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Revenge, Volume 1
Title : Revenge, Volume 1
Author :
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ISBN : 9781495480539
Language : English
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 136

Jess moves to LA for her dream job as a music intern. On her first day, she bumps into Dylan busking on a street corner. Dylan Wolf has a gritty voice. His eyes are soulful. His incredible body is to die for, tattoos and all. When Dylan looks at Jess, she feels emotions she's never had before. He can be sweet, but his dark moods scare her. When he sings, the whole world faJess moves to LA for her dream job as a music intern. On her first day, she bumps into Dylan busking on a street corner. Dylan Wolf has a gritty voice. His eyes are soulful. His incredible body is to die for, tattoos and all. When Dylan looks at Jess, she feels emotions she's never had before. He can be sweet, but his dark moods scare her. When he sings, the whole world falls away. Jess and Dylan's meeting hasn't gone unnoticed. At her job, Jess is summoned to the mysterious ninth floor. Her new assignment is to get close to Dylan. By seducing him. Jess is shocked. She's an innocent girl. Selling her body would be immoral. It would be wrong. But strange things are happening at the company. No matter which decision she makes, she might be in danger. One thing is for sure: If she takes this assignment, Jess will never be the same. REVENGE VOLUME 1 is 27,000 words or about 110 pages. REVENGE is a 5-part series. Each book is approximately the same length. Contains some MATURE content.

Revenge, Volume 1 Reviews

  • Stolie77

    This was a very odd story. A small town girl comes to L.A. for an internship and meets a sidewalk musician. I admit I was drawn in at times, but mainly it was weird. Jess is really judgemental with her roommate and calls her skanky. Kinda two faced since she's very nice to her in general. And her roommate is nice. A little immature but still a nice girl. Why the rudeness? This is where I start to dislike the main character. Then she seems to be kinda innocent. All small town girl but has no prob [...]

  • Letty Lea

    **received a free ARC of Revenge Vol. 1 in return for an honest review**I’ve read many rocker erotic romances. It’s a sub-genre I quite enjoy, but, after reading a few books by different authors, it seems as if they all have the same story with new character names. Revenge’s story is refreshingly original. How the couple meet and the situation that brings them back together after that meeting is a break from the usual. Loved that!Jess is a farm girl who moved to LA to become part of music [...]

  • Aղցela W.

    This was a pretty good book. Jess moves to LA for her dream job as a music intern. On her first day, she bumps into Dylan busking on a street corner. Dylan Wolf has a gritty voice. His eyes are soulful. His incredible body is to die for, tattoos and all. When Dylan looks at Jess, she feels emotions she's never had before. He can be sweet, but his dark moods scare her. When he sings, the whole world falls away. I thought the beginning was a little slow but in no time at all the characters and sto [...]

  • Marie

    I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Intern to Eye Candy in 3 DaysWe're introduced to the main couple, Jess and Dylan. Jess is a naïve farm girl trying to break into the music industry in LA as an intern. The day before she starts her new job, she is mugged while watching a guy, Dylan, play guitar. Unfortunately, this seemingly random mugging is in fact a setup by Dylan as part of his way to break into the music industry via YouTube. We leave off with Jess out to win [...]

  • Sherry Hoernig

    JJ Knight grabs the reader's attention from the from the first page, & keeps it until the last page of the book. A very smooth read, with an ending that left me wanting more. I love the playful, yet intense interaction between the heroine, & the hero. Jessie's innocence is the perfect foil for Dylan's jaded view, & the mystery about Dylan has you wanting to know more about who he is, & what has made him so cynical when it comes to women. I can't wait to get started on the next bo [...]

  • Larisa Edwards

    Very interesting book, I couldn't stop reading, and can't wait till the next one comes out. The charachetrs are all wonderfully created, with little hidden mysteries of their own. The little hints into their pasts and glimpses at their secretes is awesome. It keeps the story flowing, making the reader strive to find the answers. The connection between Jess and Dylan feels almost physically real. As the reader, you can almost feel what Jess must be experiencing when Dylan looks at her. I am looki [...]

  • April

    I received an ARC of this book for my honest review so here it is- I read this book in about 2hrs. I thought that the book started out kinda fast but as I got into it I really enjoyed it! This is part 1of 5 in this series! It left off with a big cliffhanger and a WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT! I think that this series is going to be good if it keeps going in this direction!

  • Meri

    "Whenever you think you don't have any options, that means the best choice is right in front of you"

  • Michel Reinhard (Smut Book Junkie Reviews)

    ARC provided by the Author in exchange for an honest review.Revenge Volume 1 is the debut release by author JJ Knight.I have to say this debut was outstanding and I highly recommend this new serial romance. There will be five installments to this serial that will be released within weeks. The reader will not have to wait long, which is a very good thing because the first installment was full of intrigue, mystery, a gritty plot that is going to take the reader on an adventure, a tortured musician [...]

  • Deborah

    Received from author in exchange for an honest review.I have read quite a few rocker romances and they usually all follow the same format. Not so Revenge. Jess has just moved to the city to accept an internship with a company in the music industry, an industry she is very anxious to be a part of, not as a performer but as someone behind the scenes making the magic happen. Near her apartment, she comes upon a street performer setting up for his next performance. Much to her dismay and the audienc [...]

  • Elaine

    ARC: OMG! This book ROCKS, well it really does as Dylan is a singer that will rock your world looking at his rock hard body and with a voice to die for. Jess is a country girl just coming from her little farm in the middle of no where on her second day in CA and sees this guy with a guitar. She waits for the show and he begins to sing about "her blue shoes" and how they are blue like her heart. A lot of things happen in those few minutes of the song, that you have to read about and even after th [...]

  • M

    I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.Well, I was up later than I should have been tonight and will pay for it tomorrow! I am glad I did though! I am a lover of books and romances. I cannot wait to read more about Jess and Dylan. While the story seems like it is out of nowhere, I love it. It is different. It takes you on a journey and pulls you into it. That is what a book should do. It doesn't matter if it is believable or not. It is a book and anything is possible in [...]

  • Katie Willis

    in this book you meet Jess. a good girl that comes from a small town arl that has never done any harm nor bad in her life until she meets Dylan wolf. a mysterious bad boy that holds so many secrets including his feelings and need for Jess. in this book you will be asking yourself questions hoping that they get answered. but when the book ends with a cliffhanger it leaves your mind wandering and begging for the next one.

  • Guinnevere

    I woke up today with this ARC waiting for me in my inbox. I definitely need book 2! I need to know about the past, the present and I'm a HEA kind of girl, so I want to dream about the future. I just cant figure it out yet. I like hot boys with gravely voices and tatoos. I like sweet, caring bright eyed girls. And music truley is the magic of my heart. Thank you J.J. Knight for the opportunity to read your book.

  • Alicia

    Woke up this morning to a surprise ARC of this book in my inbox! Yay! Except was too short! I seriously read this book in the time between dinner and bed. Would have been quicker but the kids just don't understand "Shh! Mommy's got a new book!". The characters are very real and interesting. I really enjoy the main character's sense of humor. I cant wait to read what happens in the next book.

  • Emma

    review to come

  • Janell Wheeler

    This is a serial series and like most beginnings it is a bit slow. We are just meeting the characters, getting to know them a bit and the book is setting us up for the really juicy stuff later. I'm not quite sure how I feel about Jess just yet. I like the tomboy and I want her to be proud about it so I'm conflicted. I'm curious about the BFF back home and what the hey is up with Amanda? This is a good beginning so we'll see what's in store next.

  • Margie 'CSR' Fite

    WOW!!! I was given this book knowing this was going to be a 'cliffhanger' but dang it!! I can not wait for the next one!! I am hooked Jess, is a small town girl -raised by her grandmother, she calls Nan. She is the kind of girl that always does the 'right thing, and doesn't take risks so her best friend (who by the way is a guy and a takes his computer signs her up for this job on the internet and wowza!!! she is in!!! moving to city and taking a job for a small music company as an 'intern' and [...]

  • Shannon Deatherage

    I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. This was a good start to this series. You get a good background on Jessica being a young naive girl moving from a small town to the big city. Jessica is way out of her element and seems to be wavering on if coming to LA as the right choice. I didn't feel a strong connection to Dylan in this book so far but I'm hoping as the series continues you learn more about him and get that yummy music book boyfriend attachment. I would recomme [...]

  • Briana

    The beginning was an okay start if only I was introduced to the characters more in detail. I'm a sucker for rock star romance novels so glad I got an ARC. Really liked this book even though it was a short fast read and ugh CLIFFHANGERS but was warned by the author so looking forward to reading this series. I'm already starting to like Dylan bad boy with tattoos and an attitude but then again I fall in love with all rockstars.Jessica "Jess" meets Dylan on a corner street of LA when he starts to p [...]

  • Tamm Frederick

    From dust to dolled up in three days.***I was given an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.***My main reason for only giving this three stars is because it is the first of five parts. To me, a good portion is fluff from the skanky roommate to the security guards at her new job to the vice-president. I found myself asking just how important is the skanky roommate to the story? This story opens with Jess on her second day in Los Angeles. Why is she out there? To start an internship a [...]

  • Yolanda

    Revenge is a great introduction to a 5-part series by J.J. Knight. The story starts off introducing Jess, the heroine of this story. She is a country girl, having just moved to L.A a little naïve, just walking around and exploring her new neighborhood. When, lo and behold, she comes across a musician busking on the street. The first meeting between Jess and Dylan is electric. From the get go there is a strong chemistry that develops between Jess and Dylan, that just leaves the readers wondering [...]

  • Angela

    **I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.**I wasn't expecting much out of this book as it's the first part of a 5 book series. However, I was pleasantly surprised that it was able to keep me interested and wondering what was going on and why. This is a quick read, a good way to pass a couple of hours of the day.You're introduced to several different characters and you're definitely left wondering what their story is and what they're up to! Jess is a sweet country girl wh [...]

  • Beth Sima

    ***I received an ARC for an honest review***Almost from the first page, this story had me. I was worried since I was told this is J.J. Knight’s first book, but there was nothing to be worried about.The author paints such a clear story that I was truly wrapped up. I was visualizing standing on the street watching buskers and all the different types of people going by and stopping to enjoy. Jess is young, innocent and ready to take on the world. she thinks. She makes the giant leap and moves to [...]

  • Kiezha

    I received an ARC of this novella, with the request to write an honest review. Let it be known that, in general, I am not a fan of the novella. (I'm even less of a fan of authors who write novellas that they pass off as novels. Which is NOT the case here--JJK has made a huge effort to make sure readers know this is a serial novella AND that there are mega cliffhangers. Caveat emptor.) That being said, this story hooked me quickly & I was really annoyed when it ended, because I wasn't keeping [...]

  • H.

    Recieved an ARC for an honest reviewI don't really know where to start. This book is kind of confusing. I wish I could give it more stars but can't in my opinion. I couldn't click with both main characters Jess and Dylan. There first meeting starts off okay. Dylan is a street musician and Jess stops to listen to him. She is then mugged. Dylan gets her wallet back but without the money. He starts to act weird and is pissed that Jess doesn't know who he is, then storms off and flips her off. Their [...]

  • Mary

    *******ARC provided by the author*****4 stars. Revenge is part 1 of a 5 part series. It was a little too short for me, but it was a good introduction to Jessie and Dylan. Dylan is kind of mysterious, so I'm looking forward to finding out more about him. And who is Susan and what did Dylan do with her? Jessie seems a little immature, but she's a small town farm girl/tomboy who just moved to California, so I'm sure she's in culture shock. I love the promotion she got on her second day at her Inter [...]

  • Wendy

    I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review. And I will say that this is a great way for an author to debut. Jess is a farm girl that gets her dream of working within a record company. She meets Dylan, a struggling musician, as she figuring her way around LA. Now there is definite attraction when the two first cast eyes on each other. Now Dylan is very mysterious and I just want to figure out what secrets he is hiding. Jess gets an interesting assignment to get Dylan to sign for the rec [...]

  • LJT

    Revenge is a five part series about young adults Jessica Lynn Rivera and Dylan Wolf. Jess has just relocated from a small town to Los Angeles for an internship with Morris Music, an indie music company. Jess has two roommates, Amanda and Riley, however in this book the author only introduces us to Amanda. Amanda is extremely forward, bold and enjoys sleeping around. She is the total opposite of Jess.Dylan is a sidewalk musician with a distinctive voice that immediately draws Jess in as she is wa [...]

  • Raven

    Received an ARC in return for an honest review That was definitely a sexy mysterious ride.The first chapter seem a little fast paced with everything going on at once. And the conversation opener between Dylan and Jess was rather weird. My mouth opens and the words drop out. "Should I come back?" That's a strange question to ask someone. The question seems out of context.I liked the way Dylan's character was portrayed, by not divulging much information and keeping it mysterious.Dylan's comes out [...]