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Title : Dormia
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ISBN : 9780547076652
Language : English
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 528

Introducing Alfonso Perplexon, hero of the epic fantasy tale Dormia!Alfonso Perplexon is an unusual sleeper. He climbs trees, raises falcons, even shoots deadly accurate arrows, all in his sleep. No one can figure out why.Then one evening a man arrives at Alfonso’s door, claiming to be Alfonso’s long-lost uncle Hill. This uncle tells a fantastical tale: Alfonso’s ancestorsIntroducing Alfonso Perplexon, hero of the epic fantasy tale Dormia!Alfonso Perplexon is an unusual sleeper. He climbs trees, raises falcons, even shoots deadly accurate arrows, all in his sleep. No one can figure out why.Then one evening a man arrives at Alfonso’s door, claiming to be Alfonso’s long-lost uncle Hill. This uncle tells a fantastical tale: Alfonso’s ancestors hail from Dormia—an ancient kingdom of gifted sleepers—which is hidden in the snowy peaks of the Ural Mountains. According to Hill, Dormia exists thanks to a tree known as the Founding Tree, with roots that pump life into the frozen valley. But the Founding Tree is now dying, and in a matter of days, Dormia faces an icy apocalypse.Dormia’s salvation lies with the Great Sleeper, who possesses the special powers to enter a sleep trance and grow a new Founding Tree. Hill suspects that Alfonso is just such a person. In fact, Alfonso’s sleeping-self has already hatched this tree. Now the question is: Can Alfonso and his uncle deliver it in time? They must hurry, but they also must be careful not to be followed by Dormia’s age-old enemy, the Dragoonya, who are always hunting for one of the secret entryways into Dormia.Alfonso agrees to take the tree to Dormia, and thus begins one of the greatest adventures a twelve-year-old boy could ever wish for.As he woke up from a late afternoon nap, Alfonso blinked open his eyes and discovered that he was perched at the top of a gigantic pine tree – some two-hundred feet above the ground. The view was spectacular. Alfonso could see for miles in every direction and he could even make out his house in the distant hamlet of World’s End, Minnesota. Unfortunately, there was no time to enjoy the view. The small branch that Alfonso stood upon was covered with gleaming snow and creaked dangerously under the pressure of his weight. Icy gusts of wind shook the entire treetop. Alfonso looked down grimly at the ground far below. If he fell, he would most certainly die.“Oh brother,” muttered Alfonso to himself. “Not again.”

Dormia Reviews

  • Jennifer Wardrip

    Reviewed by Theresa L. Stowell for TeensReadTooAlfonso Perplexon is not just any kid. He does things in his sleep that most people can't do.For example, he wakes up in the top branches of a tree. Unfortunately, he has a harder time getting down when he is awake than he had climbing it when he was asleep. One morning, when he climbs down from his tree, he meets a stranger named Kiril, who understands his sleepwalking abilities and warns him of an adventure that he may soon undertake.Not long afte [...]

  • Lyndsey Lewellen

    For most people, sleeping is, well, sleeping. Not much happens besides an occasional mumble and a strange dream. But for 12 year old Alfonso Perplexon, its when he sleeps that he truly comes alive. He climbs trees, grows peculiar plants, and many other things his waking self could never do. Alfonso soon discovers he's a Dormian--an ancient race of extreme sleep walkers. His journey back to his ancestor's land of Dormia is filled with action, puzzles, and plot twists.The only reason I gave this b [...]

  • Nana S.

    12-10-12DormiaA while back I read a book called Dormia by Jake Halpern. In the book Alfonso Perplexon is an weird sleeper. He climbs trees, tightrope walks, and shoots arrows all in his sleep. No one can figure out why. Then one day a man arrives at Alfonso’s door, saying he's Alfonso’s dads brother and his his long lost uncle Hill that he never knew about. Uncle Hill tells him the reason he does amazing things is because Alfonso’s ancestors come from a magical land called Dormia. A long f [...]

  • Tron

    YOU HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK! It is absolutely amazing. It is by far my favorite book EVER. I am so sad it is over I can't wait for the second book. This book is good for ages 12-90. I am so happy this book caught my eye at the store. IT'S A MUST READ

  • Sadie

    Yo Yo Yo this book is a heck noTried to read it and never finished. Won't be trying again. Hate it. Goodbye.

  • Karissa

    I read this book out loud to my 10 year old son. This was a creative and engaging adventure fantasy. The style that it was written in made it incredibly easy to read out loud; I didn't find myself stumbling over strange speech patterns or awkward dialogue.The story is based on the creative premise of a society that performs exceptional activities while they sleep; for them wakefulness is a state of laziness. It was interesting and full of a ton of adventure and excellent action scenes.There are [...]

  • Gabrielf

    Dormia is a about a boy who lives in World's End and that has a special power that let's him do stuff in his sleep he wouldn't normally do it awake. He got this special power by his father before he passed away. He does this crazy stuff but when he wakes up, he does not remember a single thing that he did. Then one sudden he noticed that he planted a plant in his Garden, it was different than any other plant, it glowed and it changed color. He didn't what it is but other traveler went to his hou [...]

  • Lauralyrics

    The cover art is wicked awesome; the book was not so much. It was a pleasant read, but not a particularly compelling one and I felt that there were too many plot holes and elements that weren't thought through all the way (Ash granules that will dissolve into your eye, but can be kept safely in a pocket--wouldn't the ash just mash into the fabric? A river big enough to row a boat on, inside a tree root? I mean, I wasn't a biology major and I know this is a magic tree, butd how could the roots ex [...]

  • Grace D.

    I'm reading Dormia by Jake Halpern and Peter Kujawinski so far, the main character Alfonso has woken up in a pine tree in the middle of a forest swarmed with falcons. i love this book because it has the perfect amount of fantasy where it dose not make any sense (example:flying unicorns eating a rainbow)but just enough to be fun. so far this book is very fast paced with Alfonso learning that he is the only person who can save this place called dormia, and this unusual man who wants his plant.

  • Magda

    The premise seemed pretty awesome, but the (place) names a little hokey, until I realized that they did fit quite well. This was a fun adventure story, but it got a bit confusing with the number of characters towards the end (perhaps that's why a few of them were killed off?), and I wish there had been enough storyline to at least get the main character back to his mother.

  • Emily Karger

    Omg i remember this book ahahha so much was going on i was so confused

  • Paul Abulu

    It is a really interesting book

  • DanielO

    This is a really good book! You should all read it

  • Eric

    Dormia is the first of three books written by two authors Jake Halpern and Peter Kujawinski. The setting is in World’s End, Minnesota, and then they go to the Ural Mountains. Jake is an award winning young adult author, and Peter Kujawinski has literary awards. These two authors combined make a wonderful book. The setting in the story is on earth in the time where tension between Russia and the United States is growing. At the beginning is The World’s End, Minnesota which is sure to be meani [...]

  • Aelvana

    Alfonso is cursed with a strange kind of sleepwalking. Where other people might find themselves walking down a street, he finds himself climbing trees or tightrope-walking power lines. He can't figure out why his sleeping-self does so many crazy things, but when his sleeping-self grows a mysterious plant, he finds himself on a wild adventure across the globe. The plant he has grown is a rare bloom that must be planted in its home city before its parent tree dies, or hundreds of people who depend [...]

  • Leslie Hallman

    More of a 3.5 Star book - this was a fairly solid YA read. I’m not too into YA, it just reads too immature for my normal taste, but a friend of mine’s husband co-wrote this book. I bought it and started it years ago and never finished it- I don’t think it was the books fault, I think I wasn’t in a reading place then. I picked it up again this month and read it in a few days. The premise is interesting - a hidden/lost/dying land of super talented people whose talents only appear when they [...]

  • Sierra Abrams

    yearningtoread/Alfonso has never really fit in at his hometown of World's End, Minnesota. While other kids are nestled in bed, sleeping soundly, Alfonso is asleep, but, wellhe sleep-walks. He could walk a tight-rope in his sleep, or climb the tallest tree in hundreds of miles, or fix a broken clock. Or randomly put together a complicated concoction to grow a plant that has color changing leaves. He's done all of these things, including the last one. And that seems to be the problem. A big proble [...]

  • Everett

    Everett BrownMr. HermanIssues in Nonfiction7 January 2015Overall, Dormia is a Good Book Imagine going to sleep in a warm, comfy bed, only to wake up standing on a branch of a fifty-foot pine tree on a mountain. For Alfonso Perplexon this is a reality. Dormia is a book about a young boy with mysterious powers that grant him a heightened sense of agility, strength, intellect, and overall skill, but only while he is asleep. The characters were all very different and engaging, the setting was very w [...]

  • Monique

    Into this new series and off my library reads for a while as this was recommended by a friend and even lent from their personal library--understanding the depth and magnitude of lending out a book as there are a lot of "forgetful" people in the world and you end up losing so many books LOL but yea so I was honored and excited to read this and welp it was Young Adult fiction fantasy that read like an epic saga or odyssey as there were so many tests and challenges and twists and turns--yea I was n [...]

  • Bodhi K.

    1/30/2013I recently read Jake Halpern and Peter Kujawinski's Dormia. This book is about a young boy named Alphonso. There is an ancient city called Dormia and the Dormians live by a Founding Tree. If the Founding Tree is burned down, it makes a purple ash. If you put the purple ash in your eyes you can look in the future and you get addicted to it. Then the tree never grows bacck and all the people who live in that area freeze and die. If I was in the city and someone burns down the tree and I w [...]

  • Nate Fuller

    Dormia is a story about a boy named Alfonso and is by Jake Halpern. Alfonso finds that his dead father is from a place in the Ural Mountains on the other side of the world called Dormia when his long-lost uncle Hill comes to his house. Alfonso has a strange ability to do things nearly impossible for any ordinary humanwhile asleep. He can tightrope walk along a telephone pole wire and climb a 50-foot tall tree when he is asleep. For some reason, though, he has no control over what his sleeping-se [...]

  • TheCosyDragon

    This review has been crossposted from my blog at The Cosy Dragon . Please head there for more in-depth reviews by me, which appear on a timely schedule.Alfonso is Dormian. Not that he knows what that means yet. All he knows is that while he is apparently sleeping, he can do fantabulous feats – which his Pappy refers to as ‘tomfoolery’. When an uncle and a blind man turn up, it turns out that Alfonso might have more than he bargained for with his beautiful plant.This is action driven. Alfon [...]

  • Angie

    Alfonso walks in his sleep and climbs trees and does amazing things. He never knows where he is going to wake up. One day a man shows up at Alfonso's home in World's End, Minnesota claiming to be his long lost uncle Hill. Hill tells Alfonso that he comes from a people who lives deep in the Ural Mountains in a place called Dormia. In Dormia everyone does things in their sleep. And they are all dependent on the Founding Tree to survive. The Founding Tree is dying and Alfonso just happens to have g [...]

  • Rose

    This book is terrible!!!! Do not listen to any other review telling you otherwise!!! Dormia's cover art is to die for but the book reads as if it was written by an eight year old. The characters have no personality at all. The people in this book seem to be going from task to task without any opinion or emotions toward what they are doing. The plot is shifty and throughout the whole thing the author changes their mind many different times so that facts contradict each other. The whole thing is w [...]

  • Claire

    This gave the feel of something along the lines of the Secret of Droon series (remember that?), complete with interesting weapons (bouncy ball of dooooom!) and funny names (Purcheezie!). But all in all, this is a book aimed at middle-schoolers, and I think it does a smashing job of it.First of all, this book is about how cool some people are in sleep. They enter this state where they're more agile and stuff. So if you don't like reading books in which the coolest things happen in sleep, forget a [...]

  • Laura

    The author of this book came to visit our school a few years ago, but I couldn't find this book at the library and forgot about it. Finally got a copy a few weeks ago and dug in.What I loved about this book was how different it was from other fantasy books. As with many fantasy adventures, there's a quest to a far-off place and some backstory mythology along the way, but the far-off place was quite unusual, and the skill that the inhabitants of this place share is an original one. The book start [...]

  • Tania

    What do you do in YOUR sleep? Do you sleep soundly? Do you dream? Do you sleepwalk? Do you fix clocks? If it's the last two, then perhaps you are a Dormian-in-waiting perhaps you might even be the next Great Sleeper.Dormians are best noted for their abilities while sleeping. They don't waste time, as soon as they are asleep their sleeping selves get busy with their own specialties. They are just as productive when they are awake. In fact they make the rest of us look like sloths. Alfonso knows n [...]

  • Travis Mueller

    I had this as a suspended hold in my library account since 2010. I've been trying to actually read the books I've put holds on. I don't remember why I have a hold on this one. I thought maybe it had been a recommendation from the webcomic Unshelved but I was unable to find confirmation that it was one of their book club books. Barring that I think maybe I just stumbled across it when I returned to working at the library after living in Japan and thought it looked interesting. It probably isn't a [...]

  • Jared

    I came across Dormia because my friend Dan Kujawinski (he went to high school with Joan), is the brother of one of the authors. And i'm so glad I did because this was such a fun book. I couldn't put it down and finished it in two days!Dormia has everything you could want in a young person's book: adventure, imaginative worlds, and subtle, yet powerful moral lessons. The writing also flows incredibly well - an amazing feat for a co-authored book. Dormia evokes classics like Lord of the Rings (the [...]

  • Karen Ball

    Alfonso Perplexon has lived in the tiny, average town of World's End, Minnesota his entire life, with his mother and grandfather. He's not your average kid, though -- every time he goes to sleep, he ends up climbing trees or power lines. Alphonso's Uncle Hill appears, and tells him a wild story about the tiny and gravely endangered kingdom of Dormia, hidden deep in the Ural Mountains of Europe. Dormia is home to those who have "wakeful sleeping" abilities, and it is dependent upon the existence [...]