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Alien Conquest
Title : Alien Conquest
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Language : English
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 85

Are they fated to be together, or are the stars against them? Beth has had enough of men since her lying ex cheated on her. Human men, anyway. But when she has a chance to meet her longtime crush, star paraball player Odin, she spoils it with an inadvertent faux pas. Distraught at ruining her big chance but still eager for a family of her own, she signs up with Celestial MAre they fated to be together, or are the stars against them? Beth has had enough of men since her lying ex cheated on her. Human men, anyway. But when she has a chance to meet her longtime crush, star paraball player Odin, she spoils it with an inadvertent faux pas. Distraught at ruining her big chance but still eager for a family of her own, she signs up with Celestial Mates. Odin’s being threatened by an ex who wants him back. He needs a wife, preferably yesterday. Celestial Mates is the fastest way to find one. The last thing he expects is for Celestial Mates to match him with the human woman he saw after a para


Alien Conquest Reviews

  • T00zday

    Kindle UnlimitedInsta-love romance between a human woman & her matchmaking agency sports star. Not bad, but the hero started out semi-unlikable as a man-whore. Sweet ending.Short-ish storyRecommended as filler

  • Georgina Parkin

    3.5 stars and no higher because she crushed my soul when she reacted the way she did at the wedding and after. My heart was breaking for him and she was just so nasty. Why marry him if that's how you feel? Then I wasn't a fan of how quickly she changed her tune in the ravine.

  • Book Snob Sue

    4.5 stars. This was my first book by Lisa Lace and it made me a fan for sure. I love a good sci-fi and this one had a really good storyline. Odin is a famous throughout the galaxy for bring a paraball player and Beth is his biggest fan. Her friend knows Odin and is trying to introduce them before a game when they realize they have cut in front of the other fans. Beth is so embarrassed, she doesn't stay to meet him.Odin has a bit of ex-girlfriend trouble, so his agent thinks he needs to get marri [...]

  • Jenny Brightman Harris

    I received this book as an ARC for a voluntary and honest review. In this book Odin Sobota and Beth . Odin is a paraball player that Beth has had a crush on for years. She never thinks that she would ever get the chance to meet him until one night her friend Casey takes her backstage after the game. Beth embarrasses easily and when she thinks that she has cut the line to meet this man and that he will think poorly of her she runs away. Little did she know there just might be a chance to meet her [...]

  • Tina

    Great sci-fi romanceThis is the story of Odin, an alien paraball player, and Beth, a human female with a huge crush on Odin. Beth and her friend are at a paraball game when her friend drags her to meet Odin and they accidentally cut in line which embarrasses Beth and she runs. On Earth, Beth feeling lonely and with her sister's urging signs up for Celestial Matchmaking. Meanwhile, Odin discovers that an ex-girlfriend is trying to blackmail him with false stories designed to ruin his career unles [...]

  • Robin

    This book was more of a 3.5 stars.

  • Becky

    After embarrassing herself in front of her idols, Beth is crushed she cannot follow through with men and all she has ever wanted was a family. Her friend talks her into finding someone through an agency who sets up arranged marriages, Celestial Mates. Well, of course, coincidence would have it, that she would meet a fantastic man the night before her wedding.Odin is a paraball player who is on the verge of a huge career ending scandal. His manager decides the best course for him is to find a wif [...]

  • Nikki Brooks

    Celestial Matchmaking is at it again. Beth has just about had it with men but she desperately wants a baby. Odin doesn't really want a mate but when a stalker ex-girlfriend tries to tarnish his image he needs to find one arpish!! But when he meets a cute human at a Paraball game and then sees her in the bar the night before his arranged wedding he decides that this is his last fling. Not wanting to add another potential stalker to the list he uses a hologram emitter to change his face.Beth can't [...]

  • Erin OBrien

    So, the title sounds cheesy but the story is actually good. Beth wants a family, complete with husband and kids. But she's tired of dating and doesn't think she'll ever find what she's looking for. Until her sister suggests a dating site called Celestial Mates. The service is arranged marriages for all species, human or alien. She's all for ituntil she meets Odin the night before her wedding. He's actually a sports superstar that Beth has had a crush on for years. But he's wearing a holographic [...]

  • Chrisette Trevino

    I got this novella for free. Aliens and humans move freely between planets. Even holding a game contests called paraball. Odin Sobota was a major player of paraball. Because of mistakes in hispast, he enters a dating service that marries matches together. Beth is a human wanting to escape her past and does the same. Much of the story deals with the problems of getting them together. TThis novella was full of humor and on the next page making the reader cry. It was very good, getting the people t [...]

  • Sareya Brown

    FunnyI find it funny that she got mad at him for having a one nightstand but she forgot about her part she played in all that so sufficed to say I got missed when she stormed out because of the way h decided to open her eyes to the truth even though she had just arranged to run away with another man in her wedding day

  • Sassy

    I love this book from beginning to end. I love alien romances because they always take you out of this work. pun intendedbut I love the detachment I get from every day life when I read books like this and Lace did not disappoint. Thank youaders don't miss out on this oneort but sexy and sweet wrapped into one.

  • Sherry Haynes

    Gifted a copy. Writing a voluntary review;Alien Conquest is part of a series that has proven time and time again that there is happiness inside the Sci-Fi world. Great fantasy read and not necessary to read the series in order for the reader to understand the book.

  • Farah

    3.5 stars. A quick fun read

  • Tammy Crawford

    Loved this book!! 4.5

  • Sodapop13

    Decent storyThis was a decent story, a little rushed though. There were a lot of grammar errors too, however, the errors don't detract from the story.

  • book-faery

    Good storyort but sweet

  • Catherine

    Liked the ending, but I wasn't a fan of the beginning of the book.

  • J

    It was a great short story and gave a wonderful picture of the Celestial Mates saga.

  • Deborah Carter

    I loved this story. The hero is a professional alien athlete. The heroine does not see herself as adventurous but as average. She just wants to marry the right guy for her and have a family. She does not aspire to be famous. The hero loves to play his sport. He is famous but sees that as a drawback, so much so that he wears a disguise to go out and about. It is while he is wearing his disguise that he meets the heroine. This act along with a prior commitment causes problems for this couple. I am [...]

  • Christine frey

    A great addition to the celestial mates world. Sweet romance that shows two people reluctantly getting married, her for loneliness and want of a family, him to save his career. A rocky start that leads to an HEA.

  • Leanne Bryson

    ** I am voluntarily reviewing an Advanced Reader Copy of this book**Though SFR is not my usual choice in genre, I enjoyed this book! Beth falls for Odin in disguise, continues the relationship with him as himself, but thinks she loved him in it??!! I enjoyed the story, it was fast paced, interesting , and fun. Overall a good read

  • Ingrid Stephanie Jordan

    Title: Alien Conquest   Series: Celestial Mates Destination: Book 2Author: Lisa LaceReviewer: Ingrid Stephanie Jordan Genre: #SciFi #AliensMy Score:   #5Stars☆☆☆☆☆♡•°•♡•°•♡•°•♡•°•♡•°•♡•°•♡•°•♡•°•♡Well this was quite different for me Ms. Lisa has done a stunning job with writing this book. I really liked it the characters are great they match each other. I know there's lot of cheating going on but then at the end they realize [...]

  • Laura Furuta

    Alien Conquest: A Science Fiction Romance (Celestial Mates)By: Lisa Lace5 out of 5 starsThe story Alien Conquest: A Science Fiction Romance (Celestial Mates) by Lisa Lace is a science fiction romance. This is part of a group of stories regarding finding a mate from the Celestial Mates agency. Beth thinks that she will never have the type of life she wants, with a husband and children. Her ex all but confirms this when she catches him cheating. Odin is famous by both playing sports and the loose [...]

  • Fiona Leung

    Alien Conquest by Lisa Lace is part of the Celestial Mates series.It's another swoon-worthy read by Lisa Lace and I'm so glad to have had the chance to read and review this.Beth is a big fan of paraball and especially their star player Odin. She had a chance to briefly meet him before a match but it turned out to be really embarrassing. She's also sick and tired of dating after being let down by an ex. All she wants to do is settle down with a trustworthy man and have a baby. Beth's sister decid [...]

  • Rebecca Grove

    Beth is a huge paraball fan and she is thrilled when her friend say she will introduce her to her favorite player. However her friend didn't realize that they very cutting a long line of fans waiting to greet Odin. Beth is humiliated by the situation and runs before she gets to meet Odin.Odin was curious by the beautiful human he spots but he is swamped by his own problems. An ex-girlfriend is threatening to lie and ruin his reputation both professionally and personally. The best way to stop her [...]

  • Julia Handley

    So two people who don't believe they will ever have love. Well I say people, one is human and the other a alien. Also one wants love and family but doesn't trust enough anymore to go through it. The other watched someone close be in love but never really had it back and decided that too much to risk. WHAT A PAIR!!Reading these two prepare for a blind wedding was kind of lovely and heartbreaking. They both had reasons to do this wedding but didn't really want too. It doesn't help with what happen [...]

  • Kathi

    A delightful tale of aliens, romance and quantum entanglements!!Beth is still reeling from a bad breakup, and figures she will never get the family she dreams of – when her sister suggests Celestial Mates.Odin is a paraball star. He is so well-known he uses a holographic disguise when he goes out – and when he sets up his one night stands. His last girlfriend lasted a whole 4 days – but is now threatening to tell career-ending lies if he does not marry her. God forbid! The only way to avoi [...]

  • Elizabeth/snoopypeach

    Beth loves the game of paraball and the star player Odin is her favorite. After a less than great meeting with the star she flees. All she wants is a baby and she's tired of fantasizing over a man she'll never have. Her sister talks her into a marriage agency. But she couldn't imagine where that decision would lead.Odin is a famous paraball player. After an ex threatens to expose him to the press he is forced to find a wife quickly. He turns to a marriage agency. But he can't seem to get one wom [...]

  • Samantha

    Pity partyFrom the beginning I was super into this book. But then when we get to the part where they meet and she becomes a super biotch to him i was a little annoyed. I liked both characters but then she just became super bitchy and mean. I thought it odd how he was her long time crush but was so easy to treat him like poo after her one night stand/love at first sight. The final chapter had me a little confused with exactly 9 months later/happened the first time together then says a few pages l [...]