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Ana Kai Tangata: Tales of the Outer the Other the Damned and the Doomed
Title : Ana Kai Tangata: Tales of the Outer the Other the Damned and the Doomed
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Popular Ebook, Ana Kai Tangata: Tales of the Outer the Other the Damned and the Doomed By Scott Nicolay This is very good and becomes the main topic to read, the readers are very takjup and always take inspiration from the contents of the book Ana Kai Tangata: Tales of the Outer the Other the Damned and the Doomed, essay by Scott Nicolay. Is now on our website and you can download it by register what are you waiting for? Please read and make a refission for you. "A sprawling treatise of the macabre" in short stories, novelettes, and novellas.

Ana Kai Tangata: Tales of the Outer the Other the Damned and the Doomed Reviews

  • Justin Steele

    Only too often do debut collections or novels read as such, and while more than a few display promise they still bear the hallmarks of being the author's first foray into the publishing realm. Rarely, a debut work transcends the trappings, and reads as if penned by a master well into his prime. These are the sorts of debuts that readers should take note of, as they herald the arrival of talents that are titanic in scale, talents that will leave their mark for many generations to come. This year [...]

  • C.M. Muller

    Cosmic, chthonic, horrific, ouroboric, erotic….These are just a few of the adjectives I would select to describe Scott Nicolay’s debut collection, Ana Kai Tangata. For this is the tome of a powerhouse, of a writer who has read widely both in and out of his chosen field, culling language and modes of storytelling and molding them into smart and compelling narratives. Whether it be the pulpy noir madness of “Tuckahoe”; the poignant tale of cosmic horror, “The Bad Outer Space” (which is [...]

  • Christopher Slatsky

    SPOILERSIf you want to avoid any potential spoilers please skip the bulk of the review and just read the first two paragraphs (including this one), and the last three paragraphs. These should give an indication of just how enthusiastically I reviewed this phenomenal collection. Long story short, just pick up a copy immediately.Full disclosure: Not only had I already read a couple of Mr. Nicolay’s tales before I opened Ana Kai Tanaga, I’m also passionate about paleo/cultural anthropology and [...]

  • M Griffin

    Scott Nicolay is a friend of mine, so I already knew the man could really write. But seeing several familiar stories together like this, along with others I hadn't read previously, I come from ANA KAI TANGATA away very, very impressed with his skill and talent. These stories overflow with invention and intelligence, and comprise what might well end up being the book of the year. Certainly it's one of the best debut collections I've ever read, and promises great things to come. Anyone interested [...]

  • John Smith

    I’m going to ramble a bit as I’ve wanted to say something about Scott Nicolay’s astonishing debut collection ever since I finished reading it. No, wait…it was probably around the time I finished reading “The Soft Frogs” I knew I had to say something. So I wrote notes, a mess of them, fragments, observations. Let’s see if I can make sense of them.Shall we?I remember reading the first story “alligators” a few years back, enjoyed the details, yet thought the ending was rushed. I k [...]

  • Seregil of Rhiminee

    Originally published at Risingshadow.Scott Nicolay's Ana Kai Tangata: Tales of the Outer the Other the Damned and the Doomed was published in April, but unfortunately I didn't have a chance to read it earlier. Well, better late than never, because this collection is an excellent and outstanding collection. I would've been very sorry to have missed it, because it contains fantastic and original horror stories.Many critics have already praised Ana Kai Tangata and a lot has been written about it an [...]

  • Paul Roberts

    Shortly after my purchase of "Ana Kai Tangata", Nicolay's carrier crow landed on my balcony with instructions to "ingest hard drugs and cover (myself) in scorpions throughout the duration of the reading period." I returned the following note, unsure if the bird made it home:Scott,The closest I got was a home brew and a fruit fly, BUT if you meant that schmaltzy German metal band, fear not, as I was conceived in the back of a Camaro to the thrust of "In Trance". I assure you caveman - Scorpions a [...]

  • Robert

    I was not familiar with Scott Nicolay before this collection, though I can thank author Laird Barron for the post recommending this title (ok, he did write the forward for the book). The first four stories are reprints, and they more than set the tone for the four new stories that follow. Creepy and dark, his stories have found a nook in my brain, and they won't go away, they're that good!

  • Rick Powell

    Let me first say that I am mad at Scott Nicolay.Hell of a way to start a review, huh? Well, I'll explain why later.The 7 stories in this book is something that will surprise you. This collection of stories are what epitomizes what great, weird stories should be. In all my years of reading, I realized that authors of the horror genre seem to run in groups. This is not a definite list. It may change with other people, so bear with me.We have had the Lovecraft Circle: Derleth, Howard, Smith & B [...]

  • Axolotl

    There are some great stories here but I would have given it a 3 star rating were it not for the wonderful---and even despite the, at times, uneven---writing of the last story "Tuckahoe" which is in fact the crown jewel of the collection. Like the controversial & at times maddening Laird Barron (who provides a so-so introduction to this very book, btw), I await Nicolay's next collection in great anticipation--what will/can some one obviously possessed of such a prodigious talent achieve next? [...]

  • Sam

    While Scott Nicolay’s stories had previously appeared in a few places, I was unfamiliar with his work until I read “Eyes Exchange Bank” in the excellent Thomas Ligotti tribute anthology THE GRIMSCRIBE’S PUPPETS (Miskatonic River Press, 2013),  winner of the 2013 Shirley Jackson Award for Best Anthology. A dense cloud of confusion, dread, and decay lazily drifted up from his words, and it was one of my favorite stories in a TOC stacked with some of the best names working in the weird/hor [...]

  • Rebecca Lloyd

    Ana Kai Tangata, Tales of the Outer, the Other, the Damned and the Doomed,by Scott Nicolay.Publishers Fedogan and Bremer. Price £18.02amazon/Ana-Kai-Tanga Reviewed by Rebecca Lloyd.I like to think there really is a movement to bring about intelligent literary work in the old horror genre which for far too long now has been flooded with imitation ideas and stock characters. I would be glad to see the back of the zombie, the werewolf and the vampire in their classical forms. Nothing could be more [...]

  • Christopher

    A stellar collection made by someone who it very much seems has a quite similar background (at least when they were a young adult) as I do. From growing up on the Jersey-PA border to developing a very large fascination with Native American issues and mythology, it seems I was meant to click with these stories. There is even a pretty explicit Jersey Devil reference near the end which was quite cool.Though I will have to rethink the story idea of the Navajo character of mine moving to Bucks County [...]

  • Brett

    'Ana Kai Tangata: Tales of the Outer the Other the Damned and Doomed' by Scott Nicolay.There are 8 stories included along with moody art by David Verba.Warning: I don't get into detail in my reviews. It is too easy to give away important aspects of the story by talking too much.I was mesmerized by this anthology and read it twice through back to back. Scott writes a different kind of horror in my opinion. He forces you to think, to use your imagination, to fill in the frightening blanks. This ma [...]

  • Silvia Moreno-Garcia

    A bizarre, unsettling collection of Weird fiction with a very urban and very bleak setting. The stories are long, lush and depressing. So, that works for me! A very strong debut collection.

  • Ronald

    This book received mostly highly positive reviews, though it got a negative one from S.T. Joshi. I thought the book was pretty good. I also like the book as a physical object--such as the cover art, and the interior art that goes which each story. This is what the potential reader can expect from this book. The book is a collection of short to medium length weird fiction, some of which was published previously, others are original to the volume. The fiction follows the tenets of the literary man [...]

  • Dominique Lamssies

    The journey can be the most important part of an exploration. And for those who enjoy the journey, Ana Kai Tangata is a great book. Scott Nicolay takes his time and unfolds his stories at their own pace (this book includes a couple novellas, which we need more of rather than forcing stories to be under or over certain lengths) and in doing so, gets us into the nitty gritty of his character's heads and issues, so we know that, in many cases, the characters themselves had a hand in their eventual [...]

  • Anya Martin

    f you enjoy Laird Barron or Fritz Leiber, chance are you’ll dig Scott Nicolay’s debut collection “Ana Kai Tangata.” Hell, if you like Stephen King or Joe Lansdale or Jack London or Charles Olson or or Angela Carter or Lou Reed, you probably will, too.The universe doesn’t care about you has been the starting point for Weird fiction/cosmic horror back to Hodgson and Lovecraft. But what’s been exciting to me lately is discovering that a movement of authors--the most prominent of which a [...]

  • Timothy Jarvis

    In these long tales Nicolay births scuttling monstrosities by interbreeding weird horror, the grotesqueries of bizarro, and a more subtle decadent tradition. The reader knows from the outset the hapless, and well-drawn, male protagonists are doomed, but the manner of their ends always shocks. If I had one gripe, it would be that this inexorable plotting comes to seem a bit rote over the course of the collection, but these are strong and deeply unsettling stories.

  • Geticus Polus

    Oh no, oh yes indeed, here comes yet another keyboard warrior proudly riding the anti-Lovecraft wave. This is the type of impertinence which makes me both laugh and throw up at the same time. What makes a 53 years old bloke go as far as to say that he would like to take a piss on Lovecraft's grave? Decency, good taste, integrity? Let's not bother with that. That's amusing because the only good tale in this collection is Tuckahoe, which is a bona fide Lovecraftian yarn.

  • Rena Sherwood

    I should realize at my age that any book with a ton of fawning review quotes, equally fawning introduction AND afterward would suck. And this book does not fail in delivering the suckage. Sure, the man can string some interesting details together, but he has no idea how to handle a plot, pacing or a satisfying ending. Out of the eight stories, FIVE have nearly identical plots. How lazy can you get?You're much better off leaving this on the shelf and reading Stephen King or HP Lovecraft.

  • Andy

    Once again I've gotta give a weird fiction collection 5 stars! For one thing this is an amazingly consistent collection of stories without a bad one in the bunch. But what really makes this a five star collection is I REALLY looked forward to reading the next story.I believe that years from now this collection will seen as a classic in the genre of weird fictionligators - Certainly a good story, but my least favorite. It's full of believable characters and nostalgia. I kind of saw where it was h [...]

  • David

    A TOP SHELF review, originally published in the September 4, 2015 edition of The MonitorEmerging over the last couple of decades, the New Weird is a vibrant, growing genre of speculative fiction which boasts some of the most compelling writing of the 21st century. Jeff VanderMeer, one of its foremost figures, has defined the New Weird as “a type of urban, secondary-world fiction that subverts the romanticized ideas about place found in traditional fantasy, largely by choosing realistic, comple [...]

  • Jody Rose

    _Ana Kai Tangata: Tales of the Outer the Other the Damned and the Doomed_ is an impressive debut collection of weird tales from emerging dark fantasy author Scott Nicolay. To say that Nicolay has made his mark on the genre would be an understatement. He has done more than stake his territory. He has taken “weird” to another level altogether original in its delivery. Moist and serrated are some of the adjectives that come to mind in describing the sex and death theme extant in the collection. [...]

  • Seb

    Scott Nicolay's collection, "Ana Kai Tangata" is a new and very interesting look at Lovecraftian-type horror, especially since the new debate around Lovecraft's racism. What all seven stories are about, in my eyes, is not so much the horror of the "creatures" or the "Ancient Ones", but, on the contrary, on the horror of the phallocratic and imperialist Western "Civilization". Most main characters, as symbols of the latter, "get what they deserve" - not in a stupid, moralistic way, but rather as [...]

  • Ian Welke

    Ana Kai Tangata: Tales of the Outer the Other the Damned and the Doomed is a consistently excellent short story collection from Scott Nicolay. Often when I’m reading a collection if I run across a short story I’ve read elsewhere, I’ll skip it. Not the case here. “Eyes Exchange Bank” was just as good the second time, having already read it in The Grimscribes Puppets. “The Soft Frogs” was also fantastic the second time, although I’m not sure where I’ve read that before. My favori [...]

  • Chad Pilcher

    Ana Kai Tangata is a stellar collection, full of the best worst kind of xenotropic weirdness. There is a through line to these stories, and it is laid bare by the book's subtitle. These are explorations and inhabitations at the twin thresholds of Outer Dark and Inner Void, undertaken by those poor souls best suited to the work: the marginalized among us, be it economically, culturally, academically, etc. After all, who better to pull back the frayed curtains and poke at what squirms beyond the e [...]

  • Dean

    It's not often that a debut collection can chill you deep to your core and make you question what you see every day. Scott Nicolay's first collection "Ana Kai Tangata" will do just that. His stories are powerful and rich with atmosphere. You will see the wiggly things in your eyes from "The Bad Outer Space". You will feel the despair on the streets of Lansdale in "Eyes Exchange Bank". You will go on a journey to lands far away in unexplored caves in the title story, and will feel the caves closi [...]

  • James Everington

    A very strong collection, with a couple of out and out classics. Full review to follow

  • Bryan Alexander

    I'm fascinated by where horror is headed in the 21st century. Which contemporary issues will find their expression in Gothic? How do creators work with new media? What happens to the classic tropes?Ana Kai Tangata offers a quiet and powerful answer. Scott Nicolay's short stories return us to the classic tale of dread, where a protagonist is gradually immersed in unease, then terror.Nicolay's approach to horror is fascinating. He's very serious, although some opening lines are hilarious, and ther [...]