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Silverwolf (Rowankind, #2)
Title : Silverwolf (Rowankind, #2)
Author :
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ISBN : 9780756411916
Language : English
Format Type : Mass Market Paperback
Number of Pages : 432

Britain, 1801. King George’s episodic sanity is almost as damaging as his madness. First Consul Napoleon Bonaparte is gathering his forces in France. The disease of democracy is spreading. The world is poised on the brink of the modern era, but the rowankind, long a source of free labor, have shaken off their bonds. Some have returned to Iaru to find freedom with the Fae;Britain, 1801. King George’s episodic sanity is almost as damaging as his madness. First Consul Napoleon Bonaparte is gathering his forces in France. The disease of democracy is spreading. The world is poised on the brink of the modern era, but the rowankind, long a source of free labor, have shaken off their bonds. Some have returned to Iaru to find freedom with the Fae; others are trying to find a place in the world, looking for fair treatment under the law. The course of the industrial revolution may change forever.Wild magic is on the rise. Creatures of legend are returning to the world: kelpies, pixies, trolls


Silverwolf (Rowankind, #2) Reviews

  • Beth

    Silverwolf, an adventure with lots of magic and mayhem on the side.Its 1801, Ross and Corwen are trying to avoid the Mysterium, the organization that pursues and destroys the magical kind, while returning too Yorkshire. Dangerous creatures are appearing and attacking romankind and human alike. Ross's magic has caused some issues that have to be taken care of before the Fae get involved.Silverwolf is an easy and quick read but contains a very active plot. I really enjoyed the storytelling but I w [...]

  • Jaine Fenn

    This is the sequel to the marvellous magical pirate adventure Winterwood, which was one of my favourite books of last year. Less magic and pirating, but still well worth a read, as the story unfolds in the same readable and pleasing way, and the two central characters are great. Contains a bit of raunchy stuff, though that's no bad thing.

  • Natalie

    OH GOD, Y'ALL, THIS BOOK IS SO BAD. So. Bad. Like, the first one wasn't great literature, but it was ridiculous and kind of fun and soporific in a helpful way! This one was too bad to be any of those things but the first one. Basically, the fluffy privateers with magic (and an eye-roll-worthy side romance) series set up in the first book got rid of almost all of the privateering, put the very boring romance front and center, added a bunch of clunky exposition, a bunch of new, even more glaring p [...]

  • Kara Callahan

    This book was a pleasant surprise! I have never read anything else by this author. I got this book as a bonus with another book I ordered. I started it with some trepidation since it is so easy to be disappointed. I was NOT disappointed! There was a book before this one so this was actually book 2. There was a little bit of a learning curse since I did not read the first book. I was able to figure out what was going on fairly easily and I will DEFINITELY be picking up book #3!

  • Lauren

    Not quite as good as the first, but still an interesting read. It felt like a transitionary novel, so I hope to see a third one soon!

  • Terr

    I liked the storyline. It had all types of magicals and romance involved plus swashbuckling adventure. Everything I enjoy in a storyline.

  • Marg

    A solid entry into this series. Is there going to be another? It has a good wrap up at the end, but there is definitely room for expansion in this series. I did find this book a bit slower than the first, but it is still good.

  • Susan

    I really enjoyed the first book and was excited to get this one, the second of, I hope, many. As good as I had hoped. Love these characters. Bedford introduces new ones I hope we see more of. Excellent.

  • Serenarae

    I enjoyed this book even more than the first. I did find it a little overly descriptive at times and a little repetitive but not enough to distract from the story. I do wish Poppy had been in it a bit more, I liked her directness.

  • Amanda


  • Sherry

    The historical fantasy Silverwolf follows Winterwood in a very promising new series of fat fantasy novels. To me, it read like the kind of book that might have been published at any time in the past few decades—it’s not trying to do anything fancy, just tell a good solid fantasy story. In that it succeeds, in spades.The world in Silverwolf is similar to ours, except that magic and magical creatures exist. In the first book in the series, privateer and witch Rossalinde freed the non-human row [...]

  • JoDeen

    I was so excited when I got a chance to read Sliverwolf early.I dived into this book as soon as I could and I absolutely loved it . Sliver Wolf is such an amazing readIn the book we follow Ross and Corwen and I just adored these two together you can see how in love they are with each other , how much they care for each other ahhh I could on and on, I love this couple . In this book we spend a lot of time seeing the effects both good and bad of the rowankind being freed from bondage, focusing the [...]

  • Deborah Walker

    Jacey Bedford brings a 19th Century England to life-- with a twist. This is a world like our own but blessed, or some might say cursed, with magic. This is a glorious book, a voluptuous book (does that make sense?), brimming with fascinating detail, overflowing with action, brimming with emotion (it even wrung a tear from me: that's very unusual for a book. The last book that made me cry while reading was 'The Road')A door has been unlocked, and a wild dance of magic has been unleashed in the wo [...]

  • Alicia

    wordnerdy/2017/01The second book in Bedford's Rowankind series (after Winterwood) is more of the entertaining same--lots of action, magic, witches, shapeshifters, bad guys of the magical and non-magical variety, romance, etc. Not to mention the protagonist meeting her future mother-in-law and trying to hide her cross-dressing pirate past! I do think these books are a little too busy but they are definitely quick and fun reads. And LOTS of great badass women of various kinds. B+.__A review copy w [...]

  • Maria

    Ross and Corwen are laying low after freeing the rowankind. Their interlude at her aunt's cottage is short when the Lady of the Woods calls the pair to deal with a murderous kelpie. England is struggling to deal with the return of wild magic and all the creatures of myth.Why I started this book: Sequels are usually better, if for no other reason than there is less explanation needed.Why I finished it: Quick read and it was fun to meet Corwen's family.

  • Anya

    This breaks my heart. I loooooved book one, but now there is hardly any magic and the plot has mostly focused on running a mill. I'm just bored unfortunately and I'm sure it will pick up but I can't make myself wait that long.

  • Stevie Carroll

    Previously reviewed on The Good, The Bad, and The Unread:I enjoy a fantasy world in which actions have wide-ranging consequences almost as much as I love historical fantasy that really takes the time to consider how the supernatural elements that the author introduces might influence, and be affected by, the course of actual history. In the world of the Rowankind, Jacey Bedford manages to fulfil both those needs for me, along with crafting a densely plotted adventure that’s bursting at the sea [...]

  • Kim Power

    Another stirring adventureRoss and Corwen manage to pack more adventure into one novel than some series do in more. The world building is excellent, as is the writing and editing. The characters are well fleshed out and even minor characters are well delineated. I hope the next adventure will soon follow on.