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Water World Warrior (TerraMates, #1)
Title : Water World Warrior (TerraMates, #1)
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Language : English
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 267

Why would I want to be married to an alien? I should not have applied to TerraMates. The idea was crazy. I'm a young woman, in the prime of my life. But I was desperate. When I landed on another world, his appearance intrigued me. He dripped sexuality and moved like an animal. We have three days together before he sets sail without me. Am I going to escape or submit to myWhy would I want to be married to an alien? I should not have applied to TerraMates. The idea was crazy. I'm a young woman, in the prime of my life. But I was desperate. When I landed on another world, his appearance intrigued me. He dripped sexuality and moved like an animal. We have three days together before he sets sail without me. Am I going to escape or submit to my desires?


Water World Warrior (TerraMates, #1) Reviews

  • Lillian ᴥ Cloud 9 Books

    ***** 4 Stars *****Lately I've been reading a lot of dark mafia romances. So Water World Warrior provided me with the perfect break from all that. It's a fun light read with romance and adventure.Ashlyn takes care of three younger brothers. One of her brothers gets into a bad situation by owing a dangerous group a lot of money. To keep her family safe, Ash signs up for TerraMates. TerraMates matches human women to wealthy alien men. Ash plans on using the money paid by TerraMates to get rid of t [...]

  • Chappy

    3.5 starsPretty good start for a new-to-me author and series.A little bit of inst-love from Nathaniel. I also had trouble with believing the "alieness" of this story. There were just so similar for humans in most ways.

  • J.C.

    I really liked this story and look forward to reading more of this series or more books from this author.** I voluntary received this arc book from the author for a clear and honest review.**

  • N.D.

    Audiobook versionThis audiobook had a male and female narrator, which is a great idea. What I didn't understand, however, was the point of having two narrators when they both did male and female parts. I would think, having a male and female narrator, would have made the most sense if the male did all the male characters and the female did all the female characters. But that wasn't the case.Nathaniel and Ashlyn were a cute couple. And the idea of Terramates an interesting concept for a series. O [...]

  • Tracey

    This book was super fun to read I love the world building and the connection between both MC was great to read I never got bored read this story I am so excited to read more in this series

  • MsChris1161

    I really enjoyed WATER WORLD WARRIOR by Lisa Lace and am so glad I took a chance on a new-to-me author. What I love most about science fiction / futuristic romances is that the imagination can run wild. Love is love but the different environments, character descriptions, societal rules and expectations have a little more liberty and are so much fun to read! Ms Lace offers plenty of details and world building, but not so much as to slow down the pace or dilute the romance in Water World Warrior.A [...]

  • Linda

    3.5 StarsOverall, I liked the premise of the book, but some changes would make this better. For example, a young woman with 3 brothers in their 20s should not be responsible for their actions or feel like she has to put her life on hold to do everything for them. This would have been more realistic had she had one brother in his early 20s and 2 that were still in their early teens (i.e. underage). I'm not saying caring for your family and not wanting them to pay for someone's mistake isn't reali [...]

  • JoselynMoreno Burke

    I did thought it was going to be a no on mi list at the beginning but I really enjoyed it after the first chapters, the plot was interesting and intriguing, loved the characters they were so complex I really liked them, Ashlyn was funny and Nathaniel was so air headed sometimes it was cutee voices took me a while to accustom to but it was super enjoyable after a few chapters. Hope to hear more audio books of this series I just love it, I count myself as a huge fan of Lisa at this point

  • Country Goose

    It's OkayVague descriptions and no difference in terminology make it inadequate for "Alien Romance" classification. Vandwa has sharks, stingrays, tides, scientists, restaurants, etc. The food is described in an alien way, but they seem to eat the same as we do. They have sail boats, row boats, cargo ships as seen in our past. It made me feel it was more of a time lapse than a sci-fi. The looks don't seem to differentiate between races, just the hidden gills on their torso. The plot was too simpl [...]

  • Brickley Jules

    This was my first alien love story. It was a great introduction to this sub-category of the Sci-Fi genre.

  • Miranda

    This was a great start of the Terramates series! I really enjoyed both Ashlyn and Nathaniel. Although it seemed a bit rushed at some points, I really liked this first book and will continue on with the series. In order for Ash to protect her brothers she signs up for Terramates to match her with a husband. For Nat to stay out of jail he has to prove that he was sailing in a restricted zone in order to get to his wife quicker. Although they start out as strangers they quickly fall in love and hrl [...]

  • Aysha Coleman

    I have never read a book by Lisa Lace before and probably would not have if it weren’t for it being suggested on Facebook. I can happily say I am excited that I did. The whole concept behind this book is amazing. We always think of aliens as different looking than us instead looking like us with a few different qualities.Nathaniel and Ashlyn are so perfect for each other. They are both stubborn but very passionate about helping out those they love or care about. I loved how they both were skep [...]

  • T.

    I received Water World Warrior as a free copy from the author. The gifting did not determine the review/rating, which reflects my honest opinion. The premise of the story is Nat, who is from a far off planet, Vandwa, has purchased Ash, a mail-order bride from Earth. *** SPOILERS *** Right off, I had major issues on several points. What kind of loan shark would let a teen (or twenty year old?) boy rack up almost a half-million in debt? After that, why threaten to kill his whole family if it's not [...]

  • Lady Elizabeth

    My Rating: 3 StarsShort Review coming soon

  • Curly Carla Celebrity Readers

    celebrityreaders.wordpressI picked this book up from a fellow blogger who wrote a review so good, I had to read it myself. You can see her review here: Book Wormie Spot.This book was decent, will I read anymore in the series? No. Its not that the story was written bad or that it was inconsistent. I have just read so many books like this one that I don’t want to waste my time reading the same story again.It was a bit of insta-love. And those are fine when I’m in the mood for them, which I was [...]

  • Lillian Cummings

    You would do anything for your family. Ashlyn can only see one way of helping her brother pay his gambling debts and that is to marry. She has never met her husband to be but she has read up on him. Nathaniel needs a bride or else he will go to prison before finishing his mission. He is many things other than a scientist, he is also a pirate that will do all most anything to help others.He finds that Ashlyn will fit in with him and after a year they will both we free and be able to move on.But t [...]

  • Kerry

    4.5 rating round-upQuick thinking about how to save the ones you love because of a mistake. That if you don't find a solution, you will pay.A small solution is about to drop into his lap. Yet her never expected to find out some details that leave him in an undesirable position. A complication arises, his only solution is to find the right direction for all.A futuristic robin hood with a heart of gold, a conscious and finding out sometimes destiny lands in your life unexpectedly.Great read. Reall [...]

  • Mariah

    This was set in such a beautiful world. Covered in water but slowly drowning in rising waters, refugees are starving and one wiley scientist becomes a pirate. To escape capture he fabricated a fiancé, a woman he soon finds on a dating site. This woman? She's fallen on tough times but is determined that she wouldn't stoop to selling herself - life had other plans. I wish TerraMates were real! I'd love to find a special someone, make money, and visit alien worlds with honorable, possessive, passi [...]

  • Shasha

    First person 2 POVThe hero is an alien, but his differences are small and are related more to culture. The science fiction is sparse but enough is there to make it different from Earth. The fortune teller stuff seemed more paranormal to me. There are a couple typos.I liked the slow build of the intimate part of the marriage. The dialogue was natural and engaging. It was refreshing to read a story where the characters love each other before sex. Happy ending!Mature content

  • Willow

    I liked the idea of TerraMates. Can't believe Ashlyn 'babied' her brothers so much! They were in their 20's and only a few years younger than her. Anyway she lucked out with getting Nat for a husband. Smart, sexy and a stealing-for-the-poor pirate! Light & breezy read.

  • Ceeri Jay

    Oh this one dragged. Was a boring and confusing read. By chapter 5 I still had no idea where we were and why we were.Stop. Just stop

  • LauraRedmon

    Delectable, Alien Robin Hood! You can't find that in any other book!This is the first book in this Sci-Fi TerraMates Romance and my first time reading a book by Lisa Lace! She Rocked it out of this world and to another planet! Most likely planet Vandwa.Ashlyn or Ash for short, is desperate and in need of a lot of money. She needs to pay off the Vegas Mob that her brother owes money to from his gambling debt. Ash has been caring for her younger brothers, who are in High School, ever since their m [...]

  • Vicki

    Ashlyn's brother is in debt from gambling. She finds him beaten up and crying. He tells her he owes 420,000 credits or they are going to kill him and all of his family. The only way for her to get that kind of money is to sign up with TerraMates and become the mail-order bride to an alien. She signs up and receives 500,00 credits. Nathaniel has been arrested for being in restricted waters, on the planet Vandwa. When asked why he tells them he had to pick up his fiance and was taking a short cut. [...]

  • Cortnie

    While I was reading this book I kept forgetting that it was an alien romance. I'm fine with that, because I enjoy many different types of romance stories, but some readers might be disappointed in that. The story had all the romance tropes that I enjoy. Mail-order bride/marriage of convenience/Robin Hood hero/motherly female/humanoid alien You get the idea. Ashlyn was a little bit too mothering for me, but other than that I enjoyed her as a character. Nat is a hard shelled man with a sweet cente [...]

  • Patricia Kieffer

    Water World Warrior by Lisa LaceAshley lost her parents and now has three younger brothers to take care of. She is doing a good job at it, but her brother Marlin starts gambling and loses 420,000.00. They want there money and have threaten the whole family. Ashley sews for a living and didn't have that kind of money. A friend told Ashley about a being a bride on another planet and it pays 500,000.00. That would take care of the deft they her brother owns and a little extra. She has to agree to m [...]

  • Vivian Chrisman

    Ashlyn has put her plans on hold to be the guardian of her brothers. When one of the brother's gambling causes a major problem, Ashlyn finds herself signing up to be a mail order bride. Nathaniel has become a "Robin Hood" style pirate. When he gets caught, Nathaniel talks himself of an arrest. Now he has to find a bride fast. When these two are paired by TerraMates neither are expecting true love. Will the truth come between them or will true love win? I really liked this story. Can't wait to re [...]

  •  B. Sinsational

    🌶🌶🌶🌶 Fresh, spicy, and very entertaining! 🌶🌶🌶🌶Sometimes a brilliant intellect, plans and wishes gets put on the side because life happens. With vividness, and a surprising freshness, old concepts gets expertly mixed with new ideas. Pirates and mail order brides brings the thought to centuries past, but with a truly genial streak this author has mixed them with just the perfect amount of spicyness, and a unyielding alien magnetism. Not to mention the two main characters wh [...]

  • DebA

    Title: Water World WarriorAuthors: Lisa LaceScore: 4.50 / 5 - Reviewer Top PickAshlyn "Ash" O'Connor is in need of money fast. What is this girl to do? Will TerraMates be the answer for her?Sexy Nathaniel "Nat" Lachlan is an alien from the planet Vandwa. He just might be the answer for her. They have a blazing hot attraction that won't be denied. Will they make a compromise or what will their secrets uncover?The full review can be found on the below URL: nightowlreviews/v5/ReDebACopyright Night [...]

  • Sassy

    Nat and Ashlyn are such perfect characters. He's not an over the top alpha and she she's not an over the top needy heroine they meet in the middle so well allowing each other to be heard when they have misunderstandings and and I loved it. I lived the storyline and how Ash didn't have a problem understanding the physical differences of terramate as they went along. I have truly fallen in love with Lisa Lace books that I cannot wait to choose m next read even with all the other books I have waiti [...]

  • Francais Parker

    World Building: A+Plot-Twists: A-Villains: AGirl Power: B+Guy-Hero: ALove-Interests: A+Suspense: BFeels: A+I don't usually go in for alien stories, but I enjoyed this one! For you clean-readers: this book DOES have mature content. You'll need to do some self-editing or scene-skipping to read this one.I would like to thank the author Lisa Lace for the audiobook I received via email for free in exchange for a fair and honest review.