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Fimbulwinter (Daniel Black, #1)
Title : Fimbulwinter (Daniel Black, #1)
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ISBN : null
Language : English
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 239

Summoned to a world in the midst of apocalypse, Daniel Black would have his hands full just staying alive. Add in refugees, desperate soldiers, scheming nobles and a pair of thoroughly wicked witches, and life is going to be very busy indeed. Good thing he has magic of his own to even the scales. But will even that be enough? Warning: This novel contains graphic violence,Summoned to a world in the midst of apocalypse, Daniel Black would have his hands full just staying alive. Add in refugees, desperate soldiers, scheming nobles and a pair of thoroughly wicked witches, and life is going to be very busy indeed. Good thing he has magic of his own to even the scales. But will even that be enough? Warning: This novel contains graphic violence, inventive sex, unconventional opinions and a protagonist who has no interest in being normal. Read at your own risk.


Fimbulwinter (Daniel Black, #1) Reviews

  • Gareth Otton

    This is another one of those books that have received great reviews and I can't figure out why.The story is completely lacking in the basic story telling elements that all good stories need. The characters are wooden and one dimensional, there is no clear sense of setting and I never felt like there was actually any substance to the book. Everything happens in such a poorly thought out way it is very jarring. For example, when the main character is visited by a goddess and gets magic powers befo [...]

  • Morhib

    I normally avoid reading stories where a person from a modern world get's thrown into a fantasy setting. They're normally pretty cliche and more D&D to read and while this book could be said the same I enjoyed the author's witty and direct writing. The pace of the book was swift and never really allowed time for your mind to wander as the story moved from scene to another without lingering on any one moment. And that was great for me as I wasn't looking for something elaborate to read.The st [...]

  • Omair Chaudhry

    I actually really enjoyed this book, even though it did have some heavy sexual overtones. The writing style was solid, good dialogue, character and world building. I can't wait for the sequel! I'm on the hunt for more books where the protagonist from a modern world is thrust into an old-world-fantasy theme. Recommendations?

  • DWR

    Wish fulfillment, porn and an absurd story. What more could you want?Quite a bit, actually. There is no point in criticizing the author. I wasted my time reading this book based on its reviews and the fact that had it on its list of featured books in this category. This is yet another example of how customer reviews on too often inaccurately reflect the actual quality of the book. This book was objectively terrible, yet it has 4 stars with 112 people giving it 5 stars. For those who gave it 5 [...]

  • Iori

    The bestThe bestI loved the fast paces action and depht of the characters, the story was just too short. I can't wait for book two

  • CygnusCrux

    Let me start out by saying that I've never written a book review before, nor have I ever imagined that I would. Then of course I stumbled across the conundrum known as Fimbulwinter. I have to admit that this is one of those strange trans-genre books that defies the conventional boundaries of both of its constituent genres, being fantasy fiction and erotica. Due to the somewhat unconventional mishmashing of these elements, I felt that the parts needed to be looked at individually rather than as a [...]

  • Ty Cole

    Good readGood readI liked this book. It has an interesting slant on magic and the roll of power in feudalism. Sex plays an important role in the relationship of the main characters. I look forward to the next book.

  • David Foster

    This book is well written, with good pacing and a light-hearted feel that sucks the reader in and keeps you entertained. The main character is well done, and the supporting characters are interesting, if not particularly realistic.There are two problems in the book: All the women are really just there for the main character to lust over and/or get into bed with, and the main character adapts too easily to the world he is thrown into, becoming powerful without real struggle or confusion.The sexua [...]

  • Ralf Demuth

    The bad? All main characters are super gorgeous and live promiscuity. The good? All main characters are super gorgeous and live promiscuity.That aside the plot is more interesting than I'd expected, a modern day gamer and not-so-successful programmer loses his job and girl friend (rather messy break-up) and out of nothing receives the chance to be transferred to a medieval-style world and pick up some magic on the way. The best is how he starts fixing things magically by showing surprising skill [...]

  • Stephen Tamatoa

    This is such a fun book. Sure the book is basically all fighting, sex/sexually related, or problem solving but its done beautifully. The storyline is interesting and absorbing. I would recommend this book for anyone over the age of being comfortable with sexual content. Its not overly sexual but probably not for children.Don't look for huge moral issues etc. this is a fun, fast, and hugely entertaining read.

  • Stanley Dawkins

    Very easy readThis book is well written. At first I thought the main character might be over powered , but the author have him plausible weaknesses. There is, good character development as we learn more about their motivations . And they show growth. In the end though the book is every man's fantasty

  • Bec

    I didn't finish it. There was to much of that immature fantasy that all females exist for sex and that is all they think about and expect from life. This really reads like a script for a low budget porn flick. There is 0 depth to the characters or the plot, if you can call it that.

  • John R.

    Don't judge a book by it's cover also, SEX!Now that that's out of the way, lets get onto the review:I was reading the Gor series and chatting with a friend about it when they suggested this book, I accidentally one clicked it on amazon and figured meh it's only a few bucks I'll give it a shot. I'm very glad I did.The story starts out with Daniel Black living his boring life in suburbia but that part is short lived fortunately. Almost immediately our protagonist is thrust into a world of magic oh [...]

  • michael alan cast

    WowLove it? Hate it? You decide.Okaaay How do I review this book by E. William Brown? Just the facts? .h. How about my "review voice"? Nah This book is difficult to classify. Big I did enjoy it. Already on the second book, The Black Coven; the name comes from a characters NAME, not what they are. Sooo, I'm going to just lay it out there. Here's a short summary, no spoilers.Imagine: you are a young man. Your life has gone down hill. Your girlfriend dumps you. The job market is trying to ruin youB [...]

  • Stuart Stuple

    A fun read!This is just a really fun book to read. Anyone who is a fan of sword and sorcery and that role playing games will get a kick out of this book. The writer comes up with an extremely unusual and plausible means of giving our hero stupendous powers that allow him to survive tremendous opposition but still has to learn how to use and develop his abilities. Not being heterosexual man, I found some of the sexual exploits that our hero gets into somewhat tedious, but he also has some really [...]

  • Marv

    I really liked this one.The setting is not really new but I liked the unique beginning of the MC's journey he is not helplessly thrown in a new world and wandering around helplessy but has a goal and can stand his man, even through there are still a lot of things for him and the reader to discover.I think the treatment of women and sex in this book is quite realistical for the setting, especially the MC's reaction to the situation.Through I can understand when some people say that the sex is a l [...]

  • Levon

    I liked this book. It's plot was pretty good, the main character was sympathetic, the other characters entertaining funny, and fairly sexy in some cases. The world was well made and I can't wait to see more of the gods interacting with the main character.Even the sex wasn't too bad. Yes, the whole thing was rather more like a gamers wet dream then anything else, but given the premiss of the book what could you expect? And quite frankly, the sex scenes were hardly as explicit as the last the Roma [...]

  • Moll James

    A fun, uncomplicated portal fantasy with some elements of wish fulfillment. An average geek screwed by life gets to help in a world of magic. Lots of fighting, with some gore, near-death experiences, and several grateful and lusty females make this an exciting adventure. Every time our newly minted wizard finds a way to make more effective magic weapons, the monsters get tougher. The plot doesn't take itself too seriously, but there are indeed some intense moments.I will be looking for the secon [...]

  • Lazybee

    Horrible. This book tried too hard. It cramped too much fantasies into the story. When I say fantasy, I don't mean the dragon wizard fantasies, I mean the sexual fantasies. This book is 10% plot and 90% sexual fantasies. Thoroughly disliked it.

  • Niraj Desai

    This was fantastic. I love how the author doesn't really mess around, and gets Daniel into the thick of things rather quickly. I wasn't expecting the collection of Gods and Goddesses as well as the kink/sexual under/overtones but they work surprisingly well and don't take away from anything. Its well written, the magic is well though-out and I just genuinely dig the character! Can't wait to start the next one!

  • Lisa Bass

    Enjoyable ReadI like stories where there is building and supplying going on. Don't ask me why. I just like the details of how things are created and what they can do even the weapons details are interesting and of course the magic makes it much more convenient although there is still thought needed. So for me this book and it's sequel are great, I have already read both twice now. I wish they were longer but they are good as they are. They are fun reads.

  • Jaswin Joy

    5 starsSeems like the author might have read kevin hearne's iron druid chronicles what with some of the similarities-but that's neither here nor there and I can say I enjoyed the book. It kept me going till the end and I finished it overnight.It was a fun read, good story, lots of explanations, world building, action, and fun characters, mixed with mythology. Just go for it.

  • Mary B. Grove

    It's just not that interestingHero can think of a way to do almost anything he wants with magic,and has two hot sexy witch sidekicks who can't think of anything they want more than sex Right. Count me out. No character development and no plot other than a lot of sex and gore, because the book is drawn from all the puerile imagination of a 15 year old boy game geek.

  • Anthony

    GoodreadSex is not as front and center as others would lead you to believe it could use some class thougha few miss spelled words from spelt form and the such but not many VERY FEWd kudos for not adding rape into the book I dislike rape in books it adds a lot of drama I don't read to feel bad

  • M Hamed

    excerpts from the bookCerise chuckled. “If that was being caught off guard I can’t wait to see a fight you’re ready for. You were totally badass cutting your way through the woods, and the way you handled that troll! I got wet just watching it.”“Gore whore,” Avilla teased. “You’re just a slut for power, aren’t you?”“You know it, honeydew,” Cerise agreed smugly.“Well, I’m glad you’re coping so well, but I’m not a pain slut like you. Daniel, can you please take a lo [...]

  • Shari Kay


  • Jim Arona

    This is an adventure fantasy story of the type where: someone from the real world enters a fantasy world to become a heroan 'interesting' and 'new' magic system is revealed and exploredsexual politics are revealed and exploredcharacter development is explored through eroticaThe adventure part over the trilogy takes place in at most a couple of months. It is well-paced and where fighting happens, it is well-described and entertaining.The magic system is nothing special, it is as innovative as a d [...]

  • Cor

    The book tries to sell itself as mature and non-conventional but in my eye it is little more than badly written, non-sensical wish fulfilment than has more in common with (bad) porn films than anything else.

  • Toni

    So, while I have no problem reading erotic fiction with a fairly thin plot, the "erotic" part needs to actually be good.Believable chemistry, interesting sex, and attractive characters are the minimum for that. With this, you only know there's chemistry because the author TELLS you there is, the sex is so basic that I'm not convinced that the author has ever actually had it (not that there's anything wrong with being a virgin; it just hinders you a bit when you're writing sex scenes), and the ch [...]

  • Leif Anderson

    I've seen writing that was far worse, and if I'd been a little more prepared for the porn aspect of the book, that might not have bothered me too much. I even read this story immediately after a much longer and slower book, so it was a quick and easy read. However, I didn't really like the story all that much. The goals that we were told early on were supposed to be important were mostly ignored in the book itself, and more importantly, nothing really seemed to happen. We learned more about the [...]