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While My Eyes Were Closed
Title : While My Eyes Were Closed
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Language : English
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 402

One, two, three . . . Lisa Dale shuts her eyes and counts to one hundred during a game of hide-and-seek. When she opens them, her four-year-old daughter Ella is gone. Disappeared without a trace. The police, the media and Lisa's family all think they know who snatched Ella. But what if the person who took her isn't a stranger? What if they are convinced they are doing theOne, two, three . . . Lisa Dale shuts her eyes and counts to one hundred during a game of hide-and-seek. When she opens them, her four-year-old daughter Ella is gone. Disappeared without a trace. The police, the media and Lisa's family all think they know who snatched Ella. But what if the person who took her isn't a stranger? What if they are convinced they are doing the right thing? And what if Lisa's little girl is in danger of disappearing forever?


While My Eyes Were Closed Reviews

  • Dem

    There seems to have been a lot Novels published in the last six months with child abduction or child disappearances as the main theme and while I have read a few of these novels I am now tiring of the theme. I sometimes wonder if publishers encourage or set themes for novels which they think match the current market trends, last year it seemed to be titles containing the word girl and this year it seems to be books about missing children. While my eyes were closed was fast paced and engaging. I [...]

  • Susan

    This is a psychological thriller which concerns every parent’s worst nightmare – a child going missing. Lisa Dale is pretty typical of most mothers, juggling various different commitments and a busy working life with motherhood. Married to Alex, Lisa has an older daughter, Chloe, by a previous relationship and two younger children, Otis and Ella.Daughter Ella is a bright and cheerful four year old. It is nearly the end of the summer holidays and she is due to start Reception the following we [...]

  • Karen

    Busy mum Lisa Dale is distracted by a phone call and takes her eyes off her 4 year old daughter Ella, for just a few minutes whilst they are in the park and then the worst happened. Ella disappears. At first Lisa thought she was playing hide and seek but then when time passed she had to face the inevitable – that Ella had wandered off and got lost or the worst thing imaginable – someone had taken her.This was my first book by Linda Green. I do love a thriller and although there have been a p [...]

  • Liz Barnsley

    While My Eyes Were Closed is an interesting and slightly different take on the plethora of missing child books there are around – in that it is very focused on cause and effect, on the fallout to the family, on the wider aspects rather than on “whodunnit” – I found this refreshing especially as Linda Green managed to make it thought provoking and interesting throughout.It is a fast read in that you really want to keep going to find out what ultimately happens – this is more character s [...]

  • Yv

    Oehhh Is Linda Green een vrouwelijke Beckett? Het begin deed me denken aan een softere vorm van de David Hunter-reeks van Beckett :)."Je lichaam beseft eerder dan je hersenen dat je je kind kwijt bent. De lichamelijke navelstreng knapt. []"Helaas was dit samen met de laatste 30 pagina's het enige spannende aan dit boek. Ik kan dit niet onder een thriller scharen. Het is interessant, maar niet spannend. Ook de onderhuidse spanning heb ik niet gevoeld, behalve bij de laatste 30 pagina's.Wél was e [...]

  • Joodith

    I love a good psychological thriller – a book that has you so drawn in you resent having to put it down for even a second. This isn't it, despite the promise of a “vivid and unnerving story about the terrifying knife-edges of motherhood” explain:Lisa, mother of three young children, fitness trainer at a local gym, is playing hide and seek in the park with her youngest child, four year old Ella. Ella disappears. This is not a spoiler, it's stated on the back cover. The search begins when Li [...]

  • Anne-Jan

    #LindaGreen #IkTelTotTien (WhileMyEyesWereClosed)Ik tel tot tien.wie niet weg is is gezien.ar gezien wordt haar kind niet meer.spoorloos verdwenen.op klaarlichte dagn het één op het andere moment nachtmerrie van iedere ouder dan wel niet ouderDit is het verhaal van Ik tel tot tien, van de Engelse auteur Linda Green. Een auteur die toch al een redelijke tijd schrijft, maar bij ons in thrillerland (voor zover mij bekend) een nieuwe naam. Het kan niet anders dan dat dit boek haar grote doorbraak [...]

  • Dawn

    Lisa Dale and Ella her three four year old daughter are enjoying an afternoon in the park. Ella wanting firstly, to show how she can climb to the top of the big slide on her own and secondly, to prolong the trip by playing her favourite game of hide and seek.Lisa, like many mums is juggling a working life with that of being a mum. Linda Green with very little text gives an inkling as to why Lisa is so driven to do well for herself and provide for her family. Growing up on the wrong side of town, [...]

  • Laura

    There appears to have been a flurry of missing child themed books in the last year or two; perhaps this is because of the renewed public interest in such real life cases. Although this novel features some heavily cliched and overly exaggerated characters (chiefly, the harassed working mother who despite her good intentions, can appear too slapdash in her childcare, the elderly deluded spinster and the family support liaison officer who appears to do little else but make tea) this is an entirely [...]

  • Tracy Fenton

    A really gripping and uncomfortable story about a 4 year old girl being abducted whilst playing hide and seek with her mother in the park. Switching between the mothers story to the abductors point of view this book is a sad and thought provoking tale. I shall endeavour to pay more attention to my children from now on. 4 stars.

  • Leah

    Psychological thrillers are the "in thing" at the moment - every author is giving it a go, some with more success than others, and Linda Green has made the switch, with the release of her new novel While My Eyes Were Closed. I got myself a copy from the library, and I was immediately gripped. This is one of those books where there's definitely two sides to the story, and even now I am still questioning how I felt about it all, because it wasn't necessarily black & white. There were shades of [...]

  • Tracy Shephard

    What starts as a trip to the park, turns into Lisa’s worst nightmare when Ella, her daughter goes missing during a game of hide and seek.The following seven days sees the family devastated that the four year old could have been abducted by a local man who is known to be on the sex offenders register.While in reality my thoughts would always be with the parents of a missing child, Greens novel had me in a quandary as to whose ‘side’ I was on.How Linda Green placed herself in the mind of the [...]

  • Lyndall Rae

    3.5 starsThis one had a slow start and I found it hard to follow to begin with because there were like, 10 characters introduced within the first 30 pages :/ but it definitely got better as it went along. Without giving anything away, Muriel's character was super creepy!! And I enjoyed the twist at the end - even though the whole book wasn't all that mysterious and unexpected; I really wasn't expecting that twist!

  • Angelique

    Lisa speelt verstoppertje in het park met haar 4-jarige dochter Ella. Als Lisa haar ogen opent is Ella er niet meer. Een zoektocht door de politie begint. Maar dan blijkt het een ander soort thriller te zijn omdat je niet de zoektocht van de politie leest maar als het ware bij de familie blijft. Je voelt de paniek en wanhoop van de familie van Ella en dit vond ik heel sterk geschreven. Al heel snel na de verdwijning lees je wie Ella mee heeft genomen uit het park en waarom. Hier moest ik echt ev [...]

  • Sarah

    4.5 stars.While My Eyes Were Closed felt like a very different take on story lines to do with a child going missing.Lisa, Ella's mother, surprisingly is quite strong throughout the time her daughter is missing. She has a few break downs but mainly her and her husband handle the whole situation a lot better than I think I ever could. The couple obviously have a very strong relationship and are certainly very united. I think having her daughter go missing makes Lisa totally re evaluate her whole l [...]

  • Misfits farm

    Lisa plays hide and seek in the park with her 4 year old daughter, Ella. Whilst she is " counting to 100", her phone rings and she takes the call. When she finishes she can't find Ella. Oh another missing child book I hear you say. There does appear to be a plethera of them about. This one draws you in and is very well written. The characters come to life and are very believeable, even the perpitrator. This is one with a different type of kidnapper , written so that you can see how they are thin [...]

  • carol sherlock

    Outstanding bookGood God what a book and more so what a author.Gripping writing totally believable , a heart wrenching story , brilliant plot and I can't wait to read more from this author , linda green you were born to write !

  • Sandra

    Very disappointing. certainly not mail biting thrilling as mentioned in the synopsisFinding out what's happened to Ella from the very start takes away any real tension. You know from the outset what the conclusion will be Wouldn't recommend this at all

  • Marina Bulgheroni

    Good read but way too many „like“‘s in the writing. Very annoying. Otherwise good story.

  • Jamie Rose

    This was ok, not sure what makes a spoiler as the main point of the plot is laid out on the cover . A child or adult going missing is indeed terrifying. This is why most parents with a brain keep a close eye on their pre school age children. Hide and seek isn't really a sensible game in a busy, public parkThat and the irritating first person narrative, putting a smoker in merely to include a pointless antismoking whinge, made this a two instead of three star novel.

  • Rachel Gilbey

    This book features what must be every single parent's worst nightmare - turning on back just for a moment and your child has disappeared. For Lisa Dale that is exactly what happens and the book focuses on how she and her family cope in the aftermath of four year old Ella not being found during a game of Hide and Seek. What we get as readers though is also chapters from the person who has taken Ella, which as the story proceeds becomes slightly disturbing. They have in their own mind valid reason [...]

  • Dini Van heumen-hoekman

    Lisa Dale doet een spelletje verstoppertje met haar vierjarige dochtertje Ella in het park. Ella gaat zich verstoppen en Lisa doet haar ogen dicht en begint te tellen.Wanneer Lisa uitgeteld is en haar dochtertje wil gaan zoeken blijkt Ella spoorloos verdwenen.De nachtmerrie van elke ouder. Ik was een van de gelukkige die een recensie-exemplaar mocht ontvangen van uitgeverij Boekerij waarvoor dank.In Ik tel tot tien volgen we o.a. Lisa Dale, een werkende moeder met drie kinderen, en getrouwd met [...]

  • Kristýna (The Book Talk Blog)

    Recenze: thebooktalkblog/20Překvapivě dobré čtení! Dala bych 4,5 hvězdičky, největším průšvihem byl překlad Ale jinak skvělé, více brzy v recenzi :)

  • Sophie

    4.5While My Eyes Were Closed is nail-bitingly tense from the first few pages. For those opening few chapters, this novel is extremely suspenseful and I was hooked. You know something bad is going to happen and you know how it is going to happen but you don’t know why and that is the question that lured me into the book. Why would someone snatch this innocent little girl and what were their motives? I found the author’s style of writing to be sharp and quick and the book from start to finish [...]

  • Camilla Chester

    I thought this book was ok, but it didn't hold my attention.The writing was good, at times, but the story falls into a saturated market and doesn't pack the punch that is needed in a good thriller. For me, because you knew what was happening to the little girl there wasn't really any terror, which meant that the chapters with the mother were a little redundant and at times quite repetitive.I enjoyed the backstory of the crazy piano lady more and didn't expect the twist. The ending was a little r [...]

  • Kirsty Monteith

    Although parts of the story are really sad and the author obviously went to great lengths to portray the emotions of the main characters I found this SO BORING. The start was boring. . The middle was boring and the end was crazy boring. Started to skim to get to the end. Wouldn't really class it as a thriller either as there is no real mystery or suspense although I do appreciate the author has tried to show emotion but nah not for me.

  •  Natasa

    Nedavno sam spomenula da je ovo ljeto obilježeno knjigama o izgubljenoj i nestaloj djeci, tako da se nećete iznenaditi kad vam kažem da je ovo još jedna od knjiga iz spomenutog niza. Priznajem, tema je poprilično kompleksna i svakome sa zrncem mašte na sam pojam gubitka djeteta već će se u glavi stvoriti brojni mogući scenariji i zapleti, pa ne čudi da su toliki autori baš u njoj pronašli svoju inspiraciju. Ipak, možda je dobro da u ovom trenutku nemam djece na brizi, bojim se da bi [...]

  • Sofie Praille

    "Ik tel tot tien" is de nachtmerrie van elke ouder: je kind verdwijnt tijdens een bezoekje aan het park. Het verhaal wordt verteld in vrij korte, krachtige hoofdstukken en wisselt steeds af tussen de moeder en de ontvoerder. Op de achtergrond speelt er zich nog een andere verhaallijn af die naar het einde toe mooi in het verhaal wordt ingepast. Dit is zeker niet het meest originele verhaal ooit en een aantal zaken waren vrij voorspelbaar. Er zaten echter ook wat verrassende twists in het verhaal [...]

  • Tamara

    4,5 ster. Geen standaard thriller. (view spoiler)[Je leest het verhaal van twee kanten: die van de moeder en de ontvoerder + af en toe de zoon van de ontvoerder. Vooral dat laatste zorgde bij mij voor verwarring, want wie was hij nou eigenlijk? Wat heeft hij met het verhaal te maken? Gaandeweg kom je steeds meer te weten of de ontvoerder en haar zoon. Er gingen bij mij steeds meer lampjes branden, hoe verder in het verhaal hoe beter ik bepaalde dingen begreep. Ik vond het opzich geen spannend ve [...]

  • Nick Davies

    For the first half of this, I was developing an opinion along the lines of 'well, this is decently written, but nothing significantly impressive to elevate it much about the level of family drama', the plot being a relatively simple tale of a mother losing sight of her young daughter, who goes missing. This seemed pretty simply chosen to appeal to the sentiments of a great many parents hating to imagine themselves in the same situation. It developed slowly, the story told via a few different poi [...]