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Hereward (Hereward, #3)
Title : Hereward (Hereward, #3)
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ISBN : 9781605986791
Language : English
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 480

England, 1071. Five years have passed since the crushing Norman victory at the Battle of Hastings. The country reels under the savage rule of the new king, the one they call 'the Bastard.' The North has been left a wasteland villages razed, innocents put to the sword, land stolen. It seems no atrocity is too great to ensure William's grip upon the crown. And now he turns hEngland, 1071. Five years have passed since the crushing Norman victory at the Battle of Hastings. The country reels under the savage rule of the new king, the one they call 'the Bastard.' The North has been left a wasteland villages razed, innocents put to the sword, land stolen. It seems no atrocity is too great to ensure William's grip upon the crown. And now he turns his cold gaze east, towards the last stronghold of the English resistance. After years of struggle, he will brook no further challenge to his power: his vast army masses and his siege machines are readied. In their fortress on the Isle of Ely, the Eng


Hereward (Hereward, #3) Reviews

  • Milo (BOK)

    The Review: thefoundingfields/2013/08/. “An excellent third entry in the Herward saga that promises to be satisfying, epic, and unputdownable – making it a must for fans of Historical Fiction.” ~Bane of Kings, The Founding FieldsI’ve been reading Hereward since the beginning, and it’s shaped up to be a really strong trilogy. The opening act, entitled Hereward, was superb – and the following novel, The Devil’s Army, was likewise impressive and very strong for a middle act. And then [...]

  • S.J.A. Turney

    I have to say, of course, that I review this - even after three books on Hereward - as something of a layman. It's not an era I am familiar with, and I know little of Hereward other than vague connections between the name and rebellions in the days of the early English. By the time I got to the 3rd book, though, I have to admit it was pretty obvious that the series could not have a happy ending. Though I don't know the history of Hereward, I do know that William the Conqueror founded a dynasty o [...]

  • John Hanscom

    4 1/2 to 5. Absolutely engaging. The only suggestion: the book is full of archaic terms from battle and Medieval English society. A glossary would be handy, so it is not necessary to keep checking a dictionary. Nevertheless, reading this book is like watching a movie, and it is HIGHLY recommended.

  • Speesh

    Don't you just love it when things come together?I go on holiday to the UK and pick up 'Hereward The End of Days'. Amongst other places, we visit friends who live in Ely. On my birthday, the 7th of August, unfortunately a few days after we returned from the afore-mentioned trip, James Wilde is in Ely doing a signing of 'Hereward End of Days'. On my return I finish Marc Morris' 'The Norman Conquest' before starting 'End of Days'.AnywayIt's never easy (I guess) writing a book based on a factual fi [...]

  • Frederick Tucker

    James Wilde is as good as Bernard Cornwell

  • Sonny

    Nice read. Hints of the beginning of the Robin Hood legend.

  • Beorn

    If I had to pick one word or phrase for it, it would be work in progress. This reads quite like what you'd imagine a draft sent to a publishers would read like rather than the finished beast.The titular character, Hereward, is barely a supporting role in his own book. In fact the most memorable things to have happened him so far is him infiltrating the enemy camp and nearly getting caught. Not once, but at least twice. It could easily be said that his antagonist Harald Redteeth has far more atte [...]

  • Mikeslinky

    Overall I really enjoyed this book. It did take a few pages at the beginning to get to grips with all the characters, mostly due to some of their names. I did wonder if it would have been easier if I'd read the first two books! After that, this book took me on a journey to Norman England, a period I have not really experienced in my reading much previously. Hereward himself had a quiet confidence of a great leader in public but all the self-loathing and doubt these strong individuals always seem [...]

  • Tony Parsons

    1071, 5 yrs. have gone by since King William the Bastard & his band of Normans' invaded Hastings. Villages are now lay as wasteland. Land & other valuables have been stolen. Rats get more than they bargained for as they run rampant over the number of dead corpses. On the Isle of Ely Hereward the Wake (Mercia) is picked to lead a band of warriors against the King. Turfrida is his wife) & Redwald is his brother.What about all the heroes & their battles? Will times have changed in 1 [...]

  • E.M. Powell

    This is the third outing for Hereward the Wake, England’s eleventh century forgotten hero. Set in 1071, England is under the grip of the conquering Norman king, William. The hated William has secured power and control through his ruthless campaigns. Still holding out are the rebel English in the east. But their hero, Hereward, is missing and they are having to fight alone. William looks set to be victorious. Hereward of course returns and has to lead his outnumbered people against the Norman i [...]

  • Rick Brindle

    So, in this, the third novel of the trilogy, Hereward's fight against William reaches its climax. Because, outside of the readers of these novels, not many people have heard of Hereward the Wake, and because almost everyone has heard of William the conqueror, I think we all know who will win in the end. Not necessarily a recipe for disaster; we all know how most Sharpe novels end.So why was this only OK? Sad to say, the narrative style. Wilde's prose is ponderous and at times, irritating. He's t [...]

  • Rebecca

    This third and final book in the epic Hereward trilogy is truly, honestly, cross my heart MIND GRIPPING and EDGE OF YOUR SEAT reading - guaranteed 100%! Not least due to the reader being plunged into the camp at Ely to learn that not only is order disintergrating and brutal random murders are being committed but HEREWARD IS MISSING! Is all lost?From there it goes onto the best, most well plotted, jaw dropping roller coaster of a ride as the reader followers the several key point events that allo [...]

  • David

    In this third installment of the Hereward saga, our hero is desperately trying to save the survivors of the Norman Invasion, not to mention himself from his own demons. His brother has turned against him and many of the people he was close to have been killed by William the Bastard's army. Dark days are indeed upon him. Hereward doesn't simply turn tail and run but instead chooses to face off the seemingly unbeatable Norman army. At first his plans succeed in holding off the enemy, but in time c [...]

  • William

    I knew nothing of Hereward before reading "The End Of Days" that I received from . This is a fascinating book bringing to life a hero from Medieval England with all the battles, bloodshed and yes, even gore of that time. I would recommend the author add a glossary to this book to aid in understanding a lot of the terms we don't use today. It took time looking up a lot of words on google in order to understand what was being used and done with the archaic terminology. This is an excellent read &a [...]

  • Patrick Raftery

    we all no the story of england other heroes like robin hood but hereward has been forgotten but james wilde takes you back to when england had one hero who save it from william the bastard,in this the end is near as williams hold on england tighter by the day when those he calls his allies turn against him and england there is only his blood brothers those who die for him as he would for them.l ask myself why do we not remember this great man or is it history is written by the winners however ba [...]

  • Dan Stinton

    I didn't enjoy this book as much as some of my fellow members whose opinions I generally respect. While I liked it just fine and will continue to read the Hereward novels, and most likely anything else the author puts out, I wanted to like it more, the Norman Conquest and it's aftermath being interests of mine. This is the 3rd Hereward book I've read and I suppose he's a decent enough character in a William Wallace kind of way but he's no Robin Hood or Ivanhoe in my opinion.

  • W.H. Cann

    Another great book from James Wilde, and a worthy sequel both in quality and content. The story is well written, gripping and engaging, taking you along an exciting path of intrigue, treachery, scheming, and bloody battles. Once again, I found it hard to put down. The writing never seemed strained or tired, but fluid and well paced. Another excellent addition to my library, and one that will be read again.

  • Ernest Spoon

    I seem to have read an earlier Hereward novel but I can't remember which. This is the third of the series and if you're into sword and battleaxe porn this is for you. It kept me entertained and if it had been written as an epic poem in the 11th C. CE it would have kept drunken knights happy on cold winter nights.

  • Pete

    .And so the series continues,and may I say well worth the wait.I enjoyed this book from start to finish also found it hard to put down (esp nearing midnight and getting at 6),with it's action and twists and turns.I can't much more without giving any o the plot away,so all I'll say is,go buy it and of course read it esp if you've read the previous last 2 books.

  • Becky Cresswell

    Could benefit from maps, definitely, and a timescale of events. By no means am I an expert on the events of 1071, but I can't help but feel that the 'siege' of Ely was a little dragged out. It seemed to go on forever and the characters at times were a little confusing. The women didn't seem real, and the men were just blood-thirsty barbarians. Also, William the Bastard was not 50 in 1071!!

  • Deb

    RivetingA story of a real hero few have ever heard of - with real battles, some fought with ax and sword and others with stealth and cunning. The last in a three part series that is as rousing as it is informative.

  • Katrina H

    I registered a book at BookCrossing!BookCrossing/journal/12977238

  • Claude

    An epic fast paced story without a single hitch.

  • Bob Moran

    GREAT READGreat book! Can't wait for the next one about Hereward and the boys in Constantinople to be released in Kindle