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Serpents Touch (The Last Serpent #1)
Title : Serpents Touch (The Last Serpent #1)
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ISBN : null
Language : English
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 168

The thing about fairy tales is, there's usually a catch. This one was no exception. The day I, Lilith Palmer, stopped being the Hot Topic girl and became something else started as any other, but ended in the car of a devilishly handsome man whose net-worth was probably higher than the entire neighborhood I lived in; not my usual Tuesday night. That, however, was only the sThe thing about fairy tales is, there's usually a catch. This one was no exception. The day I, Lilith Palmer, stopped being the Hot Topic girl and became something else started as any other, but ended in the car of a devilishly handsome man whose net-worth was probably higher than the entire neighborhood I lived in; not my usual Tuesday night. That, however, was only the start of the weird path I was about to set off on; a path that would take me to a place where reality collides with magic, where I find out everything I knew about the world I lived in was a lie, and where I'm the only woman present. There are five of


Serpents Touch (The Last Serpent #1) Reviews

  • Jeanny

    This feels like a serial so expect cliffhangers

  • Anna

    I thought the book was okey. For the most part, I liked the plot and how the story developed. Lilith was minding her own business, leaving work when she's suddenly attacked by two vampires and then just as suddenly saved by some mysterious Dante, who says that Lilith is a supernatural and needs to come with him. The thing that was unclear to me is whether or not Lilith knew that she was a sup. I mean, she did not act all that surprised when Dante said it and even hinted at some strange things ha [...]

  • Marguerite (Lady RH) ❀

    Rating : TBA168 pages that felt like 50.No character dev, too many things happen too quickly.

  • Selena Sottor

    Not bad, but ow in the future is basically guarenteed

  • Anna

    Lilith is living a normal life just trying to get by. Until a strange man walks into her store and changes everything. No longer able to deny the strange things happening, she has no choice but to take Dante up on his offer. Thrown into a whole new world, Lilith seems to actually be taking things pretty well. She's met her super hot new housemates and started settling in. Outside forces aren't done with her yet though. Being the only female in the house, the guys all promise to protect her. Can [...]

  • SJ

    OMG what a great start to a new series! Lilith works in Hot Topic, very unassuming and minding her own business when a hot guy comes in and shakes her up. Next thing she knows she is getting attacked in the garage and ends up accepting the help of the hot guy and Lilliths world then suddenly changesWith action and adventure from the outset it mia a well written and very exciting storyline, I was gripped from the start and disappointed when it ends as I was thoroughly enjoying it, I am anxiously [...]

  • Lori

    So soSerpent's Touch was an okay start to what looks like a promising series. It did move a little slow and had a bit of a repetitive feel at times But the story one looks to be quite interesting. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next.

  • Taylor 📚

    Very short read but it kept my attention the whole time. I really enjoyed hearing of their powers and finding out what the Heroine's was. I wouldn't exactly say this was a reverse harem, but I can understand if some feel it is. Over all, this book was a interesting read; leaving me wanting more.

  • Erin Thornton

    I really enjoyed this book. Whole it moved slowly in places overall the storyline was well thought out and held my attention. I can't wait for the release of book 2.

  • Ashley Edhouse

    Great startI fell in love with this book right from the start! I love Lillth and the storyline so far. I can't wait to read book two and get some more guy time!

  • Michelle Connor

    The book left me intrigued and wanting to know what happens next.

  • Alyrica

    Interesting Idea Not Developed FullyI've been on a reverse harem kick lately and decided to read this even though I rarely enjoy short stories. Unfortunately, like most novellas and serials there was almost no character development. It was especially disappointing because the author writes well, technically. The premis was interesting but through most of the book I was bored because I wasn't invested. Most of the time I didn't know the emotion of the characters until it was told because there wa [...]

  • Seraphia

    Serpent’s Touch by Tansey Morgan is a reverse harem novel and book one in The Last Serpent. In Serpent’s Touch we are introduced to Lilith Palmer. Lilith is just a girl working at Hot Topic. Her night is going normal as usual as she winds down and begins to lock up the store. What she doesn’t expect is for a handsome man to show up and stick out like a sore thumb. Lilith’s sixth sense goes off and alerts her that trouble looms, but little does she know how much trouble is really coming. [...]

  • Rebecca

    Wow! That was good! No, that's not right. That was great! An intense, page-turner of a story! From page one you feel like you have to read more! I WANT to read more! Now! Ack! When's the next one out again?Ok. So Lilith has always been pretty normal. Average job at Hot Topic. Pays her rent and bills. Even has a dick of an ex boyfriend. But she has always had this intuition of other things. This - she quickly realizes - is because she's supernatural. After being attacked, she sets off to discover [...]

  • Jennifer G

    Lilith is a normal girl working at the mall one moment, being attacked by monsters, and saved by a drool-worthy man, Dante, the next. And that's only the beginning of the new direction her life is going in. Lilith is not exactly human. She is offered a spot in a school where she will be identified and trained, but she must leave her life behind. Lilith doesn't want to jump at this opportunity, but as her life is in danger, she takes Dante up on the offer. The very next day, she is flown to remot [...]

  • Janet

    This is a short read that sets up a new series about supernaturals. The story sets out at a pace right from the beginning and the action doesn't stop. The writing is good and the story flows well. The main characters are introduced though we get very little in the way of back story for any of them but I am sure that we learn all about them as the series progresses. I like the descriptive way Tansey writes and I was especially impressed with the part of story where Lilith finds the supernatural p [...]

  • Leah Rassier

    It took me forever to finish this bookI am one of those people that like to finish every book I start. And I usually can finish a book quickly. But this one took me days to complete. I couldn’t start another book and I had no motivation to finish this one.The beginning and middle of the book were slow and not very interesting. It was only at the end that things got better. But I just don’t know if it’s enough to make me buy the next book. I think I am going to pass and find another series [...]

  • Lucinda

    This is a very short story that would have been better being a little more fleshed out.Not suitable for non adults due to NSFW content.We don't get to spend much time getting to know the main characters it's just a series of fast paced events happening to the main character that don't have much story or explanation behind it.I like the idea of it I'm just hoping that it'll be a bit more meaty in the next story not like eating only a third of a meal.The monsters in this arn't quite the usual ster [...]

  • Tiffanii White

    It’s a no from meThis book had a lot of plot holes. The main character wasn’t someone you could connect with, nor were her potential live interest. There wasn’t really any chemistry that felt real between her and her male consorts. It was all very rushed and in my opinion not good. I have absolutely no desire to read the next book because it was that forgettable. The writing wasn’t horrible, but the world building needed work, the characters were two deminsional, and the plot sequence wa [...]

  • Christy deSade

    Serial It would have been nice if the author included that little fact before reading this. I don't like serials, I choose not to read them because they frustrate me. So to find out that this is a serial after the fact bothers me. There was also no world building and no character development, the reader is expected to empathize with the MC for no reason and we're expected to understand a supernatural world that is never explained. Ms. Morgan should be ashamed at calling herself an author.

  • Aimee

    I am liking the start to this series. This story tells you some things without telling you everything. We learn a bit about each character to understand their personality some what but still left us curious about their backgrounds. I am interested in learning more about the what the Supernatural world works in this story and how each of the different supernaturals place in their society. Overall I will continue reading this series and look forward to the next book.

  • Mia LeNae

    Pepper spray ought to do itOf course Lilith needs protection. I don't understand the point she's trying to make by refusing. It's not like she was a ninja working at Hot Topic before she became fully Supernatural. The description of her world was good but I don't really get a feel for the different personalities. I just know, British, Australian, Spanish, American and whatever Dante is. Hopefully the next book shows them more in-depth as individuals. Nice short read.

  • Kristen Lewendon

    I'm hooked and already looking for the next in this series. It introduces us to Lilith and the very unique arcane world she now inhabits. A world where no one understands her powers but they all just might kill her because of them. There are lots of sparks flying here, between Lilith and many of the school's residents. The ending is a bit of a soft cliff-hanger that definitely leaves you wanting to know "what happens next?" I received a complimentary advanced copy of this book.

  • chantal forget

    Une histoire courte mais complète, intéressante.Une supernaturel qui se croit encore humaine et qui est la cible d'un autre groupe de supernaturel. Dit comme ça, ca semble du déjà vu mais non, quand je l'ai lu c'était du nouveau.Les personnages sont captivants parce qu'ils sont tous différents domaines d'expertise. Il y a de l'action, beaucoup d'attirance mais peu de rapprochement.Très bien écrit, ce livre garde notre intérêt du début à la fin.

  • Jeri L. Moseley

    Not really sure aboutThis story. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed the new take on supernatural beings, but felt like the author was throwing a lot of information at me without explaining things. She gave me a lot of terms without giving me her definition so I could only go off my preconceived notions. Since I got this via Kindle Unlimited, I'll continue the series and see where it goes.

  • Rayne

    A good start. Some things that I may have predicted but a solid enough read. There were a few times that I felt the book brushed over and rushed through some events and Lilith just jumped in with no self preservation. It took along time to get some character development but overall an ok first book of a series. I’ll check out book 2 just to see where this is going.

  • Jessica

    Short but goodWhile this book is in the short side, I would definitely recommend it. The first part seems very rushed, we don't get a feel for the heroine before everything is thrust on us, but the rest of the book has a good flow. I wasn't expecting the twist at the end and now I'm looking forward to book 2.

  • Katie Godliman

    This book has a great storyline. It's short and im my opinion it sometimes runs away with the description of things (tends to drag on) however the drama and juicy stuff more then makes up for it. The plot is full of suspense to the point that I just have to read the next books to find out what happens.

  • Vanessa Vargas

    Great Read!I'm not sure if this is Tansey Morgan's first book, but it's the first book of hers I've read and I'm very happy I decided to give it a try. Lilith is an amazing character who is independent, strong, sassy and funny. Serpent's Touch is an amazing start to this story, I can't wait to read what comes next. Hopefully not too long of a wait.

  • Brooke Japhet

    Wow! What a good read!I couldn’t put it down once I picked it up! I loved every second of it! Lilith is such a strong character! I really liked the way she clicked with all of the guys! That Dante is quite the piece of work and I can’t wait for things to (hopefully) heat up between the two of them! It was so well written and I can’t wait to read more! What a great book!