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Tales of a Thirsty Bitch
Title : Tales of a Thirsty Bitch
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ISBN : null
Language : English
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 95

Princess and Deshaya were two best friends that grew up in Chicago who eventually allowed life to push them apart. Princess was all about the fast life and wanting a come up any way that she could get it. It didn't matter if it was your man or her best friend's man, she wouldn't stop until she got what she wanted.Deshaya on the other hand was only seeking love, but once shPrincess and Deshaya were two best friends that grew up in Chicago who eventually allowed life to push them apart. Princess was all about the fast life and wanting a come up any way that she could get it. It didn't matter if it was your man or her best friend's man, she wouldn't stop until she got what she wanted.Deshaya on the other hand was only seeking love, but once she caught her boyfriend Corey in a compromising position, her good girl attitude went out the window. She wasn't the type of female to sit and cry in self-pity, so she decided to get even with Corey by finding her a new boo on the side.Princess and De


Tales of a Thirsty Bitch Reviews

  • Francesca Reid

    If you're an urban fiction reader that likes a lot of relationship drama then this book is for you. While the events that take place in this story may seem unrealistic or extreme, the truth of the matter is, this is someone's reality somewhere. The author took real like urban relationship issues such as "situationships', gold digging, back stabbing and infidelity, and embellished them for entertainment purposes. I am interested in seeing what will be in store for Princess, Corey, Shay, and the r [...]

  • Torz😝Tha📚Junky😜

    This book wasn't what I expected. None the less the characters were very realistic. I always have a favorite character and in this book Adrian pique my interest the most. He was real as they come. Interested in seeing what will happen in part 2.

  • Blkstorm

    good but a hot messThese folks just don't know when to quit. Everybody had a jump off and the jump off was somebody else's jump off!

  • Nicole

    This book was a damn fool ok Corey shady Princess shady too.Shay was just silly.I wanted her to just go be with Adrian but I got feeling his butt not being honest. Reader Chick

  • Gretchen Lewis

    Huh?What a crazy twist at the end. Don't care too much for young characters in books like these. No thanks to part 2.

  • Joshlyn

    They all trifling

  • Kitani

    My, my, my Princess was most definitely a thirsty chick!!!Great job ladies!!! I couldn't stand Princess!!! For one to think you're in a relationship with a dude when that's clearly not the case was delusional. Her jealousy and thristiness were getting the best of her. I like Shay because she seemed the complete opposite of Princess. Her relationship with Corey seemed to be going well but things sure do change quickly. By being insecure she found out a lot more than what she bargained for! Adrian [...]

  • Nicci

    Tales of a Thirsty BitchKevina and Leondra really put their feet in this book. It was fiya from the very beginning. I wish I could give it more than five stars. The storyline is exceptional, I could relate with the characters. They're always giving us what we want and need. Congrats Sis, I'm super proud of both of you. Keep up the good work, Ladies When is part 2 coming out? Tomorrow?

  • LITerary Queen LatanyaBurress

    WowPrincess and Shay are something else. Princess doesn't know how to be true to any man as we see. Shay was faithful but to the wrong type of guy. Corey is a low life that just has bad person all over him. Juice just need to get the right girl and princess is not it. Adrian and Ahmad fell in love with girls and look at the trouble it's causing can't wait to part 2. Make sure you 1 click this story and share with your friends. Very good read.

  • Brenda

    Tales of a Thirsty B****TRZ CHALLENGELeondra, and Kevina killed "Tales of a Thirsty B" isn't your typical hood story. It touches based on two best friends Princess and Shay one who is very thirsty behind a certain man, and the other one has love but some of things she go through bring the bad girl out of her. The girls find themselves going through a lot of changes when it comes to love, and their choices in men. This is a interesting read, I can't wait for part 2.

  • Tierra

    Princess needs a clue, actually she needs alot of clues. There is no way a sane woman would stay with a man and never meet his mother. She has no chill. Shay I like her personality no holding back, speak how you feel. This book had me laughing quite often with Shay jump the gun mouth but she means well.

  • Courtney Lawson

    DummyLet me just say that I do not like princess at all I can't take her serious at all. Over all it was a great read. I think princess and Corey belong together cause they both suck. I can not wait to read part 2. If you haven't 1-clicked you need to

  • Steph

    I love the book and Leondra and Kevina are becoming my favorite authors I love the messiness that Princess and Corey had going on Shay wasn't no saint either I can't wait till part 2 comes out just don't make me wait too long

  • Mia

    Tales of a Thirsty BitchThis book started off kind of slow for me but man did it pick up fast. The story flowed great no errors. That Princess is something else I hope she gets her ish together. Great work by both authors

  • Darnella Carter-Leak

    Damon!!!I hope this book has a part to cause it is sooooo fucked up how these authors always have you turn in pages to leave you like I'm about to cash this money order .but shit that's what it suppose to do cause I'm ready for part two.

  • Lahyness

    Tales of a Thirsty BitchWow I love this book. It was really good and I recommend this as a good read. I was not expecting that ending at all. Princess is definitely a thirst bucket for what she did & I like Adrian for Shay.

  • Michelle Burke

    CrazyGood read. It got real crazy in the last chapter. Didn't see all of that coming. WOW. Can't wait to read Part 2. Should be a hot mess.

  • Patti Doss

    I enjoyed the book. For a short novel, it had lots of drama and an interesting plotline. It was a good quick read but I absolutely hate the cliffhanger ending.

  • andrea williams

    ExcellentThis book was good. I can't believe she was that thirsty to get with her friends man. I would recommend this book.

  • Kesha

    BANGERAll I can say is CERTIFIED BANGER. This book pulled me in from the very first page. I couldn't put it down and I cannot wait for part 2. These couples need therapy.

  • Latoya

    Wow PrincessI guess whatever Princess wants she gets at all costThe book has a good story line and you are able to follow along and stay in tune with the characters.

  • Shakeria

    This was a pretty good read. The ending was crazy looking forward to part 2.

  • Chantell whitfield

    I don't like the way it ended. Obviously it's setting up for the next book but it was getting good. That was a good one, for a continuation.

  • April Peterson

    WowAmazing finishI didn't see that coming. Dogs will be dogs no matter if its a male or female dog. Good work.

  • Kristie

    Cool read! I was a good read and I'm anxious to see how book 2 is gonna play out. Really like the storyline and characters.

  • Kindra Stevens

    WowAgain wow, Good read, on to the next one. So ready to read the next one lol ok lol ok

  • Deborah Bates

    WowWow that's a low down cliffhanger. I pray that it won't be too long for sequel. The story was pretty good.

  • Crystal Lee

    CrazyThis book was great,I did not like the ending but it will definitely make me want to read more books shewrote

  • La Tina

    OMG this book was off the hook. I love Shay however she moved in to get the Princess treatment. But I can't say I would've stayed hell no exit stage left

  • Tareka

    Good readI can't believe Princess yes the thirst is real! The ending left me wanting to read more. Finished reading it in one day