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The Girl Who Chased Away Sorrow
Title : The Girl Who Chased Away Sorrow
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ISBN : 9780590972161
Language : English
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 208

Amazing Book, The Girl Who Chased Away Sorrow: The Diary of Sarah Nita, a Navajo Girl By Ann Turner This is very good and becomes the main topic to read, the readers are very takjup and always take inspiration from the contents of the book The Girl Who Chased Away Sorrow: The Diary of Sarah Nita, a Navajo Girl, essay by Ann Turner. Is now on our website and you can download it by register what are you waiting for? Please read and make a refission for you. The narrator describes her experiences as her Navajo tribe is forced to relocate by the U.S. Army in 1864 New Mexico.


The Girl Who Chased Away Sorrow Reviews

  • Christina

    I did like this book and it's a hard choice between three and four stars. The story was interesting, it involves an event I had basically no prior knowledge of and will probably try to read more about later. The pacing of the action was good and I felt the cast of characters was well-rounded. However, as other reviewers have pointed out, this book strays from the typical Dear America model in that the main character is telling a story from her childhood to her granddaughter, who writes it down, [...]

  • Jenny U

    I'm a little frustrated with the Dear America books that focus on Native Americans. They are penned by white people, and the stories sound fake and insincere. I feel as if I am not reading a story written by a child/young adulta feeling that is conjured within the other books in the Dear America series. However, I believe that the author Ann Turner was sensitive to the material in this book, and did a commendable job.

  • Randy Price

    This is my favorite one of the series.When didn't I cry?Haha.Its very inspirational. Not sure if I spelled that right.

  • Michelle zeringue

    a teen read, 12 and up even. very good, loved the dear america books. it really did get me into writing in a diary.

  • Ana Mardoll

    The Girl Who Chased Away Sorrow (New Mexico) / 0-590-97216-2This heartbreaking addition to the Dear America series tells the story of the massive Navajo imprisonment by the United States government at Fort Sumner. Sarah Nita is tending her family's herd one day, with her sister and their pet hound, when they see smoke rising from the sky and the thundering of horses hooves and, suddenly, their family is taken from them in an instance. Their mother and father have been kidnapped by United States [...]

  • Beverly

    Sarah is Navajo. While teaching 5th Gr I taught Pueblo was peaceful and Navajo were raiders. This being said, I had never read what happened when western cavalry met the Navajo. This book gave that insight. Sarah and her sister were sent to gather sheep and while they were gone, they saw the red dust of the cavalry, as they descended on her parents.All is in shambles when the girls return home. Sarah and Kaibah, her sister, and dog, Silver Coat embark on a journey to Tseyi, the Navajo for Canyon [...]

  • Malia C.

    I like this book/diary a lot because of many things including the detail! It's about an American Indian girl and her sister which I enjoyed reading about. The dialogue used and the language was very relevant to that time! Because I have two sisters, I was able to relate to this book very well although we have never been separated from our family and moved to forts and watched closely! But, although this book was really good, I didn't like how the author didn't tell much about the Navajo lifestyl [...]

  • Lauren

    A solid read overall. Slightly different from the general structure for this series, since the Navajo at the time period covered by the book had no written language. Still, they kept as close as they could to the general format, all things considered. Characters here were good. I kind of wish the epilogue had gone a little broader than they decided on. Definitely worth picking up overall. I will say this: though the author obviously did her best, I wonder how it would have been different if some [...]

  • Cathy Smith

    I received the book for free through First Reads. I really enjoyed this book. It was very well written, and told just like someone would tell it. I am glad there were explainations of the details, because I did have questions as I got toward the end. I am interested in reading the other Dear America books now, and reccommend this one as a very good read!

  • Adele

    I really like this book because it has a lot of action and it helps me to understand what it was like being a native american during this time.Even though I usually dont like historical fiction, this book was really good.

  • Priscilla Herrington

    Another in the Dear America series, this is the story of a Navajo girl in New Mexico in 1864. This recounts the removal of the Navaho and the Long Walk to their new alloted territory.

  • Rebecca Rash

    Caught the sorrow and the defeat of the Navajo's at this time very well. Sarah Nita is a deep thinker, and this book has a lot of meaning to be gleaned from it, I believe.

  • Jessie

    Books like this make me sad to be a white person. It's so hard to hear about the way our indigenous people were treated, but so important too.

  • Sarah Crawford

    The history of the way the American government treated the Native Americans is not a pretty story at all, and this novel shows one of the darkest of those times. This particular story covers the rounding up of the Navajo people and the forced march of them to areas not adequately prepared to handle that many people (much as the U.S. government did later to Japanese-American citizens during the opening months of World War II).Sarah Nita relates the story of how she (really, her grandmother of the [...]

  • 06danielle L.

    pages: 176This book is fun and a good read. The book takes place 1864. In new mexico. This book has more then one place and they are not the same. The main cariter is younge only 12 summers old and has a younger sister. The main cariter trys to be strong for her younger sister and helps her along the way. Although she is scared and cluless she trys to be srong though all ther triles. The story is writen like a jornal or diary but is actuly witen by the main cariters grand dauter. In this story a [...]

  • Tatiana

    The title of this book is called The Girl Who Chased Away Sorrow, The author of this book is Ann Turner. The setting of this book takes place in new mexico. The main characters are Sarah Nita and her grandmother. The conflict of this story is Sarah Nita and her grandmother are trying to find there rest of their family but it’s hard because they're running out of food and need shelter and there trying to stay away from the men in blue so they keep walking forward . Sarah Nita also needs to prot [...]

  • Sherry Thornberry

    This book was heart breaking. These poor Navajo and a few other tribes were made to mark 300-400 miles in winter. This is a story of oppression, death, slavery, loss, and every other horrible things that can happen to a human being. I feel shame when I read about the treatment of Native Americans. I suppose people have been conquering other people since it became aware that certain land was more valuable than others. It just really upsets me to hear about how my forefathers treated the indigenou [...]

  • Kelsey Hanson

    And a mere 20 years later, I finally finished my last book in the Dear America series. Yes, I know that I am WAY older than the intended audience, but I felt like I needed to complete the series. This book is a little troubling for me. The story itself is interesting and the characters are likeable enough. The book is also pretty honest about the brutal conditions the Navajo people faced. That being said, it does have a lot of tropes that frustrate me. I will admit that my knowledge of Navjo cul [...]

  • Young Adult Historical Vault

    An interesting book but not a bad one--while not one of the strongest entries in the Dear America series, it does a laudable job at presenting a historical event that receives very little attention in American schools. While it would be much improved if written by a Navajo person, it's much better than DA's other kick at the can regarding the treatment of Native Americans.For my full review including spoilers, check it out at Young Adult Historical Vault. yahistoricalvault/2017/07

  • Cheyenne Audrey

    I am so happy I found some more of these books. They are sick quick fun reads and I love them so much.

  • Kaitlin Harrington

    I loved this book! Really a neat look into Native Americans

  • Lena

    a super quick read. I used to read these all the time in elementary school and it was quite nostalgic as I flipped through.

  • Elizabeth

    Lots of information on a people whose land once covered parts of 4 states. Lots of photographs and information.

  • Amie

    This was a hard one to finish. I almost left it. I'm glad I persevered, but I'm not impressed. It's a complicated story, and difficult to translate into a JV book.

  • Bernadette

    Reviewing children's books about American Indians is a serious task. I am all the more cautious about discussing this book, because at least one other work in the Dear America series has been heavily criticized (see the review of Ann Rinaldi's My Heart is on the Ground by Marlene Alteo et. al. in Rethinking Schools, rethinkingschools/arch). I am not an expert myself, so I try to keep in mind Slapin, Seale, and Gonzales's "How to Tell the Difference: A Guide for Evaluating Children's Books for An [...]

  • Angeli Guerrero

    I read the book called , The girl who chased away sorrow by Ann Turner. In the book a 12 year old girl named Sarah Nita , is in fear with her family.The families fear is that English Settlers (As referred to as the men in blue) are going to steal the Navajo land. Sarah Nita keeps hope alive with her family by sharing stories she makes up. When her parents are kidnapped, she is forced to leave and move to a new village with her 9 year old sister Kaibah. In her new village she tells her stories . [...]

  • Janet Frost

    I grabbed this book as my continuing research into the Navajo life. I wanted to get a feel for the age range and language for a middle grade historical fiction. The Dear America series is a good source for historical fictions for this age group. I think it is a great resource for introducing kids to history. They are not usually award winning literature but I find kids enjoy them. The format is one of the protagonist writing in a diary. This had to stretch some for the Navajo culture at this tim [...]

  • Kristen Reyes

    The culture of the Navajo Indians is represented through language and setting in this story by Ann Turner. The relationships between humans and the earth represent deeply rooted traditions that many Indigenous tribes value. The main character Sarah Nita and her younger sister face great danger when they are split up from their parents and brother (by the white soldiers). The young navajo girl develops a sense of leadership throughout these tough few days and I felt that without her courage and r [...]

  • Niya

    Sarah Nita, Kaibah and the Navajo people made it to the "white people's land" and are struggling to have food for everyone. While Sarah Nita and Kaibah were walking around they found their mother who had been taken away by the "white people ". Their mother took Sarah Nita and Kaibah to see their father. Their father was sick because the harsh cold temperatures of the long walk. Sarah Nita's family wanted to run away but they knew if they did someone might get shot or worse.The "white people" sto [...]

  • Cassandra

    This book is an extremely interesting read. Synopsis: Sarah Nita is a young Navajo girl who is about to become a woman. Her family is taken by the white people, but her sister and Sarah Nita escape. They travel on their own to where their dad's family lives and becomes part of that family. Eventually, the family is taken. They are forced on this journey in terrible weather and with terrible food. They lose some of the people through death, thieving, and eventually being shot by guards. Finally t [...]