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Edwurd Fudwupper Fibbed Big
Title : Edwurd Fudwupper Fibbed Big
Author :
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ISBN : 9780316144254
Language : English
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 40

Fannie Fudwupper's big brother, Edwurd, spends his time cooking up big fibs full of phooey and letting them rip. But one day, Edwurd tells such a whopping lie that the army, the air force, and the dogcatcher are called to reverse the damage. Full color.


Edwurd Fudwupper Fibbed Big Reviews

  • Randie D. Camp, M.S.

    Breathed, B. (2000). Edwurd Fudwupper fibbed big. Boston, MA: A Storyopolis Book (Little, Brown and Company).Genre: Children’s Picture StorybookFannie Fudwupper is the younger sister of Edwurd, the most “higher upper” liar from a long line of liars. Edwurd lies to Mabel Dill and the neighborhood kids but saves his biggest fib for his parents. For some sisters that would be enough to cause some resentment and strain but poor Fannie is not bothered by her brother’s humdingers—she just wa [...]

  • Sung Baick

    Funny story about a fib that went too far. The rhyming makes the book a lot more fun to read. The young elementary school students will enjoy the funny words and pictures. It's a book that involves some imagination and I think the kids will be appreciative of that. I also put this under the category of family because it ultimately is about the relationship between a brother and sister. Good book to use to lead into talking about fibs and lies.

  • Jaclyn

    This may just be my all time favorite children's book. The illustrations are fun with great facial expressions. So much detail in each picture. The story has a great rythem when reading out loud. There is also a bit of adult humor within as well. Best of all it teaches a great lesson with a sibling love that a child can relate to. My children all love it!

  • Daniel Zielske

    Berkeley Breathed wrote and illustrated this humourous tale of a boy who can't tell the truth and a sister who wants her brother to like her. Told from the perspective of the little sister, Fannie Fudwupper, this story starts in the den and expands as the U.S. military and a three-eyed alien in bunny slippers and cloud pajamas come to investigate Edwurd's fib.

  • SaraKat

    This book was on the 'trustworthiness' section of my school's pillars of character reading list. It was super cute with the rhymes and fun names. I loved reading it aloud and I think kids would like hearing it. I wasn't a huge fan of the art--the people's faces were just creepy to me. The message of not telling huge fibs was okay, but I feel the best message of the book was the sibling relationship between Edwurd and Fannie. Fannie's yearning for her older brother to notice her and her loving wa [...]

  • Kelly

    I love a book whose main character's last name is something as absurd as 'Fudwupper.' That, combined with a cute story and illustrations by Berkeley Breathed, make this a wonderfully silly book. Breathed has such a creative mind and relates easily to children and the situations they get into.

  • Jeanna

    Poor Mabel Dill! Edwurd is always fibbing, but a huge fun gets him in trouble with an alien. His sister saves him.Liked the acknowledgement: "The author wishes to thank President Bill Clinton, without whose inspiration this particular story just plain wouldn't have come to mind."

  • Sarah Bosworth

    A great read aloud with a great moral.

  • Robert Moushon

    Breathed, B. (2000). Edwurd Fudwupper fibbed big. Boston, Mass : Little, Brown.Characters: Edwurd Fudwupper (the big brother), the Narrator (little sister), the townspeople, Setting: Edwurd Fudwupper’s Town, in a fantasy worldThemes: Rhyming, Honesty, Family TiesGenre: CSULB ETEC 545 Class 3, ETEC 545 Folktale, ETEC 545 Motif, Lying Motif, Picture Books Summary: Edwurd Fudwupper ruins lives with his lies around town. He tells Mabel Dell that she’s the new Queen of Brazil she won a bikini, or [...]

  • Gerardo Mendoza-Tovar

    Fannie Fudwupper’s brother, Edwurd, has always been known as a liar, but this one time he took too far. He knocked over the piggy container and broke it while he has playing around in the house. He made a huge lie that aliens came down in a space ship and knocked over their mom’s little pig and broke it. Then a big alien did come down to where he lives and was asking who started all of this mess, but Fannie came in and took the blame for Edwurd. This book is great to show the love between fa [...]

  • Angela Herd

    Book Title: Edwurd Fudwupper Fibbed BigShort Description: This story is told from the sister's point of view. The sister, Fannie, tells the story of her brother Edwurd. In this clever tale, poetry comes together to move the story along in fantastically funny prose. The reader sees into Edwurd's world through her eyes and realizes that all she really wants is for Edwurd to be a brother. This book would make a great mentor text for point of view and prose. Focus: Narrative Features I Would Use in [...]

  • Milo

    Mama got this book as a gift from Uncle Mark years ago. She has always loved Berkeley Breathed as a story teller and illustrator. She finally took it off the shelf this year to share with me. I laughed so hard when I saw the picture of the alien with his pajama pants falling down. It shows part of his bum. Also, he has a fly swatter tucked into his pants. We have to stop and this page and go back to this page often. For a three year old, this picture is high comedy. At the end of the story I alw [...]

  • Dolly

    This is an entertaining story about the propensity of a child to lie when caught doing something they shouldn't have done. We are fans ofBerkeley Breathed's artwork in his Bloom County series. So we were excited to discover that our local library had some of his picture books. The narrative is entertaining and speaks to the bond between siblings. Our girls could certainly relate to the fierce rivalry that mixes with the even fiercer sense of loyalty. Overall, it's a fun story to read aloud and w [...]

  • Mickey

    For some reason, this story resonated with my sister's kids. I always preferred Berkley Breathed's Goodnight Opus, but there's no accounting for taste. Both Breathed's illustrations and storytelling skills are extraordinary. The rhythm of the words make it easy for kids to memorize whole pages of this book. The sophistication of the language probably means that they may not understand all the nuances of the story, but the illustrations do a good job of showing the child what happens next. Wonder [...]

  • Steven R. McEvoy

    We recently received two of Berkeley Breathed's books for children. He is the Pulitzer Prize winning author and creator of Bloom County and Opus. His style, through somewhat different, is easily recognizable. The illustrations are amazing and the story charming. Well written, and in such a way children will ask to have it read to them again and again. It is the story of a brother and a younger sister; the sister seems to dislike her brother's habit of telling tall tales, until she must tell one [...]

  • Mommooshka

    Although Edwurd Fudwupper isn't a joy to look at, that may just be the point. He doesn't look like a loveable kid, but inside he still has a heart of gold, he just needed his sister's help and the right opportunity for it to become apparent.This is a lovely story about kids who behave realistically, not perfectly, but still learn from their mistakes and grow and develop from their experiences. Like Edwurd, this story has a heart of gold. Great book to read to kids who have siblings, especially i [...]

  • Heather

    Our son picked this book out I think he liked the pictures. It is a great book that teaches about lies and what happens when you tell a lie or a fib. It shows how big it can grow and what can become of it in a great way for children to understand. The book is also written in a poetic format. It really rolls and keeps the kids attention, we also talked about what really happened in the middle of the book to make sure they knew what was going on and keeping them on track. Great book. I would like [...]

  • Kim

    I really would never have thought that this book was a children's book. I love Berkeley Breathed's comics and have had this book on the shelf for years. I can see using this book in a classroom to demonstrate how preposterous a story can be told. Children can use their own imaginations to tell a story, and go to far off places like the Edward does in this story. The illustrations are as funny as the stories that Edward tells. A very fun book to read.

  • Gretchen

    This book is fun! Beautiful illustrations and a nice twist at the end. A good example of brother and sister dynamics. This book sets an example of how lying can cause problems, but how lying can also help when done appropriately. I think this one will add a nice variety to the other books about honesty.

  • JustOneMoreBook.com

    Packed with action and emotion and carried by catapulting rhyme, this hilariously original story reminds us that caring siblings are gifts to be treasured.Listen to our chat about this book on our JustOneMoreBook Children's Book Podcast:justonemorebook/2006/1

  • Megan Breslow

    This is a really cute story about a boy who does not notice his sister till he tells one lie thats way to big. The book has great illustrations and is a really fun read. Good book to have students think about people that they might not notice or pay much attention to after reading. Maybe lead to doing an activity or community project after?

  • Acton

    This story was told by Edward Fudwupper's sister, Fannie Fudwupper. In this story, Edward tells a lot of lies. The more lies he tells, the worse his life gets. Fannie stood up for her brother by taking the blame for his lies to save his life and the rest of the world. In the end, Edward admits he lied and his life goes back to normal. Or kind of, he did still get a really big punishment.

  • Michelle

    I wish this had been written when my kids were small enough to appreciate it. It's a riotous romp when Edwurd tells a lie and chaos ensues in trying to right it. There's also the subplot of sibling rivalry. Given my propensity for children's books that exhibit children behaving as children do (no Dick and Jane readers in our house) it would have been read regularly and with rellish.

  • kristina

    Picture Book, Honesty, Brothers and Sisters, Stories in RhymeEdwurd's little sister comes to the rescue when Edwurd's humongous fib lands him in trouble with a three-eyed alien from another galaxy.

  • Traci Bold

    Zany story chock full of lies and untruths. Will Edwurd Fudwupper get away with them all? Hard to say, some of his fibs are just plain whoppers. See if you will fall for any of them.Written and illustrated by Berkeley Breathed, published by Little Brown & Company.#PB #zany

  • Lisa

    This book may be funnier to adults than to children, but if you like Berkeley Breathed's exaggerated comic strip style and wacky and creative rhyming, you'll get a kick out of it. My 2-year-old loved running around saying "Edwurd Fudwupper" for days after reading this.

  • Kyla Ramirez (Hyden)

    This is a humorous story about a relationship between a brother and sister. The illustrations were wonderful, and students would definitely be able to relate to this book about the danger of fibbing and importance of sibling relationships. I would like to have this book in my future classroom.

  • Cindi

    This story touched on a lot of childhood (moral) subjects: fibbing (rather, story-telling), younger siblings copying older siblings behavior, getting caught in your fibs, consequences, and sibling relationships. I loved the outer space monster.Told all in rhyme.

  • Bvlmc Buchanan Verplanck Elementary School

    In this humorous tale Edwurd Fudwupper learns how a series of fibs can balloon out of control and land you in real trouble until the adoring little sister that he never noticed steps in to protect her brother and both learn an important lesson about the truth of family.

  • Sadie

    I have enjoyed all of the Berkeley Breathed books that I have read. The pictures are absolutely wonderful as well as how the story is written. The is about a lie that starts out small and all of the disasterous consequences. The children really loved this one. I need to add it to my collection.