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The Rhino with Glue-On Shoes
Title : The Rhino with Glue-On Shoes
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ISBN : 9780385341462
Language : English
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 310

A moray eel diagnosed with anorexia…A herd of bison whose only hope is a crusading female doctor from Paris…A vet desperately trying to save an orphaned whale by unraveling the mystery of her mother’s death…This fascinating book offers a rare glimpse into the world of exotic animals and the doctors who care for them. Here pioneering zoological veterinarians—men and women oA moray eel diagnosed with anorexia…A herd of bison whose only hope is a crusading female doctor from Paris…A vet desperately trying to save an orphaned whale by unraveling the mystery of her mother’s death…This fascinating book offers a rare glimpse into the world of exotic animals and the doctors who care for them. Here pioneering zoological veterinarians—men and women on the cutting edge of a new medical frontier—tell real-life tales of daring procedures for patients weighing tons or ounces, treating symptoms ranging from broken bones to a broken heart, and life-and-death dramas that will fore


The Rhino with Glue-On Shoes Reviews

  • JuliaOrlando

    I really enjoyed this book. It is a non-fiction book of short stories told by several zoo-veterinarians about some of their most memorable cases. The include a moray eel, a tiger, a bear, in a zoo setting and in the field some of the patients include an elephant, rhinos and a silver-back mountain gorilla. There were some technical terms, but in my opinion, the authors did a very good job of explaining the procedures and medications they used in treatment of their patients. I think they also did [...]

  • GoldGato

    At the Marine Mammal Center where I help as a volunteer, this book was in the gift shop and I couldn't resist the title. As it turns out, our Center's leader wrote one of the stories, so it was an extra bonus for me. There are twenty-eight stories in this volume which are placed within five different sections, each with a specific healing focus. Each story is fairly brief, which makes page-turning very easy.There are a few standouts from vets and zoologists who obviously have a way with words, b [...]

  • Susan

    In what book can you read about a hippo's root canal, a white-tailed deer with earrings, chemotherapy for fish, and a kangaroo with a spinal injury? In The Rhino With Glue-On Shoes and Other Surprising True Stories of Zoo Vets and Their Patients, Lucy H. Spelman, DVM and Ted Y. Mashima, DVM have collected 28 stories from the amazing veterinarians around the globe charged with the care of some of the earth's most fascinating and dangerous creatures. This behind-the-scenes look at veterinary medic [...]

  • Elliott Garber

    “When we first examined Sally the kangaroo, she lay in shock on the ground.”“At the time, no one in the world had successfully raised a five-month-old orphaned baby beluga whale. Our choices were decidedly few.”“I was in Chengdu, China, preparing to perform a colonoscopy on a female giant panda with an undiagnosed intestinal disorder.”And so begin just three of the twenty-nine stories collected in The Rhino With Glue-On Shoes, and Other Surprising True Stories of Zoo Vets and Their P [...]

  • Colin

    I recieved this book a a present and was highly skeptical of it at first. Frankly, I wasn't sure how good the writing could be (I have found books written by doctors and vets to be poorly written overall) and wasn't really all that interested in reading what I was sure would amount to clumsy case histories of various veterinary patients.I was quickly absorbed in the book. The stories are all very interesting, each told with a two-fold goal of education and entertainment. It is kind of like going [...]

  • Brittany

    This book is what I expectedLife at the Zoo to be like: tales of quirky, interesting, touching, and at times heartrending interactions between zoo vets and animals.In this case, the book also includes the growing field of "wilderness vets," taking the interesting stance that there really isn't any true wilderness left anymore; only larger or smaller areas of managed wilderness. In either case, Mashima and Spelman have assembled an impressive group of vets from all across the country (and the wor [...]

  • Gloria Piper

    Zoo vets relate their experiences about animals they treated, from a dung beetle with parasites to an elephant caught in a snare, from a fish with bends to a rhino with sore feet. The job is not easy. It can be frustrating, puzzling, and dangerous, especially when dealing with ungrateful patients. But it is also immensely rewarding for the chance to work with animals and to learn about them. Sometimes the vets are successful in treating their patients, sometimes not--but they learn. As we follow [...]

  • Kyle

    While I was a voluneer at the Toledo Zoo I befreinded the head vet and was given opportunities to see and do things I would not have otherwise been given. Some of the stories in this book reminded me of my experience as a zoo volunteer and the interesting animals I enountered.I really enjoyed the short stories in this book. Some were happy. Some were not. But all were well written. A must read if you have an affinity for wild animals.

  • Olga Lempert

    GIven my modest zookeeping experience of three years or so, you'd think this book would not surprise me. After all, I've interacted with zoo vets enough to know how varied their work is. Yet I was still pleasantly surprised. The stories are captivating, and the caring for all animals shines through: I mean, diagnosing a lonely eel? Surgery on a minuscule frog? They're not even mammals! It was fascinating. A serious lesson to take away from this book is not only the equal importance of all specie [...]

  • Pamela

    F-A-S-C-I-N-A-T-I-N-G!!! “The Rhino with Glue-On Shoes” isn’t just the title of this fabulous book it’s one of the twenty-eight true stories in this anthology. It’s the perfect satiating read for animal lovers and those wanting to take a behind-the-scenes peek into veterinary medicine.Who do you call if a baby Giraffe needs a custom-made leg splint? What kind of courage and dedication is required to fly into a war zone for a root canal on a Hippo? Where do you take a Giant Octopus for [...]

  • Jamie Collins

    A collection of more than two dozen essays from zoo veterinarians about some of their quirky and unusual cases, most occurring in the 1990's and early 2000's. Not all of the vets are great writers, but nearly all of the stories are interesting. The center section of the book has a color photo of each patient, or of an animal very like it.My favorite stories were: the gleefully hostile chimpanzee; the fawn rescued from people who had picked it up from the roadside, fed it the wrong food and pierc [...]

  • Colleen

    This book was charming-- vets may not be trained writers but their passion more than made up for that. Each story had some germ of soul that made it sweet, touching, or just fascinating (even the few that had sad endings.) I'm so glad I picked this up and I feel like I got to learn a bit about a career that I have more than a little bit of envy for! as a bonus I watched Finding Dory right as I came upon the whale shark story, which couldn't've been more fitting!

  • Andrea

    True confession time – I totally wanted to be a zoo vet when I was younger, before my struggles with complex math made me realize I would never pass organic or inorganic chemistry courses. So I came into this book predisposed to enjoy it and for the most part I did. Each chapter is contributed by a different author and, as with all works with this structure, some were better writers than others. But all the stories presented interesting and unique challenges faced by these vets. Overall, a fun [...]

  • Rebecca

    A very enjoyable collection of writings from zoo and wildlife veterinarians. Educational without being didactic, enjoyable yet substantial. A pleasurable anthology to guzzle or parse out. Each piece would stand alone, but together they are more than the sum of their parts. I'd recommend for anyone who enjoys reading about animals. The thoughtfulness of the veterinarians comes through in each piece and provides a useful context for thinking about wild animals, zoos, and wildlife.

  • Erica

    Vets are usually vets because they are awesome at scienced not so much with the writing thing. Sure, they can churn out lab reports galore but as literature goes, some were certainly lacking. I admire their dedication to animals and the heartfelt stories, but, the inconsistent and at times poor writing detracted from the book as a whole.

  • Caly

    The writing may not be perfect or even very good in portions of this book, but I loved the stories and perspectives of the vets. It was a quick and entertaining read. I am amazed at the lengths some of these vets went to save even the smallest of creatures. I also enjoyed how the book framed and grouped the stories to illustrate different aspects of being a zoo or wild animal vet.

  • Monique

    This was a compilation of short stories of animal emergencies and the vets who helped them, bears, fish, dolphins, hippos, dragon fish, whales, frogs, camels, giraffes and many more! Very endearing book and some amazing stories.

  • Miz

    This was a delightful collection of stories - something for everyone! My favourite was the anorexic eel :)

  • Marrble

    Good fast,fun,light-hearted. A real enjoyable ride. If you like animal stories this is an amuseing,witty and entertaining book.

  • Colette

    Quick read that I found very enlightening. I never really thought about zoo and wild life vets and their range and impact. Nice amount of medical detail and fascinating collaboration with doctors.

  • Audrie

    Very interesting. Before this book I never even considered things like, how you would anesthitise an eel, remove a tumor on a fish, or do a root canal on a hippo.

  • Elentarri

    This fascinating book offers a rare glimpse into the world of zoo and wild animals and the veterinarians who take care of them. The book contains a compilation of 28 stories written by the veterinarians involved in each case. Each story is fairly brief, which makes page-turning very easy. As with any compilation, the writing style and quality changes from one story to the next, but the various authors were able to bring us along on their adventures in an appealing way. The book also does a good [...]

  • Melissa

    Maybe this would be more interesting if I were a veterinarian. a few of the stories were engaging, but overall it was more of a job description for "wild animal veterinarian" than it was a book intended for non-veterinarians. The anecdotes did not connect with each other, and some of them were genuinely boring and without direction. I got half-way through before I have up.

  • Lynn Porter

    Superb!Wildlife vets, any vet for that matter are hard driven to relent, to allow themselves time to relax. This author has expressed the manner very clearly and concisely in his book, relating the entry of a young person into vented only to be absorbed completely by the animals needs. Carry on, Dr. Mashima, Thank you.

  • Marie

    The Rhino with Glue-On Shoes: And Other Surprising True Stories of Zoo Vets and their Patients was a great book! I would recommend it for any animal lover out there. People who train to become Vets are very special people and their love of animals really shows. Especially for big or unique animals.

  • Lacy

    3.5 stars.This is a collection of stories that really highlights challenges (and emotional rollercoasters) of the lives of veterinarians. Most are great and I had several favorites but I think the one that will stick with me most is the story of a moray eel and a bartender. I think anyone who identifies as an animal person will enjoy this book. It was a quick and easy read!

  • Marcia

    Remarkable This book was suggested to my daughter who is in Vet School and I while she appreciated it on many levels I couldn't, every story gave me new respect for this challenging and rewarding work

  • Amy

    As an aspiring wildlife veterinarian, this has been one of the best books to represent the importance of the work that wildlife veterinarians do. Having actually talked to or know of many of the veterinarians who author chapters in this book, it was amazing to see their work in a book.

  • Holly Mein

    I enjoyed this book but it was a bit sad at points. I understand that not every book can have the animals recover and have a happy ending, but at times I felt it was just one after another dying. For aspiring zoo vets this is a great book.

  • Liesel

    This book started out strong but I didn't feel like all the stories were nearly as interesting as they could be. I liked that it was from a lot of different people so you got to hear about several different types of animals but overall my attention started drifting towards the end of the book.