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The Pastures of Heaven
Title : The Pastures of Heaven
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ISBN : 9781440674174
Language : English
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Number of Pages : 240

Today, nearly forty years after his death, Nobel Prize winner John Steinbeck remains one of America's greatest writers and cultural figures. We have begun publishing his many works for the first time as blackspine Penguin Classics featuring eye-catching, newly commissioned art. This season we continue with the seven spectacular and influential books East of Eden, Cannery RToday, nearly forty years after his death, Nobel Prize winner John Steinbeck remains one of America's greatest writers and cultural figures. We have begun publishing his many works for the first time as blackspine Penguin Classics featuring eye-catching, newly commissioned art. This season we continue with the seven spectacular and influential books East of Eden, Cannery Row, In Dubious Battle, The Long Valley, The Moon Is Down, The Pastures of Heaven, and Tortilla Flat. Penguin Classics is proud to present these seminal works to a new generation of readers-and to the many who revisit them again and again.


The Pastures of Heaven Reviews

  • Dolors

    If there is something that will remain embedded in my mind about this collection of short stories is that there is no such thing as an earthly paradise but rather a barren land brought to life by the joys and miseries of its inhabitants. In his second book, Steinbeck manages to demystify the natural resources of the physical place in favor of the characters that populate it with all their prejudices and superstitions, generosity and disinterested fellowship, idealized aspirations and humble drea [...]

  • ☘Misericordia☘⚡ϟ⚡ϟ⚡⛈ ❂❤❣

    All sorts of mental sickness and disbalance and social maladaptation are represented here. Even though it's a classic it's not my cup of tea. Mothers killing their daughters, neurotics of all sexes, child problems, even a father hoarding his daughter's virginity, gosh! This is not the sort of things one looks for in books. Beautiful language, even though I didn't think highly of the subject in many cases.Q: He had been pleased with the funeral. (c) I wasn't pleased with this book. Q:Shark had ne [...]

  • Cathrine ☯️

    4★Steinbeck is the man. Well, one of them anyway. It is always a pleasure spending time with his prose and this was no exception.“Katherine was not pretty, but she had the firm freshness of a new weed, and the bridling vigor of a young mare.”“Alice grew and became more and more beautiful. Her skin was as lucent and rich as poppies; her black hair had the soft crispness of fern stems, her eyes were misty skies of promise.”I read that the third Mrs. Steinbeck typed his manuscripts and I [...]

  • Joe Valdez

    While Cup of Gold was John Steinbeck's first novel, and he spent five years working on To A God Unknown before putting it aside, The Pastures of Heaven, published in 1932, was the world's introduction to Steinbeck, whose social insight and intellectual depth are woven into stories about the struggle for survival in and around Steinbeck's hometown of Salinas. This novel consists of ten tales set in a thinly veiled version of Corral de Tierra, a valley in the hills twelve miles from Monterey, whic [...]

  • Kim

    Where John Steinbeck is concerned, I'm an unapologetic fan. Having only made his acquaintance relatively recently after a visit to Monterey prompted me to read Cannery Row, I've fallen in love with his clean prose and striking use of imagery, his powerful evocation of place, his ability to turn ordinary people into memorable characters and the deep humanity which is at the heart of his writing. This was the second of Steinbeck's works to be published. It's a short story cycle in which each of th [...]

  • Yousra

    الجميل صاحب الأسلوب السلس جون شتاينبك وكتاب آخر رائع وقراءةأخرى ممتعة من بعد أن تعرفت عليه من خلال روايته شتاء الأحزانقليلة هي الكتب التي تترك في النفس بصمة وقليلة هي الكتب التي ترفض أن تتركها من يدك وتنشغل عنها وهذا الكتاب منها بكل تأكيدأعترض على تسمية هذا الكتاب رواية كما [...]

  • فهد الفهد

    مراعي الفردوس هذا هو الكتاب الثالث الذي أقرؤه لجون شتاينبك، رغم أن قراءتي له بدأت مبكرة جدا ً، قبل سنوات بعيدة تكاد تقترب من العشرين، عندما حصلت على روايته القصيرة (اللؤلؤة)، والتي فتنتني ببساطتها وجمالها، ورغم أني حصلت على عدد من كتبه في السنوات الأخيرة، إلى أني لم اقرأ منه [...]

  • Amira Mahmoud

    مراعي الفردوسهي أول تجاربي مع جون شتاينبكهي أقرب للمتوالية القصصية منها إلى روايةهي مجموعة قصص لأبطال وشخوص يعيشون في مراعي الفردوس كلّ منهم له قصته الخاصة ، التي قد تتلاقى مع شخص آخر من ساكني الفردوسالقصص يغلب عليها الطابع ، الحزين المأساويغريب الأطوار أحياناً ، والمفزع أ [...]

  • Steve

    I feel that Steinbeck’s short stories are overlooked because they’re simple without being simplistic and they plod along at a pace that can feel like watching crops grow. The Pastures of Heaven was written before he became a star and you can trace the outlines of what was to come.The setting is a valley that a Spanish Corporal finds while chasing runaway Indian slaves. He’s so taken by what he sees that he christens the valley “Las Pasturas del Cielo” or "The Pastures of Heaven."From t [...]

  • Andrea

    "It was a week before the soldiery found [escaped Indians], but they were discovered at last practicing abominations in the bottom of a ferny canyon in which a stream flowed; that is, the twenty heretics were fast asleep in attitudes of abandon.The outraged military seized them and in spite of their howlings attached them to a long slender chain. Then the column turned about and headed for Carmel again to give the poor neophytes a chance at repentance in the clay pits." - chapter I."When it was [...]

  • هــالــه بــاقــر

    خلف التلال في ولاية كاليفورنيا يوجد وادي كقطعة من الجنان منسية هناك سميت مراعي الفردوس قاطنيها مزارعون بسطاء أو أغنياء من المدن قدموا اليها بحثاً عن الراحة والعزلة هناك وسط الطبيعة تحت الشمس الدافئة يقدم جون شتاينبك واحدة من اوائل نتاجاته متتبعاً حياة عدة أجيال في نفس البي [...]

  • Chris Dietzel

    Although this book isn't nearly as popular as Steinbeck's classics, it does possess the same great literary voice that made the author so popular. I loved the weaving of inter-related short stories and all the odd characters that appeared throughout. This book is further proof that just about anything Steinbeck wrote is worth reading.

  • Ginny_1807

    Grazie a questo romanzo ho scoperto Steinbeck. Ed è stato un avvenimento molto importante nella mia vita.

  • Chris Blocker

    In 1919, Sherwood Anderson published a collection of short stories centering around a town. The book was called Winesburg, Ohio. It remained popular into the 1930s. Around this time, a young journalist named Elizabeth Ingels developed an idea of interconnected stories similar to Anderson's work, but based in California. She mentioned the idea to a young writer named John Steinbeck. At the time, Steinbeck was struggling with his first novel (the later published To a God Unknown) and had managed t [...]

  • Pavlina Radoslavova

    Цялото ревю в "Аз чета"Стайнбек не е писател, той е художник, на места, на хора, на съдби.Художник е на това, което е скрито за очите, но не и за душата. Той рисува неказаното, непомисленото, всичко онова отвъд Рая, което единствено можем да доловим с красивите словосъчетания и п [...]

  • Martin Hernandez

    Esta serie de cuentos interconectados podría ser la obra maestra de cualquier otro escritor, pero dentro del canon deJohn STEINBECK apenas queda como una obra menor. Con recursos muy simples (que no simplistas) el ganador del Nobel describe magistralmente el conflicto entre la naturaleza y la sociedad. Además de la ubicación geográfica ("Las Pasturas del Cielo", un valle de ensueño en el estado de California), la unidad de estas narraciones se establece por la aparición recurrente de Bert [...]

  • Cathie

    4.5 stars.I always love reading Steinbeck.This is a short novel about the different inhabitants of a southern Californian rural community called the Pasture of Heaven.My copy of this short book is yellowed from age; it was printed in 1986 and I bought it second hand from some used bookstore a long time ago for $2.99. It was in dearly used shape when I purchased it and then it has sat in my house and moved with me to numerous locations over the years and been exposed to smoke and dirt and now is [...]

  • Marwan

    هذا الكتاب هو أول كتاب قرأته لجون شتاينبك و هو مجموعة قصص تدور فى وادى يسمى مراعى الفردوس والذى أكتشفه و أعطاه أسمه جاويش أسبانى منذ أكثر من 150 سنة وتمنى أن يكمل حياته فيه و لكن بدلا من ذلك أنهى حياته مغموسا فى السماد يعالج من مرض الزهرىأبطال الرواية أناس عاديين جدا , ليس فيهم م [...]

  • rachid

    C'est un bon recit de la vie quotidienne des habitants de village les pâturages du ciel.Le grand écrivain john steinbeck décrit ces familles de fermiers avec passion , tendresse et humour.Des personnages divers ressemble à le paysage magnifique.J'apprécie beaucoup le style de l'écriture.C'est beau, c'est émouvant, c'est drôle chaque famille a le droit a son lot de soucisTATIONS SUR LES PÂTURAGES DU CIEil :1 Vous n'êtes qu une création de mon esprit rsonne n'a plus d'ordres à me donne [...]

  • Jason

    This is a collection of stories about morons. What i mean by that, is that everyone is engagingly simple, "good country people," and their amusement and fear is what makes this story tick. They are all good farmers, moral people without having the dredge of scripted morality, and finally adept to the understandings of both the simplicity of their environment as well as each other's characters. Simplicity drives them, and degardes all progression, for the better. Hence, the maybe unfair moniker o [...]

  • Tom

    My journey through the lesser works of John Steinbeck yields another minor gem!Another reviewer refers to The Pastures of Heaven as Steinbeck's first book, and although that's not true, it might as well be - Cup of Gold, his actual first book, is a steaming pile, for sure.Anyway, this one is a whole lot better than Cup of Gold. Steinbeck wasn't suited for pirate stories, and The Pastures of Heaven finds my longtime-favorite American novelist in much more comfortable territory, namely California, [...]

  • Shaimaa Ali

    I read an Arabic Translation to it & didn't enjoy it that much! While each chapter was considered an individual short story. the "Pastures of Heaven" is considered only a background to all those individual stories with rare interaction of characters in other chapters

  • Iman

    ظنتته في البداية رواية كاملة وليس مجموعة من القصص القصيرة.لغته بسيطة وسلسة ويصلح للقراءة المتقطعة أثناء الانتظار مثلاً.

  • Shelley

    The Pastures of Heaven is the first of Steinbeck's California works, set in the farm country near his hometown of Salinas. Published in 1932, this work precedes his popularity and financial success, but introduces the reader to Steinbeck's style and the genesis of the themes that he explores in later, better-known novels. In this collection of short stories, we meet a community of families living in a beautiful verdant valley full of promise, finding that life can be rather ugly, and their own i [...]

  • Joyce Lagow

    In his early California novels, Steinbeck focused on the land he loved and the people who lived there. The Pastures of Heaven (which is based on a real valley and whose characters have roots in real people) is one of those novels and uses the same format he employed in Tortilla Flat and Cannery Row a collection of stories around an organizing theme. One of his earliest books, The Pastures of Heaven, focuses on the people who work the land and live in its town. The stories are fairly independent; [...]

  • Andreea

    “He did not often think of people as individuals, but rather as antidotes for the poison of his loneliness, as escapes from the imprisoned ghosts.” John Steinbeck made his way in my 'to-read' list when I discovered Meg&Dia's song 'Monster', that is supposed to have been written after 'East of Eden'. That time, I wasn't aware of the impact that this author will have on me.No matter what book I read written by him, he changes something in me. He makes me hate every material and finite thin [...]

  • Мис Марпъл

    Las pasturas del cielo"Небесните пасбища" е произведение, което беше неизвестно за мен доскоро. Става въпрос за втората книга на Стайнбек, издадена през 1932 година, след романа "Златната чаша". Всъщност, оказа се по-различна от първоначалните ми очаквания. Тя не е цялостен роман, макар д [...]

  • John

    Disclosure: I am an unapologetic, hopeless Steinbeck addict. I cannot recall him ever writing a bad word and have found enrichment in the more than 20 books of his I have digested.This short novel spins a series of interesting stories set against the Salinas/Monterey/Carmel locale where so many of Steinbeck's major works are set. He offers up the history of a unique valley from its initial settlement through succeeding generations, protraying ironies, tragedies and triumphs. Better than just abo [...]

  • Roberta

    "L'uomo non vuol soltanto vivere e riprodursi. Egli vuole anche lasciare un ricordo di sé, una prova, forse, che è realmente esistito. E lascia la sua prova sul legno, sulla pietra o, addirittura, sulla vita degli altri. Questo desiderio profondo c'è in tutti noi, dal ragazzo che scrive parole oscene sui muri al Budda che incide la propria immagine nella mente dei popoli. La vita è così irreale che noi non siamo mai sicuri di esistere"Ed è questo che Steinbeck fa in questo libro: permette [...]

  • Jan Summers

    John Steinbeck painted vivid pictures of the inhabitants of Las Pasturas del Cielo. His narrative draws you in immediately. Each of the short stories had its own poignant irony. My favorite story was the one about The Whiteside Family.