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Devlins Luck (Sword of Change, #1)
Title : Devlins Luck (Sword of Change, #1)
Author :
Rating :
ISBN : 9780553584752
Language : English
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 405

The once mighty kingdom of Jorsk is in decline, its borders beset by enemies, both worldly and otherworldly. The king has retreated to the capital, abandoning the far-flung provinces. The only hope of the people lies in their Chosen One, blessed by the gods as defender of the realm. But of late every Chosen One has died, targeted by the harshest of the enemy attacks.Only tThe once mighty kingdom of Jorsk is in decline, its borders beset by enemies, both worldly and otherworldly. The king has retreated to the capital, abandoning the far-flung provinces. The only hope of the people lies in their Chosen One, blessed by the gods as defender of the realm. But of late every Chosen One has died, targeted by the harshest of the enemy attacks.Only the most desperate of men now seek that post. Devlin Stonehand is a desperate man. Overwhelmed by grief at the death of his family, he has lost the will to live. But he has vowed to provide for his brother's widow and children, and the post of the Cho


Devlins Luck (Sword of Change, #1) Reviews

  • Mike (the Paladin)

    I made a tactical error hereI read the second book before I reviewed the first. I'll try to keep that straight for as you'll see if you read my review of the second book, I'm not as thrilled with it.BUTat said this is an excellent read. It's not deep, intricate story telling that will change your life. It is a good "yarn" with well formed if not deep characters who stand out enough not to get lost (at least the protagonist and the main supporting characters). You get action inside the frame work [...]

  • Jim

    An entertaining fantasy (3.5 stars) about a tortured man (much of it self inflicted) who takes up a position for the sake of paying a debt that only he, with his strict code of honor, really sees as his own. The position with the kingdom had been reduced to a joke, but he tries to turn it back into a position of high honor. The self-inflicted torture does NOT continue at the levels of Thomas Covenant, although it starts there. He's hurt bad at the start, but regains his balance as the book & [...]

  • Joe

    A great thing about having a Half-Price Books close by is their random and changing selection of $1 books. It's a lot easier to take a chance on an author you've never heard of when you're only out $1. Same is true of the old Kindle books when they hit the various sweet spots on sale.Devlin's Luck is a solid fantasy book for someone just starting the genre. It uses a small cast, small kingdom, and easy missions to get the reader involved. If you're looking for 'popcorn' reading, Devlin's Luck ha [...]

  • Jenna

    3.5 stars, but I will round up to 4.I guess I was in the right mood for this book - the unlikely hero plot who ends up encouraging those around him and helping to save the kingdom, though not intentionally setting out to do so. Typical background of hero having tragedy and darkness in his past.

  • KatHooper

    ORIGINALLY POSTED AT Fantasy Literature.2.5 starsDevlin is a tortured soul who wants to die, so he becomes the country's Chosen One because it pays a fortune (which he sends to his brother's widow) and he's sure to be killed soon. Sounds exciting, but don't bother putting on your blood pressure cuff because it wasn't.Devlin's sure he's going to die during the initiation ceremony (boring), but, unfortunately, he doesn't. And so we accompany him on his journeys which read more like a book report t [...]

  • Rachel

    It's always a risk in reading a series by an unknown author, especially with so much junk out there. So it is always a good note when you take a plunge and buy a whole book series and come out of the first book hungry for seconds. This book, by relatively new author Patricia Bray, is a fine piece of fantasy work. It creates a new world, in which we enter via the kingdom of Jorsk, where there is an interesting role of Chosen One. Our protagonist, Devlin, has arrived in Kingsholm to "apply" for th [...]

  • Liviu

    Been in a mood for a page turner, I tried various books and none held my attention until this one. Nothing special in plot, setting, character, but the book has energy and I stayed way too late to finish it. Book 2 is next and I am curious to see if will still hold my interest. Similar to the better known and more recent Kingmaker, Kingbreaker series by K. Miller, but I liked this one much better

  • Roxanne

    This book was a pleasant surprise. Based on the cover, I wasn't expecting a well-written story with complex characters. I'll definitely be reading the rest of the trilogy, and hanging on to some high hopes for it to live up to the potential of this first book.

  • Linda

    In a complete turnaround, I loved this trilogy of hers. Go figure.

  • Simeonberesford

    Another fantasy in one of those politically correct fantasy universes without gender discrimination.

  • Karen Desmond


  • Jeffrey

    The series kind of petered out, but this was a pretty good soldier swordman type of book.

  • David Phipps

    The is the start of a fantasy trilogy focusing on a man named Devlin Stonehand with a troubled past who has a death wish and volunteers to become the Chosen One. The Chosen One is sort of a fantasy sheriff who is under a magical geas to protect the kingdom. Most Chosen Ones die quickly so now only desperate men seek that post. I really like the idea behind the post of the Chosen One and how the geas can be a horrible thing. Devlin is a bit of a Marty Stu who seems to be good at too many things b [...]

  • Cheree Alsop

    I recommend this book for anyone looking for a great adventure, a strong hero who is also vulnerable and understandable, and a task larger than life with ripples that will impact the future of the kingdom. I greatly enjoyed this and will definitely be buying the next book!

  • Pickyreader

    Highly enjoyable! I was able to connect to the charaters where I didn't want to stop reading. I will continue on with the rest of the series.

  • Aelvana

    The post of Chosen One has lost all respect in the kingdom of Jorsk, to the point where the kingdom has posted a reward for anyone brave---or stupid---enough to try to fill it. But when the Chosen's One lifespan is measured in weeks, few volunteer. Devlin, a man with nothing to lose, takes the post fully anticipating the trend will continue. Hoping it will. The death he seeks eludes him time and time again, and people are starting to realize they may have gotten an actual hero out of the deal af [...]

  • Lindsey Duncan

    Devlin's Luck is a solid, enjoyable fantasy novel - nothing particularly unique, but a good read set in a believable fantasy world. You do see the grit (in the "dirt" sense, not the "modern angst" sense) that would be realistic for the period in a way many other fantasy novels miss.I understood those people who found the book hard to read. The prose is ponderous and workmanlike - it serves its purpose, but there are few flourishes and the emotional pitch remains fairly steady but to me, part of [...]

  • Andaleeb

    This is a book I’ve read before, but diving back into old reads is a guarantee that there’s something enjoyable in the next few pages and sometimes you find new things to love about old favourites.Patricia Bray has been one of the authors I’ll find myself circling back to, along with a handful of others. This time I decided to chain her trilogy Sword of Change one after another, starting with Devlin’s Luck.Most of the time I have a bit of trouble with older fantasy books. There are some [...]

  • pauliree

    Another reread. I don't know whether I just don't like what is being published in fantasy nowadays or I'm just too poor to buy too many new books, but I have been finding myself rereading a lot of my old books lately. This one, the first in a trilogy of course, is one that I find surprising isn't more known than it is. It is an underrated series about an underrated hero who just wants to die. That he doesn't is a continual surprise to himself and a continual burr in the plans of the traitors try [...]

  • Jess Mahler

    The book looks like it should be classic sword and sorcery of the Conan variety - and it does hit a lot of the key tropes - barbarian warrior who wanders into civilization after the death of his family and ends up saving everyone, secretive evil sorcerer, brave but clueless sidekickBut somewhere it takes a left turn. In fact, it takes a left turn almost immediately, because Devlin is not your classic sword and sorcery hero. He was a farmer and a blacksmith. And he doesn't want fame or glory or f [...]

  • Ithlilian

    Devlin's Luck is a good novel overall. I appreciate the author's ability to make a well contained, concise, interesting story without bogging the reader down the histories, overlong descriptions, and multiple viewpoints. The novel centers around Devlin a metalsmith from an outlying village come to the kingdom to pay a debt. Unfortunately, that debt is paid by pledging his life to serve the whims of the kingdom. He becomes the kingdom's champion and is put under a spell that forces him to obey or [...]

  • Mark D

    Decent read - really I'm giving it a 3.5 but more high then lowDevlin was an interesting character, we know very little of his past and I liked how it was expanded upon as you read. Kept you interested and the end - that final fightEpic.The magic system was a little different from other books as well, didn't really get to much depth on that.ybe in the next few books. The whole Geas/bond to the Kingdom thing - cool idea.I'm not a fan of calling the Kingdom's "Champion" the Chosen One. Anytime I h [...]

  • Fantasy Literature

    Devlin is a tortured soul. He wants to die, so he becomes his country's Chosen One because it pays a fortune (which he can send to his brother's widow) and it's certainly deadly.Sounds exciting, but don't bother putting on your blood pressure cuff, because it wasn't.Devlin's sure he's going to die during the initiation ceremony (actually, it was me who nearly died of boredom), but, unfortunately, he doesn't. And so we accompany him on his journeys which read more like a book report than an adven [...]

  • Brenda

    This was pretty average epic fantasy, with nothing that really stood out to recommend it above the other epic fantasies that are out there. I guess if you'd already read through all the really good fantasy, you might eventually make your way here. It's not bad, it's just not particularly groundbreaking or even very memorable.With that out of the way, I mostly enjoyed reading this. Although I thought the first half was slow, it really picked up in the second half. It got good enough that I will c [...]

  • Andrea

    This book was great because it wasn’t phenomenal. Devlin’s Luck is what I would describe as a ‘quiet’ read, because it wasn’t explosive, it wasn’t epic, but it was still worthwhile. Devlin is our tragic hero, a man who has lost everything and wants nothing more than to die. But he can’t. He decides to apply for the position of Chosen One solely to win the gold to send back to his sister-in-law’s family. Surprising everyone, including Devlin, the gods accept him as the next Chosen [...]

  • Francesco

    Vote: 3,50Class: L-A3 (FP) (first book of a Trilogy)I've found this book to by a surprising good one; maybe sometimes not very original but well told and with good characters. The world (3,25) is a classic fantasy world (medieval setting). Not very original. The characters (3,75) are great ones and I hope they will grow more in the next books. Simple but convincing. The story (3,50) too is not really original; however it's well told and intriguing: let see how it's going to led us in the sequel. [...]

  • Bryan457

    The kingdom of Jorsk is headed downhill, beset by enemies, the king has abandoned the farther provinces. They need a chapion, the Chosen One, blessed by the gods, defender of the realm. But lately every Chosen One has quickly died, targeted by enemy attacks. The job is now seen as a suicide mission. Devlin Stonehand is suicidal, but he needs to provide for his brother’s widow and children, and the post of Chosen One pays well plus has a substantial death bonus.But the Gods are messing with the [...]

  • ambyr

    I was looking for some light and fluffy airplane reading when I spotted Devlin's Luck on the $1 table at the local charity bookshop, and it seemed like it might fit the bill. It did, and pretty admirably. I like the middle-aged protagonist, the "Chosen One" being an official position (with a uniform and everything), and the focus on friendship between characters rather than romance. If you're looking to fill a few hours with a basic secondary-world fantasy in which Good is Good and Evil is Evil [...]

  • T K Gilb

    Good fantasy novel that actually rates more like a 3.5 or even 3.75. Nice to read a sword & sorcery tale that doesn't depend on a cast of thousands to move the story forward. Devlin of Duncaer is an intriguing main character--a tortured soul scarred by tragedy who becomes defender of the realm. But I have a fondness for tragic heroes, especially when they're driven by a strong sense of honor. Dream sequence featuring the attack of the banecats was especially poignant. Had to finish the novel [...]

  • Mikayla

    This book has been sitting on my shelf since about 2008. I finally picked it up over this last weekend for a road trip. It was a really good book. It wasn't anything amazing or mind blowing but it was an enjoyable read. Devlin was a bit annoying at points with his rather emo personality. He spends the entire book blaming himself for something that was clearly in no way his fault. Maybe we will find out something more about it in later books that makes his attitude more obvious but at this point [...]