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Things I Wish Id Known
Title : Things I Wish Id Known
Author :
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ISBN : 9780755356454
Language : English
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 416

Remember when life revolved around what top to wear? Let Linda Green take you on a hilarious, romantic and touching journey back to your teenage years...When Claire Cooper was 15 she’d swear on her Wham! album that: big hair and rah-rah skirts were here to stay; Spandau Ballet would never split up; she would marry her idol, heart-throb footballer Andy Pailes. Fast forwardRemember when life revolved around what top to wear? Let Linda Green take you on a hilarious, romantic and touching journey back to your teenage years...When Claire Cooper was 15 she’d swear on her Wham! album that: big hair and rah-rah skirts were here to stay; Spandau Ballet would never split up; she would marry her idol, heart-throb footballer Andy Pailes. Fast forward 20 years and things haven’t gone quite to plan. And when Claire discovers the ‘dream list’ she wrote as a teenager, she realises how far removed her life is from the one she’d imagined. Divorced, stuck in a dead-end job and dating an ambul


Things I Wish Id Known Reviews

  • Leah

    Back when she was a teenager, Claire Cooper thought she had her life mapped out: she’d have a fantastic job as a corporate lawyer, she’d still be best friends with Frankie and, most importantly, she’d be married to Andy Pailes. But life never quite works out as you imagine it and finds herself stuck in a dead-end job with a failed marriage behind her and currently dating Mark, an ambulance-chasing lawyer. Claire’s life is turned upside down when she finds the Dream List she wrote aged 15 [...]

  • Laura Simpson

    I first I was quite sceptical about the book, the obsessive football parts and I did get rather confused at first to the structure of the book with the parts flicking between Claire at different ages. But then again that might of been me not paying attention to the dates in the book :LThe book gets better as you get further into it, I really enjoyed the last hundred or so pages and it made me feel like I was not just reading any old chick flick.However the whole part with Andy made me feel a bit [...]

  • Karen Marquick

    Really enjoyableA really enjoyable read. The characters were likeable and relatable. I liked the way this book went back to the past to tell the story, then back to present time. It was easy to read and the end was lovely.

  • Rea Cobb

    Linda Green's new book Things I wished I'd Known has recently been released in paperback. I brought my copy from Whsmiths and it was on offer for half price so decided to give it a try as I have not read one of her books before and I am finding I am continually trying out new authors. Claire is the main character in this book. She is a likeable character who is in her late thirties and has found her life has been jolted somewhat when she comes across a list she had wrote back in her teens with h [...]

  • Jay Phillips

    This book was abandoned on our staff room table with a sign "free books, please take one," so I didn't expect much! For the first half of the book, I was forcing myself to read, but by the end of the book it was a real page-turner. The story revolves around Claire, and twenty years later she discovers a dream list she wrote when she was 15 years old, and of course, her life hasn't exactly panned out well. For a start she's not married to footballer Andy Pailes! The book has a dual voice, 15 year [...]

  • Faye Mussett

    Most of us had an idol growing up, but would our perception of them and the reality be the same? Claire is a teenager obsessed with a football player, but when she meets him, things don't turn out the way she planned. Fast forward 20+ years later and Claire is a lawyer living with her boyfriend, dreaming of the life she once wanted. When she finds a note from her teenage self, it sets her on a path of discovery, and she soon meets with her ex-best friend and her old idol himself. Overall, the bo [...]

  • pauline hammond

    Another sound read by Linda GreenYou can't really go wrong with a book by Linda Green, but I have to say that I didn't enjoy this as much as the other ones I've read. I became a little confused during the reflection period where I was not entirely certain that these things had actually happened to Claire. A little predictable in some sections of the book, but overall a worthwhile read

  • Marlene Bate

    Mildly entertainingTeenage crushes captured well, but Mark, who we barely get to know, seems to be the only truly likeable character.Claire, I found, was an unlikeable and unsympathetic character (wishing people dead in terrorist bombings- comes on!)Poorly developed subplots (her parents, Frankie etc)Passed an afternoon but the reviews wildly overrated this book.

  • Dawn Box

    Couldn't put it down Kept me enthralled all they way through. You never know where the story is going nextNow going onto my next book by Linda

  • Kelly Bond

    It was not the sort of book I usually read and was not what i expected but I enjoyed it once it got going and would reccommend it to anyone who fancies a break from crime and murder

  • Irene

    It was OK. A bit long and drawn out in parts.

  • PrettyFlamingo

    The title of this book reflects the feelings of most of my friends and myself, and the whole story takes us back to a time when we thought we knew exactly what we wanted, and knew everything there was to know. If only we could fast forward and see what the future would be like. But reminiscing is much more fun, isn’t it? Well, it is for us, but I don’t think Claire thinks so.Chick-lit isn’t quite the right description for this book, as it has so much more to it. I particularly liked that i [...]

  • Ava

    This book is to all those fangirls/fanboys, who have had a crush on a footballer or a celebrity! That kind of crush where fantasy love is much more better than real life. This was a very interesting read, mostly because I myself am a big football fan and I could see myself in Claire's obsession with football and footballers. Her way of idolizing her favorite player Andy, was something I could relate to. I love stories, where we have the main characters revisit their past and this was no exceptio [...]

  • Agi

    This book strated very slowly to me. I have expected something different, too, don't know what exactly, perhaps that it's going to be a little lighter and funnier. But then it started to getting faster and faster and I just couldn't stop reading.I must say, it was not too easy read, this book was full of drama. But Linda Green has everything under control, I have get used to the fact that after every chapter there was a second one set in the past, although at the beginning it was not so obvious [...]

  • Sallyann Van leeuwen

    3.5 stars. It's a bit more meaty than just a chick lit book. Whilst the basis of the story is of a girl who is obsessed with a football star, there are other sides to the story that sets it apart. Back in the 80s, teenage Clare loves Andy, an up and coming star of the soccer pitch. She dreams of him falling in love with her and living happily ever after. Fast forward to the present, and Mark, her current boyfriend is picking out houses for them to begin a life together. But he sees her reluctanc [...]

  • Anne

    I must say that this isn't a book I'd've picked up from choice, and some of you who read the stuff I usually read would probably hate it - but it actually wasn't at all bad. If you were a teenager in the 80s you'll find loads to identify with, particularly if you had an unrequited teenage passion for a star, and even more particularly if that star was a footballer. Things go a little haywire (and seedy) in the teenage story when fantasy becomes harsh reality, but the book's written in an enterta [...]

  • Dorothy

    It was probably unfortunate that I read this book so close to Tamar Cohen's book, because the structure is the same - a woman going through an emotional crisis due to some unresolved traumatic episode in her teens - and therefore this book felt like it was following a formula.I got fed up with waiting to find out what the traumatic episode was. The adult life sections were deadly dull until she met up with Frankie again, when they picked up a bit. As for the flashbacks - perhaps if I was a bit y [...]

  • Kim

    I would probably give this one 3 1/2 stars. It picked up pace towards the end and was quite enjoyable. I might look out for others by the author. It flicks between the 15 year old Claire and the present day Claire who is a lawyer. At 15 she had a crush on a local football player. She also wrote a 'dream list' of what her life would be like when she was 20 years older. She finds the list and it makes her take stock of her current life and revisits points from her childhood.

  • Felicia Julin

    Whoever reads this book, could totally relate, totally. Mostly girls, especially girls. We all had/ have that one celebrity crush that we dream/t of marrying. To Claire it was a taken-for-granted merely famous football player in United; Andy Pailes. And the best thing is, Claire actually gets to touch her celebrity crush (yes you know touch) How lucky is this girl? Very.

  • Scha Aye jay

    nice book ever read . sometimes we should forget about something that unimportant and just gone through with our life present not thik about the past . Mark iis really a nice guy for Claire and she deserve Mark .

  • Wilnona Marie

    A little confusing at the beginning but once the flashback and the present story gets fixed in the mind it gets better, down right suspenseful. I like the flashbacks better. When both story lines intertwine I'm sorrowfully disappointed.

  • Georgia

    The writing by Linda Green was witty - it flicks back to the protagonists 15 year old self and intwines with entries from her current 30 year old self which I think is a clever concept. I lent it to a friend who also loved it!

  • Kezza22

    Well it was an ok read! Loved the references from the 1980s being and 80s girl myself but I have to be honest that I was a little disappointed with the ending just felt it was rushed and all unfinished!

  • Karen Whittard

    I got really confused by this book. For me the structure was really hard to get into and I didn't like the football references. I usually like books that have the different Aspects to them with the diaries emails letters ect but this one just didn't do it for me. Sorry

  • Miss Independent

    phew! best teens story ever! love the writer and the books! finished it in 1 month time.quite long isn't it? haha kinda busier with the school and the tasks!

  • Dianne

    Really enjoyed this as i was a teenager in 1985 and could relate to some of the things mentioned in the story very easy reading.

  • Laura Barnard

    Absolutely loved this book! Carried me along a journey and I was rooting for the main characters

  • Rachel

    Wish I'd known how much this book was going to suck!

  • Monica

    It was ok. Not too fussed about the ending. ah wells.

  • Rose

    I read this book a long time ago, but I remember enjoying it.