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Title : Burntown
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ISBN : 9780385687034
Language : English
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 336

The major new novel from New York Times bestselling suspense writer Jennifer McMahon.Eva grew up watching her father, Miles, invent strange and wonderful things in the small workshop behind their house on the river that runs through their old mill town. But the most important invention of all was the one that Miles claimed came from the mind of Thomas Edison himself--a macThe major new novel from New York Times bestselling suspense writer Jennifer McMahon.Eva grew up watching her father, Miles, invent strange and wonderful things in the small workshop behind their house on the river that runs through their old mill town. But the most important invention of all was the one that Miles claimed came from the mind of Thomas Edison himself--a machine that allowed one to speak with loved ones long passed. Smuggled out of Edison's laboratory, the blueprints were passed down to Miles, and he's been using them to protect Eva, her mother, Lily, and her brother, Errol, ever since.Then, one night w


Burntown Reviews

  • Linda

    So take your pick.Burntown by Jennifer McMahon seems to have it all: Fantasy, Supernatural, Mystery and Thriller tied up tight and ready to roll.It's June of 1975 and ten year old Miles Sandeski witnesses his own mother's murder as she lays peacefully in a lawn chair. A bizarro figure of a man dressed in a chicken suit approaches her from behind and does the deed. Miles promises to find her murderer. His father's drowning shortly afterwards is claimed to be a suicide.Years pass and Miles has a f [...]

  • Diane S ☔

    3.5 I always have a sense of anticipation when I start reading a new book by this author. One never quite knows what one will get, she manages to defy genre definitions by throwing in a little of this and a little of that. There are murders, a flood, a machine that is said to allow one to communicate with the dead, a man in a chicken mask and other really out there elements. The characters are vastly strange and should not work together but somehow they do, or so I thought. Loved the obese circu [...]

  • Debra

    4.5 starsTen-year-old Miles Sandeski witnesses his Mother being Murdered by a man wearing a chicken mask. Attempting to save his Mother, Miles shoots her killer with his bow and arrow. His father is arrested for her Murder and subsequently commits suicide while in prison. Miles has always stood by his story that his father did not kill his Mother, but a man in a chicken suit did.Eva Sandeski loved watching her father build in his workshop. He built wonderful things with hidden compartments where [...]

  • paulie

    3.444 stars - - - paperback released 01/30/18this was my first mcmahon title, this being her eighth novel. i appreciate the cover's quote from booklist magazine, " a stunning genre blend of thriller fantasy," because it helped frame the book's atmosphere in my head. i can't say i've read much fantasy (aside from novels in general), so i didn't know what to expect, appreciate. a fascinating means of communication (recalling the movie white noise puts you in the ballpark) and a multi-sensational p [...]

  • Melisa

    You never know what you’re in for when you crack open a Jennifer McMahon book, but one thing is always for sure - you will be scared.I am a fan of this author, and this is her most outrageous plot to date - I was put off from this book for awhile due to its synopsis (it sounded like even a bit too much for me) but I’m so glad I finally gave it a chance. She manages to take the supernatural and blend it with reality in a way that seems like this could actually happen. And she manages to scare [...]

  • Liz

    This is a very odd book and I'm not sure what to make of it. It defies easy description. Should it be considered mystery, fantasy, paranormal with a bit of mysticism? And it's unlike McMahon’s past books, which would be considered traditional mysteries. The book begins with Miles witnessing his mother’s murder. Later, as an adult, he goes on to develop an invention that can talk to the dead. Shortly thereafter, he's killed in a flood. His daughter survives but is living as a homeless person. [...]

  • Book of Secrets ☘

    In the beginning a little boy witnesses a gruesome murder. He inherits stolen plans for an extraordinary machine, and years later he’s able to bring the invention to life, but there are dire consequences. (Coolest machine ever! I wanted more of it.) Now his teenage daughter, known as Necco in the strange place called Burntown, is on the run from a killer intent on wiping out her family. Luckily Necco falls in with an eclectic group of outsiders, and together they set out to solve the mystery o [...]

  • Frances

    Hiding from his Mother behind the rock garden, ten year old Miles Sandeski watches her intently with his trusty bow and arrow by his side. She is relaxing on a lounge chair in a white cotton dress smoking a cigarette, a habit she promised to quit one day. Miles sees someone approaching her, a man wearing a rubber chicken mask. His Mother knows him and is soon laughing at something he has said, not seeing the blade held in his hand. The ‘Chicken Man’ is out for vengeance and will not cease hi [...]

  • Sadie | sadie_reads_them_all

    Oh man, I'm disheartened to give this review. 2.5 stars from me here. Let me start by giving you my history with Jennifer McMahon. Back in the day, like way back when, I read, Promise Not to Tell and Don't Breathe a Word. I loved both of them. So I'm a fan--those were 'thrilling mysteries'--original and interesting.Then I read The Winter People and I LOVED that book. My favorite from McMahon to date--thrilling enough to almost be horror--it was that scary at times.But then came The Night Sister. [...]

  • Paul

    3.5 stars rounded upi love a title that has multiple meanings burntown starts so slow and as a reader i felt like i was trying to start a fire rubbing 2 sticks together as i read the first quarter, then it starts to spark and sizzle and after the halfway mark it starts to roar a big ole fire of a novel however although the writing was strong throughout relative to macmahon's other books i didnt like this one as much and so cant strongly recommend it unless you are big fan of author and want to r [...]

  • Bam

    Jennifer McMahon's latest book is a murder mystery laced with supernatural elements. Miles Sandeski was 10 years old when he witnessed his mother's brutal murder by a masked man. His father was suspected of the crime and was later found drowned, a presumed suicide. One of the things Miles inherited from his father were the plans to a strange invention--something that Thomas Edison had drawn up, plans which were stolen by an ancestor of the Sandeskis. Many years later, Miles succeeds in assemblin [...]

  • Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede

    I read The Winter People by Jennifer McMahon last year and I loved and I was thrilled for the chance to read this book.Burntown, in my opinion, did not have the same intense storyline as The Winter People had. What I loved about the Winter People were the dual-timeline and the paranormal aspect of the story. It was thrilling and fascinating to read. Burntown lacked that and the story about Eve (Necco) just never got that intense. At first, it felt like what Necco went through was some sort of ap [...]

  • Carlos

    Well , this book has everything, Mystery, Suspense and good background characters that add meaning to the narrative. I want to thank the folks at Netgalley for giving me an ARC of this book. In this book you will find contemporary issues (drugs, lgbt ) and a bit of the supernatural that defies logic, you will also get believable characters and all of this mixes in a good way and it produces a book worth reading . A family that seems to be cursed by a machine that lets you speak to the dead , the [...]

  • Amanda

    3.5 starsI have been a Jennifer McMahon fan for quite awhile now. Her books tend to defy genre by including a bit of everything in them. This one is no exception. It starts with a murder, and later as an adult, the witness to the murder invents a machine (based on Thomas Edison's plans) to talk to the dead.None of McMahon's books are scary but most of them have a strong "creep factor". This one is missing that and is more of a straight up mystery with a little magical realism on the side. I stil [...]

  • Kristy

    As a child, Miles watched in horror as his mother was murdered before his very eyes. Despite that awful event, Miles grew up into a well-respected professor, as well as an inventor. He married his wife, Lily, and they had a family, daughter Eva and son Errol. Miles loves to tinker in his workshop while Eva watches and assists. Miles best invention, however? A machine built off plans supposedly from Thomas Edison and handed down to Miles: it allows you to speak with your deceased loved ones. But [...]

  • Sheila

    3 stars--I liked the book.I've read all of Jennifer McMahon's books, and you never know what to expect from her. I appreciate the boldness of her plots--they get crazy, and I love it.This one combines supernatural elements with suspense. I thought the strength of the book was the characters--especially the relationship formed between the three main characters. Another strength was the sensitive, realistic portrayal of homelessness and mental illness.The weakness, in my mind, was not enough super [...]

  • Monnie

    Mesmerizing! But since the book seriously flirts with the paranormal - which I didn't realize going in - I'm both surprised that I liked it at all and astounded that I absolutely loved it. The fact is, if this one doesn't make the best-seller list, I'll consider it a travesty. Most chapters are named for various characters, a technique that usually doesn't work well for me, mostly because at my age I tend to forget who's who rather easily. It didn't matter a whit here, though - testimony, I thin [...]

  • ♥ Sandi ❣

    3.25 stars Thank you to Turning Pages and Doubleday for the chance to read and review this book.This book was not what I expected it to be. I think it's most redeeming aspect was the way that McMahon tied it all up at the end. There were parts of this book that I struggled to get through. It felt like a wild goose chase from time to time, thinking there was nothing that could possibly happen that could redeem the story. Not quite magical, or true, realism, not quite a good mystery, not really te [...]

  • Jessica Woodbury

    I recently described Jennifer McMahon novels as the Boxed Macaroni & Cheese of thrillers. They may not be all that impressive or all that good, but you just ate the whole thing. I had higher hopes for her after THE WINTER PEOPLE, which I thought was by far her best effort, but BURNTOWN let me down. A lot. It starts off awfully impressive, with a solid opener and a decent follow up but all that is really just Preface. And the actual story only got worse with each chapter. There is a lot of ma [...]

  • Piepie

    Wow! I read this in two days. Could not tear my eyes awayI am a huge, devoted fan of Jennifer McMahon, and I was not disappointed by her latest novel. There is suspense, murder, mystery even a bit of supernatural d I loved how the story pulled me in and I really cared about Necco, Theo, and Pru, and what was going to happen to them. A very satisfying ending.Thank you, Netgalley, for this arc.

  • Bandit

    Jennifer McMahon is easily one of my favorites in the ever so populated world of suspense fiction. In fact a few years ago she actually boldly ventured into the supernatural realm (seems like usually the journey’s done in reverse, from scary to thrillers since that’s where the money’s at) and done very well again. It’s lovely to have a reliable author put out a book a year to look forward to. She doesn’t disappoint and her latest doesn’t either. It’s tremendously entertaining and, [...]

  • Elle ✦ Pretty Little Books ✦

    Release Date:April 25, 2017 Genre:Thriller and SuspenseJennifer McMahon has been one of my favorite authors for a few years now. This is simply because her books are completely original, they stand out from other books in the genre, and they are extremely interesting in terms of plot line and characters. Unfortunately, Burntown fell a bit short for me. Normally, her books incorporate not only a mystery but quite a bit of paranormal aspects as well. However, this one only dove into the paranormal [...]

  • Andi

    Burntown is the first book I've read by Jennifer McMahond I was rather underwhelmed. I think at first I was slightly ambivalent because I loved Theo and the premise was decent, but I didn't like the rest of the characters. Even Theo, after the closet scene, lacked any real depth of character other than a wingman to someone else. And there lies my issue with most of the characters in the book, they exist in a world of convenience. People appear without any explanation as to how they got there and [...]

  • Eda

    DİKKAT DİKKAT BU KİTAP BİR KORKU ROMANI DEĞİLDİR!!!Bence hepimiz kapağı gördüğümüz andan itibaren bu kitabın bir korku romanı olmasını bekliyorduk. Hatta ve hatta arka kapağı okuduysanız bile bu kitap size korku romanı gibi gelmiştir. Çünkü arka kapakta şöyle bir şey diyor. Eva'nın babası Edison'dan kalan ölülerle konuşmayı sağlayacak bir makine yapmaya çalışmaktadır. Bu makine hiç bir zaman çalışmamıştır ta ki fırtınalı bir günde ölen büyüka [...]

  • Evie

    From the author of Winter People and The Night Sister, comes yet another multi-generational, intricately woven thriller/murder mystery with subtle supernatural undertones and remarkably rich cast of characters. Burntown is different from Jennifer's two previous novels, in both the atmosphere and overall tone of the book (it's less creepy, but somehow more unsettling and emotionally affecting). I'd definitely say it's less Stephen King, and more Dean Koontz, if you know what I mean. And let me te [...]

  • Jeremy Hepler

    Was a fast, good read, but I liked The Winter People and The Night Sister better.

  • Debbie

    When I first saw this book offered on Net Galley, I didn't even read the description. I saw the name Jennifer McMahon and bam, I hit request. I have read several of this author's books and I have never been disappointed. While I can say this one was certainly different than others that I have read, it did not disappoint.There was most certainly a lot of action going on in this book. At first, while the author was putting out the puzzle pieces it was a little slow. You can't just throw out the pi [...]

  • Judy Collins

    From the author ofThe Night SisterandThe Winter Peoplecomes — BURNTOWN.Where do you even begin trying to describe a book like this?It is one of a kind. From eccentric, colorful, to quirky, and wacky. . . a cast of misfits. Mix in a crime, a murder, a family’s past, a stolen invention, mystery, suspense, and crossing heavily into the mystical, supernatural and paranormal world. Jennifer McMahon takes readers on a wild, crazy ride with BURNTOWN —meeting every character and scene imaginable. [...]

  • Renee (itsbooktalk.com)

    You can find all my reviews at itsbooktalkThis fantastic cover accurately portrays many elements of this unputdownable novel! I'm so glad I didn't read the blurb before diving into this say my reading fun would've been spoiled is an understatement. In my opinion, the less you know going in to this gem the better!You may find my review a bit vague but once you read this I think you'll appreciate that you went into it not really knowing all that much. When the story begins we first hear from young [...]

  • Marjorie

    Miles is a 10-year-old boy in the 1970’s. He’s playing Robin Hood when he sees his mother murdered by a man wearing a chicken mask. Miles has always vowed to find the man who murdered his mother. Even when he grows up and marries Lily, he carries with him a secret that his father entrusted him with. His father claims to have the plans to a very special machine designed by Thomas Edison himself. With this machine, the living can speak to the dead. When tragedy strikes their family, Miles’ w [...]