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Wilford Woodruff History of His Life and Labors
Title : Wilford Woodruff History of His Life and Labors
Author :
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ISBN : 9780884941149
Language : English
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 702

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Wilford Woodruff History of His Life and Labors Reviews

  • Keith

    As he progressed through life he escaped from several childhood illness and later on from mobs.In Chapter 20: "The Prophet then turned to me and said: 'Brother Woodruff, I want you to go [away], and if you do not you will die.'" (Page 204)"Conflicting spirits were at work in a struggle for ascendency. Selfish ambitions and sinister motives were operating among the few. Those who were promoting their own selfish ends were likewise. concerned over the arrival of the twelve. To them the presence o [...]

  • Tom

    A very cool book that is based on and quotes extensively from Pres. Woodruff's journals. The material from his journal is the highlight. The treatment of his early life, especially his missions, was more interesting to me than the Utah-period stuff, probably because his early life has more anecdotes and lesser-known material while his later life is more a matter of general Church history. (The Utah period of B. H. Roberts' John Taylor biography, or others, and the Utah period of this biography c [...]

  • Richard

    Thick book of Woodruff who instantly converted to the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in 1833 and died in 1897. He was an eyewitness to the history of the church for all that time. He was a prolific journal writer. The book, while a biography, counts heavily upon, and quotes often from his journal. A great example of a man who never wavered, who knew the gospel was true, who defended it at all costs, who sacrificed much in the process. There was actually more detail in the book than [...]

  • Patra

    I really can't give this book a rating because it wasn't written to be an impressive literary piece. Matthias Cowley basically took Wilford Woodruff's journals and summarized them. I found it an excellent source for information on Wilford Woodruff and the era in which he lived, but I wouldn't recommend it as an entertaining read. It's probably for a serious church history fanatic only. :)

  • Sara

    I learned so much from this book. My perspective and my understanding of many events changed; my faith increased; my appreciation for Wilford Woodruff grew. Wow - what a good man! I am better for having read this book.

  • Purple Wimple

    I think this is the biography of Wilford Woodruff that I read in high school, and that had considerable impact on me. Here (if I have the right book) I first consciously encountered the idea that one must choose the kingdom of God without reservation, if one is to choose it at all.

  • Rae

    A Victorian biography of President Wilford Woodruff based largely upon his prolific journal entries. This is a book about a prophet written by an apostle. It's hard to beat thatThe author is Matthias Cowley. A wonderful read.

  • mitzi

    I decided to read this at he same time I was learning about him in my church history class. Simply loved it!

  • Keith

    Great old biography of this LDS leader. He was quite a missionary in England.

  • Chrisanne

    Wordy- I guess I wasn't prepared for how in-depth it went. But then again, this guy had journal keeping skills!

  • Doug Preston

    One of the most inspiring and exciting biographies in the LDS library.

  • Joe

    One of the best LDS books published.

  • Ernie Dawson

    President Wilford Woodruff was really some man! The writer did a great job.