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Double Down (Doubleback, #2)
Title : Double Down (Doubleback, #2)
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ISBN : null
Language : English
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 142

After surviving a deadly attack by a psychopathic killer, homicide detective Rowan Muir is ready to take his relationship with ex-deputy sheriff and former ex-boyfriend Jude Anderson to the next level. Trouble is, Jude is happy with going slow. As in glacial. And, fair enough, their previous attempt as a couple wasn’t exactly smooth sailing. It took murder and the volcanicAfter surviving a deadly attack by a psychopathic killer, homicide detective Rowan Muir is ready to take his relationship with ex-deputy sheriff and former ex-boyfriend Jude Anderson to the next level. Trouble is, Jude is happy with going slow. As in glacial. And, fair enough, their previous attempt as a couple wasn’t exactly smooth sailing. It took murder and the volcanic attraction between them for both men to put old grievances aside and try once more.But the past rears its ugly head again when Rowan’s drug-addicted brother goes missing. Rowan is summoned home and is immediately mired in family dysfunction be


Double Down (Doubleback, #2) Reviews

  • Gigi

    Re-read October 2016 Now on to book 3!I loved Doubleback, the first book about the smoking hot duo Jude and Rowan, so I was particularly excited for the sequel Double Down. The first book left us with a lovely HFN but I'm a HEA girl, so I ate this book up in one sitting.All is not roses and sunshine in Jude and Rowan's lives six weeks after they renewed their romance and were almost killed by a homicidal manic. Rowan is still healing from his arrow through the shoulder and both men have inner di [...]

  • Jan

    Available on KU ATM>Double Down picks up right where Doubleback left off, with both guys agreeing to take “one day at a time" in their relationship and let the future take care of itself. The problem with that was that the “one day at a time” philosophy led to uncertainty.What exactly were they? Single? In a relationship? Fuck buddies? Significant other? I will tick the "it’s complicated” box for them.They knew very well that they wanted more from this relationship. Yet, none of the [...]

  • J *deep in the heart of Texas*

    4.5 Stars!I really really like this series even though Rowan and Jude seem to be in a constant state of "one step forward, two steps back". They have a real problem communicating outside of the bedroom. But I still really like both characters. Another good mystery plot going on in this onewhich keeps things interesting. It's a good mix between the suspense and romance. I like the length of these books, but it also just means we never get an HEA. I've decided to stop with this book (well if you d [...]

  • ~Mindy Lynn~

    Really loved this one and the first one in the series. I can't wait for the third book. The guys are hot and I love them together. I can't wait to see what else they get up to.

  • Wendy

    This is the second book in this series about Jude and Rowan. It should be read after book 1, since this is not a stand-alone.I think I enjoyed this one even more. These guys are back together again, after they seperated for a year and things are still a bit new and fragile. Both of them have all sorts of feelings, but the dumbasses don't talk. They keep everything locked inside, afraid the other will make a run for it, if they don't. This time we get more info on Rowan and his childhood, when th [...]

  • Simone

    R-read marathon of the first two books today to get ready for book #3And I love it when a book is as amazing as the first time I read it. Like Doubleback this book kept its original rating.This time, Jude and Rowan are on a more personal mission to find out more about Rowan's unbeloved missing stepbrother. This is a journey into a difficult past, though, and they not only have to deal with this, but also to struggle with themselves and their still somewhat fragile relationship until forgiveness, [...]

  • Donna

    Love Rowan and Jude! This book was mainly all about the romance. The sexual tension and sex scenes were so hot. The romance was rocky, though. Both guys had problems communicating with each other and were stubborn. I couldn't put the book down until it was finished. I'll be reading the third book in this series, next.

  • Ele

    *ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.*I'm not a big fan of established couples, especially when it takes a whole series for them to get their HEA. BUT I'm definately hooked on this one.This book picks up six weeks after the end of Doubleback. Now, if you think that Jude and Rowan are in their honeymoon period, think again. They still haven't admited their feelings, neither of them has let his guard down and it is pretty clear that they still don't know each other a [...]

  • Keveen

    4.5 STARSWhat-ifs were cancerous and soul destroying.This series is really good! I want more! I thought it was as good, if not better, as the first book. I felt like I was really reading a continuation of the first book. There are some books that aren't good with continuity (not the plot but the emotions and small stuff) so I applaud this. It had all the elements that I loved in the first book.I have nothing else to say."Nothing's a waste of time," Jude brushed his lips to Rowan's again, a teasi [...]

  • Susan

    3.5 starsAfter a strong-start-but-couldn’t-quite-keep-up-the-momentum experience reading book one of this series, I wasn’t sure what to expect with the follow-up. I liked the coupling of Rowan & Jude, so I was hoping that where book 1 started to fall short, book 2 might be able to salvage it.And it did.In book 2, we get Rowan’s story (where book 1 was more about Jude). And Rowan, being a complex character (stick straight law man who holds his emotions so fiercely guarded), with a diffi [...]

  • Daphne

    These two men made me nuts in this book. I swear, I wanted to make them wear that "get along" shirt where they both had their heads through the head part and each had one arm through a sleeve. Maybe being stuck together would have made them communicate. Maddening to read. They were so sweet with how they felt about each other but even after all they went through -- ain't nobody talking and they actually ignored obvious times they could have talked. It wasn't just relationship stuff, it was Rowan [...]

  • Sandi ♥'s way too many M/M books

    I totally love these guys! Great follow up!

  • ♣️ Lynda ♣️

    I received an ARC and totally devoured this book in just a few hours. Here's my honest review.Rowan and Jude have gone through so much. This book picks up 6 weeks after Doubleback ended. Both men are healing from their injuries, physically and emotionally. They still seem to be having trouble with communication. Each assuming their feelings aren't reciprocated completely by the other. Here we get a look at Rowan's life when he was a child. His stepmother Sunny is Evil! She's all about her druggi [...]

  • CrabbyPatty

    I received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Oh, I loved this sequel to Doubleback! Good plot that really held my interest, with Jude and Rowan cautiously exploring and deepening their relationship, while investigating if something terrible has happened to Ro's no-good druggie stepbrother, Shane. Jude and Ro are HOT together (sexy, dirty, steamy, the dirty talk!) and it's great to get Rowan, as well as Jude's, POV in this book, since Rowan was pretty much a [...]

  • Caipi

    This story begins six weeks after the end of Doubleback. Jude and Rowan are reunited, but they are still not able to admit their feelings for each other.The misinterpretations and the inability to communicate continue.But Jude, as always, was a hard one to read, a man who defended his heart behind a fortress built of stony silence and shielded expressions."Swear to God, Jude. Do you two ever communicate beyond caveman grunts?"And that Rowan must face his ugly past when his drug-addicted stepbrot [...]

  • Denise H.

    **** Mystery, sex, and a road trip ! **** This is exciting book two about Rowan and Jude. Big Ginger, Jude, survived the attack by the killer, and he and Rowan are trying to make a go of their relationship. Rowan is still leery of being dumped, but is trying to be patient. Book one solved Jude's mystery, and now we'll find Rowan's suspenseful mystery.JudeThey are sizzling up the bedding once again with erotic sexiness, and talking, letting emotions out, but not enough. Problems arise when Rowan' [...]

  • *~*~*Kael*~*~*

    True rating: Was going to give this 4.25 but decided to increase it to 4.5, simply for being unputdownable :-)!

  • Debra

    Full review originally posted at SinfullyAddicted to All Male RomanceThis story picks up six weeks after the events of Doubleback, which you really should read before jumping into this book (see my review here). I enjoyed the first story and liked this one even better. Rowan is still on furlough from his job while healing from his injuries and is spending much of that time with Jude, rebuilding their relationship. When Ro’s stepmother calls him out of the blue asking for help finding Shane, th [...]

  • Meep

    Saw this was Rowan's pov which I thought might be interesting, however got to maybe 30% before giving up. Not bad enough to 1* but not my cuppa.I quickly got sick of the reminders of how great the sex between them supposedly is 'he was doing it because of the great sex' etcetera managed to (for me) diminish the relationship to being about sex. I was hoping to see them moving forward, building on what they've shared; instead Jude and Rowan are now communicating at the level of teenagers, complete [...]

  • blub

    I received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.4.5 starsThe second book in the series, this one focuses on Rowan and resumes about six weeks after Doubleback ends. In this installment readers gets to learn more about Rowan's background when he is persuaded by Jude to return home to his hometown to help solve the mystery of his missing no good druggie stepbrother at the bequest of his horrible selfish stepmother. This installment was almost as good as the first one. I loved [...]

  • Nic

    Double Down is the second book in the series and is a fabulous follow up to the first book where we met Rowan and Jude. Jude and Rowan are tough law enforcement men. They don't like to talk about their emotions and they both have inner demons to fight. I thoroughly enjoyed the story and the mystery to be solved, but enjoyed the relationship development even more. The author's style really appeals to me. I like the way she brings the scene to life - the sights, the sounds, the feelings. The pace [...]

  • Anke

    Great continuation of their story, liked it a lot. Why not 5 stars? I found the solving of the mystery around the brother a bit too, well what - easy? On the other hand unbelievable? Predictable? A little bit of everything. Can't put my finger on it exactly, but I felt a bit let down. For all the build-up it ended rather anticlimactic.

  • ~Kristin~

    4 Stars

  • Erica Hall

    What can I say other than I simply am in love with Rowan and Jude's relationship. I read the first book in this series only two months ago and I've been waiting for Double Down ever since and it did not disappoint. Like I stated in my review of Doubleback, I found myself connecting with Rowan more than Jude and was excited to see that this book would reveal more about him. I was so happy that some of the book was in Rowan's point of view, and was ecstatic that some of it was also from Jude's poi [...]

  • Karlijn

    In the first book (Dobuleback) of this serie we have met Jude and Rowan. We now know about their past and at the end of Doubleback they were kind of together.This book start six weeks after the end of book 1.RowanThis story is mostly about Rowan's past. He is not very open about it, but when he gets a call from his stepmother about his stepbrother he begins to open up.Rowan's childhood was not normal. His mother died, his father remarried and after that it all went to crap. His stepbrother was o [...]

  • Suong Doan

    A very engaging installment to this wonderful series! This book focuses on Rowan as we get a glimpse into his childhood. Jude and Rowan are back at it again as horrible communicators that bottle up everything inside, misunderstanding one another. The book itself isn't very long so it doesn't drag, and the mystery is engaging enough that it keeps you guessing. A thoroughly enjoyable read! Cannot wait for the next installment! :D

  • Lee Todd

    I received an ARC for an honest reviewDouble Down follows on from Doubleback and is just as well written and believable as the first.Rowan and Jude have an interesting relationship that is tested to the limit. Following them through the pitfalls of their story is a delight.Definitely a 5 star read

  • Tina

    Review might follow later.

  • Kit

    Rowan and Jude are back to solving a mystery, back to Rowan's past and back to not communicating. I loved the way the author shows us Rowan and Jude struggling to say and do the right thing with each other, the way they are clueless as to how each other is really feeling, their inability to speak out loud. Their attempts to move beyond explosive sex to something more emotional.(view spoiler)["Rowan decided to keep looking at Jude's mouth because it was easier than looking in his eyes and reading [...]

  • Eve

    Rowan and Jude at it again! A few weeks after almost being killed, Rowan and Jude are healing together. They exist in a "take advantage of right now" moment in their relationship but both of them are too scared to admit what they really mean to each other. Rowan gets called back to his dingy hometown to find his missing addict step-brother and of course, Jude goes with him. We get a direct insight into Rowan's crappy upbringing and probably the source of a lot of his commitment and trust issues. [...]