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Has Anyone Seen Jessica Jenkins?
Title : Has Anyone Seen Jessica Jenkins?
Author :
Rating :
ISBN : 9780763670603
Language : English
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 288

Jessica Jenkins is missing...Jessica Jenkins has always thought she was a perfectly ordinary girl, until the day that part of her arm vanishes in the middle of a Geography lesson! Her best friend Izzy is determined to help Jessica realise what a great opportunity the power to turn invisible could be, but where has her new ability come from? Does this mean she's a superheroJessica Jenkins is missing...Jessica Jenkins has always thought she was a perfectly ordinary girl, until the day that part of her arm vanishes in the middle of a Geography lesson! Her best friend Izzy is determined to help Jessica realise what a great opportunity the power to turn invisible could be, but where has her new ability come from? Does this mean she's a superhero? And, when her friends are threatened, can Jessica use her superpower to help?


Has Anyone Seen Jessica Jenkins? Reviews

  • LolaReviewer

    I can very well imagine my eight-year-old self loving this. Unfortunately it wasn’t deep enough or moving enough for little old me to feel that way about it, but I did find it entertaining, pleasant. The writing is quite engaging and Jessica Jenkins herself is considerably spunky and fun. She and her friends, new and old, make an unbeatable, super group. I liked that Jessica J. wasn’t the only one with powers—it wasn’t ALL about her and her abilities. On the other hand, the superpowers a [...]

  • Ms. Yingling

    Jessica and her friend Izzy are having a fine time in school until the day in class when Jessica's arm goes invisible. Then life gets even more interesting! The girls do a variety of experiments to try to figure how Jessica becomes invisible, but they don't find out why until Jessca's godmother, Nancy, tells them about experimental work to cure diseases that she was engaged in at the time Jessica was born. Jessica and several other children, including Max, whose father was the doctor working on [...]

  • Tanja Voosen

    Das Buch hätte so gut sein können. Im Ernst. Das Ende war einfach total lahm (selbst für ein Kinderbuch) und von Spannung kann da echt nicht die Rede sein. Für mich war das gar kein Ende. Es war total offen und ich dachte echt, in meinem Buch würden ein paar Kapitel fehlen. Dabei fing das alles so super niedlich an und ich hatte das totale "feel good" Ding am Start und war mir sicher, dass ich das Buch richtig mögen würde. Tja, war dann wohl doch nix. Sau schade einfach. Mal abgesehen von [...]

  • Simone Sylvester

    I don't have VERY many complaints with this book except the ending - but then I remember that if I was 10 this would be a very well rounded, and satisfying plot, and endingEVER I am not 10 so I have some issues. 1. It would've been cooler is Jess can turn others invisible too. 2. Why couldn't we tell Nancy the whole truth? I know she's an adult but having a doctor/scientist on hand would be VERY useful exploring our capabilities. And y'know stitching us up after getting into scrapes and stuff. L [...]

  • Lisa

    I received an advanced reading copy of Has Anyone Seen Jessica Jenkins? by Liz Kessler for free through First Reads. The following is my unbiased review for this novel.Has Anyone Seen Jessica Jenkins? is the first novel I've read by Liz Kessler. It's a children's book for those aged 8 to 12 years old.What exactly did I think of Has Anyone Seen Jessica Jenkins? by Liz Kessler? I really liked this novel. It's a really fun, fast readand is filled with great characters and good storyline. I liked a [...]

  • Adriana

    The cover is what drew me in the most to read this wonderful story. I love the idea of one day waking up and you suddenly have a superpower which was the case for Jessica. The imagination this brought forth and the excitement made this well worth the read. It could be a bit predictable at times but I didn't mind at all. I wish there was a sequel to the story because the friends could have so many adventures with their powers. I enjoyed each and every page while I read "Has Anyone Seen Jessica Je [...]

  • Birgitte Bach

    Det var slet ikke en bog for mig. Jeg syntes det er en utrolig kedelig storyline, der er alt for længe om, at komme i gang. Der er 241 sider i bogen og historien trækker i langdrag helt ind til side 96. Jeg havde håbet på noget magi og lidt mystik, hvad skal man ellers tro om en bog om en der kan gøre sig usynlig? Men jeg blev desværre meget skuffet.

  • Poppy

    This book was very enjoyable read and amazing to come back to after nearly a year of not reading it ! I enjoyed Jessica Jenkins a lot and I am looking forward to reading more!

  • Jasmine

    Good book but I was disappointed with how it ended. I like books with lots of action and a great plot and this book didn't have it for me.

  • J. Peters

    3.5/5I had fun reading this book. It was kind of nice to read something that was fairly simple and straightforward for a change. This was also a surprisingly funny book. There were several moments that made me laugh. I think my favorite one is this, which I highlighted in my Kindle:"My favorite moment was when I knelt next to a German shepherd, and, in a deep voice, politely asked when the next bus was due. Then all twenty people waiting at the bus stop turned, as one, to stare at the dog. It wa [...]

  • Eve

    When Jessica suddenly starts to disappear, Izzy her best friend tells her and together they work to uncover what's happening whilst also having fun with the situation at hand.A few weeks previous, her mum's friend Nancy gave her a necklace for her birthday, only when she first removes it does the invisibility stop!They take it upon themselves to a start investigating into what's happening and bring their friend Tom, a geeky boy from their school year along as the usage of crystals causing the po [...]

  • Leftbanker

    ¿Alguien Ha Visto a Jessica Jenkins?To my knowledge this book hasn’t been translated into Spanish. I hope to hell not as I’ve been working assiduously on a translation. I think it would be a good book to use to teach upper intermediate English language students. Most of the reading material you find for younger students of this level is pure crap and not nearly as much fun as this novel. The problem is there is a lot of slang in this book and just the sort of ungrammatical English that kids [...]

  • Lenka

    I liked this book a lot! It was a quick read, and an easy read. It is fiction, almost fantasy. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes super powers or a mystery type book. I really liked this and gave it 4 stars because I thought it would be cool if there were more than one perspective. Great book!

  • Sara

    This is a super fun kids book. As an adult of course I could see where the story was going, but for 9-13 year olds it is excellently plotted out and the characters are easy to root for. My 9 year old loves this author, and this story does not disappoint. It's her new favorite book! The author does a great job of setting up the suspense, though,and it pays off well in the end.

  • Ruby

    I LOVED THIS BOOK! When I finished I was so sad though! I want you to write a sequel of this hat starts 3 years into the future. Hat would be amazing! Thank you. If I get lost in the reviews, I wish everyone who reads this a good day or rest of the day!

  • Daria

    Love this book! Totally recommend it to kids and teens!

  • K Gale

    It was good but I don't think it should have ended the way it did.😂

  • Ella W.

    This is probably one of the best books I have ever read😊

  • Meenakshi

    Very magical book one of the best books in liz kesslers library

  • Liv

    It was one of the best books I have ever read

  • Charlotte Emerick

    Great! It's really fun.

  • Ehops

    A really cool book with mysterious adventures. It definitely got me hooked!!

  • Deborah

    This was an enjoyable light read, although ultimately the inclusion of superpowers didn't quite pay off at the end--they stuck close to the book's term of "slightly superheroes", but ultimately the climax seemed like a situation that could have been resolved without superpowers, leading to a less than satisfying conclusion.

  • Jessica

    This book was really good! I liked how all of the characters learned a lesson at the end of the book.

  • Sabrina

    Inhalt:Jess ist eine klassische Außenseiterin. Verträumt läuft sie durchs Leben und gemeinsam mit ihrer besten Freundin Izzy bestrebt sie das ein oder andere aufregende Abenteuer. Als sie wie gewohnt ihren Tagträumereien während des Unterrichtes nachgeht, passiert das unfassbarer! Den als sie die Augen öffnet schaut sie in das geschockt und zugleicht interessierte Gesicht ihrer Freundin - denn während ihrer gedanklichen Abwesenheit, hat Izzy die Beobachtung gemacht, wie Jess sich nach und [...]

  • kohoho

    [German]Jess ist eigentlich ein ganz normaler Teenager. Doch mitten in einer langweiligen Schulstunde wird ihr Arm unsichtbar, was ihre Freundin Izzy erschrocken mitangesehen hat. Die beiden Mädchen beginnen nach anfänglichem Unglauben damit, der Ursache auf den Grund zu gehen und mit ein wenig Übung und der Hilfe von Izzy schafft Jess es auch, sich gänzlich unsichtbar zu machen. Was sie nun mit ihrer neuen Fähigkeit alles anstellen kann, soll sie nur ihren Spaß haben oder auch Menschen he [...]

  • J.C.

    This book was just a classic fantasy from my opinion. The main character discovers she has some magical power, then (rather than freaking out or telling her parents) goes out and uses it to have some fun, like pranking people. Then she discovers the secret behind the power, and suddenly is out on an epic journey to 1) locate these other superpowered ones and 2) to stop the world from evil.See what I mean?
None of this to say I didn’t like this book. In fact, I quite enjoyed it. It was fast-p [...]

  • Jenni

    I loved the last book of Liz Kessler’s that I read, time slip adventure North of Nowhere. When I heard that her new middle grade novel was going to feature superpowers I was really excited, I always feel like I’m not reading enough novels featuring characters with superpowers.The story is narrated by Jessica. She’s a lovely character, she’s comes across in a very engaging, chatty manner. Her friendship with Izzy is really well written, they’re quite different personality types but ther [...]

  • Christina

    It all started on a Friday afternoon in geography class and Jessica didn't even know it happened, because she was dozing off, but Izzy did. Her best friend Izzy explained to her that her elbow had disappeared and part of her arm did as well. In other words, Jessica has started turning invisible. Sounds pretty cool, but when you don't know how or why it can be a little scary. So, the girls meet later that night to try to test out whatever this is. Turns out with some practice and clearing her min [...]

  • Ema

    actual rating kinda like a 2.3I had so many high hopes for this book! I mean, come on? Superpowers? Yes please! But, unfortunately, the only thing this book had going for it is the sparkly cover :(When Jessica Jenkins almost disappears in geography, she can't believe it. She and her best friend Izzy practically stay up all night trying to figure out what's happening and how to recreate it. Turns out, she can turn invisible! Are there others like her? Who knows! How did this happen to her, but no [...]