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Illustrated Dodge a Twist and a Tobacconist
Title : Illustrated Dodge a Twist and a Tobacconist
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A literary dream team of crime fighters including characters from Dickens, Stevenson, Austen, Kipling, Doyle, and even a nod to some writers across the pond. Prowl the foggy alleyways on the track of a ruthless enslaver of souls. Travel the Thames in a Giant Catfish. Soar over London in a stealth glider, and witness the true redemption and restoration no one imagined."He'sA literary dream team of crime fighters including characters from Dickens, Stevenson, Austen, Kipling, Doyle, and even a nod to some writers across the pond. Prowl the foggy alleyways on the track of a ruthless enslaver of souls. Travel the Thames in a Giant Catfish. Soar over London in a stealth glider, and witness the true redemption and restoration no one imagined."He's going to ram Twist's ship," Kera breathed. "They'll both crash into the house and Mrs. Rose just might have her bomb going off." I ran along the edge of the roof as if I were looking for a shot. But I already knew my pistol was empty, useless, and the guard was trying to get around another gable to get a clear shot while staying behind cover. I had come to a conclusion a moment earlier that I dared not say out loud lest I be grabbed and thrown down on the roof by both women, but I knew what I had to do. Just as the spy craft hove around the corner of the house, only a few feet away from the airship, I launched myself off the roof. The smaller ship disappeared and my heart leaped in panic at the thought of being sliced into quarters by the tail rotor. But my fingertips caught hold of a solid object. I found the fuselage of the spy ship and wrapped my legs around it. The thing slewed and spun and began to fall tail-first toward the green lawn.

Illustrated Dodge a Twist and a Tobacconist Reviews

  • Missy

    Cleverly written in Victorian era where characters lives cross paths and meet. And there the fun begins! Very entertaining read that had me chuckling throughout. The illustrations were great too, & it added extra flare.

  • Brad Francis

    I very much enjoyed it. I'm going to be interviewing the author on my blog here before long - as soon as I get her the questions and she has time to respond, now that I'm done reading the book - and I'll also share a bit of a mini-reviewbut let me just say briefly here that I enjoyed the book and definitely recommend it.I'll post my little mini-review below. This review first appeared in my blog where I had the privilege of interviewing the author, Sophronia Belle Lyon. To check out the full int [...]

  • Leslie

    Rose and the Campbell Clan the leaders of a secret society? Oliver Twist an eccentric inventor ahead of his time? Mowgli and Bagheera tracking a villain through the streets of London?What if the characters from your favorite Victorian-era classics crossed paths with one another? What if the heroes from those books had to work together to defeat a singular villain from one of those books?Such is the case with "A Dodge, A Twist, and A Tobacconist." Sophronia Lyon cleverly matches characters from t [...]

  • Amy

    Fun mix of characters. Heavy Christian references, which is not mentioned in any of the reviews I read. Not sure if I liked that aspect or not, but is a big part of the story.

  • Bethan

    Leaving the mock-Victorian pen name aside, this book seemed an interesting idea on the description but the amateurish writing and overblown attempt to mimic Victorian English gives the impression that it is more a failed attempt to join in the Steampunk craze.Where it goes wrong is in mixing accents across classes and American spelling to the extent that it's impossible to miss the fact that it's imitation by someone unfamiliar with actual English cultural idioms. The setting could be described [...]

  • Evelyn Puerto

    Before I read A Dodge, A Twist and a Tobacconist, I had never read any steampunk, maybe because I had never even heard of the genre. So it took me awhile to get into this book.Somewhat inspired by A League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Sophronia Lyon combines characters from classics of literature from the 1800s, challenging them with a mysterious enemy. Halfway through the book I found myself engrossed in the story, and after I finished, found myself wondering what will happen in the next install [...]

  • Victoria

    Leaping Catfish! This is an adventurous tale that fills you with wonder and excitement in this Victoria era story. There are flying coaches and sinister plots creeping around every corner. Your favorite characters, both young and old, from all around the world, join with together with their families in a mysterious hotel to fight for God's truth and justice while basking in wonders and beauty unknown to the rest of the world.I am visually overwhelmed when I am reading this story. It is exciting [...]

  • PeterYounghusband

    All in all, a fun and enjoyable steampunk adventure from an author strongly influenced by the classics she grew up with and who successfully translates these characters into another world inspired by her vivid imagination. To read more, go to christianfictionreviewguru.blo

  • Kenneth

    A great book that honors the authors of that period and a great steampunk adventure.

  • Kimberly A.

    I’ll be honest, Steampunk is not my go-to fantasy genre, especially after a particularly disastrous foray with a series that has been put in my ‘Never to be Named’ pile. However, I find the idea of a Christian Steampunk version of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen intriguing. And this book was certainly interesting.Plot – Grade AThe prime focus of this book is on establishing the crime-fighting gang and going after the criminal organization run by a man only known as “Dodge.” Wha [...]

  • Tracey

    This was a LibraryThing Member Giveaway. I'm not going to rate this. I often do rate even books I've been unable to finish – but this one has me puzzled. First of all: great title, although it felt like the author stretched a bit for it. The writing isn't bad, for the most part. I really like the idea – it's The League of Extraordinary (Ladies and) Gentlemen (the author says so). The book description – based on which I requested it – sounded good. The rest of this review can be found her [...]

  • Aimee

    Think along the lines of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, just with different characters drawn from Victorian fiction. This time, there's Prince Florizel, Oliver Twist, Pecos Bill, Mowgli, and other characters brought together in the Alexander Legacy Company to fight evil. This first in the series is written from the perspective of exiled Prince Florizel of Bohemia, whose throne was stolen when he was a young adult by his nefarious uncle. They are fighting their arch-nemesis, known only as [...]

  • Robynn

    I didn't finish the book. I stopped reading almost two years ago at 18%, picked it up again two days ago with the thought I might not have given it a fair shake, made it to 28%, and decided to call it "done." I should have liked it. I enjoy the concept of famous literary characters getting together (I liked it in the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, too). But when I get introduced to, I don't know, 20 different people in one scene (all of them happily married) and they all have something to sa [...]

  • Emesskay

    I liked the concept of this book - a variety of characters from literature (e.g. Oliver Twist, Edmund Ferrars, Wild Bill Cody, Mowgli, and more) form a league in order to work together to solve crime. However, the writing just did not live up to the premise to me. The story has a definite Christian angle, so if reading passages which describe dinosaur fossils as being placed on earth 4,000 years ago by God might annoy you - do not read this book.Religion is a major theme in this book. There are [...]

  • Cynthia Willow

    This is the first book I've read in this genre. I downloaded it as a freebie and am not disappointed. It was slow at first and I found myself distracted by many different first person point of views, however, I kept reading because I understood the author was trying to build the story. The author did an excellent job of describing her characters, so even if you aren't familiar with all of them, you can still get into this story. All the expectations I had going into this adventure were realized, [...]

  • Storyhelix Words

    This book is written in the steampunk style, with plenty of characters and automatons alike. It follows Prince Floziel, who is cast from the throne of Bohemia by his power-hungry uncle, and his adventures with several heroes from other Victorian-era books, such as "The Jungle Book" and "Pride and Prejudice" and most notably "Oliver Twist." It had some great fun with the Campbell family while fighting off evil. I thought the strong morals and social justice conflict was well written and gives gre [...]

  • Chris

    I've never before read a 'Christian Steampunk' book. I liked the book the fact that it was filled with characters from or near the Victorian era. The story line was great and I'm looking forward to reading the other two books in the series. I have no problems with religion being in books however, I think that in this book it was over used. It seemed like every person they met they were attempting to convert (to what religion I have no idea) and it seemed like they were all converted. Again, I li [...]

  • Regina

    I so did not like it that I didn't finish it. I was so disappointed!

  • David G. Johnson

    A great idea and concept. As this series progresses, would love to see how this concept develops through the series.

  • LeAnna Shields

    Thoroughly enjoyed the story. A vivid work of imagination.