to res [...]

  • Jordan Santoro

    This is one of my favorite classic fairy tale spin-offs. Author, Eugene Trivizas, gives the original fairy tale , "The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf" a whole new twist with this version of the well-known story. The two tales are quite similar and while they have some differences, they can be more easily compared than contrasted. The end pages are decorated with teapots and teacups (which the reader will find re related to the story and mentioned quite a few times). Helen Oxenbury illust [...]

  • Cathy

    WOW! Who would have thought that wolves could be so sensitive. In this book the roles of the pig and wolves were reversed. The pig was bad and the wolves were the innocent ones. The wolves had built homes out of bricks, steel, bob wire, cement and other strong materials. The pig was able to destroy all of those houses with a jack hammer, dynamite and other explosive devises. This book was humorous to me. Wolves afraid of a pig who would have thought of that. It was not until the wolves built a h [...]