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Organize Tomorrow Today
Title : Organize Tomorrow Today
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ISBN : 9780738218694
Language : English
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 240

Dr. Jason Selk helps well-known professional and Olympic athletes as well as Fortune 500 executives and organizations develop the mental toughness necessary to thrive in the face of adversity and achieve elite-level results. Tom Bartow, following a career as a winning college basketball coach, became one of the country's top financial advisors and is now one of the premierDr. Jason Selk helps well-known professional and Olympic athletes as well as Fortune 500 executives and organizations develop the mental toughness necessary to thrive in the face of adversity and achieve elite-level results. Tom Bartow, following a career as a winning college basketball coach, became one of the country's top financial advisors and is now one of the premier business coaches nationwide. Together, Selk and Bartow reveal the secrets of how both elite athletes and business leaders climb to the top.In Organize Tomorrow Today (OTT), two of the top minds in human performance come together to deliver the pathw


Organize Tomorrow Today Reviews

  • Suzanne

    I heard about this book through Brian Johnson's Philosopher's Notes. While this felt like a very "male" book (two male authors, lots of sports analogies, lots of examples with male professionals), I found this really useful. Some parts I already knew - they have a great section on communications skills which I recommend - and there were other parts that were twists on/reminders for things I read in other books. I really liked their advice on dealing with the "fight through" stage of maintaining [...]

  • David Park

    Finished this in two hours at the library. Fortunately 'enhancement' books like these with a system to work are easy reading - but doing them of course is another matter altogether of course. Theres no reference to things like GTD (time management) or understanding trauma (why we feel or act the way we do if it's unhelpful). But this book is really about improving performance, a relatively clean angle which may certainly abut on the former two topics.I'm not a sports guy and there's a strong nar [...]

  • Jane

    In Organize Tomorrow Today, the authors break out their program used to train world-class athletes for peak performance. Have you ever taken a class or even garnered best practices for productivity from articles and books, but they didn’t seem to help? The authors of this book tackle productivity issues in a much more logical way. Skill mastery is achieved through repetitions, one step at a time.This program works on the premise of choosing one thing at a time and being accountable for that on [...]

  • Philip Athans

    Though there are a few scattered bits of good advice here, I found the challenge of digging them out from under the "we've met famous baseball players!" sports stories and soulless goal setting like "be the top earner at the firm" so disheartening, sometimes even patently offensive, that I just felt bad after having finished my skim through it. The few valuable ideas presented here could have been communicated in a single short article, but instead we get that broken up into scattered paragraphs [...]

  • Lisa

    Like many self-helpy, productivity books, this is a bit repetitive and a bit drawn out, but it has some great strategies that you may want to try on for size. The Organize Tomorrow Today strategy is my favorite and one I'm really already doing for the work to-do list. When will I finally choose my clothes and make my lunch the night before? I'm as likely to find the motivation to do that and make it a habit as I am to split the atom in my living room.

  • Lisa Kosak

    I recently finished reading Organize Tomorrow Today – 8 Ways to Retrain your Mind to Optimize Performance at Work and in Life by Dr. Jason Selk and Tom Bartow. This book couldn’t have come at a better time for me. My emails have been piling up at work. Projects keep coming with more and more detail. The demand of life feels overwhelming. I have been trying to find ways to organize my world and prioritize everything in both my professional and personal life. It’s not easy.I loved Dr. Selk a [...]

  • Raj

    Great book. Finished it within 2 days. A real life changer if you are going to follow at least most of the concepts in this book. I’m excited about how this will change my life positively.

  • Dmytro

    This book has great chapter summaries to get exposed to a good chunk of the content of the book. Key take-aways: 1) Around 4pm identify your most important tasks for tomorrow using pen and paper2) Its not important to pack your days with as many things as possible, its about making sure each day the most important activities done3) Do not forget to include collaboration with other people in your schedule for the following day (don't stay in your vacuum) 4) As a leader give people the minimum amo [...]

  • Rajeev Puri

    This is extremely Good practical book But tests your patience a lot But being patient in reading this book is a great worth.

  • George

    This is probably the best self-management / personal effectiveness book I've ever read. In a marketplace filled with tips and tricks and trash, this book provides specific, clear, actionable advice, insight, and tactics. I will buy a copy for myself and I might gift copies to some friends and colleagues. It is that good.The book provides suggestions on how and when to prioritize, how to set goals, how to coach yourself, how to communicate effectively with others, and how to be resilient -- how y [...]

  • Sven

    In ORGANIZE TOMORROW TODAY, Dr. Jason Selk and Tom Bartow lay out a system for achieving ANYTHING in life. Make no mistake, this might literally change everything for you. May it be health, relationships, overall happiness or business success - every idea is presented in a very simple and straight-forward way so you can apply it instantly. Here are the three biggest lessons I learned:LESSON #1: Attack 3 Action Items each day, 1 of them as a Must. Always start with the Must.--> Keep things sim [...]

  • Qapsl0ck

    This book offers some practical steps to improve your daily effectivity at work.The book is ad nauseam submerged in US culture, with its idiotic glorification of the military and sports, and hence the writer don't talk about "higher effectivty" but about "winning". The book offers some practical steps to enhance your effectivity though, and that military thing covers only two or three pages, also it doesn't require any esotheric knowlegde about those US sports. So if you can bear seeing the word [...]

  • Tanya Feke

    Short and sweet, effective and practical, Organize Tomorrow Today is a workbook to a productive life. Dr. Jason Selk and Tom Bartow, two renowned performance coaches, teach effective techniques that decrease your endless to-do list to the few things that matter most. Too many people fool themselves by trying to do more. Doing the things that actually make a difference is what will propel you to the success you really want. Definitely worth a read.

  • Ala

    This book was my first finished book of 2018, but it will be the book I keep referring to for the rest of the year and beyond. To say this was good would be underselling it. Pick it up, read it. Live it You won't regret it. As the authors like to say: Knowing something does nothing. Doing something does.

  • Becca

    Self-help/business type book, heavily steeped in sports analogies. I am neither a business person, nor a sports enthusiast, but I appreciated the ideas shared and have since put a few into place that help me feel more organized and prepared as opposed to overwhelmed and easily distracted, exactly the kind of help I was looking for when I picked it up.

  • Maria Vassalou

    control your mind and talk with yourself in a positive fashion. Always remember to focus on the solution rather than on the problem. And even when you’re at the top of your game, never forget the process that got you there.

  • Nichole Betterley

    Nothing really new or revolutionary but a solid read with good, motivating advice.

  • ND

    of marginal utility

  • Kirsti Call

    Clear, concise, and helpful!

  • Julia Doherty

    This was a quick read and there was nothing new in the list of 8 things, but it was a good refresher. I've recently slipped back into my old habits and I find myself procrastinating or being distracted. Time to put my "Deep Work" process back and make the most of my day. Don't start another project until the last one is finished! Put time in the diary for project work!

  • Nessy Dimitrova

    I read this book through an app called Blinkist.The key message in this book:If you want to be highly successful, you need to know how to control your mind and talk with yourself in a positive fashion. Always remember to focus on the solution rather than on the problem. And even when you’re at the top of your game, never forget the process that got you there. Actionable advice:Build an evaluation ritual.Next time you have a bad day at the office and you feel that your self-esteem is flagging, [...]

  • Joan

    Very good book to help put your life in order and to succeed, not just at your job, but in life. The authors give exact methods to organize and improve your life. I am going to try it. The most important thing in the book is to focus on success and not flaws. I think most people think about flaws instead of things they do right. I plan to give this book to several people.

  • Chris

    Great book on becoming more productive with real, actionable suggestions.

  • Jon

    Read this by accident, more or less. There are disturbingly right-leaning undertones in some of the prose (especially in the book's epilogue) and the authors favor sports and boardroom analogies, which I find extremely unrelatable. However: although this is not the sort of book I seek out to intentionally read, I must grudgingly concede that it contains some useful tips and insights for being a more productive human being.

  • Dd

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I just read it for the second time. I found it to be a very easy read, much easier than many books of the same genre. It is practical and motivational. Of course, as with any book of this nature, the secret is to apply it, not just read it!

  • Alledria

    I'm a little bit addicted to Self-help books. Easy reads that make it seems as if I can control my life with the proper application of effort. This is not necessarily true, but okay. In this case, I thoroughly enjoyed the read and I LOVE that they tell you not to try to do everything in the book at one time. I'm incredibly guilty of overdoing it.

  • Tyler

    I picked up this book hoping to get a little inspiration and some practical advice on personal organization. While that is not exactly what I got, this book definitely exceeded my expectations in a good way. The authors give eight techniques to increase productivity, ranging from daily task lists to your internal conversation. The main point is prioritization and learning to say no, which I really needed. The book reads fast, with a lot of great stories and examples, and the fact that they give [...]

  • Alli Lubin

    "CONFIDENCE is the most important factor in human performance, and is the sum of information + motivationCONFIDENCE isn't some kind of magic trick. It's something you can learn and something you can practice. Here's how to GROW YOUR CONFIDENCE: Choose wisely, Nail it 90% of the time, Improve not perfect, Evaluate smartly, Repetition, Be your own best Cheerleader." The authors share a usable system for maximizing your time and improving your productivity. Enjoyable read too!

  • Yaakov Bernadyn

    I'd say this book is geared more for athletes than for business members. There was a lot of absolutely recycled advice; advice, I might add, that seems to be decades old. Be that as it may it had some strategies for the novice. As an aside, I definitely picked up a tone of arrogance more than once in this book. I had high hopes for this and felt let down by comments such as 'whining, lazy', etc. How did the editor allow this to be submitted as a final piece? Anyhow, not for me.

  • Pres

    When I saw the phrase sport psychology I immediately wanted to read it. I have been searching for a book that bridges sports psychology and work organization. The first few chapters of books about "3 important tasks + 1 focus" is a let down as such things have been mentioned in other books for thousands of times. The chapter about talking to others is the worst of all. The book redeems itself in chapter about talking to yourself using a mental workout. This is the real gem of the book.