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Title : MirrorWorld
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ISBN : 9781250054104
Language : English
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 368

We'll see what a man without fear can do in this latest thriller from Jeremy Robinson, who's hailed as rivaling "the best of James Rollins, Clive Cussler and Matthew Reilly". (Associated Press)Crazy has no memory and feels no fear. Dangerous and unpredictable, he’s locked away in SafeHaven, a psychiatric hospital, where he spends the long days watching Wheel of Fortune andWe'll see what a man without fear can do in this latest thriller from Jeremy Robinson, who's hailed as rivaling "the best of James Rollins, Clive Cussler and Matthew Reilly". (Associated Press)Crazy has no memory and feels no fear. Dangerous and unpredictable, he’s locked away in SafeHaven, a psychiatric hospital, where he spends the long days watching Wheel of Fortune and wondering what the outside world smells like. When a mysterious visitor arives and offers him a way out Crazy doesn't hesitate to accept.But outside the hospital Crazy is faced with a world on the brink of nuclear annihilation, and find himself


MirrorWorld Reviews

  • Gavin

    This was a decent action thriller with some sci-fantasy aspects. It could have been a really good story as the writing was engaging and the characters and story were both intriguing enough at times but I felt like it was held back at times by an over reliance on lengthy mindless action scenes. The main character Crazy (with a capital C) was an intriguing guy. He has a genetic condition that makes it impossible for him to feel fear and it also limits his impulse control. He is also suffering from [...]

  • Reeda

    Cool concept for a story! I love the character of Crazy and how he feels no fear, which is an actual genetic disorder called Urbach-Wiethe disease. I also liked the idea that the author had for what makes us afraid, besides the explanations we have today, like demons, ghosts, aliens and such. The story only got a bit bogged down for me with the sometimes lengthy descriptions of the fight scenes, but otherwise I enjoyed the book.

  • Pixie

    I received a copy of Mirrorworld by Jeremy Robinson from Net Galley to read and review. About 25% through I had my first ah-hah moment and from there I could not put the book down. It is a riveting tale about the reaction of humanity to the unknown and one man's mission to set things right. A must read.

  • Stacy Kingsley

    At first I enjoyed this book. It started with a bang and kept me interested until about halfway through the book. Then I just got bored. The main character Crazy became dull after the first half of the book. After a point I just didn't care. I kept skipping through the book hoping to find something more interesting about it.

  • Jonathan Wilson

    4.25 Stars

  • J. Holloway

    I've read most of Mr. Robinson's books and have loved them all. His Last Hunter series holds a very special place in my heart for a variety of reasons. Island 731, however, always held the highest position on his thriller list for it's dark, gritty feeld sense of dread. How interesting that a book about creatures dubbed the 'Dread" would take it's place as my Number One favorite book of Robinson's thrillers. But it does. Easily.First of all, the character of Crazy is, hands down, the most intrig [...]

  • Sherry Bagley

    Wow this is an action packed trip. Also it led to me getting a bloody nose. All I can say without spoiling it for you, is I was dreaming of a certain part in the book. When in my dream something was occurring and I was frantically trying to stop, then in the real world by boyfriend accidently elbowed me in my sleep, causing my hand to bang my nose, BAM bloody nose. The worst part was not the bloody, but trying to explain why my hand was even near my nose. Read the book, and try not to dream . En [...]

  • Terry Parrish

    Loved it! Loved Crazy too. I personally would like to know what it is to feel no fear. Have to say this book takes some crazy turns. But well worth the read. And as all this authors books go, there are some weird monsters included. But that is what makes it so good. Never expect the same old, same old with Mr. Robinson! I would definitely recommend this read to anyone who likes "crazy" characters and strange happenings.

  • Kelly

    This is one of my favourite Jeremy Robinson books, he has such a talent for creating freaky monsters. The characters really connect and drag you along for the ride, some great twists and turns in this book too. For regular Robinson readers you'll find a number of 'Easter eggs' which I'm sure will make you smile. The ending is excellent and ties the book up nicely, while still leaving the option for a series. I'm definitely hoping this isn't the last we've seen of Crazy (with a capital C).

  • Steve

    Realities clash in MirrorWorld. It's man vs monster with nothing less than the fate of the world at stake in this nonstop page turner. When creatures from a neighboring dimension uses fear as a weapon against the people of our world, only a crazy man stands between us and nuclear annihilation. In fact, that's his name: Crazy.This is another must-read Jeremy Robinson adventure.

  • Lyn

    It took me a bit to figure what was going on.When it came together,the book got very exciting for me. Crazy is an excellent hero and following him and his discoveries makes a book you just can't put down!

  • Dee Haddrill

    Jeremy Robinson has once again written a fantastic story of good vs evil, but has, in his own inimitable way, left us wondering which side is which. Stereotypes are thrown out the window, and we are soon pondering just who are the monsters.This next bit could be considered spoilery, so ignore the parts between the asterisks*****SPOILERS MAYBE*****Given the actions of some characters, I am once again flabbergasted at the pure self-centredness of the human race, to think that we have total dominio [...]

  • C M

    I was pretty sure this was going to be a four star book halfway through, but something happened. The basic plot idea is really neat and creative, with the mysterious mirrorworld just a tiny step away from us. The monsters are unusual and very interesting, and clearly a lot of effort was spent on inventing their world.But… I never quite connected with any of the characters. Part of the problem is that the main character has no memory of his past for the majority of the book, and once you start [...]

  • Jamey Goodyear

    Mirrorworld by Jeremy Robinson is a fast action, stop the coming apocalypse, save the world story.Our hero, “Crazy”, doesn’t know who he is. “Crazy” has lots of fighting skills that appear to be muscle memory. He has no natural fear so he just jumps in to take care of situations without hesitation. This lack of fear causes any number of issues. He finds himself locked up in a psych hospital. One day a woman helps him break out. He finds the world gone mad while he spent a year in the h [...]

  • Kelly

    Every so often, you come along an author whose work you like so much that he or she instantly rockets to the top of your must-read list. Jeremy Robinson is one of mine. About a year and a half ago, I discovered Prime, then I devoured the Chess Team series and Antarktos series, then nearly all his others. Since then, I drop whatever I'm reading every time his name comes up. MirrorWorld is amazing! With a protagonist who feels no fear and has no memory, it grips from the first page. This is an ama [...]

  • Angela Crawford

    Jeremy Robinson has once again proven why he is one of my favorite writers! MirrorWorld is a fantastic book. Full of so much action and suspense, I couldn't put it down. I loved the character of Crazy, a bad-ass hero with a strong sense of right and wrong just trying to save those he loves and the rest of the world along the way. I wanted more Crazy as soon as I turned the final page! The monsters (human and not so human) in this thriller were unique and terrifying.The storyline was fast paced a [...]

  • Dustin

    Mirrorworld, by Jeremy Robinson, is a fantastic new standalone story (no relation to SecondWorld by Robinson, which is also good), written by an author who loves what he does. Crazy is an intricate character, and between him, the storyline with it's plot devices, and the in-your-face thrills, chills and action, I was caught off guard by how I was drawn deeper into the tale. This book was a mystery and a sci-fi/action thriller with a sprinkling of horror all-in-one. You should really check it out [...]

  • Rian Martin

    I LOVED this book. I'm a huge fan of Jeremy Robinson and have read all his books, and once again he has surprised me. He has a knack to take ideas or unexplained phenomenon and give it life. I was captivated by Crazy and the Dread and went along for the ride and enjoyed it immensely, though now I will always think of the Dread when I feel like something is there or experience unknown fear :)

  • Julie Carter

    What a great ride this story was! I was intrigued by Crazy, the main character, from the start. The multiple dimensions of his world were fascinating and it was fun to go along with him on his journey. The monsters were amazing and creative, as well as absolutely creepy and scary. This story moved quickly and I could not put it down!

  • Bruce

    Good, but not great. I enjoyed it right through to the end, however was glad it was over. Also, I got the impression that the author thinks that a Desert Eagle .50 cal fires the same round as a .50 cal machine gun, and that is no where near the case. The Desert Eagle fires a much, much lighter bullet, and isn't even the most powerful handgun, let alone firing the machine gun round that is well over 5 inches long. Ya, I know. Almost nobody cares. It's just that stuff like that drops me out of the [...]

  • BetterNot

    Wow, such an excellent book I couldn't sleep I just had to keep going. For me this is a whole new science-fiction, I'm more into space operas, now my searching for books have changed or grown. There is nothing bad that I could say about this creation plus he also got one if not the best narrator in existence. No science-fiction fan will be able to say otherwise. Get it and you'll thank me for recommending this book.

  • Eszter

    main character is too strong, crazy as a name gets old fast, too much brainless monster fight if i want some i'm gonna rewatch pacific rim! black ops CIA assassin walk through walls, fearless basically a demigod i couldn't finish it

  • Jacob Lane

    It's an alright book, but the quality goes WAAAAY down around chapters 33-53. The story gets a lot of stupidly long action scenes that drag out, and the MC loses the one thing that makes him not just any other military guy, really detracts from the quality for me.

  • Adam

    I wasn't into this one as some of his others. Did spark an interest in string theory.

  • Lana Long

    Great storyline and we'll written. I could see this as a movie for sure.

  • Anne

    Great story, great narration.

  • Gene

    Another book I'm reading to flesh out more backstory before I dive back into Project Legion. This was actually quite a bit better than I thought it was going to be based on the synopsis. Some good twists and turns; over all a lot of fun.

  • Joe Vietor

    Not bad, first person narrative stream of action. I am now discovering with crazy what lies beyond the veil. He has access what lies beyond through them Injection took from the secretive Science Foundation, Neuro. Time to see how he deals and what he finds. Suspense builds and crests to keep me turning the pages, on this book, especially between chapters. The characters are solid enough, mostly built around Crazy and his narrative. The violence, sad to say continues all the way through. Our hero [...]

  • Jordan Anderson

    I'll be short and sweet here: I struggled with this one.I always try to play the devil's advocate, or at least give the author the benefit of the doubt, saying that being a fan of an author means that sometimes you have to put up with sub-par offerings, but man, MirrorWorld was a tough book to get through.Robinson is no stranger to wild and crazy ideas, and MirrorWorld is the perfect example of his creative madness run amok. The original concepts and creature designs are some of his best and try [...]

  • Brandon

    Highly creative and original story. Joseph (aka. Crazy with a capitol C) wakes to find himself with no memory and he doesn't feel any fear; he does however have a very specific and deadly set of skills which land him in an institution for the criminally insane. After breaking out he comes to find that he and the world around him are far crazier than even he would have imagined.The story is based on the existence of various dimensions existing within our own world, only they exist in frequencie [...]