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Honey, I Love
Title : Honey, I Love
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ISBN : 9780060091248
Language : English
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Number of Pages : 32

To one young narrator, it's the simple things that mean the most, like sharing laughter with a friend, taking family rides in the country, and kissing her mama's arm.When this poem was first published in 1978 in Honey, I Love and Other Love Poems, Eloise Greenfield reminded us that love can be found just about anywhere. Now, twenty-five years later, she and celebrated chilTo one young narrator, it's the simple things that mean the most, like sharing laughter with a friend, taking family rides in the country, and kissing her mama's arm.When this poem was first published in 1978 in Honey, I Love and Other Love Poems, Eloise Greenfield reminded us that love can be found just about anywhere. Now, twenty-five years later, she and celebrated children's book artist Jan Spivey Gilchrist present a stunning, newly illustrated anniversary edition that invites readers to celebrate the simple joys of loving and living.

Honey, I Love Reviews

  • Cheryl

    Absolutely delightful, beautiful, fun and important. I hope everyone who interacts with children of any race or culture shares it with them. And I hope it brings more of us to the classic Honey, I Love and Other Love Poems. Gilchrist's narrator is a charmer that I believe we can all fall in love with. Can you guess the one thing she does *not* love?

  • Monique Clem

    Age group:7-11Eloise Greenfield I did not necessarily like this book. The story line was ok. It just talked about all the things that the little girl loved but the structure of the book was not good. There was little to no punctuation that made it one big long sentence. At the end of each thing she liked there was never a proper start to a new thing she liked. Like I said one big long sentence.

  • Kelly

    Honey, I love is one of my all time favorites!

  • Katelyn

    1. Poetry2. This is a beautiful and rhythmic poem about all the things a little girl loves in her life.3. A- The illustrations are endearing and warm, they help bring the words to life. B- This is a good, positive, appropriate, and strong poetry book for young readers! The theme is positive because it is based on very simple things to love or enjoy in life. All children will be able to relate to at least one thing described in this book. I found the repetition to be appropriate because it was no [...]

  • Beth

    I can't wait to read this out loud.

  • ReadingWench

    The illustrations are perfect for this poem, Honey, I love 2.4

  • Shari

    I love the original collection of poems by Eloise Greenfield. This picture book version is over a dozen years old now and its age is showing. The hairstyles and clothes are very 90s. However, the idea of turning a poem into a picture book is inspirational to young writers.

  • Taylor Thompson

    This is a great book. I really enjoyed reading. Poetry for young readers is great. This story follows a young girl through the things in her life she loves. Things like her cousin, his voice, playing in the water, but not sleep. A simple book with great Illustrations.

  • Zack McCurry

    This was a poem that showed empathy and love toward the world. This could be used as an example for students for how to write an engaging poem.

  • Racheal

    So warm and happy and sweet

  • Raleigh Cowan

    Written in the late 1900s, Honey, I love is a poetry book about a young girl and all the thing she’s loves and man does she love a lot of things. This book is full of bright watercolor pictures that explain all the things this young girl loves and enjoys to do on a daily biases. The bright colors express her bright personality and big smile but there’s just one thing she doesn’t enjoy and that would be going to sleep at night.

  • Jessica Guard

    Summary:The narrator, a young girl, describes many things she loves throughout her book: from her cousin's southern accent, to the foods she loves to eat, to kissing her mama's arm. She looks pretty in bows and shiny things, she loves to dance and sing, and even jump-rope. However, the narrator does not love bedtime, and having to go to sleep. She even explains that love is not like the kissing you see on T.V but staying home with her mom when her papa has to leave. Filled with many short storie [...]

  • Maryann

    Summary: Honey, I Love, by Eloise Greenfield, is collection of poems written by a young girl. The beautifully written poems, and colorful illustrations make for a great read for people of all ages. The poems are rhythmic and positively written. The young girl discuses all the things she loves in life; from people that are important to her, to the simple everyday things that many people overlook on a daily bases. Her poem Riding on the Train, discusses all the different scenes the little girl pas [...]

  • Liz Murray

    Such joy in the words and pictures in this book. Impossible to read without smiling. I've always found the poetry of Eloise Greenfield to be uplifting and pairing this poem with Jan Spivey Gilchrist's illustrations makes you want to be there with the narrator as she moves through a summer day. This works very well as a mentor text for young poets, or simply for a splash of fun in the day.

  • Rachel Tackett

    This was an okay poetry book. Honey, I love by Eloise Greenfield had a nice poem as the basis of the story and it made for a good story to tell about a little girl. The poem is narrated by a little girl and she talks about all the things that she loves like the way her cousin talks or the cool water from the hose in the summertime. It is a good story that could interest some readers. I do think that it is confusing at some points in the poem and it doesn't make as much sense as I would like it t [...]

  • Mckayla Pietrowski

    This book was a collection of poems written by a little girl. The little girl talks about everything she loves in life. My favorite poem "riding on a train" talked about all the beautiful scenes you would see riding on a train. In some of her poems she talks about her best friend Lessie. You could really tell how much she enjoys the company of her friend by the poem. She also brought up her cousin from the south. She took time to really talk about the little beautiful things in life that I might [...]

  • Sade'

    Honey, I love written by Eloise Greenfield was originally a poem published in a book along with other poems written by Ms. Greenfield 1978. It has now been turned into a one poem, children's book filled with pretty pictures and bright water color paints. It is a book intended for children ages 2 and up. I give this book a 5 star rating because it is so fun to read for children especially little girls. The book brings a sense of living life fun, free, happy, and peaceful. It's about a little girl [...]

  • Zoraya Brown

    This book reminds me so much of how my Summers were when I was growing up. I spent every Summer in Alabama until I was about 15, and although I have no siblings, I have many cousins that were like my siblings growing up. We played outside all day and just enjoyed a carefree life. When I read this to the children that I am or will be teaching, I will start off by telling them about my childhood Summers, then, I will read the book and afterwards, have them all describe their Summers and tell me wh [...]

  • Blair Herron

    Poetry book:I loved the rhyming pattern that created the story line for this book. The little girl on the front cover is the main character of the book which talks about all the different things that she loves in her life. The illustrations went along with it perfectly as well a child would definitely be able to look at the pictures and tell exactly what the author wrote. A great example of this is when the main character is talking about when she visits with her cousin who is from the South and [...]

  • Monica

    Honey, I Love is a poem about the simple things in life that bring us joy. From a visit from her cousin, to a hose on a hot day, to the joy of laughing with friends, Eloise Greenfield reminds us it is important to find joy in the little things.By telling us of the things she enjoyed as a child, Eloise Greenfield evokes fond memories of childhood. Through the simple interactions of the characters children can easily relate recounting stories of their favorite times spent with family and friends. [...]

  • Megan Willis

    Honey, I love is exactly the kind of poetry that I love to read. It is so beautiful, and it uses simple language. A first grader could read this poem and know exactly what Eloise Greenfield meant. Young children can read this poem and be inspired to write their own poem that is similar to it. Honey, I love expresses a young girl's pure and sweet love for her family and the simple things that we tend to overlook. She even mentions how she loves her cousin's southern accent. Definitely a classic t [...]

  • Jaelyn J.

    To practice phonemic awareness with my Pre-K students, we would create our own poem and pictures about summer. The teacher would already have some lines put together and the students would have to fill in the blanks (end of the line) using the phonemic awareness skills (i.e. "As we sprayed suntan lotion. We walked to the park. Then drove to the ocean. I hope there aren't (sharks).") After we finish the poem, each student would be given a line from our poem and asked to draw whatever comes to min [...]

  • Ouida Robinson

    Author: Eloise GreenfieldTitle: Honey, I lovePlot: A girl tells of all the things she loves such listening to her cousin, riding in her uncles car, going to the country where the church meet and sitting with her mother. She tells what she doesn't like also. Setting: The girl's home and townCharacter: the girl, cousin, uncle and motherTheme: Love, Family LifeStyle: Poetry; FictionCopyright: 2003Notes: This is a good book to discuss love, family and friends.

  • Tonia Holloway

    This story is a great lead-way into a module about things that they like and do not like. The children can work together to create their own classroom story/poem, each saying something that they love. Another way to use this story is to have the students draw pictures to match all the things that the young girl in the story loves, or draw pictures to express what they love. Even if they do not incorporate words and letters, this is still a way for them to develop their language.

  • Gina

    Honey, I love is about an African-American child who joyfully recounts the things that make her life special. The text appears as a stand-alone poem. For a literacy lesson, I would have students to learn about "voices" in a text and what words indicates the age of the little girl and what words does she utilizes that makes this text stand out? I would have students to write about what makes their life special and have them to write in phrases, poems, or sentences.

  • Roben

    A young girl talks about all the things she loves - and the one thing she hates - her mama telling her it is time to go to sleep. Who doesn't remember how hard it could be to go to sleep on a hot summer night? Since the book is a poem in addition to being a picture book, it would be great to use in a classroom with 1st and 2nd graders. They could talk about the things they love - and one thing they don't love.

  • Davonni

    Honey I love is a great book! The story is really a poem. It is an easy read and uses simply languages that young students will be able to relate to. Students can read this poem or have it read to them and be inspired to write their own type of poem. The book has some repetitiveness in it, which I think is great for younger children. I love how this book also shows culture, the pictures and the dialog in the book are beautiful.

  • Rachel

    The young girl loves lots of things. She loves when her cousin comes to visit, the laughing sound and taking rides with her family. The book is written in poetic form. It would be a great book to teach poetry or multicultural. The pictures are warm and inviting for young children. I would use this book with students from kindergarten to second grade.

  • Jermeria Daniel

    I would use this a a way to draw stories and memories from students. They could create story books and poems that are similar to the story and allow the rest of the class to join in their trip down memory lane. This could also be used for making connections to the child's family and the roles each family member plays.

  • Ivano Parravano

    This book can be considered a book of poetry although it only has one poem. The lyrics rhyme, but it also makes you want to speak like the author. The voice of the book is authentic. The illustrations are bright and very life-like. I think this book coud be suitable for primary or intermediate grades.