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Șarada (Millworth Manor, #1)
Title : Șarada (Millworth Manor, #1)
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ISBN : 9786067412765
Language : English
Format Type : Paperback
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Un foc arzand vesel in semineu, un conac englezesc impodobit de sarbatoare... si cea mai indrazneata sarada.Camille, Lady Lydingham, stie cu exactitate ce isi doreste de Craciun: o cerere in casatorie de la Nikolai Pruzinsky, printul care reprezinta o adevarata partida. Dar acest pretendent cu totul deosebit isi doreste un Craciun tipic englezesc, in stilul celor infatisatUn foc arzand vesel in semineu, un conac englezesc impodobit de sarbatoare... si cea mai indrazneata sarada.Camille, Lady Lydingham, stie cu exactitate ce isi doreste de Craciun: o cerere in casatorie de la Nikolai Pruzinsky, printul care reprezinta o adevarata partida. Dar acest pretendent cu totul deosebit isi doreste un Craciun tipic englezesc, in stilul celor infatisate de Charles Dickens, alaturi o familie tipic englezeasca, fapt ce o pune pe frumoasa vaduva in mare dificultate, caci ultimul lucru pe care il vrea este ca printul sa-i intalneasca rudele total neconventionale si atipice.Asadar, pentru a-si atinge s


Șarada (Millworth Manor, #1) Reviews

  • UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish

    3.5 delightfully farcical stars!What Happens at Christmas is such a fresh, amusing story! The characters are quirky, the story is unique I really enjoyed it. Elizabeth Wiley does the narration and she has a lovely voice, and while she gave a lively performance, I had trouble distinguishing between characters - including, at times, the men from the women.I'm giving 4 stars to the story, 3 to the narration - bottom line: 3.5 stars.Reviewed for Affaire de Coeur Magazine

  • Becca

    It is with a heavy heart that I only give this an average rating. What Happens At Christmas had such promise: a silly but entertaining plot, easy going leads, and an interesting secondary cast. However, while I enjoyed this story up to the 70% mark, it then went downhill as the same arguments were repeated over and over and the silly plot went on for so long that it veered into the unbelievable and I just wanted everything to end.I'm not going to rehash the plot (it really does happen as the boo [...]

  • Branwen Sedai *of the White Ajah*

    “Being willing to forgive is not the same as being weak. Indeed, it takes a great deal of strength to accept someone else’s acknowledgment of their mistakes.”This was my first book that I picked up for my Christmas book marathon and I am so very glad I did! This was probably not only one of the sweetest and most adorable books I have ever read, but the humor was amazing as well, which was really nice because I wasn't expecting that!I absolutely loved this book, will gladly read it again an [...]

  • Ezinwanyi

    4.5 starsThis was a very amusing Christmas story.Camille, Lady Lydingham, wanted the fairy tale life so when she met a prince who was travelling. Camille put a plan into motion designed to charm Prince Nikolai Pruzinksy of Greater Avalonia into proposing to her and making her a princess. The problem was that she didn't feel that her family was the "right sort" to endear the prince to her, as they were quite eccentric. So Camille decided to hire a troupe of actors to portray a proper and respecta [...]

  • Caz

    This was a thoroughly enjoyable read; filled with warmth, humour and quite accurately painted family relationships. I liked that the heroine was in her thirties rather than a debutante or ingenue, and also that she had been content in her first marriage to a man who was kind and decent. The theme running throughout the novel is one of second chances - not just for Grayson and Camille, but also for Beryl and her husband, for their parents and the sisters' relationship with each other and their er [...]

  • Terri Lynn

    Since I detest romance novels and don't read chick lit, it surprised even me to find myself ordering this from the library and enjoying it. The description of a 30 year old widow named Camille (Lady Lydingham) of 1886 England deciding to try to get a marriage proposal from a prince from an Eastern European country that no longer exists (unknown by Camille) but who is really an actor playing a part to try to get hold of her money left to her by her husband with the help of her twin sister Beryl ( [...]

  • Laura the Highland Hussy

    Review posted on Demon Lover's Books & MoreI have come to look forward to Victoria Alexander’s Christmas novels. This year’s was just as fun and yet, I felt that it wasn’t quite as good as His Mistress by Christmas or My Wicked Little Lies (books 1 & 2 in Sinful Family Secrets series).This one starts out with twin sisters Beryl and Camille talking about Camille’s ridiculous plot to ensure the man (a foreign prince) who’s courting her both has the perfect English Christmas and p [...]

  • Chelsey Wolford

    How I laughed out loud with this book! I honestly do not think I have laughed so hard while reading a book in such a long time. I was so invested in this entire setting, as well as the lives of the characters, that I could not stop reading until I had finished. At first I got such a cozy feel right off the first page and then I started to realize the wit and spark that all of Victoria Alexander’s characters carried; I was blown away with my first time reading this author, and it will most cert [...]

  • Carole (Carole's Random Life in Books)

    Currently free on : amazon/dp/B00EUDKH1K/r

  • Charlene Intriago

    I usually don't read Romance (and this definitely falls into the Christmas Romance category), but this was a thoroughly charming, and funny, funny, funny read!

  • Lover of Romance

    Camille has given up in find love for herself. Once eleven years ago, she had love, but the man she loved never fought for her when it mattered. So now a widow, she is determined to snatch up a prince. So she organizes a house party, to show the Prince a traditional Christmas family gathering, hires actors to act as servants and some family members, with only herself and her sister as real members of the family. Then all her dreams to marry a prince may go down the drain when Grey, the man she o [...]

  • Susan

    Very fun book, with a theme of second chances. Camille is well known in her family for her impulsiveness and the fact that it usually gets her in trouble. This one has the potential to do the same. Camille is very stubborn once she makes up her mind and nothing is going to stop her. She has the chance to land a prince as her next husband. The catch is that he wants to experience an old fashioned English Christmas. Most of her family is away, and they're rather unconventional anyway, so she hires [...]

  • Suzanne (Under the Covers Book blog)

    Camille, Lady Lydingham needs to impress a Prince, and she has the perfect plan. She will create a picturesque Christmas for him, just as he has read in Mr Dicken's novels, including the perfect family, some ice skating and a few carols, surely he will propose to her after that and she will finally be a Princess and have the Prince of her dreams. All she needs to do is a hire some actors to play her familywhat could possibly go wrong? I can hear what you are all thinkingwhy is she reading a Chri [...]

  • Courtnie

    Quick, light and funny. I was pleasantly surprised by this new-to-me author. There was so much in this book, it makes me wonder how one could keep the pace like this in each book one writes - are all of Victoria Alexander’s books stuffed with so much story?Camille, Lady Lydingham, is throwing a traditional Dickens English Christmas for a Prince that she plans to garner a proposal from. The problem is that her family is somewhat eccentric, and in an effort to be "normal", she hires actors in th [...]

  • Louise

    A cute Christmas romance.

  • Midniteillusion

    I read this as a buddy read, I’ve been wanting to read Victoria Alexander for awhile and this one did not impress.The hero and heroine were the least entertaining characters in the story and by the end I was just ready for it to be over.They were so both wrapped up in their own hurt from eleven years ago that they had no concept of how the other might have felt (so much for true love). Camille, the heroine was so selfish throughout I couldn’t stand her anymore by about half way through. She [...]

  • ☕ Kimberly

    I love holiday themed books, and this is the first I have read by Victoria Alexander, but I can assure you it will not be my last. What Happens At Christmas was a deliciously, hysterical, heart-warming tale that quickly put me in the holiday mood. I adored the characters the author brought to life in 1886 London and would love to meet them all again.We first meet Camille, Lady Lydingham and her twin sister Beryl, Lady Dunwell in the Ladies Tearoom at Fenwick and Sons, Bookseller. While they were [...]

  • Connie Fischer

    Victoria Alexander has penned a delightful novel that mirrors a Charles Dickens type English Christmas. Camille, who has been widowed for a number of years, has met a man calling himself Prince Nikolai Pruzinsky of the Kingdom of Greater Avalonia located somewhere in Central Europe. He is traveling incognito and has dreamed of a true English Christmas. So, Camille, who is smitten by the Prince, decides to give him that perfect English Christmas. As her mother and sister are out of town for Chris [...]

  • Beth

    Christmas historical romantic farce. This was the first book I read in my annual Christmas romance reading marathon. It was quite entertaining. I could not really like the heroine or her family much as they seemed to be very shallow. But, as it was a farce, I would guess the characters need to be silly for it to actually be humorous. The heroine set up quite a tangled web of deception, and it got more tangled as it went along. I could not respect the intelligence of the heroine, nor the morals o [...]

  • Pat

    A jolly English Christmas in the countryy this one is a farcical romp starring Camille as she sets her sights on winning the hand of a mysterious (phony, perhaps?) prince and in order to do so she hires a cast of characters to impersonate her family ensuring her prince an authentic English Christmas. All goes awry when the long absent (eleven years) childhood chum Grayson arrives from America and decides he will play the part of Camille's cousin.More mayhem ensues to make for a most enjoyable re [...]

  • BeaCharmed

    The farce was mostly well-done but a bit too over-the-top. I had a hard time with the romance, they were both idiots and Camille was unreasonable. They're an interesting family for sure; I may try another book in the series.

  • ☼♎ Carmen the Bootyshaker Temptress ☼♎

    Rated 3.5Review to come

  • Virginia

    Despite witty and funny dialog/banter, most of this book was boring boring boring. I just couldn't get into it and skimmed my way through. I am glad it's over.

  • Sharlene

    A comedy of errors - fake family meets real family. Second chance romance. I loved this madcap Christmas story!

  • Mina De Caro (Mina's Bookshelf)

    Review available on Mina's Bookshelf minadecaro/2013/0Rating 4.5 stars out of 5 Young widow Camille, Lady Lydingham, had grown up thinking that there wasn’t much use for true love in a practical world. Grayson Elliott, her first and only genuine love, had come forward with an ill-timed declaration, right on the eve of her arranged marriage to an older and much wealthier man. After revealing his feelings, Grayson had vanished, disappointing Camille’s hope to be rescued at the altar from a lov [...]

  • Susie

    This review can be found on my blog: susreviewsI was so excited when I received my ARC of What Happens At Christmas from Kensington Books via NetGalley. Victoria Alexander has long been one of my favorite romance authors. Her book, Her Highness, My Wife is my #1 favorite romance. Alexander writes about princes and princesses, far off places and wealthy artistocratic families with a penchant for twins and trouble. I love them. So you can imagine the fan-girl screaming that occurred when I got the [...]

  • Zel Polev

    I should have heeded the low ratings. This book was so annoying. I got angrier the further I got in the story because it was so boring and annoying. The characters were insufferable and the story wasn't that interesting. What ultimately sunk this book was the main characters. The main characters love each other but an untimely confession led to eleven years of separation. When they reunited, emotions rang high, mostly anger and a lot of self pity. The characters repeated over and over again thei [...]

  • Marti

    Victoria Alexander's books usually keep me quite entertained. Her characters tend to make me chuckle if not laugh out loud and usually it has some steam in the romance department. I read Lord Stillwell's Excellent Engagements and The Importance of Being Wicked and enjoyed both books in this series. The characters were put together well and the situation was set up to be a hoot, but somehow it missed the mark.What Happens at Christmas opens up with the prodigal cousin, Grayson Elliott returning f [...]

  • Kogiopsis

    Call this a 3.75, I think.I shouldn't have liked this - it's a junky romance with few surprises, and it focuses on the trials and tribulations of rich nobles which, really, is far from the most important thing going on in its time context but I guess I was in the right mood, and whatever else it is, this book is fun.I think part of what makes me like it more than I expected is that, in my opinion, most romance novels ask the wrong question. As a reader, I don't go in wondering if the two leads w [...]

  • Arlena

    Book Description."In 1886 Dec 18-25 & after. Camille Lady Lydingham wants a Prince, Nikolai Pruzinsky of Greater Avalonia. To give him a traditional English Christmas, she hires actors as family, servants. Suddenly Grayson Elliott returns after making his fortune in America. Eleven years ago, he declared love the day before her marriage to another then vanished. Now he wants her back." Title: What Happens At Christmas By: Victoria Alexander Series: Millworth Manor # 1Reviewed By: Arlena Dean [...]