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The Sheik's Intimate Proposition
Title : The Sheik's Intimate Proposition
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ISBN : null
Language : English
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 77

Sabrina’s life is hard work. When she’s not performing her myriad duties as The Gregorio Hotel’s youngest Assistant Manager, she’s working on her law degree at Georgetown University. There’s little time (or money) for leisure, but that’s okay with her. Sabrina is driven to succeed despite her disadvantaged upbringing. When a new VIP checks in to the hotel’s ridiculously exSabrina’s life is hard work. When she’s not performing her myriad duties as The Gregorio Hotel’s youngest Assistant Manager, she’s working on her law degree at Georgetown University. There’s little time (or money) for leisure, but that’s okay with her. Sabrina is driven to succeed despite her disadvantaged upbringing. When a new VIP checks in to the hotel’s ridiculously extravagant and expensive penthouse suite and the manager is out, the task of his personal welcome falls to her. What should have been a simple meet and greet takes an unexpected turn towards something much more personal! Equally unexpected is the reaction she feels deep down for this tall, dark, and handsome stranger. How can she avoid offending this important guest, earning the ire of her boss, and still not compromise herself personally? For Sheik Samir, official management welcomes are yet another tedious and perfunctory activity. Of course the manager will provide anything he requires - what else? But the petite blond beauty that approaches him is anything but expected. He is intrigued as much by her appearance as her straightforward manner - with none of the deference that he is used to from those that serve him. Samir’s interest only increases as Sabrina attempts to politely refuse him. He is certain that she underestimates both his will and his resolve!

The Sheik's Intimate Proposition Reviews

  • Sophia

    I don't think this one was for me. Right away, an otherwise competent woman has her brain go to mush just at the appearance of the hero. The story even says that she doesn't find him handsome, but she can't remember her name, her job or anything else just standing in the same room with him. I've read others by the author and found them more appealing with a feisty gal and a alpha sheik. This one just didn't do it for me.

  • Deborah

    Sabrina is the youngest Assistant Manager in the history of The Gregorio Hotel not only does she work full time she's also at Georgetown doing a law degree which leaves little time and money for anything else, but as far as Sheik Samir is concerned that's part of what makes her unique, she's unlike any of the women he normally comes across. He's used to getting what he wants when he wants and the fact that this little blonde beauty can and does say no to him is intriguing.I do love Elizabeth Len [...]

  • Inderpreet Uppal

    I read this book nonstop! Yes, it is a fast paced romance and things just fall in place as the story progresses. The first chapter itself grabs the attention and then I just could not put the book down. The need to win and the need to stay independent and not at someone’s beck and call surfaces time and again making it a read full of sparks flying and ego’s getting bruised!The handsome, self assured and a bit snooty hunk Samir, a prince no less finds himself attracted to the buxom beauty Sab [...]

  • Jacqueline C

    Quick read. Finished in a few hours. Feel like there was a lot that could have been elaborated on (dialogue and storyline). There were some things that were pointless (like the bit on how much she just LOVED soda!!!), and some things that were left out that would have better explained the character (like maybe he was overprotective of her because his mother was killed by rebels, leaving him to be raised by a father who treated women the way he ends up treating her?) Idk, maybe i read too much in [...]

  • Shaly

    Sighswhy can't I find a book where the female lead is allowed to think for herself? Where she doesn't turn into a simpering idiot in front of a handsome man? Where she doesn't play any games but goes after what she wants? It was so obvious that Sabrina fell for Samir and was going to fall into bed with him, why she played so many games is beyond me. Pretending she isn't going to the dinner he invited her to, only to allow Nancy, a supposedly mean and nasty gossip, 'force' her into goingat's just [...]

  • Lindelicious

    The seduction (if it can be called such) is pitiful. Sabrina started off as strong and determined. However, that strength was too easily overcome by Samir. With her coming from a low income home, she's working through completing her law degree and earning respect, however she just so easily gives that up? She tries to get away from him because of a proposal to become him mistress. He uses his unlimited resources to track her down. When he finds her, she's at the side of the road puking out her g [...]

  • Randi L Davis

    Total fantasy, but not a bad book. I would have given it one more star, but at one point the Sheik says, "nope." Seriously? If I'm reading about this all-powerful, ruggedly handsome man it all gets ruined by "nope." Other than that it was a decent read, total fantasy, but a decent read.

  • Gem

    I downloaded this in the Playstore because it was free. Good that it was free because after finishing it I was laughing my a$$ off! This is such an unbelievable and unrealistic story and clearly a waste of my time. Next!

  • Karen

    Just no. The heroine does very dumb things. The hero is way overbearing. The ending stretches credulity way too far even for this genre.

  • Elena

    2.5*Overall I like this type of romance almost a rags-to-riches story of the poor hardworking girl who falls for a rich sheik However, this book really needed a quick editing job to pick up all the typos, grammatical and nonsensical errors - they distracted from the amusing story For example: "And then the way her voice floated over his skin, soothing him in ways he hadn't even know were disturbed." ??? What??? What exactly does "soothing him in ways he hadn't even known were disturbed" mean? Wa [...]

  • Maura

    Okay, so I read it straight through, it was quick and the angst was decent. That aside, this had some truly appalling characters IMHO. Sabrina is a poor law student taking classes full time and also working as an assistant manager of a hotel full-time. She has ambition and she has goals. But she can't remember any of that, or even her name when in the presence of uber-rich sheikh, Samir. He is used to everyone jumping to his command, so naturally he knows that Sabrina is going to sleep with him. [...]

  • Lovetoread

    Elizabeth Lennox is the author of books that are a guilty pleasure of mine. The Sheik's Intimate Proposition is a short story, 77 pages, of hot passion, wealthy ALPHA hero and a poor struggling virginal Heroine. Like I said guilty pleasure.This is the story of Sabrina a young woman who works as The Gregorio Hotel’s youngest Assistant Manager in a myriad of duties. She is not afraid of hard work and not only holds down a full time job but also is working on her law degree at Georgetown Universi [...]

  • Lillie Longhorn

    Samir Amar Hassan is used to getting what he wants, and he now wants the assistant manger of the prestigitis Gregorio Hotel, Sabrina. Sabrina isn't about to let anything foil her plans on grauduating on time from Georgetown with a law degree while working full time at the hotel, not even the powerful Sheik Samir. But her life soundly gets turn upside down. After 6 weeks Sabrina trys to cut herself off from Samir and runs to her childhood home. When Samir finally reaches her he finds her throwing [...]

  • Andrea Campbell

    Ok, a little story.It was and ok book. The Highness wind up proposing to his pregnant lover and she accepted. Samir known as your Highness didn't know how to love or how it felt to be loved, but he is willing to learn. He was very excited when answered him with yes! She was studying for law school and realized that she couldn't afford to work, go to school, and study for long hours, she decided that she would not got back to Virginia and would stay with Samir, in his country.

  • Amoy

    Great This was an easy story to read I usually love sheiks, they tend to be ignorant and try to take whatever they want , and sheiks Samir was the same, little Sabrina did not stand a chance with him, world experience compared to little innocent Sabrina, he could eat he up and he did. whisk away in his private jet to his country and think she can just find the American embassy lol poor Sabrina did not know what his her. I love Sabrina and Samir to together, through all their misunderstanding the [...]

  • Melissa Vasquez

    This was a first time I have read a book by Elizabeth Lennox. (I started and finished a few days ago. I have a bad habit of not updating my currently reading list.)This story had a different twist that what I am normally use to. I really enjoyed the change. Well written with an easy to follow flow. She gave some background so it made the story more enjoyable. The characters were two that were from completely different lifestyles. It reminded me of a fairytale in a way. But with its own flare. I [...]

  • Rebecca (everyday reader)

    Having a relationship with a guest at the hotel Sabrina works at is against the rules and will make you the subject of gossip. But after her night with him they switch their meeting places around so that they can continue seeing each other when he comes to town. Samir is straight laced and serious except as he falls in love with her he definitely loosens up. Love, marriage, and new dreams make this a great read!!

  • Tanya Mayes

    This novella pop off quickly just the way I like it. the mixture of an innocent taking on the very dominant alpha sheik was great. It was a rags to riches story that was super sweet. All Stephanie wanted was respect and all Samir wanted was to protect and keep her safe. Falling in love was new to both of them. The story ended to soon needs a continuation or an epilogue I want to know what happens with them.

  • Stephanie

    I really don't agree with the whole mistress mind set but I get where he is coming from when he offers Sabrina the position as such. he believes it is an honor but I do not agree with how he kidnaps her to his country. he may love her but be should have shown his feelings like that. other than those few points I like how the author showed the real ways of how they would both think due to their divided upbringings

  •  Rosebud

    A romantic tale of a Sheik meeting a struggling working class single female that will give the reader that warm fuzzy happy feeling. Uses the Harlequin romance formula that works along with a bit of steamy bedroom action. Love the concept of the sheik lusting after hotel employee but was too superficial to be taken seriously. Still, a nice book to check out when you're looking for a contemporary fantasy romance read.

  • Sharena

    Fantastic Novella!!!I fell in love with this story from the very beginning. There are so many relative feelings expressed from the leading l as dynamic of the story. I just wished this story could go on forever, but constantly looking forward to the ending. I love it and looking forward to reading more for the author!!!

  • Christine

    It was ok, it was my first Sheik book and I will continue to read Samir and Sabrina story. I found that it was a quick read and enticing. Some part of it wasn't flushed out but overall it was decent for a late night read when I was unable to sleep and on my lunch break i was amazed at how fast i finished this book.

  • Nola Arganbright

    This book is part of the Lovers Exchange series by Elizabeth Lennox. I have read another book by the author and find them to be well written although short. The characters are interesting and both strong willed which calls up plenty of fireworks. This is also a free novella and fits with two other free novellas. I liked the storyline and enjoyed the short read.

  • Margie Moran

    Tihe Sheikhs Intimate Proposition by Elizabeth LennoxI loved the story it was awesome you are a great author I love your books So people get reAding you w oil 'll love them SabRina loved her work and school wants to be a lawyer meets the Sheik and things change it a good story I want equanimity read the book you will enjoy it as much as I did hope you enjoy it Margie

  • Andita

    The femalearacter Sabrina was very immature to the ways of love and sex but she was a virgin. I really liked the male character Samir. He sounded like he was hot. I really have a thing for powerful men and he seemed to fit the role for that. I think the ending was rushed but then again it might not be the complete ending. I'm not sure.

  • Ade Oluyemisi

    Was a fast read. Predictable. Wanted to know more about characters. Ending left much to be desired because it ends with questions left unanswered. This is my first book from this author. Had the time to just read would have completed in a few hours. As a non romance book reader generally got it in hopes to learn to like them more.

  • Gina Mackin

    Good storyI really liked the story. The only thing I have a problem with is the fact that you very rarely write an epilogue and that is usually the best part of the book for me. I love to know what they had for kids and how they are as parents. Please start adding epilogues to your books because it makes them even better. Congrats on a good job anyway. Gina

  • Lynn

    Sabrina is the assistant manager at a DC hotel working full time and going to law school. She doesn't have time for anything else until a VIP checks into the hotel and is intrigued by her. He wants her but she has enough on her plate.

  • Maryann Anderson

    Could have been longerH was more than a little highhanded but I guess that's to be expected from a sheik. I enjoyed the book but I wish it had been a bit longer so things wouldn't have moved so quickly.

  • Khaled

    It happens all by sudden to read it. I decided to have a break from reading serious books so I had to resort to my kindle for change. I came cross Elziabeth Lennox's. I finished it the same day and I think it is fine for break, light not so complicated and direct