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Devlins Justice (Sword of Change, #3)
Title : Devlins Justice (Sword of Change, #3)
Author :
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ISBN : 9780553584776
Language : English
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 400

Devlin of Duncaer has done the impossible. Desperate for death in the wake of his family's slaughter, he agreed to become the Chosen One of the neighboring Kingdom of Jorsk--the kingdom which conquered and enslaved his own native land of Duncaer. The job involved magically binding himself to Jorsk and its needs by a powerfu Geas spell, and used to come with about a three mDevlin of Duncaer has done the impossible. Desperate for death in the wake of his family's slaughter, he agreed to become the Chosen One of the neighboring Kingdom of Jorsk--the kingdom which conquered and enslaved his own native land of Duncaer. The job involved magically binding himself to Jorsk and its needs by a powerfu Geas spell, and used to come with about a three months survival time--until Devlin. Miraculously surviving attack after attack, he comes to learn once again the value of life, honor and friendship.But just when he is reconciled to his new life, he finds he must go off seeking the Chosen One's sword


Devlins Justice (Sword of Change, #3) Reviews

  • Rachel

    What a wonderful series - I highly recommend it. Devlin is here, of course, but something that really struck me is how we actually get to see more of his companions in the opening chapters than we ever had before. More inside their heads, and their lives and while of course not all get the full treatment, it ws good to see her stretching herself more with every book. My only complaint would be that the most significant climactic scene happened far before the end, and yet, it was done in a way th [...]

  • Robert Beveridge

    Patricia Bray, Devlin's Justice(Bantam Spectra, 2004)Bray gives us the final book in her Sword of Change trilogy, and right up until the final few chapters, I was all set to proclaim this the best of the bunch, as well as one of the best books I'd read this year. That plan got aborted pretty quick, and I'll explain why in a few minutes, but the problems with the end of the book should not in any way keep you from reading this fine little trilogy.After the events of the last book, Devlin, Stephen [...]

  • Dan

    Very good!

  • David Phipps

    This the third book of the Sword of Change trilogy. Devlin gets back from his quest from the second book and is promptly betrayed and given over to enemies. He and many others have to rebel against the king in order to save the kingdom. This was a darker story that seemed to focus on torture as well as all the terrible things that come with war. There were no big battles between soldiers here but instead more along the lines of guerrilla warfare involving the peasants. The kind of ruthless warfa [...]

  • Pickyreader

    Can't say i liked this book at all. I just wanted to know how it ends so I did finish it with lots of skimming over the torture which lasted more than half the book. Where the Devlin did the same as the villain. It really is not what I like. This was too dark at gritty for my tastes. The first was good the second okay and last just painful.

  • Jenna

    I would have liked just a bit more epilogueybe someday the author will return to this world. (Probably not, but I guess i can hope).

  • Aelvana

    Devlin of Duncaer is relieved to finally be on his way home, towing the Sword of Light that cost so much trouble to retrieve from his homeland. He isn't expecting a hero's welcome. Still, the reception surprises him. Jorsk has not been idle while he was gone for the winter, and a series of political missteps has sunk the whole country deep into trouble. And the one man who had a chance to salvage it finds himself with his hands tied.Finally, the games are over and war erupts. Loyalties fracture, [...]

  • Andaleeb

    The final book in the Sword of Change trilogy, Devlin’s Justice sees Devlin return to the kingdom he swore to protect only to be betrayed. Rather than being welcomed by his adoptive home, Devlin is handed over to Jorsk’s new allies, to be delivered to the mind-sorcerer that plagued him in the previous books.The disappearance of Devlin mere chapters into the book actually made the book a much more interesting read. I might be a bit biased–I am very fond of Stephen and this gave him more of [...]

  • Jess Mahler

    The most satisfying conclusion to a trilogy or series I have read in a long time. The book as a whole is well written, and the series is one of the very rare sword-and-sorcery type books that I truly enjoy. There is enough depth and connection to the characters to truly engage me, but the story is fast moving and never quite does the expected.In the first book, Devlin became Chosen One of Jorsk because the position paid enough gold he could be sure his brother's wife and children would be able t [...]

  • ambyr

    I find this series difficult to classify. On the one hand, it's your basic fluff fantasy. The worldbuilding is straight out of Tough Guide to Fantasyland, the characters are either Good or Evil (or occasionally just Cowardly, I guess), the plot is a straightforward quest to save the realm.On the other hand . . . the main character may be Good, but he's not exactly Nice.(view spoiler)[ There's a bit where he kills the goons of the Big Bad, and then turns to consider the unconscious villain himsel [...]

  • Francesco

    Vote: 3,50Class: L-A3 (FP) (third and final book of the Trilogy)I wasn't expecting much from this Trilogy (I read some not enthusiastic reviews) but after all it was a surprising good saga: certainly not an unforgettable epic fantasy saga but an enjoyable reading all the same, maybe sometimes not very original but well told and with good characters. The world (3,25) is a classic fantasy world (medieval setting). Not very original but quite well described and believable. The characters (3,75) are [...]

  • Fantasy Literature

    Devlin is a tortured soul. He wants to die, so he becomes his country's Chosen One because it pays a fortune (which he can send to his brother's widow) and it's certainly deadly.Sounds exciting, but don't bother putting on your blood pressure cuff, because it wasn't.Devlin's sure he's going to die during the initiation ceremony (actually, it was me who nearly died of boredom), but, unfortunately, he doesn't. And so we accompany him on his journeys which read more like a book report than an adven [...]

  • T K Gilb

    3rd book in the series. I am admittedly a huge fan of Devlin of Duncaer. And Devlin's battle with the mind-sorcerer is especially gripping. Unfortunately, the focus shifts away from Devlin about midway through the book. The large-scale battle to save Jorsk from an invading army takes center stage and the story seems to lose much of its tension. Still, a satisfactory conclusion to the Sword of Change series.

  • D.w.

    As an end to a series one senses that somewhere mid way through the book the author decided she had enough already and stopped. Things to get us to the conclusion were rushed and glossed over where we did not have that earlier on.Disappointing

  • T J

    Devlin has been kidnapped and no one knows so it up to him to rescue himself and find his way back to his friends. What a hard road he must go before he returns to the capital. Great storyline and adventure.

  • Fredrick Danysh

    Devlin is on a scared quest after retrieving the Sword of Light. Captured by dark forces he has to escape his captors and rescue his home city from invaders.

  • Roxanne

    Kept me hooked all the way through. I was reading it surreptitiously under my desk well after my lunch break was over. A good ending to a good trilogy.

  • David

    Kind of wish there had been more of an enemy rather than just political gambits

  • Ben

    This story certainly doesn't take a typical route. Some surprise character expiration kept it fresh, though occasionally a bit disjointed.

  • Karen Desmond


  • Wesley Z.

    So far so good. In the end he made all the right choices.

  • Cmcis

    Fantastic story. Added to the story line of the two previous books. It's nice to see that the character development continued in book 3. I believe this could in fact be the best of the series.

  • Erik

    really great trilogy, about a man who starts with nothing and slowly saves not just himself, but the world around him

  • Gökçe

    As a part of series it's fine, but alone it seems lacking. Long review will come.

  • Lexi

    3.5 stars