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Dark Reign
Title : Dark Reign
Author :
Rating :
ISBN : 9780785140900
Language : English
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 96

Deadpool unleashes his most insane plan yet: a full-on assault against Norman Osborn! As Deadpool storms his way to the top of Avengers Tower, Osborn is forced to pull out all the stops to save his own skin.Collecting: Thunderbolts 130-131, Deadpool 8-9


Dark Reign Reviews

  • Kemper

    Ha ha, Marvel! You didn’t get me this time. I see how you crossed an on-going story from the Dark Reign storyline in Deadpool over to Thunderbolts, and then created an entirely separate trade paperback to sucker any poor soul just trying to read one of the titles into buying extra issues or another collection. But thanks to my digital Marvel Unlimited subscription I was able to just flip from Deadpool over to Thunderbolts without paying any money at all. So I win! What’s that? My Unlimited s [...]

  • Jeff

    Hey, it’s a Deadpool book with a plot!!!Ha! Sucker! Made you look.It’s a tie-in with the Dark Reign crossover event, plus it carries over into the Thunderbolt books so it has to have the bare minimum of a storyline to hang its hat on. Let’s go to the plot summary - to wit:In the previous crossover event, Secret Invasion, Nick Fury sends Deadpool to infiltrate the Skrulls and get the secret on how to take down the Skrull Queen. Deadpool is promised a huge reward. He’s successful, but his [...]

  • Paul

    Deadpool goes gunning for Norman Osborn after the weird-haired one stole something from him. Nothing ever being simple, Ozzy sics his new Thunderbolts squad on Wade, forcing DP to call in some help of his own.While this was nothing outstanding, it was a solid Deadpool story with all the over-the-top violence, stoopid humour and misplaced romance you'd expect. It also had decent art. I enjoyed it.

  • Sam Quixote

    Set during Dark Reign after Secret Invasion, Deadpool knows something about Norman Osborn that he doesn’t want others to know so Norman sends the Thunderbolts out to kill Deadpool. But they don’t have to look far as he’s after Norman himself for owing him cash - time for a good old-fashioned supervillain smackdown! Though I enjoy all of Daniel Way’s Deadpool books, I didn’t love this crossover, partly because Way only writes half with Andy Diggle writing the other, less spectacular hal [...]

  • Callie Rose Tyler

    Crossovers can often go very wrong, especially when it is between a popular title and a not-so popular title (I've never read a Thunderbolts comic before this).This story was smooth and coherent. The z-list Thunderbolt roster did not stop this from being all about Deadpool.

  • Relstuart

    Thunderbolts vs Deadpool. It's pretty much exactly what you would expect. All action with banter and an angry Osborn.

  • Sesana

    For some reason, this crossover feels exactly like four issues of Deadpool. I'm ok with that, because I don't give a toss for the Thunderbolts. It does tie into the greater Dark Reign storyline, in that you need to have a vague knowledge of what was going on with Osborn at the time. (I hate this storyline, incidentally) But ignore all of that and focus on Deadpool being completely insane and it's a pretty fun ride.

  • J'aime

    I admit: I have no clue who the Thunderbolts are and I'd never read Deadpool before, though I'm familiar with his character just by being a Marvel fan. I decided to read all the Dark Reign trades, and this popped up on my radar. And I loved it.I started with "Deadpool, Vol. 2: Dark Reign", which provides a paragraph recapping this trade about halfway through. So, I stopped that book to read this one. Happily, readers don't need to know who the Thunderbolts are (or even read the other trade) beca [...]

  • Eric Mikols

    I only picked this up because I thought it would further the story of Songbird from the previous Thunderbolts. I was wrong, this is really just a story of Deadpool fighting the new, less interesting Thunderbolts. Really, I don't know what they were thinking with the new formation, it couldn't be less interesting. What saves this volume is that it's a Deadpool crossover and the Merc with a Mouth is in fine form. Though I was lost to what Wade was dealing with mentaly (this takes place in the midd [...]

  • Gavin

    This just didn't do much for me. Deadpool himself was good, and his back and forth with Taskmaster was funny enough, but overall, lacking. I think the Thuderbolts suffered greatly in this book, looking like morons; Other than the Ghost and Ant-Man, there was the new Black Widow, and 2 other "Z-Listers" as Norman Osborn calls them. Completely non-essential. I really am hoping for a good Deadpool book sometimeI think I'll find one by accident.

  • Paula

    Didn't like this one a whole lot because of the art style of Thunderbolts. It was a bit 90s', a bit modern and it didn't match well.

  • David

    Meh. It was ok. Not Daniel Way's best work, probably because he had to do a cross over with a B-list title.

  • Albert Yates

    that was certainly a fun read, thigh I'm a little confused as to why Black Widow and Ant-Man are on the Thunderbolt team to begin with. unless this Ant-Man was scott Lang, who is a criminal, then it makes sense. though this was from 2009 so this isn't the movie version of the character. also, this Black Widow wasn't Natasha, her name was Yelena no wonder she's on the bad buy team, identity theft! now that is settled, the book was really enjoyable, Deadpool as always is spot on and hilarious. The [...]

  • P Fosten

    This showed off the general insanity the follows (and is caused by) Deadpool. It was an enjoyable romp powered by an obscure point from the previous crossover, Secret invasion. My only issue is that it felt like 4 issues of Deadpool rather than any kind of meaningful crossover with the T-Bolts. They didn't really get any focus at all other than chasing DP. The other problem is that as a story it didn't really deserve 4 issues. It's a 2 issue story stretched to give the fight scenes room to breat [...]

  • Nicole Bunge

    Eh, this was the weakest of the Deadpool collections I'm reading (mostly in order.) Some of that has to do with it being a "crossover" with Thunderbolts and 'universal events' that I frankly don't give a crap about.So, there's less Deadpool, more other supers (which, as with most crossovers, they make no attempt to explain who these characters are or -for the most part - why they're doing what they're doing.)

  • Brendan Howard

    This would normally get three stars, but, no, FOUR STARS for my FIRST foray into Deadpool.Holy moly crap, he really IS the new Ambush Bug! I mean, with guns and not as much interesting continuity play, but he's genuinely cute and wacky. And deranged, what with his horrible superpower of ultra-healing cancer.I can hardly wait to read more to see if it stands up!

  • Adam Fisher

    This book has your typical Deadpool hilarity. The Thunderbolts are basically nothing here. The plot is somewhat hard to pick up on, what little of it there is, but a short book like this is really only written for one reason: what crazy hilarious things can we make Deadpool do and say this time?Recommend, but only if you need a quick laugh.

  • zxvasdf

    This book has one of the funniest scenarios in the Deadpool oeuvre and is another worthy addition to the gallery showcasing the merc with a mouth's so stupid it's genius (or so genius it's stupid) shenanigans. An altercation involving Ant-man and the insides of Deadpool's jumpsuit proves especially hilarious.

  • Mitchell

    Deadpool. Good as always and by that I mean horrible and stupid and pointless. And yet every so often some bit will be funny almost by accident. Or some bit of art is okay. I really have to stop reading Deadpool completely.

  • Amy

    I picked up this comic because I really liked Deadpool from X-Men: Wolverine the movie. I did not like this comic because I was expecting a darker, mysterious take on Deadpool. This Deadpool was comical and annoying in my opinion. I wasn't too interested in the character or the story.

  • Shannon Appelcline

    Deadpool can be an acquired sense of humor, but the latter half of this book is quite funny. However, it's also extremely inappropriate for the Thunderbolts comic. What you get here is essentially four issues of funny-not-grim, which is a big misfire for Diggle.

  • Daniel

    Unlike, most Marvel collections, this is great. The arc is easier to follow by having the addition of the Thunderbolts issues here. Very funny. Great writing, and artwork.

  • Felipe


  • Therese

    The story was okay, nothing special, and Yelena is the only reason I'm giving this 3 stars instead of 2.

  • Christian Smith

    i could never give a deadpool book less than 4 stars. this is just genius.

  • Nevena

    I love when Taskmaster turns up in Deadpool, they're so good together.

  • Jedhua


  • Scott

    Pretty good book.

  • Alysha DeShaé

    I didn't like how difficult it was to read Deadpool's lines in the Thunderbolts comics, but I loved the story arc!

  • Daniel Butcher

    Just plain funny with needless violence.