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All-New Ultimates, Volume 1
Title : All-New Ultimates, Volume 1
Author :
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ISBN : 9780785154273
Language : English
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 136

The next generation of The Ultimates is here!Spider-Man, Black Widow, Kitty Pryde, Bombshell, Cloak and Dagger unite to tackle the vicious, rampant crime wave overtaking Hell’s Kitchen! But the young Ultimates are put to the test as they try to survive their first mission: going head-to-head with the city’s most ruthless gang, the Serpent Skulls, led by Diamondback!MeanwhiThe next generation of The Ultimates is here!Spider-Man, Black Widow, Kitty Pryde, Bombshell, Cloak and Dagger unite to tackle the vicious, rampant crime wave overtaking Hell’s Kitchen! But the young Ultimates are put to the test as they try to survive their first mission: going head-to-head with the city’s most ruthless gang, the Serpent Skulls, led by Diamondback!Meanwhile, detective Brigid O’Reilly and her anti-gang unit are on the hunt for a serial mask killer called Scourge! As Jessica Drew adjusts to the mantle of Black Widow, Spider-Man falls for a villainess, and Bombshell’s life is changed by trag


All-New Ultimates, Volume 1 Reviews

  • Sesana

    Really disappointing. I love Miles Morales as a character, and I read this because I wanted to see more of him. If this had been by Bendis, I have no doubt that it would have been a much, much better book. Fiffe can't fill his shoes. His dialog is leaden, his story is dull and uninteresting, the stakes feel embarrassingly low. This is the only team book left in the Ultimate universe, and the heroes are stumbling around after a street gang? Awful.To make matters worse, the art is atrocious. It's [...]

  • Chantaal

    I had high hopes. High hopes! The teenagers in the Ultimate universe are the only thing good going for it right now and I continue to love Miles Morales, so naturally the Ultimate answer to the Young Avengers should be promising right?Yeah, okay.This started off nicely enough with getting the team together, but then you throw in some nonsensical plot about a gang andme cops, andI honestly don't remember what the actual plot was. Gang warfare! Ultimates fighting them! Cops getting in the way! Lot [...]

  • Gavin

    Awful. Stupid storyline, boring characters, bad art, and I swear the "writer" had to label the characters every few pages with their name so that he'd remember who they were.No interest in any of this. Even made Crossbones into a pussy. Scourge and Crossbones are too similar, and both Cap villains I think.Avoid.

  • Josh

    I have to vent. I was going to list what was wrong with this book but there is simply nothing good that came out of the creatives involved. A complete disappointment considering the putting together of this team had been one of my favorite Miles Morales stories so far next to Spider-Men. I was genuinely excited about an Ultimate title for the first time since the relaunch after the Death of Spider-Man arc, until I saw that Bendis wasn't going to be writing it and rightly so. The last thing I wan [...]

  • Matt

    Collects All-New Ultimates issues #1-6I had to read this collection because I've been loving the Miles Morales-led "Ultimate Spider-Man" title, and this new teams stems directly from an "Ultimate Spider-Man" storyline. I was really forward to this book, and had high hopes because they were such a fun team in "Ultimate Spider-Man." Unfortunately, this volume was horrible. It was just one step above pointless, and I only give it that one step because of some minor character development for Miles M [...]

  • Alex Sarll

    With hindsight, this title must always have been intended as a stopgap, given it launched when Jonathan Hickman was already well underway with the Avengers story that would lead to the erasure of the entire Ultimate Universe. Fortunately, there was little risk of All-New Ultimates upsetting those plans by turning into a surprise smash hit. I'm not familiar with the creators' other work, and have an idea they were sold as new talents; to some extent, you can see them learning on the job. For inst [...]

  • Emmett Spain

    Terrible dialogue, a story you couldn't give a fizz about, characterisation that's barely caricature, and a disjointed narrative all add up to "who cares?" An absolute waste of my time and money - this peed all over characters I have enjoyed in other works.Avoid.

  • Craig

    Yechhhhh.terrible story, terrible art. Absolute, bottom-of-the-barrel garbage.

  • Smudge

    I mean, it tried I guess. But the pacing and the dialogue bogged the whole thing down pretty quickly. I started this one with a smile and pretty quickly petered off into boredom. Such a shame.

  • Zack! Empire

    Seems like a lot of other reviewers found this book to be pretty terrible, but you know what, I thought it was pretty good! In fact I think alot of the reasons people seem to hate it are the reasons I liked it! I like the more cosmic side of Marvel, but I've always thought heroes like Spider-Man, and Cloak and Dagger, work best when they are handling more street level crime. So i didn't mind seeing them take on a street gang at all. Plus, i thought the serpent skulls all had pretty neat designs, [...]

  • Krystl Louwagie

    Once I looked at other reviews of this, they were all pretty much right, nobody was a big fan of this. It feels like it's written by somebody trying to be young and hip, and "raw" and failing miserably. I can't even tell the difference between most of the characters, they're basically all immature, dramatic, and freak out a lot.The art is bad. The only thing this person is concerned with drawing is huge eye lashes, weird facial/lip expressions, and paying a lot of attention to girl's crotches in [...]

  • Shannon Appelcline

    I had high hopes for this comic spotlighting the teen heroes of the Ultimate universe, but the result was sadly mediocre.The biggest problem is that Fiffe's writing feels unpolished. It's very staccato, and that could be done well, but here it just feels abrupt. Also, Miles and Kitty both seem way out of character: Miles is much too confident and comfortable, while it's very hard to believe that Kitty would leave Utopia behind without even a second thought. I enjoyed the other characters more, [...]

  • Holden Attradies

    I liked this, it was as good as I hoped for. The art was great, the dynamic of this team of young heroes picking up the mantel but struggling with it was great. I particularly liked how the mind control scene was handled. It was done disturbingly real. Having a hero forced into betraying her friends would be soul crushing and that came across on her face, the tears flooding from her blank expression. AND the rapey nature of that kind of story plot WAS addressed and dealt with so well, with a fem [...]

  • Anchorpete

    There is a lot going on in this book. I was going to give it a poor review, based on how cluttered and confusing it seemed at first, but then the issue where the girls traveled to the beach at Coney Island came, and I got on board.The book rests heavily on a one note wannabee villain named bombshell, who Bendis created for his Ultimate Spider-man run, and her boyfriend Poey. Their dialogue sounded genuine for modern Teenagers, but so did their withdrawn, unappealing personalities. When their rel [...]

  • David Basora

    Catching up with multi-verse comic storylines is hard. The All-New Ultimates doesn't drop you into the middle of it right away, but knowing how Kitty somehow stopped Galactus probably would've helped. Either, seeing Miles all grown up and co-leading with Jessica Drew is pretty cool, and Cloak and Dagger are the types of characters you can't get enough of, and you don't exactly know why. While I would argue any team calling themselves the Ultimates, aka Avengers of this universe, should not have [...]

  • Lu

    Takes a while to get used to some weird art (those frogfaces straight out of Elder Scrolls, especially in the first few issues), but I was ultimately won over by its colorful vim and vigor. Post-Galactus New York has become a neon WARRIORS style wasteland, and it's up to the All-New Ultimates to keep the streets of Hell's Kitchen clean from the Serpent Skulls, a gang that is named so awkwardly because it is literally all snake themed guys + Crossbones.Honestly a good recommendation as a solid pi [...]

  • Joey

    The final nail in the coffin! Simply put, this title, as well as the other titles that came after Ultimate Cataclysm, ended The Ultimates universe which then led to the AWFUL Secret Wars but that's another story!The Ultimates stories and books were once a welcome break from the regular Marvel universe. Able to rewrite characters in a more grown up and realistic way, the stories came across as grittier. They then helped to form the current MCU movies we all love.And then for some reason, they jus [...]

  • Jorge Figueroa

    Definitivamente con los años el comic y yo tenemos más y más problemas, si hubises nacido 20 años más tarde, y tuviese 16, seguramente lo habría amado, pero no es así, tanto este universo como su servidor ya estamos muy viejos para historia juveniles, al menos con estas miras, el Spider-man de Morales no deja de ser llamativo, pero sus fantásticos amigos no son para mi.El arte es bueno, y con un úblico adecuado seguramente habría más aprecio por esta obra, no recomendable si ya tienes [...]

  • Luis Reséndiz

    tiene defectos graves --algunos diálogos son enredadísimos, casi ininteligibles; la trama es confusa y el dibujo, principalmente el de pina, es más bien feo--, pero también grandes virtudes: la vibra de convivencia adolescente está muy lograda, en parte gracias al background que tenemos de personajes como kitty y miles morales, pero también por sus propios méritos, por su trazado de situaciones como "un día fuera en la playa" o "mi novio es un dealer". también tiene un muy agradable air [...]

  • Christopher

    This felt really all over the place for me. The cops and the gang warfare plot was kind of messy. Dialogue wasn't that great either. If they were going to focus it in on Bombshell that much I think they should have taken some of the other bits out. Too disjunct. Wished I got to see more Miles Morales . Will be looking at more with his character when I can. Spider Woman and Kitty Pryde parts were cool too. Shadowcat has always been a fave of mine. There is potential. If I can find some issues of [...]

  • Ryan

    This was just okay for me. I picked it up because it was mistakenly priced ridiculously cheap on one day. I was never a huge follower of the Ultimate Marvel Universe, so I had a difficult time following the story at times (Kitty Pryde saved the world from Galactus? Spider-Woman is a clone of Peter Parker?). Now that Miles Morales is a part of the All-New, All-Different Marvel Universe, I was interested in learning a bit more about him. Unfortunately, this didn't really do that much for me.

  • Gitai Ben-ammi

    Disappointing. The world of the Ultimates has always felt real, the characters have been relatable and it's always just felt different than other comic book universes. This feels just utterly generic. The personalities of the characters don't come across as differentiated except Bombshell, who is portrayed as a caricature. I'm really just hoping that Miles Morales gets better treatment in the future. He's way too interesting a character to waste this way.

  • Alex Firer

    It's weird watching a creator like Michael Fiffe, one of the most interesting guys working today, write a story for Spider-Man, even if that Spider Man is Miles Morales. I've always wondered how Crumb would have shaken out if he had to write a mainstream story and now we kind of now-- it would have been a better than average Marvel comic but still a Marvel comic! Fiffe's brilliance is in his writing AND art. One without the other is odd. But not bad! This is a fun book! Excelsior!

  • Maria

    If this was to be their origin story,nether did a bad job of explaining how any of these teens became the only super heroes in the world. Also, they hung out a lot was friends as their aliases, which is fine, but even from comic slide to slide, I was confusing who was who. This confusion made me have to read it a few times to get any clues to their back stories. Just seemed like a lot of work to "enjoy"t sure if I'll continue on with this series.

  • Chad

    The dialog is terrible. Everyone talks like they're on the Wire, not like the teenagers they are. Amilcar Pinna needs to take a "How to Draw Anatomy" course. I've never seen so many distorted faces outside of a Pablo Picasso exhibit. The "ultimate" line used to be some of the best comics Marvel published. Now it's just Spider-Man and then a bunch of filler garbage Marvel uses to justify that the "ultimate" line is still a line.

  • Daniel Butcher

    Like everyone else I had high hopes.The Ultimates Brand is the global level of heroes, but this line take them street level (if you can even really call them Ultimates).It makes no sense that Kitty, one of the world's most famous people, can just walk around without bodyguards.Some images just do not make sense with the text connected to it.There's an entire issue about going to the beach.

  • Lucius

    The team dynamic was fantastic in my opinion. I was happy to read about how cloak and dagger came to be which I had never knew about and of course one of my favorite Spider-Man characters, Miles Morales leading the team into these crazy fights all while being the witty smart ass we know and love. I enjoyed this read.

  • Umberto Brunetti

    All right, in many years i've read all kinds of bad comics, but this one is probably worse than any one i've read so far. The art is messy, the plot is nonsense, the dialogues are awful, the known characters act nothing like they should, many new characters are introduced but you can't really care for any of them, things happen randomly. There's nothing to save here, sorry about that :/

  • Stephanie

    Pretty disappointing - so much focus was put on the action that there wasn't much in the way of story or character development. It didn't help that motivations weren't clear, either (Spider-woman all of a sudden wants to be called Black Widow? And no one questions it?).

  • Brian

    OUCH.Really wanted to like this oneen with the Ultimates Universe for the whole ride. This volume left me not caring anymore. Why do you need to keep listing the character names in every panel? (If there are too many of them you can still give them personalities.)