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The Rainbow Bridge
Title : The Rainbow Bridge
Author :
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ISBN : 9780991206445
Language : English
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 288

The Rainbow Bridge: Bridge to Inner Peace and to World Peace, recipient of 14 literary awards (see below), has been endorsed by H.H. the Dalai Lama, New York Times bestselling authors, doctors, astronauts and a growing chorus of prestigious global luminaries. The book illuminates the common ground in the world's major wisdom traditions, also known as universal principles.The Rainbow Bridge: Bridge to Inner Peace and to World Peace, recipient of 14 literary awards (see below), has been endorsed by H.H. the Dalai Lama, New York Times bestselling authors, doctors, astronauts and a growing chorus of prestigious global luminaries. The book illuminates the common ground in the world's major wisdom traditions, also known as universal principles. The sixty easy-to-use universal principles can be used to help guide us to experiencing deep inner peace. They can also be used in concrete ways to help create a bridge to a peaceful harmonious world that works for all via a comprehensive Road Map to


The Rainbow Bridge Reviews

  • Billy Buttons

    This book was reviewed by one of the readers at The Wishing Shelf Book Awards. This is what the reader thought:FEEDBACKAuthor: Brent N HunterTitle: The Rainbow Bridge, Bridge to Inner Peace and to World PeaceCOVER: 9/10A very stylishly designed cover; colourful and representative of the contentsNTENT 10/10Divided into seven parts, this book looks at a host of personal and world problems and topics. As well as promoting harmony and unity within its 269pp, it also looks at and suggests way to solv [...]

  • Tony Parsons

    A global peace wouldn’t that be a miracle. Mindfulness (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT); Transcendental Meditation (TM)) I like that. Universal principals (60) another great thought. I don’t believe in Karma. “When the choice is to be right or to be kind, always make the choice that brings peace.” (Dr. Wayne Dyer). I liked the word “inner peace”, something I/everyone needs to work more on. I was born into the Cold War, I have not forgot that; my biological dad built a bomb shelt [...]

  • Grady

    Joining Inner Peace with World PeaceBrent N. Hunter is on a journey, a journey to which he invites us all and the journey to create and walk on a Rainbow Bridge. As he states in his introduction, `The intention of The Rainbow Bridge book is to create a bridge that will help lead humanity form our current world filled with poverty and violence to a wisdom based global culture of unprecedented love, compassion, reconciliation, peace, harmony, unity and abundance.' For some, such a statement may so [...]

  • Indiebrag

    We are proud to announce that THE RAINBOW BRIDGE: Bridge to Inner Peace and to World Peace by Brent N. Hunter is a B.R.A.G.Medallion Honoree. This tells a reader that this book is well worth their time and money!

  • Alex Prosper

    This book is a balm and a treasure. I find it necessary to have thoughtful guidance on my path toward individual growth and towards a more humane society, and The Rainbow Bridge offers just the kind of guidance I need: smart, deeply compassionate, embracing of all people and possibilities, open-hearted, centered on kindness (to ourselves and others). The author deftly is challenging and supportive in just the right measures. This is a volume to turn to again and again.In the first part of the bo [...]

  • Taylor Smith

    The Rainbow Bridge is truly a book that I will have a hard time forgetting. The book is very intriguing and talks about world peace and how inner peace can be created in today's world. The book touches on some significant issues that will help to create a more peaceful and harmonious world. I found that the book was very inspirational and mindful. I have yet to read something that had made me think so hard and long. The book also talks about the world's major wisdom traditions. I loved how in-de [...]

  • Cindy

    The Rainbow Bridge is about inner peace and world peace. This book has tons of wisdom that is derived from the world’s major wisdom traditions. The author obviously has a huge passion for understanding the world, and obviously a lot of insight to share. If you have any troubles or just want to reach a higher understanding of the world and how to make it a better place, this book is for you!The book starts by introducing the many different ideas of a rainbow bridge. It can be a bridge from two [...]

  • Georgia Hatheway Beckman

    Absolutely, positively one of the most important books you will ever read. I'm putting it 2nd in my list of most loved books of all time. This book is inspiring, uplifting & motivating. The author's insight & solutions to our lives & how we can live them more fully, more purposefully is phenomenal. I thought my heart & mind would explode with excitement as every word he writes resonates with my very soul. The synopsis is what interested me, although I really thought the book was [...]

  • Jaideep Khanduja

    pebbleinthestillwatersspoBook Review: The Rainbow Bridge by Brent Hunter: A Philosophical Approach Between Society And ReligionThe Rainbow Bridge: Bridge to Inner Peace and to World Peace by Brent Hunter talks about the interrelationship between society and religion. The relationship has been drawn in a very absorbing and understanding manner. The author views that whichever religion you talk about, the ultimate goals are always the same, howsoever the path to be be taken to achieve those goals [...]

  • J Jackson

    Super edition!Unquestionably, this exclusive edition speaks aloud bonding truths which triggers inner peace and world peace.The author calls us to immediate action in a very gentle but profound manner. The book contains deep truths which I was able to immediately apply to my personal life and in my workplace. I found this amazing book to be a helpful resource in times of conflicts and disagreements. To be frank, there was never a dull moment throughout this book. I strongly recommend this book a [...]

  • K.

    I won a free copy from the First Reads Giveaway Program and think that it interesting. I would recommend it to everyone.

  • Gayle Pace

    MY THOUGHTSThis is a book that will make you look inside yourself and not only that, but you will look at the world, possibly differently. The world is full of different ideas, ideals, common goals, people of many differences, differences, deep problems and a lot of turmoil. But just because we are different doesn't mean we can't work towards one common goal. And that goal, is uniting through LOVE. We all have something to offer. That love that is often hidden inside us. We all have love in us. [...]

  • Francis O'Neill

    The Rainbow Bridge has been around since 2001. The author describes this fourth edition as the 'most significant upgrade' in thirteen years. He writes that it, 'includes additional concrete practical actions we can take to help shift our collective future in a positive direction as we collectively create a bridge to a more just and peaceful future.' So what it's about?If you haven't come across, or for that matter yet crossed, The Rainbow Bridge it represents a plan of action and contemplation f [...]

  • Lori Barnes

    The Rainbow Bridge: While a relatively quick read, This is one book that you will have to read again and again, to truly grasp what is being taught. Yes, taught. This 4th edition copy will teach you many things, but only if you wish to truly learn them, and apply them to your life. Setup in different seven different parts it takes you through many different subjects, but ultimately puts you on the path to Inner Peace. What I found most interesting is not how to seek Inner Peace, or to seek World [...]

  • Elizabeth Ehlen

    I have always heard of the Rainbow Bridge poem for dearly departed pets; I have a few who have crossed myself, and have no doubt they will be waiting for me, wet nosed and butt wiggling. However, until recently, I had never heard the rainbow bridge in any other context.I was pleasantly surprised to read that Mr. Hunter has a much broader application. Thought I fully admit to being too cynical to buy all of it, I appreciate the hope that it embodies, and the advocacy of personal betterment and ac [...]

  • Molly

    This book beautifully shows that we are all connectedThere is only one race, the human race. Why do so many feel that they are superior to another simply because of their religion, or place of birth, or genetics? It’s really quite silly when you think about it. This book brings to light how beautiful the human race is and how we need to stand together, not tear each other down. I found this book eye opening and well written. Just imagine what this world would be like if every world leader read [...]

  • Karen Banes

    This book is, without doubt, an important and valuable read for anyone interested in building a better world, based on acceptance, tolerance, and equality. If you are a change agent of any kind, working for or with non-profits, charities, NGOs, socially responsible companies and corporations (yes, there are some out there) or educational programs, the ideas and information in this book will help you consolidate ideas, and collaborate with others to build metaphorical bridges between religions, p [...]

  • Amy

    The Rainbow Bridge is on of those books I want everyone to read. It’s a book I will re-read and randomly pick up many times in order to refresh my soul and renew my inner peace. It contains within it many universal truths. They are guiding principals found in just about every religion, old and new. However, it goes beyond religion to a being a guide on how to bring peace to yourself and the world. The book not only includes meditations, but also inspiring quotations as well as a description of [...]

  • Nancy

    I received this book through a giveaway. What to say about this book. To me it appears to attempt to take all the good tenets of every belief system while ignoring the flawed. Not that doing so is a bad thing but in some ways to simplistic, since too many people are invested in their us vs them forms of dogma to be able to get this "new" way of thinking to ever take hold in the world.

  • Erin

    I graciously received a free copy through first reads.This book is about unifying everyone which is something I totally agree should happen. However, I'm not really into meditation which is a portion of this book. Some good an uplifting quotes in this book.I would recommend to anyone who is about finding their inner peace.

  • Damian

    Oh gods, where to start. This was a book club choice and the member who picked it spent the entire meeting apologizing. I'm not going to waste any more time on this trash and neither should you.