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Claiming His Mate (Rogue Alpha #1)
Title : Claiming His Mate (Rogue Alpha #1)
Author :
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ISBN : null
Language : English
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 59

Hunted for a crime he didn’t commit, alpha shifter Logan Dix tries to keep loneliness at bay until he can prove his innocence. His retreat high in the Rocky Mountains has left him utterly alone, and for too long. When fate intervenes by sending a shifter after him, Dix’s hunger to bond to a mate drives him to do something stupid. Kristof Two-Feather should have known betteHunted for a crime he didn’t commit, alpha shifter Logan Dix tries to keep loneliness at bay until he can prove his innocence. His retreat high in the Rocky Mountains has left him utterly alone, and for too long. When fate intervenes by sending a shifter after him, Dix’s hunger to bond to a mate drives him to do something stupid. Kristof Two-Feather should have known better than to volunteer to bring home a killer. But the Pack needs justice, and he needs to avenge his friend’s murder. Logan Dix is a dangerous Rogue Alpha and an accused murderer. Despite his training in black ops, Kristof hopes he can keep f


Claiming His Mate (Rogue Alpha #1) Reviews

  • Gigi

    Review of the 3 part series:Claiming His Mate – Rogue Alpha Series Book 1 4 starsTaming His Mate – Rogue Alpha Series Book 2 4 starsTrusting His Mate – Rogue Alpha Series Book 3 4 starsThis is a fun, mild angst shifter tale about two Werewolves who are considered Rogue, meaning they are solitary wolves who do not have a pack. When they meet, there is the attraction with a strong desire to mate, but both are leery (at first!) of bonding because of their solitary status and comfort. The book [...]

  • Makhda

    Kristof is a Lone wolf. Claiming or mating did not happen in his nature. And Logan Dix is a Rogue alpha he's supposed to kill. Even a rogue needs a mate. Being alone for so long makes Dix cannot thinking properly. So imagine the surprise Kristof get when Dix want to Claim him in the middle of a fight. It's so funny. Lol. For a shifter book, this is a little weird. No insta love in here. I thought they're mates already. But turns out you have to be imprinted first to be mates. Well, talk about be [...]

  • Catherine

    This was enjoyable overall, but it didn't feel like a complete story to me. I liked some of the new shifter mythology that the author came up with (Lone werewolves, Rogue Alphas, etc. all felt very fresh), but the plot that brought Two-Feather and Dix together - Haley's murder - wasn't nearly complex enough; there wasn't really enough detail or emotion to sink my teeth into. I know that it's difficult to give detailed, dimensional stories in so few pages, but this conflict was resolved too quick [...]

  • Nic

    I read much fewer shifter stories than I do contemporary romance but every now and then I enjoy escaping into the world of werewolves. In perfect honesty, I came across this story because it was free on . I then read it because I was in the car and needed something to read and it was at the top of the list (being a recent purchase). And I'm glad I read it. The story is relatively short and read in under an hour. But it was hugely enjoyable. In fact, I would have enjoyed reading more of it - luck [...]

  • Kelly H. (Maybedog)

    His claws are scrabbling on the floor. Dix is on top of him. But Kristoff's fur is pressed to Dix's fur. But now he's going to mount him as a wolf. But now they shift and are chest to chest. Um, huh?Where's the electricity coming from? Generators are loud and earlier he said he could hear anything but nature. Hot sex. A new take on shifters and I like it. What kind of bullshit was that ending? This isn't a full story. It's not exactly a cliffhanger but it's not a whole story either. Oh I hate wh [...]

  • Valerie ❈M/M Romance Junkie❈

    No rating. This isn't really a book. It is the beginning of a book that you need to buy the rest to see what happens.

  • V

    Didn't work for me, even when I was going to read the 3 books at once, if I didn't like book one there is not point for me to keep going.

  • Trisha Harrington

    Short, quick and hot read.If you like shifter stories, you'll probably like this.

  • Tami (synchro from BL)

    Short but good. This was a good read. Two strong ex-military werewolves in a dangerous, conflict-laden situation.It was a bit too short for me, but I liked how the characters were still solid. Logan who felt lonely and really wished for someone to share his life. Kristof who considered himself not able to bond. I also liked that the mating trope was not exaggerated - they felt drawn to each other, but not without choices, options. And I liked very much that there seemed to be the concept of " [...]

  • ♛Primadonna♛

    Actual rating 2 1/2 stars. Rounded up because it was a great story. Only three because with all the military terms, I was very glad to be reading on my kindle so that I could quickly find their definitions.! And also as a book by itself I'll let the almost insta love go because WELCOME BACK TO MY LIFE IMPRINTING. Oh how I've missed you since Twilight. But.! The ending was horrible and it was a Very smart idea to put the entire series as one. I can't imagine reading this without the rest up next. [...]

  • Tereza

    The thing with M/M shapeshifter books is the fact there are tons and tons of these books. And from the tons of books usually only one or two are unusual. And by unusual I mean really good.Claiming His Mate is one of those books that makes you think of awesomeness but the thing you actually get leaves you disappointed.► What I liked:(view spoiler)[1) The whole: “shifter who desperately wants a mate and a shifter who can’t, while they are both outcasts” theme2) The two MCsI loved the two M [...]

  • blub

    Kristof two feather is a lone shifter who is called home by his home pack alpha with news that they tracked the killed who killed off a pack member and Kristof's only close friend, Haley. Invited retribution for Haley, Kristof,who been trained by special forces, accepts the proposal and goes after the killer. Logan Dix is laying low after the mishap on a mission resulting in an informatives death. Smelling the scent of another werewolf in his territory he goes in pursuit. He saves Kristof from t [...]

  • Ani Bolton

    Well, this was a little gem. Story was fast-paced, exciting and the MCs were adorable. I'm a sucker for enemies-who-become-more stories, so this scratched my particular itch.

  • Nu

    Two extremely leathal wolves! One lone and the other rogue. A frightening crime and a wrongfully accused rogue and the lone wolf who hunts him!It was spicy, yet loving in some ways. Full review to come.5 stars!

  • Pianisuparse

    4 'Mmmm combination of a few of my fave genres, mm/shifter/military yeah baby. Very enjoyable read. Looking forward to the series. Hope Logan gets his HEA' stars.

  • Anne

    A shifter novel with something new to me, a rogue alpha (they have an almost compulsive need to hunt). The blurb pretty much states the story line. Despite Kristof being a lone wolf, he comes home when the local alpha asks for his help to kill a rogue alpha who killed a female pack member because she was Kristof's high school friend. Both Kristof and Dix, the alleged killer, have military backgrounds that play a role in their confrontations.Of course, Dix can't really be guilty and he and Kristo [...]

  • Sierra

    Full of action and sexy chemistry. Take two hot gay ex-military guys and put them in close quarters as enemies-to-lovers and you get an explosive story. I loved the build of the chemistry between these guys. They are on opposite ends of the relationship spectrum with Logan hungering for a mate and Kristof a confirmed Lone. One impassioned night brings all the barriers between them tumbling down--but what will happen in the clear light of day? The romance wasn't the only selling point of the stor [...]

  • Relly

    Didn't work for meI read a lot of shifter books and usually like the enemies to lovers theme, but in this book I think the wolf shifter was a convenient plot. The guys went from wanting to kill each other to imprinting and claiming so quick, that the need to,protect the other came solely from the mate bond. It was a short story, so there couldn't be a lot of detail about the start of their relationship but I'm not convinced the guys actually even like each other without that mate bond. The plot [...]

  • Kittykills

    having read this on an unattended kindle @BFF's apt, I was surprised on several levels. the quick read, the storyline, as this was a new author to me. did I like it mostly yes, the characters could have been made more interesting by .fleshing out and expanding both their backgrounds a bit more but then it wouldn't be an >hour read. the rogue alpha and the lone wolf, military/black ops, kill or be killed, reluctant mating moved along and while it was a fast read I never developed any attachmen [...]

  • Susana

    Kristof and Dix are two lone shifters, but for different reasons. Dix is a rogue alpha, and Kristof a lone Wolf. They are both anomalies in their packs, and they are used to being alone. But when a plot to kill Dix using Kristof abilities brings them together, they discover they share a lot of things… Starting with an undeniable attraction towards each other. But can a rogue alpha and a lone Wolf be together?Claiming his mate is a great starting point for a series. The premise is interesting, [...]

  • J

    I guess my label for this is standard shifter short story, with a military angle. Adding the status of Rogue and Lone wolves as other labels to the pack dynamic was moderately creative and mildly burdensome, with the crux of the premise tied to this feature. Ford was convincing enough in the mindset and behaviors of special ops veterans, from my layperson's perspective, but some of the timing of shifting and firing within fight scenes were a little too neat and convenient.

  • Rebecca Franklin

    I loved this story of Kristoff and Dix. I give this book four if five stars because I believe it could have been longer. I wanted to hear more about Dix's. I also wanted them to have longer together. Maybe the snow would have stayed longer. As soon as I realized what Dix was I knew what had occurred at the murder scene. Still this book had passion and an intensity that made me want to know more about these shifters. This looks to be a good start to a great series!

  • Jaylee

    I'm surprised how much I liked this book. I usually avoid books with very-military characters. And there was a good deal of random military talk in this, but the dynamic between the two guys was great, and I love that one of them is resisting the forever-mate thing (since so many books don't deal w/that). I really want to see how they end up making it work.

  • Lee Todd

    I really enjoyed this short story by Lissa Ford.The story was fast paced and was able to squeeze in a lot of relevant information and back story about Kristof (a Lone Wolf) and Logan (a Rogue Alpha).I liked that the "True Mate" trope had a twist that I hadn't really read about before.I definitely am looking forward to reading the next book in this series.

  • SaturNalia

    Kristof, a lone shifter, is hunting Dix, a rogue alpha, for the murder of a friend. Dix catches him and imprisons him in his reclusive cabin in the woods. Dix is lonely and wants a family, Kiristof is leary of settling down. Against both of their wills they imprint on each other. Super quick, violent and sexy.

  • Jax

    Rudimentary, with lines like: Kristof jerked into his fist and bit off a swear word. How about a 'curse' or an 'expletive'? It was also disappointing that a character named Two-Feather was actually a blue-eyed, blond and not Native American.

  • Laurel

    Loved it! Just wanted more I look forward to the next in the series. This book has hot X delta force and special force guys -who are both manly - strong & over 6 ft and wolves - woof woof. Loved the angst and attraction of Kristof and Dix.

  • Zuzu

    Logan is an Alpha shifter accused of murder. Kristof is asked by the pack to find Logan. (view spoiler)[ Turns out Logan's pack leaders are the ones who committed the murder. The end up mating. There are 2 more parts to this but I don't plan to read them. (hide spoiler)]

  • Michelle Sloane-Loetzke

    A good short fast for a rainy afternoon. Sometimes you need something hot, quick and still satisfying in between the heavy stuff. This was neither too long nor too short, but just right to make me look forward to more.

  • Tammy

    It was okay but I didn't feel too much chemistry between the two wolfs and it looks like this author is going to drag out the story and have you pay for each book that's maybe 60 pages which to me should just be 1 book instead of these small books we need to purchase.