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Mine to Take (Nine Circles, #1)
Title : Mine to Take (Nine Circles, #1)
Author :
Rating :
ISBN : 9781250051769
Language : English
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 384

First in a brand new series featuring the members of the Nine Circles Club—friends bound together by power, secrets, need…and the love they will find and stop at nothing to keep. Passion always comes at a price.Gabriel Woolf is unstoppable. A ruthless businessman, he has perfected the art of revenge. Ever since his mother’s death, Gabriel has harbored only one wish: To takFirst in a brand new series featuring the members of the Nine Circles Club—friends bound together by power, secrets, need…and the love they will find and stop at nothing to keep. Passion always comes at a price.Gabriel Woolf is unstoppable. A ruthless businessman, he has perfected the art of revenge. Ever since his mother’s death, Gabriel has harbored only one wish: To take down the man who ruined their lives. But all bets are off when he meets his father’s step-daughter, Honor St. James. Beautiful and innocent, she is everything Gabriel never knew he wanted—and now there’s no turning back...Is h


Mine to Take (Nine Circles, #1) Reviews

  • Claire Robinson

    2.5 - "I've decided on vengeance." Stars.For the most part I usually really enjoy Jackie Ashenden’s books, and although I didn’t really dislike Mine to Take what let it down for me, and the reason for my low rating is the fact that it was such a long book with large amounts of time where nothing of any consequence really happens. The action and revelations when they come are really good, but everything else for me needed to be cut back. The neverending I want you/I don’t want you/I’m not [...]

  • Chitra *CJ*

    Honor and Gabriel's story was a good read overall.Gabriel is one of the f-ed up billionaires in Nine circles. Apart from his business, he runs an underground mafia club.When his mother passes away from cancer, he discovers he was product of rape and vows revenge- which ultimately leads him to Honor- the rapists' stepdaughter.Honor is working hard to save the Tremain hotels since she has invested heavily in them. Since her brother Alex abandoned her and their mother 19 years ago, she's been the r [...]

  • Michelle

    Gabriel wants justice. It’s the one thing that has kept him moving forward. The only way to get that justices is to go through Honor. She might have the answers that will allow him to take down the man he’s been gunning for. The man that he thinks is the cause of it all, the same man that is Honor’s step dad. When Honor is trying to find investors for her step-dad’s company Gabriel is more than willing to put forth the money, but he wants a few things in return. But what started as a gam [...]

  • Laura

    This is one hypnotizing intense read. This is about Gabriel,a powerful head of a construction company and his quest for justice on behalf of his mother who recently passed away from cancer. He is consumed with bringing down the one man who he thinks is responsible for everything horrible he and his mother went through in the past. He doesn't care who he hurts in the process as he targets the man's stepdaughter Honor and she unknowingly becomes a pawn in his plan for revenge.She turns out to be n [...]

  • Liz F

    Review copy courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley.I wasn't sure what to expect with this novel. I read the blurb and thought, "Love and revenge? How could I go wrong?" This wasn't an awful book but I really didn't care for it at all.Honor was the heroine and quite simply, I didn't find that I liked anything about her. She wasn't bad or an awful person or anything. She was just, sort of, blah. She's sort of a poor little rich girl but she's not really poor. Her family almost lost everything whe [...]

  • Juletta Gilge

    I kinda felt meh the whole way through this book. Nothing to draw me in, nothing that made me feel that I HAD to keep reading. Until the ending. Then I wanted to immediately read the next one. But man it was a long read with nothing happening.

  • Melanie A.

    I'm going to divide this review into the good, the bad, and the ugly.First, the good:. Gabriel has been dead-set on revenge for most of his life until he finds himself involved with his mark's step-daughter, Honor. I loved the way these two bantered back and forth in the beginning, and how she shoveled his patronizing bullshit right back at him. "Because I'm not a nice man, sweetheart.""Sweetheart? Oh, please."He almost smiled at the look on her face. "Honor, then.""That would be preferable." Bo [...]

  • Ivy Deluca

    Gabriel is determined to get justice for his mother by ruining the man who raped her. To that end, he maneuvers himself into position to use Honor, the daughter of the man he holds responsible. Then, angsty romance happens.The Good, The Bad and Everything In BetweenIntriguing setup for this billionaire’s club: I like the Nine Circles club, and the relationships between its members was interesting from the very first page. As isolated as Gabriel is, I enjoyed the fact that he had these friends [...]

  • Storm

    WellWhen I started on this book, I didn't think I'd like it. I only read it because suggested I read Make You Mine which is the second book of this series and I needed context. Another reason I thought I wouldn't like it is because I'm tired of Billionaire stories. How many billionaires can exist in the world? And how can 4 of them know each other? How can one reach billionaire status after being a president in a MC and then start a construction company? People - I had to suspend belief for A L [...]

  • Teri

    I took a chance by paying the crazy price of $7.59 for this book and it totally wasn't worth it!!This book just screams, "I need more dialogue". So much time is spent in the characters minds , the book became boring!!!!!!!!Gabe and Honor have zero personality. I wasn't able to bond with these characters at all. I can't even picture what Gabe looks like. Spoilers ahead!!!!!!!!SPOILERSThe investigator part was a huge let down. And he never lied to her until the very end?? That didn't make sense at [...]

  • Gail Mitchell

    WOW!!!! what a book, what a story!!!! This is my first time reading this author and I am totally hooked. She is now on my list of must read authors.

  • Becky Jane

    I liked this book, the reason it doesn't get a whole five from me is simply that I found myself skipping parts. It didn't hold my attention the way I'd expect.

  • Jo Ann

    Story sucked me in right from the start. Interesting characters. Twisty plot. Well written.

  • Bree T

    Gabriel Woolf has dragged himself up from nothing to be something. From a background of poverty, escaping that into a life with a motorcycle club and now he’s a (mostly) respectable businessman and owner of a construction company. But although Gabriel maintains a veneer of respectability, underneath he’s burning for vengeance. He wants nothing more than to ruin the life of the man he believes ruined his mother’s life. Ever since his mother’s death recently, he’s been plotting and plann [...]

  • The Romance Evangelist

    A copy of this book was provided by the publisher for an honest review at The Romance Evangelist.MINE TO TAKE is the first in a new romantic suspense series by Jackie Ashenden, one of my favorite writers. It introduces us to the world of the Nine Circles club (aka the “bleeped-up billionaires club”) and tells the story of how its hero found the love of his life while trying to use her as an instrument of vengeance against those who had wronged his mother. Along the way we meet the other club [...]

  • Maria Rose

    This riveting first story in the Nine Circles series is the romance between Gabriel and Honor. Gabriel is the head of a successful construction company but has a dark past, growing up fatherless on the mean streets with a motorcycle club his only family for many years. When he has the chance to bring ruin to his father's hotel company, a man he is convinced did his mother wrong many years ago that resulted in his bastard birth, he'll stop at nothing for revenge, including using that man's step-d [...]

  • Deborah

    I noticed this book on NetGalley and after reading the synopsis I placed my request, I didn't check out the author or previous books I just started reading. I struggled a little at first since I felt there were things I should know I stopped reading to check for previous books and found 'Mine to Take' I contemplated breaking off and reading that first but in the end I didn't and it didn't really matter just the fact that I knew a previous book existed explained away the few assumptions.Like I sa [...]

  • Johanna Panko

    **Copy Provided by Netgalley and St Martin's Press for an honest review**This is a first read by this author and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked this book. The series was set up in a way that allowed for more stories while still making me feel satisfied with the ending."I will repay, saith the lord". Romans 12:19 Vengeance is never a cut and dry path, and Gabriel Woolf has already chosen Justice as his. His mother had been raped, with him as the product of that rape. Now days afte [...]

  • Heather andrews

    Gabriel, is how do you sayhe can be mean, "uh-huh." Leaning his head back against the red velvet of the booth, Gabriel shot her a look from beneath surprisingly long dark lashes. "Why don't you tell me about it, baby? In the interest of full disclosure." I think Honor brings out a side of him that makes him aggressive, "because I'm effing impatient." He said the word with a certain amount of relish, as if he wanted to shock her." But then she brings out a side of his animal, "Christ, she was lov [...]

  • Christine

    This is Jackie Ashenden's latest series about a group of mega-rich friends, who all have secrets. The story focuses on Gabriel and his desire for revenge. Gabriel's need for revenge comes from his mother and her rape many years ago. This resulted in his birth. Gabriel is very much eaten up by his rage and by the consequences of being hated by his mother for being a constant reminder of the past. Added to this is Honor, a wealthy-ish bright woman who is related to Gabriel's best friend. She becom [...]

  • Britt Marczak

    YESSSSSS.I have learned to simply trust Jackie Ashenden. Never doubt that her stories will inch their way into your heart and then absolutely rip your heart out. Leaving you like this:But then there's so much raw emotion and love in the writing that by the end of the book, you're whole again and swooning from the perfection.Above all else, the chemistry and relationship between her heroes and heroines are the most important thing, and what I always look forward to. And I LOVED Honor and Gabriel [...]

  • Christine

    It took a while for the story to get going. I hate to say this but there was nothing really in the story that I found memorable. I got tired of the ‘I want you/I don’t you/I want you’. I usually love that drama and I love books about characters seeking revenge, but I also found myself skimming. The story was there, the characters were there, but I think the execution and trying to put everything together did not work for me. The characters were just there, the story was just there. A lot o [...]

  • Norma Smith

    Ladies!! Here is a novel for you to read. If you love strong powerful men who fight hard and love hard, start with Mine To Take. Gabriel Woolf is that type of man. Seeking revenge for Sins from the past, Gabriel will do what ever he has to do including using Honor St. James as a part of his plan for revenge. This is a dark romance filled with pain and shame. You will meet Alex Zac and Eva part of The Nine Circle Club. This book will grab you from page one and, will have you wondering will Gabrie [...]

  • Carrie Stevens

    ~*~My Thoughts~*~A five star rating Okay I am just on a winning streak with books lately. Obviously I can add this book to the list. Gabriel is my favorite type of character a broken alpha male who doesn't take crap. I adored him from the first page on. Honor was an amazing female character and I loved how she didn't stop fighting she was an extremely strong female lead. This story was definitely a roller coaster of hot sex, suspense, and romance all beautifully written. This story line is defin [...]

  • Nicola Davidson

    Oh boy, believe the hype, this book is AMAZING. What a rollercoaster ride of secrets, pain, loyalty, revenge, love and uber hotness. Gabriel is one tormented, sexy, alpha billionaire biker, and smart, savvy investment CEO Honor is just the woman to match him in the uncovering of some devastating secrets and rocky road to justice and healing.Support characters in the 'fucked up billionaires club' Alex, Eva and Zac give depth but don't overwhelm, and I'm thrilled they will be getting their own sto [...]

  • Emily (Mrs B's Books)

    **My thanks to NetGalley and St Martin's Press, for providing me with a free copy for an honest review**A brilliant start to this new series from the author.The book packs a punch with damaged characters, characters that are much stronger than they think they are, strong friendships and blossoming relationships that come from lust to full out love.This is certainly a series in which I will greatly anticipate the coming of the next book in the series.

  • Carol-Ann

    A great start to a new series beautifully written and created a gripping story straight from the start a real page Turner,intrigue mystery and romance what more could you ask for in a book! Fantastic character's of Daniel woolfe who wants justice for his mum! The tables are about to be turned when he meets Honor St. James the step daughter of the man he wants to ruin! Great chemistry between these two character's from start to finish!

  • Amanda

    In my further adventures to read more contemporary romance, meh. A whole pile of meh. I mean I'm all for sexy times but not at the lack of all character development. At some point I get it, you had bad childhoods. Cool motive, not enough for fully realized characters. So like I said meh.But Eva and Zac sound like they have an interesting story. Hopefully. Will probably read that but skip the rest of the series.

  • Kathy Temean

    Jackie is a very good writer and she gives you 100%. Great characters, intricate plot, satisfying ending. She makes sure each book can be read as a standalone, which I always appreciate. Especially, since I mistakenly read the second in this series first. I am a fun of Jackie's writing and plan to read more of her books after I start reading You Are Mine.

  • Speed

    Amazing bookloved every minute of it continuing to read the rest of this series and will definitely be checking out her other books. I loved, loved, just loved this book. I purchased it from Barnes & Noble this afternoon and could not put it down until I finished it. Full of suspense, action, intrigue and love. Loved Gabriel and Honor. Just great!!!!