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A Moment of Silence (A Dido Kent Mystery, #1)
Title : A Moment of Silence (A Dido Kent Mystery, #1)
Author :
Rating :
ISBN : 9781407907000
Language : English
Format Type : Audio
Number of Pages : 6

Belsfield Hall, 1805. Whilst dancing at a glittering ball in celebration of her engagement to Mr Richard Montague, Miss Catherine Kent witnesses an extraordinary occurrence: a silent communication between her fiance and a stranger. Her special night is to end in sorrow and confusion."


A Moment of Silence (A Dido Kent Mystery, #1) Reviews

  • Jennifer

    It was a quick, easy read, but I cannot rate it higher for a few reasons--which I will get to later in the review.Dido Kent, spinster, is called upon by her brother to aid her niece whose fiance has had an abrupt change of heart about their upcoming nuptials, and has fled. On the day Dido arrives, a woman is found murdered in the shrubbery of the house. Are the two events connected? Dido is determined to find out.I actually liked the author's writing style, and the mystery, while easy to figure [...]

  • Tracey

    This was on my paperbackswap wishlist (I don't remember why); it became available, and I pounced. While still in a sort of "I don't care, there's too much crap going on for me to not just read what I want to read" mood I firmly ignored all the Netgalley books clamoring on the sidelines, picked this off the upper slopes of Mount TBR, and settled in. I loved it from the start. I was a little afraid at first – the Regency period spinster aunt swooping in to Detect felt like a mish-mash of various [...]

  • LJ

    First Sentence: My dear Eliza, I must begin another letter to you, although it is not six hours since I sent my last.Catherine Kent is engaged to Richard Montague. During a special ball at Betsfield Hall, Richard reacts strongly to a red-headed man and then disappears. Catherine’s father sends for his spinster sister, Miss Dido Kent. The same day Dido arrives, the body of a murdered woman is found under a hedge on the property and Dido decides it’s up to her to discover the killer.Ms. Dean [...]

  • Ana T.

    Miss Dido Kent is a spinster, she never married but she comes from a big family and her brothers occasionally ask for her help when dealing with their children. She has a special fondness for her niece Catherine who lived with her for a while when she was a young child and when she asks for her help Dido runs to her side. Catherine had just become engaged when, during the celebratory ball at his parent’s estate, Bellfield Hall, the fiancé is approached by a mysterious man who, without a word [...]

  • bookme4life

    3.5 STARSReflecting back on this book, I would hold to my earlier assertion that it's a bit like Miss Marple in Jane Austen's world. Her curiosity and propensity to gently meddle are worthy of Miss Marple. Her niece describes her as casting a satirical eye on others -- I rather wished for a bit more of that from her, but I supposed what I was really craving was Jane Austen's wit.Anna Dean spreads out the clues such that an attentive reader will have the satisfaction of guessing much of the myste [...]

  • QNPoohBear

    Miss Dido Kent, respectable spinster, has been asked to Bellfield Hall by her niece Catherine, who wants her aunt to figure out a few things. Mainly, where her fiance Richard Montague has disappeared to and why he broke their engagement after a wordless exchange with a mysterious man. Dido also wants to figure out who the dead woman in the shrubbery is. So she begins to ask questions and unravels the secrets of the guests and inhabitants of Bellfield Hall one by one. The author seems to have bas [...]

  • Hayden

    I hadn't heard anything about this book series until showed it to me (that's beginning to be the story of my reading life, haha) but, while it was a "secular" adult book- something I usually avoid simply because I don't like a lot of "content" in my novels- there wasn't anything in the reviews I saw to raise any red flags, so I decided to try it.What a delightfully written book! It was interesting- with a solid mystery I didn't solve beforehand- and while there were many of the topics mentioned [...]

  • Amy

    1.5 starsMeh. This book is a strange combination of irritating historical prejudices and modern references. Dido (merely a woman and a spinster at that!) throws herself around bemoaning her own denseness (welle is quite dense) and lack of accomplishments (alas, she is a spinster aunt, sharp tongued and bad at math!) Yet at the same time she is kind to the servants and somehow able to wiggle out information from everyone. She's nosy and although that is a proper attribute for a detective, it some [...]

  • Barb

    I enjoyed this first novel with Miss Dido Kent investigating the goings on at Bellfield Hall where her young niece has been left by her fiancé with nothing more than a cryptic excuse for his departure. I liked the clever narration that incorporated Miss Kent's letters to her sister so that we could have her first person perspective alternating with the third person narration. There are some very heavy issues that are addressed in this mystery but they are dealt with in a fairly light way so tha [...]

  • Pauline Ross

    I loved everything about this book. It combines two of my favourite genres, Jane Austen and Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple, in one glorious package, and how can anyone resist that? Dido Kent is a spinster, past the age of any likelihood of marriage, although not past the age of interest in gentlemen. But she’s no romantic heroine, that role being taken here by her niece. When the niece’s fiance disappears, she sends for her aunt to comfort her. But then there’s a murder…Thereafter, this [...]

  • Eustacia Tan

    I actually finished this book quite a long time ago, but for some reason, I forgot to review it (._.)" But anyway, here it is~Bellfield hall (subtitle: Or, The Deductions of Miss Dido Kent) reminds me of Jane Austen. Or at least, Miss Dido reminds me of Jane Austen - an "old" intelligent spinster. The world the novel inhabits is very much like a Jane Austen novel, which means it's "gentle".Well, except for the murder. The murder sounds gruesome, although there isn't any violence. Even the descri [...]

  • Maya

    Pros: Really liked the main character, written in first person, her strengths (scary smart and acting with best of intentions) and weaknesses (at times not only judgemental but feeling justified in acting upon that judgement, at times being just as patronizing to younger women as she feels and is irritated by men acting patronizing toward her as a spinster woman) were believable and made her seem genuine. I wasn't able to predict the outcome, and the author does a good job of keeping the reader [...]

  • Sarah

    I forget what motivated me to get this book from the library, but I think I had the idea that Dido Kent would be slightly less conventional and that her ability to rise above the limitations imposed on her by her time and place would be expressed more interestingly than occasionally acknowledging (apparently without irony) that she is indeed a mere woman and math is hard. Seriously, there are at least three occasions where arithmetic is mentioned as something that Dido struggles with and/or is a [...]

  • Alice

    This novel was brilliantly written! Every time I thought I had it figured out, a plot twist had me stymied. I didn't figure everything out until Dido herself explained it all in full, starting about 10 pages from the end of the book. I loved that the story began after the major events mentioned in the synopsis have already transpired, so that- after a brief explanation of what has happened- you jump right into the mysterious search for answers right from the get-go.I've read many reviews that me [...]

  • ilovebakedgoods (Teresa)

    I read this book in one night. I really enjoyed the fast pace and the characters. It was fun to read a mystery that takes place in 1805, solved by a 'spinster' whose intelligence is apparently a turn-off to most men.Not going into detail in this review, just wanted to make a short notation of my enjoyment of the book.

  • Laura Edwards

    This was okay for the first in a series. The writing is a bit uneven, however. A lot of telling and little action. It seemed half of what was taking place at Bellfield Hall was described by Dido Kent in a letter to her sister instead of the reader enjoying the action as it took place. And, at times, it was difficult to discern the time frame. A scene would be playing out and then, at the end, the reader realizes Dido is recalling what happened and it is actually further along in the day or the v [...]

  • Alyssa

    I think this delightful Regency-era novel was the first mystery novel that I have read, at least that I can recall. And it was a very pleasant treat. :) The storyline definitely drew you in to the book as the mystery developed. However, there were a few faults I found with the book - for instance, for some reason, the Regency-era references felt a bit forced, as if the author were trying too hard to make the book feel "authentic." Maybe I'm just being nit-picky, but I did feel that parts of the [...]

  • Aarti

    Bellfield Hall is an English country home murder mystery set during the Georgian era. Miss Dido Kent arrives at the hall after her niece summons her there- she soon finds out that not only has her beloved niece's fiancee called off their engagement, but also that a woman no one knows has been murdered in the shrubbery. Dido promises to help her niece discover why her fiancee so abruptly called off their marriage, and in the meantime, she does some of her own sleuthing on the murder.I enjoyed thi [...]

  • Helen

    A Moment of Silence is an entertaining murder mystery set in the early 19th century. It's the first in a series of novels featuring the wonderful Miss Dido Kent.The story begins when Dido is summoned to Belsfield Hall, the country estate of the Montague family. Her niece Catherine is engaged to Sir Montague's son Richard - who has mysteriously disappeared during their engagement party. Dido agrees to help Catherine solve the mystery behind Richard's disappearance, but events soon take a more sin [...]

  • LJ

    A MOMENT OF SILENCE (Hist Mys/Ama. Sleuth-Dido Kent-England-1805) - ExDean, Anna – 1st bookAllison & Busby, 2008, UK Hardcover – ISBN: 9780749079109First Sentence: My dear Eliza, I must begin another letter to you, although it is not six hours since I sent my last.Catherine Kent is engaged to Richard Montague. During a special ball at Betsfield Hall, Richard reacts strongly to a red-headed man and then disappears. Catherine’s father sends for his spinster sister, Miss Dido Kent. The sa [...]

  • Barb in Maryland

    I am of two minds about this book. One one side, the writing was good, the style of the book (first person letters and third person narrative)was interesting. However, the mystery was very thin. Our heroine, Dido Kent, joins a house party at Bellfield Hall to comfort her niece, whose fiance Richard ,a son of the house, has rather abruptly severed their engagement. The morning after Dido's arrival the body of a young woman is found on the grounds of the estate. Hmmm, what did Richard's disappeara [...]

  • Orinoco Womble (tidy bag and all)

    How refreshing to find an Austenite writer who can actually handle the Regency idiom properly! I thoroughly enjoyed this Austen-meets-Marple mystery, in which the murder is not the main puzzle. Who is the mystery corpse? Where did she come from, and how on earth did she end up in Sir Edgar's shrubbery? Why, when and how was she killed? More important (to Miss Kent and her niece)--did Richard Montague have anything to do with her death? And if not, why did he leave the house on the very evening o [...]

  • Marfita

    Dido, run, do not walk, run from this guy with the grasping, spendthrift son. The apple falls not far from the treeeee! And even if the dad is okay, you're still stuck with the son coming home, harassed by creditors, shamed by society, and probably scheming to get what little money is left. This is a book for Jane Austin fans, a story set in a big manor house with secrets(tm) and engagements gone awry. Miss Dido is invited to stay with her niece, who is upset by the disappearance of her fiance, [...]

  • Talulah Mankiller

    Miss Dido Kent, spinster and aunt extraordinaire, rushes to her niece Catherine’s side when Catherine’s fiance abruptly breaks off their engagement in the middle of their engagement ball. Catherine refuses to accept that her man is gone, and begs Dido to figure out what the eff is up. Shenanigans ensue.I liked this. I think the first half dragged a bit–as evidenced by the fact that I was able to summarily abandon it in favor of The Talented Miss Highsmith: The Secret Life and Serious Art o [...]

  • CarolAnn

    This has nothing to do with the mystery but I was transfixed with the mode of communication that was dealt with in the delivery of the story. This was before typewriters and computers so the mc and others would laboriously write letters with ink, sand, blotters in great detail. And I'm talking about lengthy letters that would probably take hours on end to complete. And forget about erasers! This detail alone should warrant a star of its own.Now for the actual novel. Miss Dido Kent (mc) was a mix [...]

  • Kate

    A very light regency mystery (not like Julian Kestrel or the Jane Austen Mysteries, but a nice complement) starring Miss Dido Kent. Dido is summoned to the country house of the future parents of her niece, who fears her engagement is falling apart. The mystery involves a young woman found dead as well as the strange behavior of the besotted fiance. Lots of regency detail, especially some interesting bits about clothing (which sucked ME right in) and an okay solution, although a few more early cl [...]

  • Nenya

    Read about half way through, then skipped to the end. The author does her best in combining the best of Jane Austen and Agatha Christie- the time period and language (Austen), the murder mystery angle (Christie; specifically Jane Marple). The problem with such adaptations is that they fall way short of the mark. If you are a fan of any of the originals, I would not recommend this to you. If you do not mind your favorite characters being made into caricatures of what they are, go right ahead.

  • Laurel

    Something about this book missed the mark for me. For one thing, there were way too many characters to keep track of. Dean jumps into the story and the character's lives without giving much of an explanation. I felt like I was reading book #2 of a series, not book 1, and should already know who I was reading about. It was confusing. Besides all the characters, there was just way too much going on. The main mystery was mildly entertaining, nothing earth shattering, and all the other side stories [...]

  • Deborah Swift

    Also published in the US as "Belfield Hall",this is a very clever and entertaining book which starts with a body in the shrubbery and then piles on layers of mystery for the reader to solve. Or rather, the reader follows breathlessly behind the delightfully astute Dido Kent, a Regency lady sleuth, who gently teases the truth from the clues. An excellently-crafted novel with all the atmosphere and wit of classic Jane Austen,I loved the wickedly observant Dido Kent and will be over to the bookstor [...]

  • Snail in Danger (Sid) Nicolaides

    I enjoyed this very much. I think that this is the closest that anyone modern (that I've read) has come to capturing the voice and style of Jane Austen.