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A Fragile Stone
Title : A Fragile Stone
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ISBN : 9780830823727
Language : English
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 194

Winner of a Chicago Book Clinic 2004 Design Award! "The ultimate reason for getting to know Peter is so together we might better know Jesus. For the story of Peter is the story of Jesus. Perhaps, if you and I do our best, the same will be said of us someday"--Michael Card. Simon Peter emerges from the pages of the Gospels with greater clarity and definition than any otherWinner of a Chicago Book Clinic 2004 Design Award! "The ultimate reason for getting to know Peter is so together we might better know Jesus. For the story of Peter is the story of Jesus. Perhaps, if you and I do our best, the same will be said of us someday"--Michael Card. Simon Peter emerges from the pages of the Gospels with greater clarity and definition than any other person except Jesus. He is the Rock, the unambiguous leader of the Twelve. He could even be described as Jesus' best friend. But that is not all. "He was a fragile stone," writes Michael Card, "completely dependent upon his Master and Friend, Eeven as


A Fragile Stone Reviews

  • NebraskaIcebergs

    Who is your favorite Biblical character? One of mine has long been Peter because, despite of how close he was to Jesus, he made many mistakes and committed many sins. From Michael Card comes The Fragile Stone, subtitled The Emotional Life of Simon Peter. It covers every encounter that Peter had with Jesus, as well as Peter's life as a preacher, healer, prisoner, reconciler, and writer. I continue to enjoy each new book I read by Card.What I like about Card is he does not claim to know all the an [...]

  • Rachel

    Absolutely *LOVED* this book! Not so deep as other books I've read, but definitely heart warming. An excellent book on the life of Peter - from denial to complete service to the Lord. :) A great read, recommend to everyone!My sweet sister found this book and it fit so perfectly for a challenge in memorizing the book of 1 Peter on Meditations of His Love devotional blog. This was PERFECT!"A Fragile Stone speaks to wobbly disciples who never seem to get it all together and to naive leaders who thi [...]

  • Cliff

    Peter is my hero. I love his impulsiveness, his strength, his weakness, his leadership, his humanity. I find learning about him endlessly enlightening.This isn't one of the better books about him, but it's by no means bad. Card emphasizes his dual strength and weakness, as the title would suggest, and spends a lot of time comparing Peter's life to things we might face. It's a valid approach, although not my favorite. I preferred "To Whom Shall We Go?: Lessons from the Apostle Peter" for example. [...]

  • Glen

    Michael Card takes his celebrated skills as a Troubadour and produces an excellent work on the life of Peter. There is a deft mixing of exegetical insights into a devotional flare that makes the book both accessible and inspiring.I purchased this book due to my previous enjoyment of Card's work on the Gospel of John. I was not disappointed. Peter is analyzed, as the subtitle indicates, through the prism of his personal response to Jesus. His passion as revealed in Scripture is carefully analyzed [...]

  • Rick

    This is a gem of a book. I finished it in only 3 days because I couldn't stop reading, I loved it!Card uncovers personal perspectives about Peter and about Jesus. Some highlights (among MANY) that struck me:WHEN Peter tried to walk on water:"The lesson is that Peter needed to sink in order to take that next step of faith in Jesus. Because walking on the water does not ultimately increase our faith, only sinking does! Those who ask for miracles and receive them soon forget. But those who suffer f [...]

  • Amanda

    I simply ADORED this book. I started falling in love with Peter when I was re-reading the Gospels this past summer. I realized how much I have in common with him, and that no matter how many times he screwed up, Jesus still loved him. At that point, I decided I wanted to learn everything there was to know about him.This is the first (and only) book I've ever read specifically about Simon Peter, but it was exactly what I was looking for. I told a couple of people that Peter is my favorite person [...]

  • Todd Stockslager

    Slight but easily-read study of the life of Peter, who in Card's hands becomes the most passionately-colored Disciple and Apostle. No deep theology, just an interesting portrait. One interesting insight is that Jesus renamed Simon "the Rock" (Peter), then never called him that. As Card says, "the Rock" isn't a name, it is at best a title, as in Simon the Rock, Simon Peter, then Card draws the parallel to Jesus the Christ, Jesus Christ!Card makes a compelling case for Peter as Jesus' best friend. [...]

  • Bethany

    This book humanizes Simon Peter in a way I've never considered before - the ups and downs of trust and love and denial and forgiveness. Seeing him in this light - as a fallible human being whom God trusted enough to entrust sheep-feeding to - reminds me of the love and generosity of our Savior and His desire to use us - even in our fallibility and brokenness - to accomplish great things for His kingdom. Well based in Scripture, this book does conjecture a little, but posits possibilities rather [...]

  • Adam Graham

    Michael Card gives us an inside look at the oft-overlooked Simon Peter. It's rare to read a book about Peter particularly from a Protestant perspective. Card focuses on Peter's emotional life. Card does a good job of getting readers to use their imagination to understand what Peter went through at key points. His insights on Holy Week are particularly profound. However, in using imagination, Card manages not to cross the line into undue speculation but rather to draw out some very probable and o [...]

  • Applehillcottage

    Michael Card writes books like he writes songs--lyrical, beautiful prose. I didn't want this book to end. He examines Peter's life from his initial call, his first confession, his miracle walk, his babbling in the face of deity on the Mount of Transfiguration, to his ultimate betrayal and forgiveness. On each page you will discover Peter anew, and be reminded that "he is us." I taught this for an adult Sunday school class and I couldn't decide which sections to read because they are all so insig [...]

  • Claire Burlap

    This was a very interesting and well-written book, overall. It might have been because it was 2 in the morning by the time I got to this point, but I felt that Part 2 lacked some of the appeal of Part 1. I felt that the book became less about Peter himself and more about the events of his life. However, it was still a good book, and very easy to read. I sat down with it at 11 and was finished by 2:30. It was enjoyable and intriguing. I would recommend it to anyone interested in Simon Peter (I do [...]

  • Scott Wozniak

    This is a short, charming, and thoughtful look at the life of Simon Peter, the Apostle. He mentions some of the stories and traditions that exist about Peter's life, but is careful to focus on what the Scripture says, not the less certain stories. He also does a great job of avoiding sermonizing on Peter's life and teaching. He just discusses the life and heart of a man who, as he makes a strong case for, was likely Jesus' best friend during the ministry years. My only wish is that he would have [...]

  • Sarah

    I can think of no better way to end my year of studying 1 Peter on Meditations of His Love (meditationsofhislove.), then reading this book.Michael Card did a wonderful job of telling us about the life of Peter and giving us a glimpse into his heart. He reminded me that, even though I fail often like Peter, God can use me for great things.

  • Sherree Funk

    This book is incredible. I love Peter and Michael Card has great insight into his character and emotions as he rocks through life on his most amazing spiritual journey. THe friendship between Peter and Jesus is brought out, and this adds to my understanding of the flesh and bones Christ. Excellent book, very biblical, covering the life of Peter from Gospels, through Acts, and even his letters.

  • Jonathan Woodward

    Meh. It was a good little read, but nothing spectacular. It felt almost like a devotional. Since I'm not too big on devotionals, I didn't like this book that much. It does, however, give a good depiction of the life of the Apostle Peter. If that's your thing, you'll probably rate this book at least a 4.

  • Irina Trancă

    Full of new insights and very touching."If we are to be "living stones", if the church is to go on being built the way Jesus desires it to be built, then Peter's story must in some sense become our story. Only then will our story become like Peter's, the story of Jesus."

  • Josiah

    Plot: BWriting: BVocabulary: ALevel: EasyRating: G Worldview: Simon Peter was a real person, not just a religious figurehead. He and Jesus were friends who helped define each other.

  • Angela

    In-depth study of the life of Peter.Well researched.

  • Paula Lemus

    This book is a great look at Peter's life. Michael truly digs into who Peter was and how his life could and maybe should affect each of our lives.

  • Cindy

    I am really enjoying this book. Short chapters give you good things to think about.

  • Cindy

    I have always been interested in Peter because at least he "got out of the boat". The writer explores Peter's life in detail. I enjoyed this author's journey through Peter's life.

  • Jennifer

    A wonderfully written look into the life of the Apostle Peter. This book brought the mysterious Disciple of Jesus into a whole new light for me and allowed me to read the Gospels with new eyes!

  • Erin- SeRiAL Book Reader Whittenberger

    Fantastic afternoon read All about Peter, Jesus and the other disciples in the bible