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The Stonekeepers Curse (Amulet, #2)
Title : The Stonekeepers Curse (Amulet, #2)
Author :
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ISBN : 9780439846837
Language : English
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 220

In this thrilling sequel to AMULET #1: THE STONEKEEPER, Emily and her brother Navin head for Kanalis, a beautiful and mysterious city of waterfalls, where they hope to find the antidote for the poison that felled their mother. That cure lies in the eggs of a giant serpent atop Demon's Head Mountain, but the kids' archenemy, Trellis, is headed for the peak, too. A battle thIn this thrilling sequel to AMULET #1: THE STONEKEEPER, Emily and her brother Navin head for Kanalis, a beautiful and mysterious city of waterfalls, where they hope to find the antidote for the poison that felled their mother. That cure lies in the eggs of a giant serpent atop Demon's Head Mountain, but the kids' archenemy, Trellis, is headed for the peak, too. A battle that will engulf all of Kanalis is looming. It's up to Em to triumph over evil while controlling the amulet's power . . . without losing herself!


The Stonekeepers Curse (Amulet, #2) Reviews

  • LolaReviewer

    I'm not hooked. I'm addicted.

  • Melissa ♥ Dog Lover ♥ Martin

    I enjoyed this second book in the Amulet series. Emily is still trying to control the powers of the Amulet, which is a hard thing to do and if she doesn't it could corrupt her. The gang decide to go to the city of Kanalis to get more help for their mom who is dying from poison. I really love the walking house, I want one :-) The city is full of animal people which is very cool, but they are suffering under some kind of curse but they are fine. Emily and the gang find another friend that goes by [...]

  • Diana

    4.5 stars • howl's moving castle in a hand to hand combat with a colossal elf?things got better in this second book! emily is still trying to figure out how to control the amulet's power while venturing inside a world full of robots, animal persons, and wicked elves. we get to know more about the our main characters' capabilities and our side characters' importance to the whole plot. I love the newly introduced character which is leon and his motivation for helping our heroes into setting thei [...]

  • John Papadopoulos

    Okay, i have to say book number 2 is way better than book number 1. We get to see character development in this one, as well as the formation of friendship which gives the story another dimension. The action and the intensity was amazing! The concept, and i said this to my last review but i am saying it again; reminds me of those 90s cartoons which we love watching back then and makes me so happy; it transports me back to that time. I know it is going to get better and better as we go along. 5 s [...]

  • Brian Yahn

    The second installment of Amulet is basically Pacific Rim meets Narnia.Like Pacific Rim, this issue walked dangerously close to becoming mindless action. But it was able to distinguish itself with all the clever and fun intricacies of the world.On the one hand, the uniqueness from the first issue started to wear off. The protagonist's arch got a little too close to The Lord of the Rings. But on the other hand, for the first half of the issue, while Kazu Kibuishi was building up the world of Amul [...]

  • ashley (saidthestory)

    This was even better than the first volume. I am loving the world Kibuishi is creating. Can't wait for volume 3!

  • Mel

    On a bit of a graphic novel kick so I decided to pick this one up. Really enjoyed it. Glad I decided to continue on with the series because I like where the story went. Will be getting to the rest of these.

  • Regan

    I really enjoy this series

  • Maxwell

    3.5 starsI'll admit, I wasn't a huge fan of the first volume. But I wanted to give the series another try, so I checked this out from the library. And I was much more impressed with this volume.The art, same as the first volume, is beautiful. Kibuishi has an amazing style that is whimsical and fantastic. He also creates great characters. Cogsley and Miskit are two super cool sidekicks. And the walking house! I want one.The story definitely picks up in this volume. You get more conflict, some bac [...]

  • Kristina

    SO GOOD!

  • Jim

    4,5 starsThis was even better than the first one.Emily must wants to help her dying mother, in order to do that she must find a specific fruit that can be find only in one place. The elf king sends his army after her. Emily will realise that she's the only one who can save her mother and the entire Alledia

  • Antonio  ManiacWithBooks


  • Maisie


  • Katiria

    Yes! I just love and adore this graphic novel series so much! This amazing series is most definitely on my top favorite graphic novel list. I don't want to go into any details about the second volume of the Amulet series, but it starts off where the first volume left off at. Emily is now the new stone keeper master of a very powerful stone. She and her beloved brother Navin are trying to save there mother from a poison. I won't say what kind of poison it is or how their mother got poison, becaus [...]

  • Sue Moro

    The elves are getting close and the action ramps up as Emily and Navin race to find a cure for the poison that is killing their mom. Emily must learn to control the stone as it fights to try and take control of her. This was even better than the first volume!

  • Ferdy

    Not as good as the first one, it was pretty much the same story line with Emily yet again trying to save her mum and her struggling with her amulet powers. I didn't like that apart from Emily and her mum there were no other female characters, Emily was always surrounded by guys. The artwork was on point though, it was the most enjoyable aspect. I especially loved the pages where there was just one large panel of some kind of scenery, they were beautifully drawn.

  • DramaQueen

    So beautiful and so adventurous! Loved it! The illustrations were even more beautiful than in Amulet #1 (and more page spreads <3) and the story remains original, creative and very fantastical. Absolutely loved it and ordering volume #3 right away!

  • Shannon (leaninglights)

    Another awesome adventure - can't wait to see where we go next!

  • Raven and Beez

    Still loving it! The artwork takes my breath away

  • Kayla (BOOKadoodles)

    4.5 starsThis installment was definitely a step-up from the first! Excited to see more of this world and uncover more of its secrets. And the art is absolutely fantastic! Side note: For Christmas, I'd like a house that walks, kthxbye.

  • Daniel

    House vs. Monster, an EPIC battle. WOOHOO. Znaci stvarno zabavan strip. Prica u osnovi jeste klise (za sada) ali ima tolko duha i entuzijazma da prosto uzivam.

  • Selene Matheson

    4.5 Stars

  • Kaitlin

    These books are so quick to get through and a lot of fun. The story is certainly middle grade and therefore there's not a lot of terribly dark moments or any vile language, it's PG, but the dark elves are still scary bad guys!Kazu Kibuishi is a great image maker. The images within the book really do bring the story truly to life and the colours and images chosen for each panel are beautiful and well thought out. The tonal, chalky colours give such a serene sense of wonder on some idyllic scenes [...]

  • Kirsten

    Book two in the Amulet series from Kibuishi. This series hasn't quite grabbed me completely yet. For the most part I really like the artwork (although sometimes there's a certain flatness to the character designs that's a little annoying), and the story seems to be going places -- it's just moving REALLY SLOWLY. I think this will appeal to young fans of Jeff Smith's Bone, but unlike Bone it's not likely to have much cross-generational appeal.

  • Tisha

    I don't read comics much, but this Amulet series is so awesome that I just couldn't stop! Again, the illustrations are totally mind blowing! I am really loving the story line. It has action, fantasy, love, everything that would please anyone. It's time to read the next one. Let's see how does Emily prepare herself to control the power of the amulet and save the animal like people from the elf king!

  • Chris

    Good follow-up. Yet, I have to wonder at the lak of female characters outside of Em. Her mother is passive during this story, and she seems surronded by male characters.

  • Jacquelyn

    This graphic novel series has got to be my favorite! So fun and action packed. :D

  • Calista

    The scope of this story keeps getting grander and grander. I'm constantly surprised and amazed at where it is heading next. I love that in a story. Keep me surprised. The art is amazing in this. I love the scope and scale of this world. It's beautiful. This story is a little scary, but still has some safe feeling. The villain is BIG in this story. Emily is being forced to learn to control her new found power. I can't wait to read more.

  • Andrew Beliwine

    The second book to the Amulet series was soooooo good. The illustrations are amazing and very intriguing. I couldn't put it down. This book intrigued me all the way from the begin with all the intensity. The Stonekeeper's adventure to save her mother was dangerous and very interesting. I recommend this book to anyone who's looking for a good graphic novel.

  • Jordan (thejordanjournals)

    3.5/5 stars.I liked this one better than the first volume. We get a little more information about the world and Emily's role in it. I also found myself reading this one a little easier. In that, I didn't have to flip back as often to reread things. I was doing a better job of looking at the illustrations and reading the bubbles. Again, the artwork was stunning. It's probably my favorite aspect of the series at this point. I'm excited to continue with the series and see what else happens.