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Shoot to Kill (Young Bond, #6)
Title : Shoot to Kill (Young Bond, #6)
Author :
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ISBN : 9780857533739
Language : English
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 299

BEFORE THE MAN BECAME THE LEGEND.BEFORE THE BOY BECAME THE MAN.MEET BOND. JAMES BOND. Young James Bond is back in his most action-packed, explosive adventure yet.Expelled from Eton and determined never to trust again, James Bond’s plans for a solitary summer are dashed by the discovery of a gruesome film reel – a reel someone is willing to kill for.Travelling from the EnglBEFORE THE MAN BECAME THE LEGEND.BEFORE THE BOY BECAME THE MAN.MEET BOND. JAMES BOND. Young James Bond is back in his most action-packed, explosive adventure yet.Expelled from Eton and determined never to trust again, James Bond’s plans for a solitary summer are dashed by the discovery of a gruesome film reel – a reel someone is willing to kill for.Travelling from the English countryside to Los Angeles, James finds himself caught up in a sinister plot of blackmail, murder and revenge that goes way beyond any Hollywood gangster movie.His friends in danger, his life on the line, James must find a way out.Or die


Shoot to Kill (Young Bond, #6) Reviews

  • Chris Horsefield

    I was a little disapointed. I was expecting better, after reading great teen spy series like Alex Rider and Jason Steed, this lacked speed, action and excitement. It was little old-fashioned, stiff upper lip. The author tried to be Ian Fleming, :FAIL. We have possibly 4 great teen spy writers alive today and for some reason Steve Cole who writes Kids books was given Bond.Okay,Anthony Horowitz Robert Muchamore Mark A. Cooper Eoin ColferOkay okay Anthony Horowitz is now writing the next adult Bond [...]

  • Bryce b

    Very good throughout the whole book. Fast paced and we'll thought.

  • Martyn Perry

    So, a full six years after Charlie Higson last wrote a Young Bond novel, and the story finally gets to continue at the hands of Steve Cole.Cole is an author I've never read before - and nor should I have to be honest, thanks to his previous specialty being pre-teen fiction. But considering his limited experience writing in this genre and for this Young-Adult age range, I was really surprised at how eloquently written parts of this book were. Sure it's simple with a nice fast pace and elementary [...]

  • David Lambert

    I can honestly say that it is not very often that I win any competitions, so thank you for my early release copy.It was with some trepidation that I started this book, as having read every Bond book prior to this one, including all of the Charlie Higson Young Bonds, which got better with every book, I was wondering whether Steve Cole could move the character on.I shouldn't have worried, as Steve Cole has continued where Charlie Higson left off, and has written a very good novel, which moves the [...]

  • Carson

    While I had started the Young Bond series without much in the way of expectations, the Charlie Higson series was fantastic.Steve Cole's "Shoot to Kill" is lackluster throughout. I never really find myself caring much for the other characters in the story, which feels unnecessary in Bond's journey. His stories at Eton felt like they really filled in gaps in his past and they had strong references to his preferences in vehicles and his parents, Hannes Oberhauser and the reason he fled Eton. "Shoot [...]

  • Mel

    I found this very disappointing. I really enjoyed the Charlie Higson Young Bond novels and for me, this was nowhere near on par. Yes this was a different author, but had a completely different feel to the earlier books in the series. It was a chore to read.

  • Lisa

    A good easy read, lacked something, but not sure what and perhaps slightly off its target readership.This book was received for free through first reads. Thanks

  • Jeffrey Westhoff

    Many readers, including myself, were nervous about the handover of the Young Bond books from Charlie Higson to Steve Cole. Higson’s five books were superb, much more entertaining and faithful to the spirit of Ian Fleming than the so-called “adult” Bond novels being published at the same time. Devil May Care? Ugh. Could a new author maintain the magic that Higson created?Cole certainly knew what he was up against, so on the very first page of Shoot to Kill he sends a signal to old-school Bo [...]

  • Alison

    Well, that was fun! A bit gorier than I expected from a book otherwise suited to the younger spectrum of YA readers, but the plot was strong and suspenseful. I have a preference for books where chicks kick butt a little more,but this is a James Bond, so my expectations weren't high for this being part of the plot. Yet we still had a couple of capable female characters at least. There were a few moments where I just couldn't see where the plot was going, or how it was going to get to a conclusion [...]

  • Rich

    I confess I didn't know at the time that this was aimed as Teen Fiction, it was brought for me as a Christmas present. Basis of the story? Fairly good. Characters? Mixture of dull and exciting. Language? That's what let it down for me, certain parts I felt were aimed at younger children rather than teens - which is a shame because I think the author will have lost a few fans due to this. As a massive James Bond fan, I thought this would satisfy my knowledge of his world. However, aspects are cle [...]

  • Dylan T

    The book was really wasn't that bad in my opinion, it had a really good mix of mystery, suspense, unexpected twist's and fast paced action, the book at some parts was to predictable, but at times i found it hard to put it down. It told the life of a young James Bond based in the 1950's who goes on an experimental school trip to Hollywood where he gets tangled up in a producer's(Anton Kostler) evil plot of murdering competitors whilst filing their gruesome deaths and then watching it for his own [...]

  • Alex

    A great book. none stopping action!

  • Dinah Browne

    Pretty good, but a bit rushed at the end

  • Jack Lugo

    In 2013 Ian Fleming Publications decided to continue its Young Bond series, which had been dormant since Charlie Higson’s By Royal Command published in 2008. Higson had moved on with his own new YA series called The Enemy and a new author was needed to continue the series, which had yielded 5 novels under Charlie Higson. Steve Cole, who had established a children’s series named Astrosaurs, was selected to take the helm, and in 2014 Random House released his first Young Bond book, Shoot to Ki [...]

  • Andrew Farley

    Cole takes on Bond and doesn't disappoint. James is faced with action from all sides, and is forced to count on others for help. Trust is a difficult thing to give when you've been betrayed as much as Bond has, especially at such a young age. Cole does a great job of showing that sometimes you don't have any choice except to put your life in the hands of others. This book definitely made up for the shortcomings of By Royal Command. James is growing up and little challenges are starting to become [...]

  • Louise Smith

    Not the best in series by a long way BUT it is the first by a different author. I'll likely read the others that follow it but I don't think they'll have the rereadability of Charlie Higson's contributions to the series.

  • Raz

    Complete review available: Shoot to KillThat ending, though! By far the most on-point bit of the book. I'll admit, I have no idea about adult-Bond and what he discovers or goes through. I've never read the books or seen the films, just picked up Young Bond because I'm a huge YA spy novel fan (and I got given the first one as a present.)Shoot to Kill was an enjoyable read. I was hesitant at finding the author had swapped mid-season, and intrigued as I had never read anything else by Cole. Still, [...]

  • Samuel Tyler

    There seems to be a trend of releasing books and films that explore the development of a character before they grew into the adult that we know and love. Do we really want to know how Han Solo got so cocky, or why Sherlock Holmes learnt to investigate? The answer is assuredly yes, because if the public didn’t buy ‘em, the developers wouldn’t make ‘em. When done well a glimpse into the youthful days of our heroes and heroines can allow us to develop even more affection for them.‘Shoot t [...]

  • Beth

    I wanted to love this book, i really did. I absolutely adored the Charlie Higson ones, i read them pretty much back to back. They are incredible. So obviously, because i love them so much, when i discovered that the series had been picked up by someone else i was so excited. And, i will admit, i had high hopes for Shoot To Kill. I wish i hadn’t, because it did not live up to my expectations. I really hate myself for admitting this, but it didn’t.I found Shoot To Kill really hard to read. No [...]

  • Art

    Shoot to Kill by Steve Cole is the sixth Young Bond novel, but Mr. Cole's first entry in the series. For the uninitiated, Young Bond is the childhood adventures of James Bond 007. The first five books were written by Charlie Higson and for new readers that's where you should begin. Shoot to Kill begins shortly after the events of By Royal Command and his expulsion from Eton. Bond's aunt Charmaine sends her young charge to Darrington Hall while she is on an archeological dig. James along with a g [...]

  • Evyln

    I enjoyed this book it was filled with action and suspense but I just felt like there was something missing, the book although very good was not nearly as good as Charlie Higson's prequels. The plot was good and the writing was fairly easy to follow but apart from James all the other characters felt a bit flat and 2D, it lacked the sense of friendship and adventure the prequels had. You could relate to most of the characters in the prequels and got to know their flaws and strengths, in this thou [...]

  • Jeremy Cartner

    I read the first two novels in the Young Bond series by Charlie Higson and sort of lost interest but when I heard Steve Cole was taking over the series I decided to give Young Bond one last chance. I'm very glad I did because this was a very entertaining read. The story line was rather clichéd in that it depicts gangsters furthering their goals via motion pictures, but the characterization of Bond was spot on and the seeds of his future career are planted here. For a novel targeted towards a yo [...]

  • Randy

    Fifteen year old James Bond, recently expelled from Eton, is on a temporary stop until his aunt gets back into the country. It's been arranged that he stay with a friend of his aunt at a school in England.He's to accompany a group going to Hollywood to survey a brother school started by a film mogul, just recently moving from silent pictures to the new sound format. The film company's zeppelin would be used for the ocean crossing, then across America.There was trouble already as a film accidenta [...]

  • Gary

    This book was criticized by some reviewers for being weaker than the earlier excellent books in the Young Bond series written by Charlie Higson. With the exception of two big errors, at least one of which has been commented on in other reviews, I thought that this was in fact a fun continuation of the series and does a good job of showing Bond's increasing maturity. So to those errors, the first concerns the appearance of a Corvette sports car in late 1930's Hollywood, at least 15 years before i [...]

  • Steve

    As an adult fan of James Bond I enjoyed this story but it didn't feel like a part of the previous Young Bond stories or the Fleming Bond books or Movies, it was kind of it's own thing. This book felt out of it's time, it was set in the 30's but other than the blimps it felt more like it was set during or right after WWII (which is when the adult Bond stories were set). Bond is also at that akward age for story tellers, not a kid, not yet an adult which makes the writing tricky too, particularly [...]

  • Rick Mcarthur

    A really big WOW for Steve Cole who brought back in terrific style and a truly page turning pace what I thought was an abandoned franchise that still has years of potential waiting to be fulfilled! I have been into Bond Films and the theme tunes they come up with, ever since I saw at the cinema The Man With The Golden Gun with my family in London's West End in 1973. I especially appreciated the fact that reading Steve's version of a Bond story moved me like watching that film again for the first [...]

  • Rhondda Powling

    The series continues with a new author. Young James has left Eton and is at a loose end waiting to begin the next phase of his education.Action is never far away and before long James finds himself travelling from the England to Los Angeles, via a zeppelin. The intrigue begin straight away as James discovers that he has become caught up in a web of blackmail and murder. There are American gangsters, dastardly plots and friends in danger. It will be a good book for our younger student who like sp [...]

  • Thomas Myers

    The Young Bond series is all about showing how Bond earned the skills which will later turn him into a b.a. spy in his adulthood, and cleverly tying together disparate bits of his history. Here in this sixth outing, the series has settled into its role, and Bond is placed in a position to foil yet another plot to control the world. Along the way he meets a good cast of characters, both allies and villains. Overall, a very fun read.

  • Terry

    Not bad! I've never been that enamoured by the younger Bond stories - though I've read them all! - but they do offer a certain amount of fun and readability about them. I think Cole has taken over from Charlie Higson nicely and this had all the pace and excitement to enthrall the YA reader, though at times I did think the youngsters in the story, especally Young Bond, had somewhat superpowers considering the amount of violence they endured. As I said, not bad for a quick read.

  • Nina ᴡᴏʀᴅs ᴀɴᴅ ᴡᴀᴛᴇʀ

    Sooooo. There is a book. I loved the Young Bond Books that Charlie Higson wrote, and with each sequel, I got really excited to read the next one, until I learnt that he wouldn't be writing anymore after By Royal Command and I was saddened! If Shoot To Kill can match that, then I will be ecstatic.