The Wicked King (The Folk of the Air, #2) by Admin Online

The Wicked King (The Folk of the Air, #2)
Title : The Wicked King (The Folk of the Air, #2)
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Language : English
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The Wicked King (The Folk of the Air, #2) Reviews

  • softlykaz

    I’m getting real sick of this whole “wait a whole year for the next book” bullshit

  • Cindy ✩☽ Savage Queen ♔

    1/3/18I literally just finished The Cruel Prince and I’m already like, when can I get the synopsis of this book? A cover? When can I get my hands on this book? I need it now!!!!!The only good news is that we have titles for all the books in this series lol ===To the characters:Jude Cardan Locke Taryn ===Also Headcanon: Cardan and Jude will continue to have an unwanted, yet undeniable pull and attraction to one another. And one of those times will involve some fun with Cardan's tail. ===Bonus: [...]

  • Melanie

    [September 22, 2017] I just let out a loud audible gasp and my heart skipped a beat when I read this title for the first time. Please, Little, Brown and Co, make my entire bookish life and send me an ARC of this ASAP, so I don't have to wait until 2019 for my dreams to come true. 1.) The Cruel Prince ★★★★★Blog | Twitter | Tumblr | Instagram | Youtube | Twitch

  • Taylor

    Um excuse me but is time travel an option? because if I have to wait a whole year for this booki will most definitely lose my shit. And CARDAN?! JUDE?! IT WILL BE TORTURE BUT IF I MUST, I WILL WAIT FOR YOU MY CHILDREN.

  • Beth

    It's only the 1st February but I NEED THIS NOW

  • Rachael

    not to be dramatic but I would sell my soul for an ARC copy of this

  • destiny ☠ howling libraries

    #1 The Cruel Prince ★★★★★#2 The Wicked King ???#3 The Queen of Nothing ???I NEED IT. I NEED IT NOWWWWW

  • Candace Robinson

    Okay well I am still trying to figure out how I feel about the last book BUT what I do know is that I want the next book ASAP to know what happens!————————————————I’m barely in on The Cruel Prince, but I can tell I’m going to be in serious need of this!

  • Melissa (Ever So Mela)

    2019?!?! Will I even be alive?????Honestly, this is why I try REALLY hard to only read books from series that are complete. Obviously, I fail every time. But still, its the thought that counts.

  • Nenia ✨ Queen of Literary Trash, Protector of Out-of-Print Gems, Khaleesi of Bodice Rippers, Mother of Smut, the Unrepentant, Breaker of Convention ✨ Campbell

  • Khadidja

    If anyone is wicked, it's Jude.

  • Zoha

    How am I supposed to wait 12 months for this book when I can't wait to read this now is beyond me! I mean it is only so many times a girl can re-read the first book. When will we have thecovertheblurbthepublicationdate?? Gimme gimme gimme this book!

  • Mel

    Can publishers do the right thing and start releasing entire series at once, no one needs the kind of stress waiting brings.P.S - I am accepting ARCs of this as of yesterday please DM for my address ok thanks.

  • Nafeeza

    Why oh why did I think it was a good idea to read book 1 as soon as it came out?! *sob*

  • Katrin D

    It's not a good thing when it's Jan 5, 2018 and I already have an anticipated read for some time in 2019

  • Haadiya // Semi-Hiatus

    the cruel prince literally released this month and it's been 5 minutes since I finished it and im already mourning my one year wait for the sequel????

  • Fatma

    no release date except a vague "2019" ? no cover ? no synopsis ? literally nothing except a title that could mean anything ?that's fine. :) im ok. :) its not like i just finished the cruel prince and am dying to read this book anyway :) :) :) :)

  • camillereads

    Jude, my Queen, I am reaaady for this.

  • Scrill


  • Katie

    How did I only JUST see the title of this book? I NEED this book ASAP - Why is it not out til 2019 😩

  • Gillian

    Okay a year won't be so bad right?

  • Kisses A

    😢😣😦😲😭😭😭 waiting for this(And hoping to see more of Cardan's tail in the next book)

  • Mia

    When you finished reading a book that actually made you feel something in the beggining of 2018 and you realize the next one will be released a year from now.The logical thing to do is to start screaming 2019?!?!?!? Only problem: people around you start questioning if you have actually gone insane: I would love an ARC ;)

  • mith

    i hate waitinggggg

  • Roxanne

    2019??!!!! *flails around in despair*

  • Mic

    Who do I need to charm for this? *bats eyelashes*

  • theresa 🌸🥑


  • Elise (TheBookishActress)

    fucking 2019// The Cruel Prince - ★★★★.5 AND IT STILL KILLS ME I DIDN'T GIVE IT A FULL FIVE

  • Carina Rosas

    WHY DO I KEEP DOING THIS TO MYSELF!!! Reading a book with no sequel publish yet, come onnnnnnnnn I FUCKING HATE THIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS[image error]

  • Kilikina