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Class Three at Sea
Title : Class Three at Sea
Author :
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ISBN : 9780822576174
Language : English
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 1

In this follow-up to Class Two at the Zoo, Class Three heads to the sea where they will watch dolphins, sea lions, flying fish, and an octopus. What they don't see is a pirate ship sneaking up from behind. Can their new friends from the sea come to Class Three's rescue? Full color.


Class Three at Sea Reviews

  • Kelly

    Another recommendation from a patron.Very cute story with fun illustrations. Kids will have fun predicting what is going to happen.

  • Joenna

    Class three is going out to see. While they see all the neat sea animals, they don't see a pirate ship coming to attack. Pretty soon, the pirates have taken over and make the class sail to tresure island. One boy dives deep into the ocean and ask for the octopus' help. Pretty soon, the class and the octopus have the ship back in order. They've made it to treasure island and the class finds the buried treasure. Oh, and their teacher and Pirate Pip want to get married. Great for read aloud.

  • Rosa

    A very funny story about a class trip on a bout. The children make friends with lots of different sea creatures but don't see the pirates until it's too late. One of the students enlists the help of animals to help them and the teacher falls in love with a pirate but all in all the day ends happily. Colors are bright and the illustrations go along with the silly text.A little bit on the long side for a story time where you want to do more then one book but I think the rhyming text would make for [...]

  • Karen

    The illustrations were good, and the story was good, but the writing was kind of terrible. Rhyming books can help young readers learn vocabulary if they are done well. If they are not done well, the story should be left in prose, because bad rhyming causes confusion, frustration and discouragement.

  • Thomas

    I'm giving it an extra star for having pirates but originally took one star away because it wasn't as awesome as 'Class Two'. Both books are pretty sweet, regardless."Santa brought these? But they're wrapped in the Sunday Star-Ledger newspaper inside an box like daddy always does for us." - what you don't want to hear Christmas morning.

  • Alice

    3.75 StarsI love the pictures and the story is cute but why I can't give it a higher score is the rhymes are FORCED. Ship rhymes with Phillip? Fuss and Octopus? Cute enough. Perhaps I need to read the "Class 2 at the Zoo"

  • Denise

    Early elementary students will love the gross factor in this silly adventure on the high seas.

  • Jill

    The pirates have nothing on Class 3!

  • Kathy

    The story and the art work are exciting. This will be a great book for storytime at the library.

  • Andy

    Good, silly fun. Looks like it might work for storytime - plenty of zany art and opportunities to talk like a pirate.

  • Tam

    Excerpt from the book:"On the day Class Three went to sea,they saw donkeys dancing joyfully.They saw some sea lions skipping stones.But they didn't see . . . e skull and crossbones."

  • Christy


  • Tina Bartholoma

    "sequel, class field trip, pirates, possible ST"