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Long Ball To Left Field (Blue Sox, Book 9)
Title : Long Ball To Left Field (Blue Sox, Book 9)
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ISBN : null
Language : English
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 217

Mike Jaffe is a gifted baseball player but does not have the skill to be a pitcher as he so greatly desires. It is up to Jug Slavin, the famous manager of the Blue Sox, to persuade Mike to try being an outfielder.


Long Ball To Left Field (Blue Sox, Book 9) Reviews

  • Charles

    A natural talent, but at first in the wrong directionMike Jaffe is a natural baseball player. Unfortunately, his natural skills do not coincide with what he thinks he is best at. He is completely convinced that he is a quality pitcher, when in fact he is at best a mediocre one, able to succeed only in the lower minor leagues. His true skill is in hitting a baseball, where he is a superb power hitter.Jug Slavin and Stan Davis, the manager and general manager of the Blue Sox, try to convince Mike [...]

  • Cheerio

    It is a fast moving baseball story. A major leauge pitcher is not doing so well in his pitching. But, he is set on being a pitcher and nothing else. The manager wants him to be a left fielder b/c he can shag fly balls good and when he pinch hits, he can really hit that long ball. The manager is looking for that person who can hit that long ball to left field, but the pitcher is being very stuburn.

  • Caoimhin

    A sports story about how players coped with everyday playing life without being sidetracked by a love story, nefarious villains, or some outside emotional upheaval.A baseball story about a baseball player trying to make it in a baseball world (before free agency and multimillion dollar contracts. Great for my seventh grade self to get into reading and for my adult self to simply enjoy.

  • Ronald

    possibly read in spring of 1967