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Title : Resonance
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ISBN : 9781523916405
Language : English
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 136

Resonance is a collection of poems that looks at individual and cultural experiences from this complicated world in which some receive rewards but others are punished and pushed to the brink of despair.


Resonance Reviews

  • Mandy Pannett

    Resonance begins with an introduction by Gary Beck taken from his longer essay The Evolution of Poetry, and I’d like to begin this review by looking at this as I feel the content is important, not only to the author himself as it sets out his personal direction for writing, but also is relevant to the role of poetry in this twenty-first century world.‘I must deliver what I believe to be a necessary blunt message’, says Beck who has been frequently criticised for doing just that. In turn he [...]

  • Jim Bennett

    As always, do not let my star count override your judgement of content. More on the stars, counting, and my rating challenges later. On to the work!From the first poem, Dire Prediction, you will begin to grok Beck’s voice and one of his main themes, social commentary.Beck’s introduction claims a distance from ‘literary’ poetry, which is fair; however, his claim not to use literary devices such as metaphor is simply misleading, as in this from Possession: “the memory of your too brief p [...]

  • Juliet Wilson

    This collection of poetry opens with an extract from the poet's essay 'The Evolution of Poetry' in which he states:'I found myself more concerned with the message than with the 'poetic' quality of poetry.'which later, he follows up with:'the guardians of the gates of poetry should allow examination of the problems of the world, with direct communication, in order to extend the diminishing influence of poetry on our times.'As expected then, this is a book of pared back poetry, shorn of ornament, [...]

  • Courtney

    When writing this collection of poetry, Gary Beck saw an area within the poetic realm where there was a lack of content. Rather than writing a book based on his own personal angst, Beck put aside the flowery details of his personal life in order to write beautiful poetry about current societal issues. I believe that the simplicity of his poetry will appeal to all readers. Gary Beck states in his introduction that he is “more concerned with the message, than the ‘poetic’ quality of the poe [...]

  • Ally

    The world that we live in today really just seems to be getting more brutal and more horrific. From mass shootings to bigoted politicians to rampant injustice, it feels like we are on a downward trajectory towards who knows what. In Resonance, Gary Beck masterfully explores our world by taking a look at current issues that plague our society. Gary Beck’s poetry is simple in the best way, allowing the reader to focus on his message rather than the mechanics of traditional poetry. Beck’s dicti [...]

  • Maggie

    As an English major, it may be shocking that I do not really like poetry. The only poetry I have ever actually enjoyed reading was Paradise Lost my junior year of college (probably because it was an epic and not a collection of short poems, but also because Milton’s writing is amazing.) That being said, I gave Resonance a fair chance. While I can definitely say that poetry is just not my preferred genre, I did think the Beck’s writing was great and I liked how prolific his collection was. I [...]

  • Anonymous

    I found this collection to hold the author’s voice and opinions throughout each piece. The introduction is something I highly suggest reading, as it gives the reader a much greater insight on the author, his thoughts, and where he was going with this particular collection. I feel as though, if I hadn’t taken a moment to read the introduction, I might have been a little lost on some of the poems within the book.That being said, I feel the author has a powerful way of phrasing his work that al [...]

  • Amy

    I found this collection of poetry by Gary Beck to be very engaging and well-written. The imagery, which was one of the most striking aspects of the collection, was constructed from excellent diction and syntax. I especially liked lines such as “Rains falls in blackening drops, / the coat of daytime slime creeps into sewers / that carry off the remains of man.” The emotions of the poems, especially those concerning love, were easily recognizable and relatable. Admittedly some of the poems see [...]

  • Alison McBain

    I am a poet as well as a fiction writer, but I must admit I am a little bit lazy when it comes to searching out new poets on my own. I mostly rely on recommendations from friends (and on my friends themselves, some of whom are amazing poets!). So it was with great pleasure that I picked up Gary Beck's new collection of poetry, titled Resonance. I'm always pleased to be introduced to a new talent, and Mr. Beck certainly delivers.I really enjoyed Mr. Beck's turn of phrase and ability to explore th [...]

  • Aly

    I enjoyed this collection of poems. I don't read too many book like this but when I find them I have to give them a shot. I was not disappointed in this one. * I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*