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Serpents Hold (The Last Serpent #5)
Title : Serpents Hold (The Last Serpent #5)
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Language : English
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 102

The fifth book in Tansey Morgan's flagship reverse harem series continues... this time, there’s no going back from where Lilith is going. I feel like I'm sitting on a boiling pot, and the water is starting to simmer. Soon, I fear, something is going to happen, something big and dangerous, but I can't put my finger on where or when that's going to happen. All I can do is deThe fifth book in Tansey Morgan's flagship reverse harem series continues... this time, there’s no going back from where Lilith is going. I feel like I'm sitting on a boiling pot, and the water is starting to simmer. Soon, I fear, something is going to happen, something big and dangerous, but I can't put my finger on where or when that's going to happen. All I can do is deal with the problems at home; problems like Dante. I haven't seen him in a week, not since that night, and I'm worried he's left for good. Problems like Tom, who remains in the Alexandria as a refugee. Problems like Laura, who doesn't like me and


Serpents Hold (The Last Serpent #5) Reviews

  • Seraphia

    Serpent’s Hold by Tansey Morgan is book five in her The Last Serpent series. In this book we are once again reunited with Lilith and her harem of men. Everyone has returned to the Alexandria, but Dante has taken off on a mission without a word to Lilith. She’s feeling a bit disconcerted concerning this fact, but has pushed forward with her everyday life awaiting his return. Her training is progressing with Leo, but things aren’t going as well as she would hope. Leo has high expectations of [...]

  • Kelsi

    What’s so special about a succubus again?Let’s be real here, this book series is doing well but I still have some lingering questions and vibes that I haven’t quite figured out yet. Caution, below are spoilers of plot.What is a succubus and why is she special? She is the last (probably) of her kind. Is that why she is special- simply because she’s the only one? The book series has lots of people surprised and coveting her but I don’t see why. We’re told she is powerful but she really [...]

  • Janet

    How do I love Dante? Let me count the ways. Dante is just perfect. I didn't think I could love him more but I was wrong. That man is a prince among men and Lilith is such a lucky girl. Oh, that we could all have a Dante. (BTW, still loving Aiden).Anyhoo, the rest of the story is quite good as well! Thrills, chills and spills as whoever is hunting Lilith and all the other female supernaturals step up their game and Lilith, Aiden and Leo go hunting to find out more about the supernatural Soylent G [...]

  • Beth C.

    Wow! Such an intense series!This is such a wonderful series, and bonus - it's a true RH story! The books just get more and more exciting and intense. Lilith and her supernatural guys are still in London at the Alexandria after combining their German supernatural group with the British group due to the increasing danger to all of them. The drug dealers selling supernatural's soul essence are getting bolder and bolder and the group hunting and killing all the female supernaturals are getting close [...]

  • Nicole Thompson

    Wow! Amazing action.I was so excited when this book came out, we finally get to see the next steps in a growing relationship and the drug ring go down! Although Dante is still being g his overly arrogant self not wanting to be with anyone else . But killing g him self that's to much. Dang it Dante people need you. Kyle is a breath of fresh air with his sassy,in ur face comments and personality. I keep thinking something is going to happen love\sex wise with Leo and I would really love to see him [...]

  • Ann

    Ms. Morgan has done it again. Lilith is trying to figure out whats going on with Dante, who took off after their night together, while also figuring out how to shut down Elroy. This series is one of my favorites and each book is better then the one before. I love that lilith continues to grow and become more comfortable with who she is and all of her men. The mystery behind the cult keeps getting bigger and I cannot wait for the next book to find out more. Without spoiling anything I can't say w [...]

  • Anna

    To be honest, I'm getting pretty tired of this whole thing. I mean, this is book five and we're not really moving any further into the story. I get that relationship is an important aspect of an RH, but I'm a) sick and tired of the constant back and forth between the characters and b) would like to see some actual plot development. I originally liked the idea for the story and where it was supposed to move plot-wise, but it has gone on long enough. I'm gonna get this series another chance and th [...]

  • Kristen Lewendon

    Drama, action, intrigue, adventure, this story has it all. Lilith turns up more answers, but they also give rise to even more questions. Dante and Lilith have finally admitted that there’s something more between them, but can they sustain it? The ending of this one is probably the softest cliff-hanger in the series so far. That doesn’t change the fact that I still want to know more NOW!I received a complimentary advanced copy of this book.

  • Vanessa Vargas

    5☆'sThis was an action packed amazing read! I loved how Dante and Lilith' s relationship is progressing along & her relationship with her other guys. There is alot going on in this book that will definitely leave you wanting more to read, but hopefully we'll be getting the next book soon.

  • SJ

    Lilith is better stronger as is her relationship with her guys. I am even starting to like Leo, and Dante is sweet, Being a little stupid, but sweet This amazing storyline is powering along at a great pace, filled with danger, action and excitement and of course some romance and steam. I am really enjoying this series and am very looking forward to reading the next instalment

  • Jessica eldridge

    Serpent's Hold is the sixth book of Tansey Morgan's The Last Serpent series. This series is seriously addicting. Every book is filled with gorgeous men and a mystery we all want to solve. The writing is amazing and the characters are divine. I can't wait for the next book, I need more of Lilith and the guys.

  • Richard Goodrum

    Well written. Riveting. Entertaining. But, not a happily ever after. What would be the fun in that?Lilith is ever the darling who puts others before herself: who believes in second chances. On top of that, she's smoking hot.I was provided this book as an ARC by the author; however, the review is my honest opinion.

  • Anastasia Spinelli

    AmazingBut I don't know how one book can you continue to get better than the other I don't have a favorite Tansey Morgan, has an ability to draw us away from our own current an immersive suntory universe that she has created she is without a doubt my favorite and if you have not started the series I highly suggest you do

  • luz berrios

    Cannot put downLoved this book just as much as the previous 4, I will say I'm happy it didn't end like book 4 cause that was a heart breaker. But I will say I cannot wait for book 6 I am truly addicted with everything happening and progressing.

  • Erin Thornton

    Fantastic as expectedTansey didn't disappoint at all. Coming through with another great piece if the puzzle. Lilith and her guys had me caught in the thick of the battle and I was fighting right along side them. Can't wait for the next section!

  • Kathryn Packingham

    Ends too soon!Every time I read a book in this series it ends too soon! I always want more answers and more dramaoh well I guess I just have to wait.

  • D.C.

    How long??How long is this series. It’s bad enough that the books are so short but into book five and it’s still going?

  • Lucinda

    Book number five and the pot is a-stirring!The plot is slowly being uncovered but this isn't the end of it!Bring on book number six!

  • Lindsey

    I loveee this series and Tansey has lived up to (and maybe even beat) the quality of the rest of the series! I love Lilith and her boys and can't wait to see what happens with the series!

  • Jane Lane

    LOVE this!LOVE this series! My only qualm is that i wish the books were longer T_T besides that, I have no complaints

  • AmandaMorgan

    Another great episode I really like this series. The storyline is fresh and fun. The characters are good and keep you wanting more.

  • Martha Velazco

    Like the seriesI really like the series, it's fun and sexy, but this book was teeny short. It just started getting good and then the endat was frustrating.

  • April

    Good readI will say it again that I absolutely love this series but I still wish the books were longer. Just as they are getting good it's over.