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Enter Whining
Title : Enter Whining
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ISBN : 9780061011887
Language : English
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 288

Known and loved by millions around the world as the star of the top-rated CBS TV series The Nanny, Fran Drescher tells her hilarious life story and offers a fresh, funny, and irreverent backstage look at Hollywood and its stars."The unsinkable kid from Queens isn't a whiner, she's a winner." --PeopleThe #l New York Times bestseller. Fran Drescher's unique comic talent, traKnown and loved by millions around the world as the star of the top-rated CBS TV series The Nanny, Fran Drescher tells her hilarious life story and offers a fresh, funny, and irreverent backstage look at Hollywood and its stars."The unsinkable kid from Queens isn't a whiner, she's a winner." --PeopleThe #l New York Times bestseller. Fran Drescher's unique comic talent, trademark New York accent, and brash persona have made her the queen of prime time, and the only successor to TV's last great sitcom queen, Roseanne.For fans of bestsellers by such comedians as Jerry Seinfeld, Tim Allen, Paul Reiser, and Ellen DeGeneres


Enter Whining Reviews

  • Erin ☕ *Proud Book Hoarder*

    Fran Drescher has a…unique voice in the industry. I used to watch The Nanny sometimes and laugh at the antics of that bizarre household. When my friend loaned me this book, I was all on it. It’s immediately clear the book holds a conversational tone and writing style that displays Fran’s humor. She comes across as a down to earth girl who made it big but struggled to get there. She wasn't gifted with the rare insta-success but had to work for years to grow. Her husband, Peter, is also in t [...]

  • Jennifer

    The nasal laugh is what hooked me. Episode after episode, I fell in love with The Nanny & Mr. Sheffield on Monday nights. I loved everything about her- the voice, the laugh, the humor, the love, oy! I use her Jewish word terminology in sentences daily, “Look at that shistka!” “Yeah, he’s got mayjah chutzpah!” and I am sooo not Jewish! Her book cracked me up, and I read it in a New York minute. I was sad to read about her rape, which I had no idea about! I laughed at all of her stor [...]

  • C.M. Arnold

    I just love Fran. As I was walking out of work a few months ago I noticed someone had put her book on the free cart (the nerve of them, really) and it was like Christmas morning. I was a little kid when The Nanny was originally airing, so I didn’t become acquainted with Fran until a decade or so later when I’d get insomnia and The Nanny would come on like five times a night on either Nick At Night or TV Land. If you know anything about insomnia, you know it’s a pain in the ass. When you ca [...]

  • Lindsay

    I've been a Fran Drescher fan for years. I used to love The Nanny and would try to imitate her nasal laugh for some reason. I thought that she was funny and stylish. I few years ago I read her other book Cancer Schmancer, probably because the bookstore didn't have this one. A few weeks ago I found out that they replay episodes of her show at 4 am, which of course I'm awake, and was reminded of this book so I checked it out from the library.It doesn't go through her whole life, mostly this book i [...]

  • Jennifer

    The best is when Fran makes fun of Princess Di, saying that her feet are huge and that she is a bitch on wheels. You can't say shit like that post-1997 because she is the People's Princess.

  • Carol

    Maybe I am biased, my maiden name was Fine and my sister was a schoolteacher named Miss Fine so hearing someone yell "Miss Fine" on a sitcom hooked me. I still enjoy watching reruns of "The Nanny" on TV Land. I enjoyed learning more about her life.

  • Melissa Pettersson

    Love this woman even more. Can't wait to read her other book Cancer Schmancer.

  • Andrew

    @frandrescherI've been wanting to read this one for quite sometime. Meanwhile, I've been in a reading slump. Couldn't get myself to read much. Then I set a couple books on my desk, ones I wanted to read and what do ya know, had a date come over and when he saw this book, I got laid. Not!! 'Fraid, I can't say this book did THAT for me; if you've read this book or read it sometime in the future, you'll understand at the beginning and at the end of the book why I included this bupkis.And now I must [...]

  • Petty Lisbon

    I read a comment on the online gossip website Oh No They Didn't once about The Nanny, saying "for me, it's an accurate representation of my life growing up. Not the being a nanny and living with a rich guy, but the hanging out with your mom and grandma sharing something from entenmanns, having a cup of tea dynamic. It's so tri state area, but I love it." and that pretty much describes this book for me. While this book was definitely less witty and reflective from all the other Hollywood memoirs [...]

  • Kimberly Ann

    Fran Drescher is best known as "The Nanny", but previous to that role she was in several not-so-popular movies such as: "Cadillac Man", "Spinal Tap", & "Car 54 Where Are You".Her writing style is true to her nature and one can actually hear her voice speaking her written words. She is intelligent, funny, refreshingly honest, and unpretentious.Fran writes about her: life up until & including her work as "Fran Fine"; her marriage to her High school sweetheart Peter Jacobson; the "burglary" [...]

  • Sharon Peart

    Different to what I usually read and thoroughly enjoyed this book!Funny, interesting and loved Fran's interpretation of life and her journey thus far!! I am sad, on getting 3/4 of the way through and doing a search on where she is now Her relationship with her then husband was really loving, and what I would consider a miracle in the business she is in Unfortunately they are now divorced I think being divorced recently it really made me very sad But Fran & Peter did have a wonderful relation [...]

  • Elyse

    I LOVE Fran Drescher. This book had me laughing and loving her every second. I bought it on bn in the used and out of print books for a really cheap price. Fran is an amazing woman and I just adore her. I picked up her second autobiography now that her new show is on TV Land. I'm almost done with that one but it's much darker (which is a given if you read the title, Cancer Schmancer), all about her terrible doctors and her late-in-the-game cancer diagnosis, as well as her divorce and complex new [...]

  • Sita

    Who can forget Nanny Fran with her nasally voice bordering and that bordering irritating laugh? So it was with great interest that I picked this book. It doesn't disappoint. Ms Drescher told us about her youth and her journey to Hollywood, how she happened to pitch the sitcom on an airplane sitting next to the broadcast guy and the process of getting a tv show is made, which for me is the most interesting part since at that time I was still at school learning the craft of production. She also te [...]

  • Serena

    Would have liked more anecdotes involving her and the other stars she has worked with over the years. This book is about her and her family, and her experiences. It is still I good light read with lots of photos (would have loved some of the stories behind the photos) and told in her particular voice. I am sure she had an editor, but it is believable that she actually wrote this book and not a ghost writer or assistant in her name because a lot of the stories don't go far enough into any real de [...]

  • Kate Kelly

    Funny and name drop-y. It was an interesting look at Fran's life, and relationship with her husband especially in light of recent events (*cough he's gay cough*). She talks about her start in show biz, the Nanny and even talks about the break-in and rape of 1985. Her hard work ethic and positive attitude were refreshing and inspiring. I got this off of a list of books Lena Dunham recommended. Reminded me of Penny Marshall's bio, but I preferred this one.

  • Su

    As funny as you would expect and pretty self aware and self depreciating. With the benefit of reading it soong after publishing and knowing that her fabulous husband and partner came out some years later adds a certain poignancy.Great incite into the world of celebrity and some intimate portraits of some big stars before they were famous.A funny and honest celebrity biography of a brave and funny lady. Still loving the Nanny re-runs all these years on.

  • Leenda dela Luna

    Meh. Written in 1995 so the part where she calls Princess Diane a bitch is a bitch shocking, given history.I never watched The Nanny, which is really the main focus of the book, so it didn't capture me.I didn't know she was the victim of a breakin/rape, which her husband was forced to watch. She only touches on the subject. I would have been very interesting in knowing more about that and all the details of how she processed, and eventually (a long time later), accepted the event.

  • Jeremy

    Nice book - I'm a fan of biographies and autobiographies, so I was on board with this one, plus I think Fran D. is a hilarious woman who worked very hard to get where she got. Others may disagree with her success, but I like her, and am impressed with her stick-to-itiveness. She may have painted some roses around stuff, but her message is clear - be joyous in who you are.

  • Virginia

    Everything I could ever ask for in a light, funny memoir. Kept me laughing from the first paragraph through the name-dropping (especially through the name-dropping), right past the occasional harrowing bits, and up to the very end. Also, now I think Fran is a total doll, which of course is the point of a memoir like this. And the PICTURES! Highly recommended.

  • Amy Jones

    Funny and charming, this book was a neat glimpse into what life was like for Fran Drescher when she was on The Nanny (one of my favorite childhood sitcoms). If you read it now, remember that it is dated as it came out years ago. However, that didn't make it any less enjoyable for me -- and I loved all the pictures!

  • Alison

    Fran Drescher is a GEM. I picked this book up for $1 at Salvo and it kept me laughing throughout. I want her to write a new one, as she got a divorce (they had been dating since they were 15!!!) about three years after the book was written. He came out and their relationship is now the basis of their new show, "Happily Divorced."

  • Katy G

    If you base your expectations on her most famous role as The Nanny, you will get the shock of your life at Fran Drescher's witty novel "Enter Whining." Through her rough life and road to television stardom, you really get to know this quick-witted lady and her sweet countenance. An excellent surprising read.

  • Alexis

    I read this when I was 13 and then wrote Fran Drescher a letter. I remember advice she gave and the humor she always conveys. Always wear big sunglasses and if you write her for an autograph, she follows through! I should probably re-read it. Lol

  • Pam

    08/29/05 #152TITLE/AUTHOR: ENTER WHINING by Fran DrescherRating: 4.5/B+GENRE/PUB DATE/# OF PGS: Bio, 1996, 285 pgsCOMMENTS: Fran Dreshcher was very likeable in thisaccount of how she started her career and foundsuccess w/ the TV show The Nanny.

  • Cara

    I remember this book fondly. Bird, remember when we went to Fran's book signing? I'll never forget that for as long as I live. HA! I don't actually remember much about the book. I wasn't that much of a fan, but my Bird was. :-)

  • Chelelovesshoes

    Surprisingly good.

  • Lindsay

    I really don't remember reading this book

  • Jessica Guzik

  • gracie ingersoll

    this book was pretty good for an autobiography. i don't usually read autobiograghies but i am glad i read this one. it was boring from time to time, but it was still a good book.

  • Beate

    Very, very entertaining. She writes the way she talks - loud!