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Blown Away
Title : Blown Away
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ISBN : 9780399594694
Language : English
Format Type : ebook
Number of Pages : 205

In an emotionally charged, wickedly hot novel of love and loss, a passionate affair gives two daring storm chasers the strength to overcome shattered dreams and the courage to build a future together.   One year after her fiancé died in a heartbreaking accident, Drew McGovern decides to honor his memory by joining his old storm-chasing buddies on their latest excursion. WhIn an emotionally charged, wickedly hot novel of love and loss, a passionate affair gives two daring storm chasers the strength to overcome shattered dreams and the courage to build a future together.   One year after her fiancé died in a heartbreaking accident, Drew McGovern decides to honor his memory by joining his old storm-chasing buddies on their latest excursion. What she’s not so sure about, however, is whether she’s ready to move on. Drew wasn’t expecting to feel the powerful pull of desire toward Colby’s best friend. But there’s no denying the intensity of their connection . . . or the heat he


Blown Away Reviews

  • Lisa

    3.5 Stars!“You’re the answer to every question I’ve ever had, Drew,” he said, his warm breath dancing over my skin. “The only one I’ve dreamed of for so long.”Blown Away by Brenda Rothert is a new adult, contemporary romance and it also my first book by this author. I tend to not read too many NA books as I often do not connect with the characters in this genre; however, this turned out to be an enjoyable read for me. This is a well-written, thoughtful, and real look at the journey [...]

  • NiCoLeTa E.

    ***4 "Storm chasers" stars***Wow!!! That book was really goodFirst of all, it had to do with storm chasersYou know those crazy persons who are after tornados and stormsAnd it was kind of fascinating to witness something like that!!!But also, our heroes and especially Aiden had more to do than thatHe was a rescuer for the victims of those kind of destructions and his heroic ways got into not only me, but to our heroine, as well!!!In second level, this book was about second chances in lifeIt was s [...]

  • Robin (Bridge Four)

    There are authors that can break the rules on things I like and don’t like and I love them for it *cough* Kristen Ashley *cough* and then there is that time that it just fails and there isn’t any recovery. Unfortunately I was hoping that Blown Away would be like Twister mashed up with Catch and Release and what I got was an NA knock off of what maybe could have been Twister 2.This is exactly why I don’t read much NA sometimes it is really hard for me to connect to the 20-something characte [...]

  • Dali

    A sizzling hot and emotional story about heartache, self-discovery, love and the hope that dreams do come true. “Sometimes loss and grief lead us to a new path.”Drew McGovern never thought she would survive her fiancée’s death, much less move on with her own life. An unexpected run in and invitation by the leader of his storm chasing team a year later however, has her enthusiastic to escape her monotonous existance. But her eagerness is short lived when she feels the undeniable pull towar [...]

  • Lyndy Ann ♫

    This was my first time reading Brenda Rothert and what a surprise Blown Away was I thoroughly enjoyed the story of Drew and Aiden and I will read more by this author in the future.I found the first two chapters very emotional and I was gripped from there. Drew decides she needs a challenge and joins Colby’s storm chasing team in his memory by doing his work and getting to know his friends better she hasn’t seen Aiden for a year.Aiden has always had feelings for Drew but stayed away from her [...]

  • Claire Robinson

    3 - "We’re supposed to chase our dreams together." Stars.Take a healthy dose of this –Add in some of this –And that pretty much sums up Blown Away by Brenda Rothert. This is my first book by the author, and I enjoyed it well enough. I have to admit I was expecting a little more depth and emotion in relation to the reasonings that Drew and Aiden are initially connected, and the grief that both of them are inevitably working through, but it was all kept on the down-low for the most part. I w [...]

  • Sissy's Romance Book Review

    I received an eARC, from NetGalley and the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.This was a very different story in the romance world I thought. It was about storm chaser and also about lost love. Really good book and sucks you right in.Drew McGovern was all set to marry the man she loved but he is a storm chaser. One day when she is expecting him to come home she ends up with a policeman at her door. It seems her fiancé died in an accident. Drew goes on to morn him for about a year. Then [...]

  • Vasiliki

    4.5 stars ARC kindly provided byRandom House Publishing Group - Lovesweptvia Netgalley in exchange of an honest review. This is the story of Drew and Aiden, a man and a woman who have lost everyone who mattered in their life.This was a beautiful story! After I've finished the first couple of chapters I was crying already! What a roll coaster of emotions! I've cried, laughed and ached along with the heroes! Ms. Rothert made an excellent job writing this amazing story! The plot was moving in a nic [...]

  • Carrie

    Drew McGovern was all ready to start her new life with her fiancee when she gets the devastating news that Colby was killed while helping someone stranded change their tire on the way home from his storm chasing job. Picking herself up after the tragic loss she's now trying to find herself and learn to live without Colby. When Drew runs into one of Colby's old storm chasing buddies and he invites Drew along she thinks it's just what she needs to get out of the slump she feels she's been in the p [...]

  • Linda

    " Blown Away" , is a story of tragedy , survival, strength ,love and second chances.Drew McGovern has dealt with a lot in her life, the loss of her father to a heart attack, then shortly after her mother, not to death , but mom just stopped caring after her father died.The incredibly strong Drew however takes it upon herself to get a job, help raise her sibling and even put herself and them through college, independent and hard working Drew has a bright spot in her life Colby her fiancé . Colby [...]

  • AC Book Blog (Anne Christine)

    Okay! I am totally BLOWN AWAY by this story. I haven’t read anything from author Brenda Rothert before… Ugh, where the hell have I been??? When I read the blurb I was excited to dive in because of a very unique plot. Well, I am delighted to report that this story is not only unique, it is full of excitement, drama (storm-chasing), sexual tension, fun, and swoony sweet moments. I am not even going to comment on the love scenes. Just HOT! Period!After Drew lost her fiancé, she buried herself [...]

  • Mandi Schreiner

    When I saw this was a storm chaser romance, I perked up. Hello - Twister fans! Falling in love while chasing tornadoes - gimme the candy.But first there is death.Drew and Colby have been in love and are engaged. Drew works as an assistant in a hair salon and Colby is a storm chaser. Coming home from his last chase, he stops to help someone change a tire on the side of the road and gets hit by a car and dies. Obviously Drew is devastated.Fast forward one year, Drew has been moving on with her lif [...]

  • Denise - Shh Mom's Reading®

    amzn/1Y1R5uvBlown Away by Brenda Rothert opens with the unfolding of a powerful set of scenes; the tragedy that plays out sets the tone for Drew McGovern, the heroine’s journey.Drew finds herself drawn to her deceased fiancé Colby’s storm chasing buddies. She decides to join them on their latest excursion and that is when the attraction to Aiden O’Neal starts to burn up the pages of this book.Aiden has his reasons for wanting to keep Drew at a distance; ones that certainly make sense but [...]

  • Nicola

    After reading the blurb for Blown Away my thoughts drifted towards the film Twister, and as a film I've watched time and time again, this story appealed. "fe can change in the blink of an eye."Drew hasn't had an easy time of things growing up. She lost her dad at at young age, helped raise her two younger siblings whilst her mum closed herself off and gave up, but she's settled, has a job in a hair salon and is engaged and due to marry storm-chaser, Colby within a matter of weeks. And then trage [...]

  • Ashley

    Rating: 4/5(I received a free copy from the publisher, Loveswept, via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.)Only a few weeks before Drew is set to marry her fiance, Colby, he dies in a tragic car accident. He was a storm chaser, helping someone change their tire when a car ran into him, unable to see he was on the road. A year later, it still hurts but Drew is ready to do something new to help herself move on and escape the monotony of everyday life. When a member of Colby's old storm chas [...]

  • Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

    Kitty's review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews3.5 starsSo, the blurb for Blown Away seemed very interesting and different from what I have been reading so I wanted to give Brenda Rothert a try. I was definitely looking forward to seeing where she brought this story. Unfortunately, there were so many parallels to “Twister” that I had a hard time enjoying what probably could have been a great book which turned out to be good, not great.The blurb pretty much sums up the whole story. Ms. [...]

  • Nadine Bookaholic

    Before the first chapter had ended I was balling like a baby and needed to stop reading in order to regroup, I kid you not, this was so emotionally draining at the beginning I didn't know what to expect after that. Drew's fiance, Colby, was killed in an accident just weeks before their wedding was supposed to take place. Now it's one year later and Drew is preparing to leave with colby's storm-chasing team, she believes that this is a good way to honor his memory. Drew is an interesting characte [...]

  • Irene

    3.5 starsBlown Away was a good story, I was drawn in from the beginning and it kept my interest until the end. While I did enjoy the story, I have to be honest and say I failed to connect with the characters, this did take a little away from my overall enjoyment. I feel this was more my issue than the writing as the writing was strong. Overall Blown Away was an emotional and heartfelt read that will capture your interest.Thank you Random House Publishing Group - Loveswept via NetGalley for the a [...]

  • Siobhan Davis

    Dangerously sexy and addictive. I absolutely adored everything about this book, and I can't find fault with a single thing.Drew has been trying to get on with her life in the aftermath of the devastating death of her fiance. She is feeling antsy, and that she needs to get out of small-town Lipton for a while. A chance encounter with Murph, her fiance's storm-chasing crew-leader sets her on a new path. Throwing caution to the wind (excuse the cheesy pun) she decides to join them for one month whi [...]

  • ChrisCarroll

    This book I picked up for review because it sounded interesting with a completely different story line than anything I've read before. So I hadn't really put a lot of thought into what I was expecting other than I figured it was just a light passing story. I was wrong. Blown Away came as a big surprise to me.When you take a unique story thread and you add in smokin' hot male species that we love to have in our romance novels and a perfectly matched sweet gal, you have the basis have an awesome r [...]

  • Bette Hansen

    Overall this was a pretty good read. Two major themes in this one, storm chasing and a strained romance between the Aiden O'Neal and his deceased best friend's girl Drew McGovern. The storm chasing aspect of this one is really more of a backdrop. I've read much more exciting stories involving storm chasers (although this one does have it's moments), the real story is the relationship between Drew and Aiden and all the guilt that entails. I thought the author did a nice job with that part of the [...]

  • Mallory

    2.75 stars*Not entirely safe for my girls in the safety gang ;)

  • Alyse

    I just couldn't get into this book. skimmed most of it.

  • Rosa Sharon (iScream Books Blog)

    "The sweet makes the bitter worth it."Brenda Rothert is one of my auto-click authors. I don't need to read the synopsis, I just need to see her name on the cover. That's all it takes for me to know it's gonna be a good book. Of course like all readers, I have my favorites, but that doesn't mean I don't love them all. Her wicked imagination comes up with some incredible characters and I can't help myself from falling into the stories and feeling like I know them by the end. Blown Away was no diff [...]

  • Kim

    3.5 to 4 starsDrew McGovern lost her fiance and Aiden O'Neal lost his best friend unexpectedly. A year later, Drew is looking for a change and ends up on his storm chaser team--the same one her fiance was part of. Drew is trying to figure out what to do with her life now. She has always been the care taker and responsible one. She is sweet, sassy, and loving. She does not know if she will ever be able to find love again. She does know that she needs to find a purpose to her life. Aiden is strong [...]

  • Laurie

    From the moment I picked up Blown Away, I couldn’t put it down – This story and its characters simply demanded it. That’s a testament to Brenda Rothert, she puts her readers inside the heads and hearts of these people, to where it is impossible to draw that line of real-life versus fiction. Blown Away is a case in point.This book has all of these amazing elements. It is first and foremost a love story, but it is set against the world the storm chaser. Along the way, we get a really great u [...]

  • Janett The Pleasure of Reading Today

    After the tragic loss of her fiance and feeling like she needed to explore a different path in her life, Drew McGovern gets an offer she can't refuse. Her former fiance's storm chaser team wants her to travel with them for a period of time. Aiden is a member of the team and was Drew's fiance's good friend. The problem with Aiden is that he's been attracted to Drew for a long time, and with the memory of his friend still fresh in his mind, being close to Drew won't be easy.I adored Drew, she was [...]

  • Wendy

    2.5 stars When I first saw the blurb for this book, I was very intrigued to read it. I was sad that I didn’t like it as much as I thought I would. Drew has lost her fiancé Colby in a tragic accident when he went away on a storm chasing trip. She has been going through the motions in life but not really living. A chance encounter with one of Colby’s storm chasing buddies a year later has Drew going out with them on one of their rides. This might be the one thing that can get her to start tru [...]

  • DJ Sakata

    Favorite Quotes:“Colby was gone. In all the ways that mattered, his light had stopped shining on a rainy highway early this morning.""Dot shook her head and pulled a large white bra from the dryer. She held it high for me. 'You enjoy that body while you can missy. Someday you'll have to load your boulders into one of these.'""Her eyes searched mine, waiting for a reaction. It reached something inside me that brought a lump of emotion to my throat. I mattered to her. In this world we all needed [...]

  • Karen

    ARC NetGalley Always a subject that I've been intrigued by since the movie, "Twister", Brenda Rothert does the storm chasers proud with their steely dedication and quest for good information. Then the book throws us a little romance which softens up the whole terror of storm devastation. I didn't love Aiden (no book boyfriend award) but he was alright. Drew was adorable. The older lady at the campground was a hoot. The book did remind me of camping and carrying shower supplies and campfire smell [...]